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    Maybe Bravo was suppose to Credit Dhoni once again. HE must have refused.
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    someone posted this on twitter
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    Shubman Gill is the real deal!!!

    Gill is good at sledging too
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    Dhoni's expiry date in tests 2012, retired in 2015 Australia Dhoni's expiry date in ODIs 2015, ? Dhoni's expiry date in T20s 2009, ? After 2011 WC this guy has gone on to become cancer for Indian cricket. Destroyed our test team, blocked DRS, encouraged corruption/fixing by covering up malpractices in 2013 IPL by even going to the extent of perjuring in SC, sabotaged numerous WT20 campaigns, lost us more T20s singlehandedly than GOAT Kohli won for Team India, destroyed careers of all potential threats to his captaincy, blocked youngsters, became deadweight in ODIs, inculcated a culture of ass kissing and dick sucking, whined like a * after every defeat, made a mockery of team selection by using aroma/taste of Biryani as a criteria, gave prominence to trundlers at the expense of genuine quality quicks, started the trend of sports management companies (Rhiti) and outsiders influencing team selection (Bunty), started a trend of disgusting hairstyles among Indian youth , allowed his wife to outdo his corrupt self by engineering a multi crore fraud...yet lifted to the status of a Hindu deity by chewtiya Indian public, Padma Bhushan . As the wise @dandaroy once said phuck de India, joke is on all of us.
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    Dhoni's PR team will be out in full force, we are going to get a lot of videos of Dhoni from WC2011 all over the social media.
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    Pant hits too many sixes and hit them very hard and can seriously injure people in the stadium. Thats why as a responsible nation we have selected Manish pandey over him. Well done selectors.
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    In the first test Gambhir took Matt Prior's sweep on his elbow he could not open in 2nd innings but still came out to bat at no. 4 and batted for 70 minutes. After that he missed 2nd test. Then he fell on his head in 4th test but he still came out to bat in 2nd innings. His CT and MRI scans were reported normal but he was having problems with the vision and eye specialist in Manchester advised him to take rest and recover. Same thing happened with Steyn in one of the IPL where his scans were normal but it took him 4 weeks to recover. https://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/14725069 http://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/injured-gambhir-could-head-back-home/article2408163.ece If he really wanted to run away why would he wait till 2nd innings of final test. Gambhir had his problems and was responsible for his own downfall but one thing I won't doubt is his commitment.
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    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    Dhoni worshippers need to man the f up. This forum was brutal on Tendulkar (justifiable criticism in his last few months) which led to several softies wailing and quitting. This new set of softies seems to be headed in that direction. They need to realise that on the internet no one is above criticism/abuse, be it Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa or Roger Federer. If you want to worship Dhoni, unplug that cord and continue to live in your echo chamber.
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    Congrats Sunrisers

    Good bowling attack. Need to do something about boringness though. Chased down 190 and it was still so boring
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    Pretty sure a part of the CSK contract states "If you are a part of the CSK family, you must provide at least one media interview praising MSD"
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    The Realist

    The legend of Chubby cheeks

    Piyush is a bit of a legend. Not 30 yet but been playing since the beginning of the IPL, scored the winning runs in a final and also the youngest in the 2011 World Cup winning squad. Cannot stay mad at this face...
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    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    Shouldn't they be delighted seeing such batting from a youngster?
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    I hate bowlers !!!

    I don't mind sloppy fielding because we are all old and this is the best we can do. MSD
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    I hate bowlers !!!

    Yes. He is the only captain in this IPL who threw his bowlers under the bus. How come Kane williamson who probably doesn't know Hindi as well is marshalling his limited resources. He has to realize under his captaincy he has always struggles against chasing sides while defending totals on pitches that does not help spinners. Only place where his Dhoniconda comes into play are pitches that helps spinners. Otherwise no matter what bowlers he has, he struggles to defend totals.
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    Why do Dhoni fans hate Pant?

    They hate Saha and Kishan too They love DK(slowly turning on him after Nidihaas) and Parthiv though cant you see a pattern here?
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    Is it the beginning of Kohliconda

    Kohli conda: Expectation: Reality:
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    King Tendulkar

    Indian fans' views on MS Dhoni

    Blimey easiest decision I have made all year
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    The main point is this dhoni bugger off
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    Dhoni not retiring from t20i smacks of selfishness He has nothing to offer in T20Is CSK way won’t work in international T20s because most teams don’t have that Unadakt, Mishra or Kulkarni to smash around and catch up with RR
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    When the heat got too much, most ran from the kitchen sums up the 2011 Eng series. Horror tour. Fake injuries, WK having to bowl, Ageing unfit players, No hunger or desire, Captain there in body but absent in mind and to cap it all off an out of shape RP Singh was called up from Miami beach to extend his vacation in England.

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