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    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    In light of the recent FIFA World Cup, thought of comparing the cricket teams with football teams based upon history/ability/achievements/mindset/resources yada yada. 1. West Indies: Brazil Calypso/Samba...free spirited Greatest teams of all time once upon a time but not so successful in the last 20 odd years Greatest players....all time XIs will have max players from their countries Loved by all Immense natural talent which drives them to success without a strong domestic set up Swag/Flair 2. Australia: Germany Overall very successful Competitive in every era Very consistent in World Cups Many ATGs (2nd highest) Very organized, disciplined with high precision and scientific approach to the game Ruthless Excellent domestic structure and youth programmes which was/is able to consistently churn out high quality players 3. India: Italy Probably in terms of big success behind only Australia (Germany) and WI (Brazil) Punched above its weight and knocked out fancier teams in the past to win big trophies Mediocre for large parts but still a great history with a few top tier ATGs Both are very defensive teams (bowling=attack, batting=defence ) with max ATGs in defensive department (India=batsmen, Italy=defenders and GK) For most parts in big tourneys both are mentally tough units, very dogged India often stopped mighty WI('83)/Australia(ATG test streak) just like how Italy stopped many pre tournament favorites like Brazil, France, Germany in the past. Good domestic structure.....Ranji=slightly below par, IPL=best in the world, average it out 4. Pakistan: Argentina Chaotic, mercurial, unpredictable Have won the big trophies but not yet as successful as 1-3 Individual brilliance, X factor Lack of cohesion, full of controversies and soap operas Achieved success under strong dictatorial leaders Propensity to cheat with innovations like ball tampering, chucking, Hand of God, fixing... Unapologetic about cheating incidents in the past, they wear it like a badge of honour Domestic Structure LOL 5. England: England Invented the sport but watched other teams excel more Rich history but most greats from bygone era English media Historically the best domestic structure with great prestige, finest of the game have polished their skills in England.....finishing school for many ATGs Boring sides Nostalgia tards Ugly yet effective style of play, tenacious spirit which helped them perform beyond their capabilities 6. Sri Lanka: France Won all their trophies post 90s, since then possibly most consistent teams in big events Produced many freakish talents Very successful in a short span At their best as good as any of the other ATG units Tactically top notch Nice fakers, often resort to underhand means 7. South Africa: Netherlands Never won a WC in spite of being favorites many times, greatest nations to not win the ultimate prize in their disciplines Exceptional talent, very skilled Cryuff=Kallis...objectively greatest but not rated as GOATs by pundits 8. New Zealand: Belgium Punch above weight No standout ATG but many excellent players who gel well Never came close to winning a WC Honest triers Universally liked 9. Bangladesh: Some African country (Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria????) Lots of funds pumped in by governing body 1-2 high quality players surrounded by a bunch of mediocre players Occasionally upset higher ranked teams Too many false dawns Very passionate fanbase Perpetual victim mentality Feel free to add your choices...I don't follow football like I used to as a kid. I may have made some wrong assumptions and got a few observations wrong. But honestly quite difficult to find equivalents which everyone will agree upon . Pretty sure many ICFers are more knowledgeable in this regard !!!!
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    Misbahfication Meter !!!

    This post inspired me to make this
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    Why is London everyone's favourite city?

    IMO the best city is Karachi everybody has a blast when visiting it
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    Time for Dhoni to go?

    I already felt this way 3 years ago. But after today's embarrassing flop show where the crowd were booing this awful display, together with English commies mocking the go slow approach, is there anyone left in support of Dhoni's place in the ODI side? Make no mistake, he embarrassed Indian cricket and the country today.
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    Chahal is Kohli’s Jaddu,
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    Because they are backup and probably won't get a game in the next WC. So people are keeping things in perspective. As for dhoni, well everything is being done to make sure we don't have any backup wk who threatens thalaivas place....
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    Kudos to Rahul for getting a duck which led to the pretenders, Dhoni and Raina, getting exposed. He should've been handed MOM.
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    I bet with yesterday's booing , some people have become even more insecure.
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    " DreamTeam " for 1st test vs England 1. Dhawan ... cool dancer 2. Parthiv ... can poke well outside off 3. Rohit ... can change game in a session 4. Kohli ... captain 5. Rohit .. will come disguised as Rahane 6. Karthick ... good T20 batter 7. Jadeja " the allrounder " 8. Kaul ... people like his headband 9. Shardul ... automatic backup 10. Unadkat ... tall left-arm spinner 11. Chahal .. always preferred over Kuldeep
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    No Chahal please, Kohli's love for him is worrying...seems to prefer him over Kuldeep who is in a different league.
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    Kuldeep is better than Chahal. That recognition is important too.
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    It has become a norm now. After every dud performance from dhoni....there is a procession of defenders sent out. Kab tsk bewakoof banate rahenge? Do they realise that the people they fool are the people because of whom these matches are played. Bloody *ers ! If he played bad...atleast let him get the brickbats. Nah....this guy should not be questioned no matter what he does. He will keep ' finishing ' games like this with that smug look on his face. He will make one decent score worth something in one of many matches and the whole procession of ' in your face ' comments and memes will start.
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    spot on.... these tickets cost around cost a lot plus cost of travel and food etc. Easily works out to around £100 (around Rs 9000) per person in most cases. Many times families shell out upto £500. It was disrespectful to the fans. I can understand he got out trying to hit. But he appeared to just give up. I do hope some posters who complain this is a toxic forum with regards to MSD realize that many in mainstream cricket are thinking the same. Thats why Kohli had to defend MSD in a press conference. The press are thinking the same.
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    Our commentators don't have guts to say this Nasser Hussain
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    Time for Dhoni to go?

    This was my post during the IPL when Dhoni fans were jizzing themselves after he belted Negi. The days of Dhoni destroying quality bowling attacks are long gone ( England's attack is extremely mediocre btw). His hand-eye coordination has detiorated. Any Dhoni fan that still thinks he can make a comeback to his old self needs to look at what happened to "Sehwag" once his hand-eye coordination detiorated. Batsmen like Dhoni and Sehwag i.e batsmen who's game is based on hand-eye coordination instead of proper technique are sitting ducks once age catches up. Dhoni won't ever win games for the team consistently unless he can reel back his age by 3-4 years. The sooner he realises this, the better it would be for hIm and his fans.
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    As per the team management there are not ready players in the domestic cricket,so Dhoni can play as far as he enjoys his game. After a match winning knock, Pant is not selected against England lions.After a 5 wicket haul Kuldeep is not selected for the T20 match.If Kuldeep, Rahul fails for 2,3 match they may be thrown out of the team to bring their favourite players who are not threat to the places of has beens. There are lots of 145+ kmph bowlers now available, but the selection committee is satisfied in selecting Chahar,Kaul,Thakur who all are same type of bowlers. If the selection committee had foresight they would have selected young players for the T20 series against Ireland and England
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    Source: https://www.wisdenindia.com/cricket-news/odd-innings-hussain-dhonis-37/301453 Nasser taking MS apart (rightfully)
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    Kaif will always be remembered for his superb knock in Natwest Trophy final and his fielding
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    . Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    I’ll give you the number.. Its’s “Shunya”...
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    In the last couple of years this guy has lost us so many winnable matches on his own ,it's beyond words. If he played for any other team,he would have been kicked out long ago.
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    2019 World Cup: Challenges ahead for Captain Kohli Virat Kohli has recently completed 50 ODI’s as skipper of India. The results are mighty impressive. They’ve won every 4 out of 5 ODI’s with Kohli as skipper. They have been dominant at home, had a great run in Champions Trophy, and treated RSA like a school team in RSA’s own backyard. Bowlers have finally figured out how to take wickets during the middle portions of the game, Captain possesses two skilled slog-over bowlers, and a very confident all-rounder who brings lot of balance to the side. However, the side is far from perfect article and this article highlights some of the areas that India needs to be improve on before World Cup. Normal wisdom suggests you want every player to have minimum 30-50 ODI’s under their belt prior to World Cup but I disagree. Good players will shine regardless. New players bring bit of a mystery and new levels of energy for high-octane tournaments. India’s IPL tournament prepares these players for big stages and selectors shouldn’t put too much emphasis on experience factor. Lower/Middle order India’s top 3 are arguably collectively biggest batting threat in one-day cricket but as the final of the Champions Trophy demonstrated if these three go cheaply, India’s lower middle doesn’t look capable of mastering tricky chases. To be honest, the top 3 have enjoyed the best of batting conditions and hogged majority of the strike preventing lower middle order from getting valuable match experience. Number 4 and 5 spot in one-day line-ups are still up for grabs. KL Rahul is still trying to figure out his role in ODI set-up. Raina is a fighter but he is technically limited. The tail is a bigger worry. With the exception of Bhuvneshwar, India have three genuine number 11 batsmen. In this era of batting deep, India over-relies on the top 7 for bulk of heavy lifting. Elephant in the room Any sane selection committee would have ensured Dhoni is collecting his pension by now but he is guaranteed a spot in final XI for the World Cup. Given his street smartness, surprisingly he has been a constant no-show in recent past and has frustrated fans on several occasion by ignoring the match situation in trying to bat himself in. India’s reluctance of dealing firmly with fading stars puts inexperienced selection panel in bit of a quandary. As IPL and other tournaments showed, there are potentially 2-3 very strong wicket-keeping candidates available should Team Management desire them. The entire Indian cricket fraternity worships Dhoni and you can be assured the wise old wizard will retire on his own terms. 6th Bowling Options When fully fit, India is fortunate to have 5 genuine wicket-taking options but there will be times when 1 or 2 of these bowlers will have an off day and a 6th option will come in handy. Suresh Raina is the only certified pie-chucker in the side but India can use someone who is bit more reliable with the ball as 6th bowling option. Krunal Pandya offers that option to India but it’s hard to see conservative Indian panel considering someone like Krunal Pandya to fill this important role. Back-up Bowling Options The current back-up options haven’t been that impressive. I can’t imagine the Kauls, the Sirajs, the Thakurs, and the Unadkats of the world winning games on their own. Agreed, they have been up against brutal batting orders on very flat pitches but none of them have demonstrated that X-factor that bowlers need in this era of flat pitches, mighty bat, and smaller grounds. Umesh Yadav bowled some vicious spells in IPL but lacks that consistency. Shami has fitness and personal issues to deal with. Varun Aaron is not even on selector’s radar. Under present system, Mavi, Nagarkoti, Khalil and Rajpoot will probably have to put on impressive performances for 12-18 months to get a look in. Conclusion The purpose of this article is not to paint an overly negative or depressing picture of current state. Like India, all other teams are also facing their own unique set of challenges. England lacks world class bowlers and will be under massive pressure to #BringItHome. Australia have serious re-building to do after Sandgate disaster. RSA is dealing with ABD’s retirement and return of Amla to more mortal form. NZ is like Belgium (Football Team) of cricket. A guaranteed semi-final pick but lack that firepower to go all the way. Pakistan and WI possess several match winners but do blow hot and cold. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have serious issues of their own. Here is hoping team management and selectors are paying attention to few minor issues and ensuring India goes all-prepared into the mighty important tournament.
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    This laugh reminded me the laughing during CT Finals loss... The poor Indian spectators were “wrist slitting” then also... looks like they’ve not learned the lesson... Not that Kohli-Dhoni gang cares about it... They do care about the criticism in English media.. Hence Kohli has been very defensive about Dhoni... I can see what will happen during WC2019... The ultimate humiliation will be the disgraceful exit from the WC due to over dependence on a blackmailing Dhoni... And the whole World laughing at Indians... Trust Dhoni fans to worry about wrist slitting only at that time... It’ll be a spectacularly humiliating exit and fitting for Dhoni gang...
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    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Dhoni is not going anywhere. He is already 60 years old. He will play another 20 years and die at 80 behind the wickets.

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