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    Kohli and Shastri don't have 10% of the intelligence that Williamson and the NZ coach showed the other day. Gave Pakistan a tantalising target of 280 @3.5 an over which resulted in wickets. We, on the other hand, decided it's better to attack Lyon and gift him a sixfer after all the hard work. Pls make pujara captain and get a new professional coach and get rid of the drunkard.
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    Khwaja mere Khwaja, Pavillion me aajaa !!
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    Beware of Finch!!!

    No there is no need of creating new panauti thread for every player. You can make your one own dedicated panauti thread and put all panautis there and then i will ignore it.
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    Beware of Finch!!!

    Man pls shut up and stop creating threads. It's irritating now.
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  6. 6 points
    Budhao shami looks charged up ,probably has set that 16 yo kid
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    Beware of Finch!!!

    Babaji. Please create a thread each for complete playing eleven of Australia. You are the greatest panauti I have ever witnessed.!
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    Serious pace bounce and accuracy from Shami and Bumrah..amazing faster than starc cummins combo..wow
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    For every 1 Sehwag, we have 12 Afridis and Powells. Pant has more chance with zero defensive technique and temperament to be an Afridi than a Sehwag.
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    India doesn't seem to have the killer instinct. It's like minnows who don't know what to do with winning positions as they seldom win.
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    Bunrah in that second spell bowled with venom @145-147 k. Got the extra bounce and zip off the pitch . Shami to steamed in today and bowled 140k+ ,ishants speed haven't been up
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    Ashwin back to bowling filth

    That was result of Bumrah's tight bowling. Anyway whenever team looks upto him for wickets overseas, he tries too hard and bowls poorly in that.
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    Shami 5th over 142 k 140 k 144 k 141 k 143 k ... seamed away with bounce 143 k All channel balls Maiden over 5 overs ... 1 for 8
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    Shami gets Harris with a 143 k channel ball which bounces extra. He is getting bounce today ... And those are the days he is dangerous. I expect him to get more wickets.
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    Very interesting to see that the worlds 4th fastest bowler is a ' fast medium' bowler.
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    lol rohit begging ashwin to shake hand and ash don't give *.
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    India has been making the same mistakes again and again and not learning from them. It has cost them many games overseas recently. Just because they might get away in this one match doesn't mean shouldn't be called out. Good teams dont repeat their mistakes
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    Pant has a defensive technique. May not be best in the world or even very good. But certainly not a hack like you are painting him as. Shot selection will improve as he plays more.
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    We might still win this but we haven't been ruthless enough.
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    Point is he did jack in tests and people know that. He's getting selected inspite of that.. there's a person who's sitting in the hut who scored a tough 50 in England.
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    This guy's attitude is so reminiscent of the average Pakistani fast bowler.. mercurial talent but performs rarely... looks more aged than records show.. swings at everything while batting irrespective of the situation.. has off-field behavioral issues..lol
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    Jeez! You guys are nuts. India is not playing alone. Australia is too out there to get wickets. One cannot dominate throughout the test match.
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    I hereby re-name Pant as Rishaeed Pantridi.
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    @OzGirl Unfit Lazy Indians don't even bother to run between the wickets. They are hitting SIXES for fun. LOL
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    I don’t like to count chickens before they hatch .... let the bowling (and captaincy) execute

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