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    Blame Jadeja for this cynicism. The triple triple centurion but mug with the bat has eroded the value and esteem of a Ranji triple century!
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    After the pic was taken, we have already over taken SA bowlers and are no 2 in that list. We can cross no1 in second innings easily
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    It's a test match not your bihari premier league celebrity match with Ravi kishan as captain.
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    Fight might have been on the lines of Dhoni Bhai mujhse zada pyar karte hain, nahi mujhse etc
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    Not sure what has hurt OZs more, removing Smith and Warner from the team or the sandpaper from their pockets
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    Dear Indian Fans, The team at ICF have grown increasingly weary of former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar in the commentary box. He is perpetually negative and ready to put down Indian players, all whilst praising the opposition. This abnormal behavior becomes even more apparent when commentating aside Australian commentators, thus magnifying his ethnic inferiority complex. We have no issue if he is being objective and calling a spade a spade. But at a time when team India is being more than competitive in Australia, it is appalling to consistently hear his self defeating whiny commentary. Most Indian fans listening seem to have had enough. Therefore we would like to ask you to join us to make our #SackSanjay campaign on Twitter and Facebook successful. Use this thread to list instances when our least liked Suck Up In Chief (SUIC) puts down our players. Regards, Team ICF.
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    Thats right guys . Its happened. We have the fastest and best bowler in world cricket. Would not swap him for any other fast bowler in the world. Wow. Also best all format pacer in the world. Fast, skillful, heart of a lion. What a champion we have
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    Who is the worst captain when it comes to handling youngsters ???? KING KOHLI We are back to 80-90s, when the solution to most difficult problems were - Youngsters ki balli Why does most Indian cricketer sing high praises for Ganguly , dhoni and even kumble ??? coz those guys gave security and backing and a clear role something kohli doesnt beileve in and the best example is look at how MI n CSK has been build over the years and look at the mess RCB is . Lets look at how our duffer captain has handled youngsters in last few years specially the batsman 1. Karun Nair - Comes in as replacement to rahane Scores a 300 Gets dropped from the next game on the logic of being someone replacement (but how did dhawan took vijay n rahul place when he smashed week SL ) Gets picked in Aus series and dropped after one poor series (thinks why wasnt same yardstick set for Rohit sharma) Gets picked in england , a youngster vihari joins the team late and plays before him and nair is not picked again End result- he is not given security and being told that yardstick is not same for everyone, wow what a treatment to 300 scorer . Dhawan, rohit are allowed large number of failures but nair not even one series 2. KL Rahul - dont talk about his stage , their was a time when he was doing damn well In test cricket Made runs in WI, AUS Made Runs in Home series against ENG n AUS (this series had really tough pitches ) Get injured and till now he n vijay are established as main openers Dhawan goes to lanka smashes lanka Ravi shastri comes out n says now Rahul is a 3rd choice openers and dhawan is 1st Kohli shastri Ch**** hai , Nair was dropped on the logic that he took rahane place so didnt dhawan took rahul's place ....now he smashes poor lanka and becomes main opener. How idiotic is kohli that he doesnt understand this opp diff End Result - U made a set opener insecure by coming out in public that his place can be taken by a failure like Dhawan In ODI cricket Gets picked as No.4 batsman for SL series, Kohli says he is to good a batsman to sit out Played 3 games at 3,4,5 and dropped for long Selected again as backup opener Then selected again as No.4 batsman for England, fails in one game and dropped Now he is a backopener Matalb bhai Chu**pe ka level samjho, har roz player ko naya role Kohli suffers from a memory loss coz in 3 games from being to good a player and best option for no.4 position to someone who cant find a place in Side and then comeback as backup openers and then he is no.4 again and then backup opener BC nolan bhi pagal ho jayega END result- Well if as outsider we cant understand anything imagine the players situation 3. Vihari Gets selected in 5th test england, makes runs Dropped in home series...where u can make runs and gain confidence but dropped for Kuldeep whom now kohli has no confidence of playing Gets dropped in Adeilade for a failure , imagine the insecurity he wud feel like Nair coz they are being dropped after performing for non-performers Gets selected in next game due to injury , he was suppousivly the main 6th batsman now Now he has to open to Adjust the failure , coz youngsters are balli ka bakra Now if he fails , wud he be backed....what if rohit scores a 50 and shaw Returns ..... 4. Backup Wicket keeper Test cricket Parthiv is backup keeper in SA Karthik in England Parthiv in Australia ODI Cricket Karthik in England Pant in WI series Karthik in Aus n NZ series I seriously hope Gill doesnt debut under him Coz he ll be made to feel same that he can be replaced by a failure even after performing, no youngster wud be developed like this
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    Boys have done it. We are keeping the trophy regardless of what happens next game. Indian team hats off My dance
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    Shubham Gill or Shubman Gill ?!?

    bahgawd if you haven't heard it, how can it be a legit name.
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    You disgraceful hypocrites Let me get this right . You chumps having a pop at someone for being constantly negative to indian players and putting indian players down! Jeez If you ask me Manju is prototype fopr most posters in ICF. Smalll, malnorished, weak, geeky, boring side parting hairstyle, probale virgin ( well virgin in respect to women). Constantly moaning and complaining about every move india team does. Since we landed in oz ICF in full hate for the team. Kohli cant even breath as someone will say does it idiotic way! We bloody good team and done great like last 2 years. Yet ICF acts like we getting drubbed 0-8 with most losses by an innings! FFS the skipper of team ranked number 1 for over 2 years, 2 in a row winner of the test mace has a thread started saying is worst skipper in cricket history and rest of ICF wades in like sharks smelling blood to join in. Shame on you, you IT nerds
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    Averages 25 at a pathetic strike rate of 74. How does this guy merit a place in this ODI squad? We are only allowed 15 members in world cup squad and this guy is a clear liability. Pant should be the wk/bat and Rahul as back up wicket-keeper.
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    Says guy who skips all the domestic season and plays for India after months. What a pathetic guy he is!
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    What the * is he smoking? The late ABV gave them Lahore bus but they gave us Kargil, we brought Pak players to IPL 1 but they gave us Mumbai, then we had "aane do" series followed by Pathankot & what not! I say FU to that nation & their duplicity, I know they'll being "Jadhav" into this but he's not even been proved as a spy let alone terrorist! I hope we don't play them ever again, if it brings (temporary?) peace to India
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    Fellow ICFers, Forum staff members have noticed that the quality of posts, off late, has been on the decline. There is a lack of adherence to the forum guidelines; and the lack of reporting of offensive content by posters really isn't helping in maintaining a healthy forum for discussion. We try to maintain a light-hearted mood on the forum while promoting a platform for healthy debate and discussion and hence, we urge posters to adhere to the forum guidelines as well as report offensive posts to help make ICF great again.
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    Pandya has a future in movies

    Don't know whether pandya is next kapil dev..Or kapil sharma
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    Sorry didnt realise ICF was Islamic Core Faction. No drinking allowed by mangt team. Must be sober. Pray 5 times a day Whats wrong with you nerds lol
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    Canteen staff of waiters are anyday better than thugs and convicts.
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    Some of those sixes reminded me of Hardik Pandya's hitting in that Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament when he first burst onto the scene. Gill is going to be some player if he keeps going on his development arc. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/7168/ranji-trophy-2018-19-punjab-v-tn-day-2-highlights

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