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    U need 280+ every innings in England to win- bhai duniya 350 pe phch gayi hia Dhawan struggled last yr - So did Rahane, Dhawan has a gr8 record in england Rahane can bat anywere 1-4 ....yea sure I can understand rahane starts slow but he is very good in IPL also Kya bakk raha hai
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    To ghazwa-e-hind kaise karega, khajoor? Bas ghanta hilate raho.
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    Most likable team

    My favorite team- how can you hate this team?
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    No other spinner takes such a long run up, breaks his back and bowls with as much intensity as Jaydev
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    Dada want pujara. Now vengsarkar wants rahane. Budhapa bahut kharab re baba
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    Lot of people talk about Sachin being a selfish batsman but dont see how selfish a cricketer Kohli is, he doesnt like any gun Batsmen coming up and likes being the only Star in the team.
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    Just because its SanjuManju, doesn't mean he's automatically wrong about everything he says. As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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    Old Bollywood movies

    Arjun ..hasnt aged as well. Masoom, as well.
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    Are you jealous ? He has a Cook at his service he doesn't need to make his own food.

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