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    Why not Raina ?

    When you have a choice between stepping on bull sh!t vs horse sh!t, you'd rather not step on both
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    Thisara Perera + Pakistani trundlers + Naagin dancers = MahendraSingh Bradman Dhoni
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    Maha bewakoof Kohli

    Just still can't believe the idiot decided to field first against these chokers in CT final. 250 would have been enough to bury them in the final. The blunder is up there with Azhar's decision to bowl first against SL in 1996 WC Semi and Ganguly's decision to bowl first against Australia in 2011 WC Final. Hopefully Rohit won't f**k around and bat first if he wins toss on Friday.
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    Mamata Begum will surely supper her Kangladeshi Brothers. Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Dhoni to virat. Boundary pe jake khada hoga ya captain change karein.
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    WC2019 don't be surprised 11

    If Yuvi makes a comeback based on performances in: Natwest 2002 T20 WC 2007 WC 2011 Dhoni's belief that Ind cannot win a major tournament w/o Yuvi All Yuvi needs to do to get on the plane to Eng is give a good performance in IPL 2019. And he is already training for it based on one of the threads here Likely 11 Rohit Dhawan Kohli Yuvi (as discussed above) Dhoni (not going anywhere till WC2019) Raina / Jadhav (depending up on IPL form. One good spell would be enough to justify their place as batsmen who can bowl a few overs) Bhajji (Kuldeep and Chahal are likely to be inconsistent with so many LOIs being played. Which will provide an excellent opportunity to selectors to draft Bhajji in based on a decent IPL performance which would include a few good overs and some 6s hit) Jadeja (based on his performance in the last test in Eng and on turners vs WI) Bhuvi (The belief that in Eng he would do well) Kaul / Chahar / Thakur (what is an 11 w/o a trundler, someone who can swing and take the pace off the ball) Bumrah BOL!
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    On the basis that they make dhoni look good. But dhoni is so pathetic these days, he is making then look good
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    https://streamable.com/s8hbj When Kuldeep wants a fielder changed, Dhoni says "Bowling karega ya bowler change kare" No wonder our bowlers never learnt under him
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    He bitch slapped the chances for 2019 WC for India as well ;((
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    Rohit should be made captain of odi's. He is not in awe of dhoni .He doesn't need dhoni as a crutch...
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    Who is that genius in team mngmt that think rayudu shud play international cricket and he is better then rahul n pant I wanna meet that genius n say "Aap Ch*tiye hai "
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    Aggression Athleticism Multi-Talented Mad Skills and last but not the least coolness & calmness Next Destination
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    Slow pitch. Ball is gripping a bit. A spinner like Unadkat with his guile would have bamboozled HK batsmen.
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    aye thein jeetne but we all know the end result
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    And some people agenda is to suck up to dhongi no matter what....no matter if india win or loose , no matter how he threatened youngster or bowler to do Cheerleading for him, no matter how he publicly name and shame bowlers. This guy is screwing India since 13 we have already lost 4-5 major event because of him nd his noobs, but chelas would not give up on sucking to the old ****.
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    Other than blind chamchas , bootlicker selectors and corrupt team management everyone can see what's going on. Now once they ll screw our chances in wc these chewts ll come and say we tried lot of players but unfortunately we coudnt get anyone who grabbed the opportunity and hence we are screwd. I mean how come something so obvious people can overlook this is like knowingly spoiled any chance of winning the wc .We have such a great young bunch warming the bench and they are performing everywhere but these blind fools doesn't know whom yo back and whom to discard. We all know what players like karthik, rayadu going to do in wc, this same rayadu was in 15 wc squad and karthik was in ct13 squad .
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    Our cricket fraternity have always had a love affair with trundlers. And if they are short then it is icing on the cake ( don't ask about source of that white icing ) We can't do without atleast one. We keep going back to the Kauls, Sharduls and Unadkats even though there are some good quality fast bowlers waiting in the wings. It is like taking one step forward and two steps back. Why not pick Navdeep Saini who is both accurate and quick ? What will a pace attack ( if we can call it that ) of Kaul and Chahar do on these slow pitches ?
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    Please respect our team!!!

    Don't know what's more insulting. Your post or your Avatar?
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    Austin 3:!6

    How Shameful is this??

    [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Selectors future selection strategy been leaked...
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    Another day, another match winning performance.. We have very few players averaging above 50S in Ranjis but there is only ONE guy in the history of Ranji (India's premier domestic) who averages above 50 at a strike rate over 105... and the guy name is KEDAR Jadhav!!!...strike rate above 100 and average over 50....This is over 10 years of domestic cricket...that is 10 years of consistent aggressive match winning batting.. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Only guy close to a strike rate of 100 was Sehwag but he was not even close to an average of 50... Most of guys who had average over 50 had strike rate in 80s. There is a huge difference between strike rate of 80s and strike rate of 100 plus with average above 50. Even in international cricket, his strike rate is 108 and average close to 45 But our selectors wasted 5 years of his life. And for whom. To try out duds like Rayadu and Rahane in LOI who can't play with a strike rate above 75. This guy can bowl, wicket keep and bat at any position... Lowest percentage of dot balls... But this guy is severally underrated. Join the thread if you are his fan.. HATERS, STAY AWAY!!
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    Very dissapointed. Wanted them to be in finals and thrash them again like below Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    even though chahal claims he is a chess grandmaster , he is pretty dumb with his bowling .. when batsmen starts hitting him , he will keep tossing the ball even more .. physical and mental midget pandya is must as a 3rd seamer and we need his lower order hitting ..
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    How Shameful is this??

    Your solution for all the problems and mediocrity we have is the great Axar Patel

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