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    Fellow ICFers, First of all, wishing each and everyone of you a Happy New Year. 2018 was a great year for the Indian cricket team as well as for the forum. Thanks to contributions from all members and dedicated staff we moved well ahead from slow days to vibrant and thriving forum. We participated in a lot of activities like audio discussion, match write-ups, ICF meets and we are looking forward to move towards greater participation this year. This post is to inform everyone about our goals and policy changes for the year 2019. With the IPL and WC only a few months away, we are looking to increase the forum's presence on various social media platforms. Please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICFans https://www.facebook.com/ICFans/ When it comes to moderation, we are looking for more responsibility from members to achieve self-moderation. For that, we have temporarily stopped pro-active moderations and now the onus is on members to decide the direction in which the forum should go. You have the chance to shape the future of ICF. Here is how we start when it comes to moderation: 1. Probelmatic Post - report it instead of engaging and suggest action/s to be taken. We will then take appropriate action. 2. Thread Needs to Merged - report it with details. 3. Problematic Member - post it openly in a thread, grievances thread or some other thread. Members will discuss and decide course of action. We will post link of thread. 4. Site Suggestions - post in the site feedback thread. Your suggestions are always welcome. Guideline which we are expecting us to follow: 1. Sticking to the topic and avoiding derailing threads. If a thread goes southward, report and recommend splitting into two parts. 2. Friendly banter is always appreciated 3. Discouraging trolling. 4. Avoiding personal remarks and unparliamentary language. 5. Be respectful to players all over the world, fellow members and others. 6. Criticism is welcomed but no abusive or disparaging name-calling. Remember, ICF is in your hands now. Future of forum is in the hands of each and everyone of you. Regards, Team ICF
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    Well it took SL 21 years after 1975 to win their first and it will be 20 years since Bangladesh made their World Cup debut in 1999 in England!. Can life come full circle and Bangladesh win the world cup 2019 in England? They have become a good ODI side, become a force at home, whitewashed Pakistan, beat India, beat SA. They have many things going for them: - with all the rage about all-rounders, they have the best AR in the world in Sakib - A bowler in top 5 - The Fizz - An opening batsmen to rival one of Rohit or Dhawan in Tamim Iqbal - A pocket rocket keeper, probably current the best wicket keeper batsmen in Rahim and dance moves to put the West Indians to shame - A Saurav Ganguly clone in Soumya Sarkar - Kohli's nemesis Rubel will charged up and give 110% as ever - A captain who now has REAL political power - Reached QF of last world cup - Reached SF of ICC CT in England!, only to be denied by rulings to favour India - Nearly came close to beating India and causing a historical upset in the recent Asia Cup - And....contingent of hair-raising fans with emotions and tears to flood the plains of Brahmaputra
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    Dhoni using all his strategic might to plot the downfall of a No.11 bat of the team reeling at 157/9
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    Well, Shubhman is also more good looking than you. Lololololol Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    These guys already know a bit of hindi because of playing in IPL lol
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    Shami in 2019 ODI's

    He shud be ahead of bhuvi now
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    Shami is second behind Bumrah

    Everytime someone will have different opinion, they will be labelled buffoons?
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    Too many feathers.
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    Ind could play 3 ARs

    Jettisoned means discarded Zen bhai. Thoda angrezi mein dhokla-fafda ho gaya
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    Whatta epic calculated chase of this mammoth total
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    40/3 - Thala/Biriyani batting 100/3 - Thala/Biriyani batting 140/3 - Thala/Biriyani batting 170/3 Thala/Biriyani batting :)
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    Rofl Choke job by Pakistan

    Were crusing at 140-1 lol and fked up the chase. How can they lose this. lost ths series too rofl :bhangra:
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    Pandya Brothers are club level cricketers - 6 words
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    India. Pakistan. Chennai. 1999

    This was the time when Sachin fans could genuinely believe that the guy can deliver miracles. He came so close. Desert Storm in Sharjah, 2 single-handed back to back victories against Aus. And add another one in Dhaka(?) with a 5-fer in another ODI. The 155 and dismantling of Shane Warne - preceded by a FC double playing for Mumbai in the warm-up game. Here was a batting genius, a 5'6" colossus who indisputably dominated the world stage. To me, this innings, and the 175 in an ODI chase against Australia - are classic examples of Tendulkar's unfulfilled potential as a "matchwinner". All those morons who argue this myth with a straight face, who haven't seen in-prime tendulkar bat, and only have the latter day shadow of himself to go by, along with archived scorecards, are the ignorant ones who missed out.
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    @test fan @raki05 @speedheat
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    Agarkar on India vs Australia 3rd ODI(ESPN Cricinfo post match) : 'Dhoni may prefer taking it deep but not sure batsmen at the other end are as comfortable with that approach as they look like they feel the pressure' (referring to Kohli) 'Not sure this chase should have been taken into the last over' 'Plenty of nervous faces in the dressing room during chase' 'Australia didn't have 5 good bowlers which they might have next time' 'Australia very sloppy in the field' 'Dhoni should bat where it suits India, not where it suits him'
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    Jonty Rayudu's fielding history

    Needs some more effort in the field à la Mishraji
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    He is Biryani alright, just happens to be Kauwa Biryani.
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    I'm tired of writing this over and over again. This guy needs to be sent in at the 30th over or so, and he will deliver more often than not. His gap-hitting style is perfect for that powerplay stage, only 4 outfielders.
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    That is why DK was dropped after that innings
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    GB and all Marathis outside gateway of India today celebrsting Shastri’s success #JaiMaharashtra
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    DK is Just a cameo player

    He is strictly a T20 finisher, playing him in ODIs makes no sense. 90 ODIs ke baad avg 31.6 (despite 21 not outs), SR 73.8, zero hundreds... this guys won't fit in our 70s, 80s, 90s crap ODI teams. If Kohli expects to win a damn WC with guys like DK and Rayudu in the middle order, he needs medical assistance.
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    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    make sure not to apply this rule for the topic i support 50 word rule @Muloghonto bhai wont agree with this though

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