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    Can we turn the commentators' mics down when Manju is commentating, please?
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    lol we really like to mentally destroy the bangladeshis, don't we , we let them have hope of winning the game and then we ruthlessly snatch it right in front of their eyes
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    "Oh my God," says Manish Pandey. "When I fell, I knew someone had to play a blinder Yeah Right !! You weren't exactly setting the stage on fire Mr. Hack.Your plans of defeating India were thrashed by Karthik.
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    What did they do? Line up like a cobra and rammed the door all together?
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    I solemly swear that I would never call DK a mental midget again. Dude is a rockstar. Deserves Dipika and an ODI chance without a break for atleast 10 matches
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    Bangladesh create history.

    Bangladesh and Srilanka should have more bilaterals and spare us. Seems like epic Ashes like rivalry building up .
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    Bangladesh create history.

    BD forum
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    man DK will be getting some loving tonight from his hot wife 4sure
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    adi B

    Bangladesh create history.

    Gotta say they are very entertaining and replacing pakistan in the bad boys genre Their drama and nuisance is what makes it even more sweeter and entertaining to win against them lol ,whatever we might say but they have injected life in this crap tournament (in a wrong way though)
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    That's why it's important to relieve him of captaincy in t20s at least. That's what happened to Dhoni as well. He started off as a very good captain in all forms and then workload just got to him.
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    variations of unadkat : slow ball slower ball slowest ball
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    bangla forum hating on Sri Lanka crowd for supporting Ind
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    One of the best T20 innings in Indian cricket history, maybe in all history. I'll never question DK again unless he costs us a world cup of course. The man has earned his T20 spot, heck even ODI. What a f*cking innings.
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    From now on MODS please ban anyone who calls DK a MENTAL MIDGET.
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    Lol.. Came across this on FB.. Epic whoever made this
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    Actually after Win, India should walk off nonchalantly like nothing happened. That would be the biggest insult to these cobra dancers
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    Forever Indian

    Bangladesh create history.

    Bangladesh Cricket team selection event sneak peek:
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    The only response to OP's thread title is........
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    Finally Everybody is happy. India happy they lift the trophy Bangladesh happy they qualified for finals Sri Lanka happy because Bangladesh lost the final
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    I think sweet to see the heartbreak...this is better than total annhilation of Bangladeshs DK you beauty
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    India getting more support in Sl than back home. Lol gotta give it Bangladeshs for this,they know how to turn an entire nation against them within a night.
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    If somehow they managed to win this trophy then 7 days of holidays will be declared in BD , in next survey BD will be most happiest nation on earth
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    apparently lankan player prompted it
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    Bangladesh create history.

    Aaj match tha kya?
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    The variations are not working. Can he bowl the doosra or arm ball?
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    Just seen the score. Stunning innings from DK but Shankar & Pandey played choking innings ala Yuvraj circa 2014. Needed a ganguly shirt off celebration from the Cheerleader, those man boobs pressed against the Bang Bros dressing room window would have helped avoid more shattered glass.
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    Bangladesh create history.

    God now I have to be invested in this stupid final of this mediocre tournament. Losing to Bangladesh will be an embarrassment and winning won’t mean much and just business as usual.
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    Things we already knew Rohit is vulnerable at the top of the order Raina can't play on tracks where the short ball is a weapon Unadkat is not international quality DK when he is in good form looks like a world beater (just his good form comes around once every 5 years) Chahal struggles with a wet ball KL Rahul is being targeted by someone higher up Things we have learned Manish Pandey can look respectable against mediocre attacks Vijay Shankar has the potential to be useful 5th bowler in all formats Washington Sundar (bowling wise) looks international cricket ready Thakur is an ok bowler on his day, but not as quick as he once was Things we should have learned by end of this series, but likely will be left wanting... Rishabh Pant's batting (ok, if you are a Dhoni Cham cha then you already know that anyone that dons WK gloves in India without name MSD is not ready yet). I don't think he's faced enough balls for us to see what he's about. Rishabh Pant's wicket keeping Vijay Shankar's batting Washington Sundar's batting Siraj's bowling Deepak Hooda's batting It seems our management are very backward when it comes to selection and giving confidence to new players. It's a shame, because a useless series like this could have had a silver lining of establishing new players. Opportunity lost.
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    Unadkat to Dananjaya, out Caught by Rahul!! That's how Unadkat generally picks his wicket - batsman trying to hit him out of the park and finding the fielder.
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    Karthik can play anywhere on the ground like ABDV. That is his strength. His only enemy is brain freezes. OTherwise technically sound with no weaknesses. A true 360 degree batsman.
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    What a game. Congrats India Let the cry babies cry MOM rubel hussain
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    Thank you DK! Thanks for a fantastic innings and more importantly, saving us all from the ugliness of Bangla toygers' celebration.
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    Cry BD bitches CRYYYYYYYYY
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    Unad might’ve squirted a bit with that yelling and celebration...
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    Mahmudullah is unlucky

    Played a very good knock. Kept calm under pressure when wickets were falling around him. Hit a six when only 2 balls were left. Decided not to walk out when captain was hell bent on forfeiting the match for an umpiring error. He just didn't just win a game, but saved a bad event for the game and yet ugly scenes stole his thunder.
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    I am actually waiting for OTT celebration from BD. PM waiting at airport to receive team, then an open bus ride in Dhaka. Crowd going crazy, fish being thrown everywhere, state holiday declared and sridev named mother of nation for giving birth to nagin dance.
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    get ready for more conspiracies during the final. I am an admin on ICF and even I endorse reading the BD cricket forum purely for the lolz.
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    what if he activates magi mode.
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    Saini bowling 137 k to 145 k on the third morning and bowling consistently in the channel. Fastest balls I have seen 145 k 144 k 143 k 142 k 142 k 142 k 142 k 141 k 141 k
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    Read this on cricinfo 6.40pm DBS: "Hope Unadkat is not dropped and only rested. He has been bowling well along with Thakur and Shankar. We have a rare privilege of having good backup fast bowlers." I never knew he has fans.
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    Aman says: "Unadkat is always expensive, first for 11 crores and now 11 runs off the first two balls."
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    Even Adam Gilchrist in his prime can't replace Dhoni. That's how the mafia works.
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    Straight Drive

    Your Cricket Jersey Collection

    Here are Hashim Amla's spikes which he gifted. Puma battign spikes. i was so over the moon that i clicked 10 pics wearing those spikes . LOL.
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    Looks like all that time spent on requesting for numbers on Twitter has taken a toll on Chahal. Kuldeep bhai please help him out.
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    Chahal sent out an email to Mahi bhai for 50% advice but out of office reply said “chakka khaa ke dikhaa”

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