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    I'm going to try this at work. My performance is being affected because I have not been promoted.
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    Dhoni will watch from the non striker's end in his wheelchair when Pant finishes. That sounds so dodgy
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    In a fair world Pant should be keeping in T20s/ODIs and be in the squad along with Saha in every test series. But such are the ways of the Dark Lord that he continues to milk the system dry and refuses to retire after being at least 3 years past expiry date.
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    Just met Roger Binny in a book launch and had dinner with him. Why is the pic here in this thread? Because he was the highest wicket taker in England in 83 WC.
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    India close to 400 England 700 India 250 Innings defeat
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    What with this Pujara and now Iyer crap of absurd, surreal self-promotion, it's like they could be Pakistani cricketers.
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    Anderson averaged 53 on his last tour to India and 43 on his last tour to South Africa. He averages 41 in Sri Lanka, 40 in South Africa , 35 in Australia and 33.5 in India. Do you think any Asian player would get away with such figures ? The " Western " media have gobbled up Asian cricketers for far less failures. How many English have you encountered, who have ackowledged Kumble, Ashwin and Jadeja as greats ? They have been after Tendulkar and Kohli at the slightest opportunity.
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    So, the first two matches were not for reals? Isn't this supposed to be done before the series starts by coaches analyzing conditions, making adjustments, telling the batsmen what the adjustments are, and using practice matches and nets to practice the amended techniques? I haven't played a ball of truly competitive cricket so I am always going to be cautious about criticising the professionals, but some things seem obviously wrong. Am I totally off here?
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    Kohli is Captain Haddock. Looks and swears like him.
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    18 runs when faced with the best batting conditions on the tour so far and when India was under no pressure! Pandya is a unique gem, bowling all-rounder when India bats, batting all-rounder when India bowls!
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    I think we keep going back to a select set of cricketers .... It was unfair on Karthik to be picked for tests at this stage of his career .... I hope this would not influence his selection for LOIs, where his skills are more useful
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    The ball is still swinging in the 75th over. No batsman can take it for granted in these conditions. Even set batsmen have to fight for runs.
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    What abt smith technique. And what about pujara who seems to be a test specialist but shits in his pants everytime if the pitch is not subcontinent one.
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    Dhoni in every format bar IPL and TNPL
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    Squad for 4th and 5th test match

    Dreaming is good for health it will take the stress off from mind.
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    Rishabh Pant performance watch thread

    1st scoring shot 6
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    Pant puts a "dot" on the careers of DK and Dhoni
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    He he kya kare bhai. Gaandoo jo hoon, phir se resubscribe kiya!!
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    Sanga thinks 300-350 will be good here. In response Harbhajan uttered one word and then mumbled for 2 mins with a 400...god this guy
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    Top shot from Rahane off the back foot.
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    Navjot Siddhu in Pakistan

    He went there on a personal level, nothing wrong. If 56" can go to Lahore (after Gurdaspur and some other major attack in Kashmir IIRC) and hug people, what wrong did Sidhu do? If Advani can go there and make slights at India's founding fathers why not allow this personal gesture? He went there as a friend of Imran. I guess these cricketers share real bonds with each other after competing for so many years and dedicating their careers to overcoming each other on the turf. Seen this in many sports, with passing age most players develop life long friendship with their one time rivals and on field enemies. Gavaskar flew all the way to Barbados to celebrate Sobers' birthday, Viv is the godfather of Botham's son...when they were rivals no one gave more tears and humiliation to Eng and Botham than King Viv. May be Sidhu is genuinely happy for his friend and wanted to share the occasion. He didn't go there and say something seditious did he? He could have attended his once mentor ABV's funeral but may be the arrangements to go to Pak were made beforehand. I wish Kapil and Sunny weren't pressurized to give it a skip. That is intolerance IMO, if someone makes a good gesture you reciprocate it. Remember these guys aren't anti nationals/fixers or connected to Dawood, they gave it their all in their careers, especially against their arch rivals. Nor are they politicians (Sidhu is but he explicitly made it clear that he is going there NOT as a politician), army generals, policy makers or bureaucrats representing India's official stance on Indo-Pak relations. Sambit Patra is a moron who deserves only gaalis...he can justify anything. Tomorrow if Hafiz Saeed is given Indian citizenship and runs for MP seat in the holy town of Varanasi, again this spineless puppy of BJP will be the 1st to defend the move and somehow find a way to shift the blame to Nehru and IG. I am not exaggerating, when SOB Naresh Agrawal (biggest abuser of our Armed Forces) joined BJP, I saw that bastard Patra defending him like his life depended on it.
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    Not there yet. But he will and that is good for Indian cricket Dhoni was my fav wk-bat but I had no problem when Saha over took him in a little time....we evolve for the best

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