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    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    In light of the recent FIFA World Cup, thought of comparing the cricket teams with football teams based upon history/ability/achievements/mindset/resources yada yada. 1. West Indies: Brazil Calypso/Samba...free spirited Greatest teams of all time once upon a time but not so successful in the last 20 odd years Greatest players....all time XIs will have max players from their countries Loved by all Immense natural talent which drives them to success without a strong domestic set up Swag/Flair 2. Australia: Germany Overall very successful Competitive in every era Very consistent in World Cups Many ATGs (2nd highest) Very organized, disciplined with high precision and scientific approach to the game Ruthless Excellent domestic structure and youth programmes which was/is able to consistently churn out high quality players 3. India: Italy Probably in terms of big success behind only Australia (Germany) and WI (Brazil) Punched above its weight and knocked out fancier teams in the past to win big trophies Mediocre for large parts but still a great history with a few top tier ATGs Both are very defensive teams (bowling=attack, batting=defence ) with max ATGs in defensive department (India=batsmen, Italy=defenders and GK) For most parts in big tourneys both are mentally tough units, very dogged India often stopped mighty WI('83)/Australia(ATG test streak) just like how Italy stopped many pre tournament favorites like Brazil, France, Germany in the past. Good domestic structure.....Ranji=slightly below par, IPL=best in the world, average it out 4. Pakistan: Argentina Chaotic, mercurial, unpredictable Have won the big trophies but not yet as successful as 1-3 Individual brilliance, X factor Lack of cohesion, full of controversies and soap operas Achieved success under strong dictatorial leaders Propensity to cheat with innovations like ball tampering, chucking, Hand of God, fixing... Unapologetic about cheating incidents in the past, they wear it like a badge of honour Domestic Structure LOL 5. England: England Invented the sport but watched other teams excel more Rich history but most greats from bygone era English media Historically the best domestic structure with great prestige, finest of the game have polished their skills in England.....finishing school for many ATGs Boring sides Nostalgia tards Ugly yet effective style of play, tenacious spirit which helped them perform beyond their capabilities 6. Sri Lanka: France Won all their trophies post 90s, since then possibly most consistent teams in big events Produced many freakish talents Very successful in a short span At their best as good as any of the other ATG units Tactically top notch Nice fakers, often resort to underhand means 7. South Africa: Netherlands Never won a WC in spite of being favorites many times, greatest nations to not win the ultimate prize in their disciplines Exceptional talent, very skilled Cryuff=Kallis...objectively greatest but not rated as GOATs by pundits 8. New Zealand: Belgium Punch above weight No standout ATG but many excellent players who gel well Never came close to winning a WC Honest triers Universally liked 9. Bangladesh: Some African country (Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria????) Lots of funds pumped in by governing body 1-2 high quality players surrounded by a bunch of mediocre players Occasionally upset higher ranked teams Too many false dawns Very passionate fanbase Perpetual victim mentality Feel free to add your choices...I don't follow football like I used to as a kid. I may have made some wrong assumptions and got a few observations wrong. But honestly quite difficult to find equivalents which everyone will agree upon . Pretty sure many ICFers are more knowledgeable in this regard !!!!
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    2 minute silence for those who thought Kohli will give up his spot at no. 3 for Rahul .
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    Sab ke sab bike hue hai. Imagine the response if someone had tried this **** even as recent as late 2000s !!! In our worst era when Mongia-Prabhakar played weird match losing knocks against WI, they were banned from the tournament and an investigation committee headed by retired CJI Chandrachud was set up. That happened during Azhar's reign FGS. I remember Dada being out of touch in that 2005 ODI series against Pakistan, he was completely out of sorts. He didn't deliberately screw up like Dhoni here, but his intent wasn't delivering results. The onslaught he faced from news channels, my God these current players have seen nothing. There was a daily programme, once in the morning and then evening where news anchors from various outlets would be in a race to make fun of Dada......even if there were no match that day. That match ka mujrim show which featured Bedi, Abbas and Kirmani was savage. Bedi tore apart Dada every single day and audience laughed, cheered and clapped, Kirmani was more gentle (but firm) while Zaheer Abbas would try to defend the struggling southpaw without much success. Look at channels today, even genuine criticism is censored it seems...max to max they may sugercoat and try to find a positive/justification/spin for continuous letdowns. Who says we are no more milestone driven? It seems to me that at least experts, news channels and social media are more milestone driven now than 20 years back. Tab bahut gaaliyan barasti thi, aaj kal 200 runs se haare toh yahi dhoondh nikalenge ki bhai kisne apna 4000 runs/150 wickets/75 catches/100k likes/250k followers/10k retweets/30 girlfriends mark cross kiya aur poore show mein usi kaa jashn manayenge.....saale bhadve !!!! Shameless sellouts and Indian public ko jitna gaali de utna kam. Next time Dhoni sets foot in Chinnaswamy sab daud chalenge stadium mein Dhoni, Dhoni, Finisher Cool karne, and those cringe inducing placards and slogans I am not advocating hyper reactions and insults thrown at players, all I want is for questions to be asked and players/coaches being held to account. Sky Sports team does that succinctly, without going overboard. Dare I say even Pakistani and Bangladeshi experts/commentators have shown more spine to question the under-performing superstars of their teams, we are worst in that regard.
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    If there was one man who couldve called a spade a spade..
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    Misbahfication Meter !!!

    This post inspired me to make this
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    It has become a norm now. After every dud performance from dhoni....there is a procession of defenders sent out. Kab tsk bewakoof banate rahenge? Do they realise that the people they fool are the people because of whom these matches are played. Bloody *ers ! If he played bad...atleast let him get the brickbats. Nah....this guy should not be questioned no matter what he does. He will keep ' finishing ' games like this with that smug look on his face. He will make one decent score worth something in one of many matches and the whole procession of ' in your face ' comments and memes will start.
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    Son, here's a lesson: You don't need logic for chewtiyapa. Logic is irrelevant. What matters is that Kohli doesn't back Rahul and will sell him down the river the moment things go wrong.
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    spot on.... these tickets cost around cost a lot plus cost of travel and food etc. Easily works out to around £100 (around Rs 9000) per person in most cases. Many times families shell out upto £500. It was disrespectful to the fans. I can understand he got out trying to hit. But he appeared to just give up. I do hope some posters who complain this is a toxic forum with regards to MSD realize that many in mainstream cricket are thinking the same. Thats why Kohli had to defend MSD in a press conference. The press are thinking the same.
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    Our commentators don't have guts to say this Nasser Hussain
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    Time for Dhoni to go?

    This was my post during the IPL when Dhoni fans were jizzing themselves after he belted Negi. The days of Dhoni destroying quality bowling attacks are long gone ( England's attack is extremely mediocre btw). His hand-eye coordination has detiorated. Any Dhoni fan that still thinks he can make a comeback to his old self needs to look at what happened to "Sehwag" once his hand-eye coordination detiorated. Batsmen like Dhoni and Sehwag i.e batsmen who's game is based on hand-eye coordination instead of proper technique are sitting ducks once age catches up. Dhoni won't ever win games for the team consistently unless he can reel back his age by 3-4 years. The sooner he realises this, the better it would be for hIm and his fans.
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    Forget about stats. After so much criticism, only solution this guy could find was to drop Rahul for Karthik. Yes, Rahul is the problem in this team. It can't go any lower. 2 good performances, 1 failure and you're sacked. Others can stay forever with failures.
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    Source: https://www.wisdenindia.com/cricket-news/odd-innings-hussain-dhonis-37/301453 Nasser taking MS apart (rightfully)
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    You are the only man( fan) standing.... The other one is a bot.
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    The logic can be understood in McDowell Soda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWs7x5RYEW0 The ad for the soda carries that message: ye #1 yaari hai. In that ad, they carry their langda buddy to the trek and jump off the cliff. Similarly, we carry our metaphorically langde players because of their dosti/yaari and the team seems to fall off a cliff. I just found this, there's an MSD ad as well with McDowell Soda. It all makes sense now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT_MVtF5KWI
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    Rahul can’t bowl the two crucial overs that Raina can bowl. It’s a no-brainer. Raina has to play even if he can’t put bat to ball these days. Those 2 overs from a part timer are extremely important
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    He blocks till the players at the other end have no option but to hit out and get out, then he stays not out and scores a few boundaries when the game is already lost to bring up his strike rate, his fans hail him as the lone warrior. This has been Dhoni's template since 2016.
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    Bullshit , then why doesnt he come up the order. Dnt tell me raina is a better player to build innings then dhoni . Raina on his good days wnt last more then 30-40 runs so let him cme down n make those 30-40 runs valueable rather sending him up where these scores r worthless Every-time he comes in late n puts pressure on other player , wkts starts to go down on other end and he goes in shell till 48 n 49 overs. How much will he score in those overs 20-30.....will that be enough to win u games. Partnership build krke follow-on bachana tha kya???? Its a world known fact that dhoni takes time to set in these days ....still why is he coming at 6 1. What about kohli saying we will make MS bat up n let him enjoy his game 2. what about dhoni saying he wants to bat up 3. what about grooming other players to gain experience in lower order Only fools keep doing same thing again n again n expect different result.
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    Is this Rasgulla on right hand side?
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    MSD will score a ton today

    He will get it around an hour after tea tomorrow.
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    You ain't seen nothing yet. I am thinking of making a thread featuring all of Dhoni's "net practice" innings in ODIs .
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    I’m loving it... they are getting more defensive which means the issue has escalated... that’s excellent news... More defence, more criticism and more dissection, more black spots on Dhoni...
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    There was a moment in the match when Dhoni refused the single off the first ball batting with Kuldeep. The commentators were saying, he is going to crazy now and start hitting probably why he refused the single and what does Dhoni do,he takes the single off the 2nd ball. Even the commentators were confused as why did he refuse the single off the 1st ball when he took a single anyways the next ball. Have seen Dhoni screw up many chases but this innings was bizarre.

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