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    No trundler policy

    I'd like to review this decision please. I love my trundlers!!!!!!
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    express bowling

    No trundler policy

    Pacers who can bowl quick or are quickish and tall in India now a) In Team India 1. Bumrah - skilled ( bouncy ) 2. Shami - skilled 3. Umesh - swing and reverse swing 4. Khaleel - skilled ( tall ) 5. Siraj - skilled for his experience level ( tallish ) 6. Ishant - accurate in tests ( tall ) 7. Pandya ( tallish ) b) Playing for India-A 8. Saini - skilled ( tallish ) 9. Rajpoot - skilled ( tall ) 10. Prasidh - skilled for his experience level ( tall ) c) Other prominent pacers 11. Mavi - skilled for his experience level ( bouncy ) 12. Nagarkoti - skilled for his experience level 13. Avesh - Bowls a heavy ball ( tall ) 14. Aaron ( bouncy ) 15. Khejroliya - bowls a heavy ball ( tall ) 16. Thampi - 17. Asif 18. Warrier - skilled for his experience level ( tallish ) 19. Nathu - skilled for his experience level 20. Aniket C - skilled ( tall ) 21. Sangwan Prominent medium pacers or short seamers without extra pace a) In Team India 1. Bhuvi - skilled 2. Kaul - not sufficient skills for his low pace and short height 3. Chahar - just a swing bowler 4. Thakur - not sufficient skills for his standard pace and short height b) Playing for India-A 5. Gurbani - just a swing bowler c) Other prominent pacers 6. Unadkat - not sufficient skills for his low pace ( tall ) played for India 6 months back 7. Dhawal - not sufficient skills for his low pace So ... we are seeing that most prominent trundlers are getting chances and quite a few skilled quicks are sitting out.
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    Perhaps they should consider Anushka as the coach. She is fitter than Shastri ... does not sleep during matches like Shastri ... drinks much less than Shastri ... is not a yes-person to Kohli ... is always around ... and if the reports are correct, she managed to remove Dhawan from the test team, something which Kohli did not want to do and the selectors could not.
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    This Test series gave us Prithvi Shaw. The Asia Cup brought back Biryani in the ODI setup. I rest my case.
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    Why not Raina ?

    When you have a choice between stepping on bull sh!t vs horse sh!t, you'd rather not step on both
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    Only one former cricketer is man enough to call a spade a spade. Others are just beating around the bush.
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    I fear for the poor guy's safety now .
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    He also saves 100 runs every inning because the opposition feels with thalaiva in the middle order, they can afford to be 100 runs short....
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    No trundler policy

    There was a time when we were blessed with Roger Binny, Madan Lal, Chetan Sharma, etc. In the 90s, Srinath came and we started to that we get more such bowlers .... Now we have a bunch of bowlers who can bowl 140+ consistently -> Bumrah, Khaleel, Saini, Siraj, Pandya (AR), etc. .... And then we have a back up of useful bowlers who can bowl quick - Shami, Yadav and Ishant We need to impose a no trundler policy. No Bhuvi, Chahar, Thakur, Kaul and company unless conditions demand it No trundlers
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    My respect for Sir Aggy always goes up. He's been calling out Dhoni for the past three years. Too bad rest of the paid shills are too meek to call out what's so blatantly true. They mask his failure and yet they waive pom poms because dhoni made an easy stumping look like no other competent keeper can do the same.
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    Widambana to dekho!! Pant shaw Rahul jinko odi khelna chahiye wo test khel rahe hai aur dhongi, pandey aur rayudu jinko test khelna chahiye WO odi khel rahe hai
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    Maha bewakoof Kohli

    Just still can't believe the idiot decided to field first against these chokers in CT final. 250 would have been enough to bury them in the final. The blunder is up there with Azhar's decision to bowl first against SL in 1996 WC Semi and Ganguly's decision to bowl first against Australia in 2011 WC Final. Hopefully Rohit won't f**k around and bat first if he wins toss on Friday.
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    Mamata Begum will surely supper her Kangladeshi Brothers. Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Dhoni to virat. Boundary pe jake khada hoga ya captain change karein.
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  16. 16 points
    On the basis that they make dhoni look good. But dhoni is so pathetic these days, he is making then look good
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    https://streamable.com/s8hbj When Kuldeep wants a fielder changed, Dhoni says "Bowling karega ya bowler change kare" No wonder our bowlers never learnt under him
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    For the sake of cricket in India, please let this be the final nail in the coffin. Please BCCI end his career.....
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    He bitch slapped the chances for 2019 WC for India as well ;((
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    Rohit should be made captain of odi's. He is not in awe of dhoni .He doesn't need dhoni as a crutch...
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    Blocking the entrance to anybody under 30 getting a game
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    Like MSD, velu too is getting older and slower,
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    aye thein jeetne but we all know the end result
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    And some people agenda is to suck up to dhongi no matter what....no matter if india win or loose , no matter how he threatened youngster or bowler to do Cheerleading for him, no matter how he publicly name and shame bowlers. This guy is screwing India since 13 we have already lost 4-5 major event because of him nd his noobs, but chelas would not give up on sucking to the old ****.
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    Maha bewakoof Kohli

    If it wasnt for that defeat, we wouldn't have gotten a chance to see youngster beauties like rayadu and Karthik who showed us how easy it is to play modern day LOIs.

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