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    I would pay top dollar for the "technology" that recommended picking Karthik and Jadeja in the squad .
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    These 5 attributes perfectly describe Team CSK: Trundler pace attack Darter spin attack Doctored home pitches Mediocre Indian batsmen No young talent Seriously, what is there to like about this team?
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    Neither of them is best teams lol This contest will be like this
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    how i wish, someone gets hold of this lodu in this WC. He is one guy in intl cricket I despise.
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    Dhoni in internationals Dhoni in IPLs
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    In Indian colleges: 9 pointers and above get picked by Shell, Schlumberger, Google etc 8-9-> Amazon, NVIDIA, L&T 7-8-> Oracle, Reliance, TCS In 'land of pure' colleges: 9+ means direct offer by AQ, IS, Boko Haram, Pak Army 8-9-> LeT, Al-Shabaab 7-8-> Hizb, JeM, HuJI 6-7-> LeJ, anti-Baloch militants <6-> rape/abduction/torture of Pak minorities, Pak PM
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    Mascots of IPL teams

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    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    beware of suicide bombers. they pop up with new ids and abuse others, completely aware of their fate of getting banned but they hope they take out a few who engage with them.
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    All ICFers: Rayadud
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    How Saini bowled a great 19th over? He didn't listen to Nehraji's advice.
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    Dorian2 !!!

    It must be baaloo. He has got time to spare.
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    Looks like an equivalent of @Laaloo
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    Safe hands stats this ipl

    Come on do you even need to ask, angry young man child on top
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    Rather make umesh the captain then maybe he'll realise how difficult it is to set field for his own bowling
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    @Laaloo: MS Dhoni @jusarrived: Rohit Sharma @Rasgulla: Sachin Tendulkar @Nikola: Bhuvneshwar Kumar @rahulrulezz: Ravindra Jadeja @WC2011INDIA: Ajinkya Rahane Please feel free to add more names to this list!
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    Why is CSK such a MI's bunny ?

    There is a saying ' only a thief can catch a thief'

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