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    My feelings are not important. He is batting at that spot because he not good enough to bat higher. To call him a batting allrounder is a joke. He is not good enough bowler to bat at the spot he bats, you can improve if you have basic skills , sadly Pandya lacks in both departments. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pandya’s critics are worried that Pandya is not worried about their criticism On topic, Kallis is a good role model to follow for those who consider themselves as batting all rounders
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    A tad overconfident, a whole lot selfish! That's what his attitude says. Sunny and Holding are talking about him not because he is worthy of being spoken about, but because he is totally **** and someone who doesnt deserve being anywhere close to the international team. If Virat wants to win anything, be it tests in Australia or in the world cup, this guy should be kicked out and kept as far as possible. There are plenty talented bowlers and batsmen who can do way better than this idiot.
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    Critics are talking because you are stealing a spot away from a genuine batsman or a genuine bowler.

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