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    How great was Javed Miandad?

    He is a terrorist
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    Dhoni and media screwing pant

    From the article: The T20 World Cup is more than 12 months away but Kohli has already detailed his plans and expectations from his side. "That's exactly what we're looking at, try out new people and see who stands up under pressure," he said Kohli the proven KO choker and king of pressure free bilateral series speaking about pressure.
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    Dhoni and media screwing pant

    They will eventually drive serious fans away from the sport, already happening. This is the most corrupt phase in our cricket, more than Azhar's era cos right now no checks and balances, no willingness to course correct, media an active corroborator . Fukc BCCI, fukc COA, fukc the cabal. Good thing is other sports are developing fast, exciting phase for them, hope they get many new fans and support, sponsors, recognition. Coming Olympics is so important, could see a shift in balance in Indian sports. Create new heroes elsewhere and I doubt people will be as invested in BCCI's cricket team and the fraud prima donnas. Who doesn't want to see the likes of Neeraj, Bajrang and Sindhu walk away with all sponsorship contracts leaving the Kohlis and Dhonis in the dust? About time something like that happened, cricket's monopoly in Indian sports must end as should fables about the mythical prowess of one of the worst sporting teams (P4P) in history. Bas apna Circus Tamasha League khelo instead of disgracing the country.
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    First let me clear i dont want kohli to be dropped but Im going by his own expectation of unimaginable standards of consistency Kohli avg in last 12 innings - 36.50 (nair was dropped after avg 62) Played a lot of loose shots in this phase - which pant has been criticzed.......now asses ur own shot selection atleast he is a youngster If pant catching worries them- Kohli shud check his own catching he drops more then any Nair dropped after poor perfomance in Aussie series where he avg 13.....but kohli avg 9 as @express bowling said he Shud step down from captaincy of RCB Like Gambhir Has Kept KL on bench on t20 despite perfomances, kohli has sucked for one year in t20 last year ....drop himself As he says he 1st does it himself then expect form others
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    So after Rohit became the opener and thereby shutting the door on Shaw and likely Gill, now Saha has replaced Pant. This is a pathetic system. Its taking away the interest of fans like me. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Congrats on a hard fought series. It’s been years since you last won on your soil so this win must be bittersweet in front of full capacity crowd.
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    What sort of confidence are our youngsters receiving when our stupid captain is literally begging for useless Has-Beens to replace them? Currently, Kohli is crying for Dhoni’s comeback into the team to replace Pant. In the past, Kohli brought back Rayudu into the ODI side and dumped Iyer completely. In test cricket, the dumbass literally finished Nair’s career just because of 2-3 poor tests but keeps Rohit in the squad as if it’s his father’s property. What sort of message are our young cricket players receiving when the idiot captain doesn’t even support them at all? How will our players ever get groomed if the captain wants nothing to do with them and is more than happy to replace them with tried and tested failure Has-Beens? This guy is literally taking the team back by 2 decades by doing this injustice to our future players. We only know of this information because of the media, but only god knows how this moron treats the youngsters in the dressing room away from all the cameras. I mean really, how would we feel if our boss sacked us from our jobs and rehired people that are clearly inferior and were already fired in the past by the same employer? We would be devastated. Its not a coincidence to why Royal Challenger Bangalore always humiliate themselves every IPL and why not even 1 national team prospect other than Chahal has come out from there. No young cricketer can survive and shine under such a toxic environment and leadership. Mr. Kohli, you can score as many centuries as you want. But the matter of the fact is that Indian cricket is going way backwards under your leadership. YOU HAVE FAILED INDIAN CRICKET!
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    Home Ministry tweaks Foreign Funding Rules LINK About time, great going Mota Bhai. Libtards in meltdown, soul harvesters can stay the * away from India. Even Owaisi and his ilk are worried, will many Gulf origin NGOs be under scrutiny now? This is just a start, fraud evangelists must face the law and the Church-Naxal links need to be thoroughly investigated and set right. Islamists, Urban Naxals, the likes of Seeman and Harsh Mander, anti-national activist groups and lawyers...sabko choor choor karna hai.
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    Two politicians who have given us very few achhe din after 2014 occupying the top 2 spots .
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    How about an apology to the gentlemen in black caps?
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    How great was Inzamam Ul Haq?

    Inzamam Goat Hence proved Inzi=GOAT
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    What confusion, didn't Ganguly say not to talk to him early in the morning
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    https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27696589/shouting-suppressing-help-rishabh-pant-says-yuvraj-singh Yuvraj Singh, one of the best t20 players we had and a natural stroke maker saying this to the indian management
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    There is an old film song, " Tapka re tapka Ek aur tapka " This team sings it every day. Target .... all players above 30 Today, Vihari is removed. Follows in the footsteps of Kuldeep and Pant. Mayank is the only under-30 guy left ( actual age ).
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    Rahane 25 of 12! Doesn't play this quick in t20 as well.
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    mani sha

    Dhoni and media screwing pant

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/south-africa-in-india/not-a-good-time-to-be-rishabh-pant/amp_articleshow/71195870.cms now in case of Thala they would write what good keeping , how he directed to bowl a stump line to bowler , how he made the sun go behind the clouds ... and yes how he saw through the match till the second last over
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    Makes me wonder what has Pant done horribly wrong to merit this amount of scrutiny and criticism. He hasn't even played enough and has not done very bad till now. Yuvraj, Raina, Rohit Sharma and Kohli himself didn't set the world on fire on the get go. They took time. And this hypocrite Kohli wants Pant to play sensibly (joke) like Dhoni who has a decade of experience and still couldn't get his team through in the semifinals.
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    Twitter messages

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    Mudi is hetlir. Mudi is killing innosent terrurist.
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    He got that from his uncle Niazi who was a military commander and a POW for Indian army in '71.
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    Imran was the greatest ball tamperor & the beneficiary ever in the history of the game. Even he was the beneficiary of his own captaincy by which he could chose when to play or not , when to bowl of not thru the course of a match for his own sake etc etc. If he was playing today , going by the fate of poor Steven Smith he would have been banned for life time. Never can accept the credentials of a certified chronic ball tamperor and drug addict. Imran is the Ben Johnson of cricket with the only difference that he escaped to survive
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    Good news for saha

    Pant on home pitches could have been an attraction to draw the crowds with his batting alone. Its not a case of Kohli-Shastri being dumb. They are very cunning and that’s dangerous
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    What a bloody liar. If what he says was true, his Test career would have ended in 2011 itself when he was averaging in low 30s afterfirst 8-9 tests, most of them vs WI. After playing same matches Kohli vs Pant stats TESTS: 11 Tests, Kohli 736 runs@41; Pant 754 runs@45, 53 dismissals ODIs: 12 ODIs, Kohli 323 runs@36, SR 72; Pant 229 runs@23, SR 97, 7 dismissals T20s: 20 T20Is, Kohli 587 runs@35, SR 130; Pant 325 runs@20, SR 123 So Kohli had 1646 int’l runs in 47 innings; Pant has 1308 runs in 47 innings For a keeper batsman, how exactly is a difference of 300+ runs so vast that Kohli was being hailed as the new champion in early part of his career while Pant is getting criticised publicly by all and sundry. Difference is Gary Kirsten was the coach,who had no hidden agenda, when Kohli started, Pant has Shastri the bewada and Kohli to contend with.
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    Kohli's on thin ice in terms of trust in his captaincy and selection policies. If players are only to get "5" chances, how many chances is Rohit Sharma supposed to get for tests? Virat has been playing favorites quite nakedly. And this is a pattern that goes back many years. He will get away with it as long as the team results are good. But that's not assured.
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    Bloody vermin. I hope someone plants sandpaper in their pockets and they get banned for a couple of years.
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    They are behaving like Dhoni never dropped a catch and Dhoni was a Bradman with the bat.
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    Dhoni and media screwing pant

    It's a cabal of Kohli-Dhoni-Shastri-Media Pant has failed to live upto expectations and has himself to blame for playing some foolish shots, but never ever in the history of our cricket has a 21 year old in his 2nd year of int'l cricket has faced so much public criticism from the Team Management amplified by over critical media (print, news and social). If you read the reports, it'd feel as if he's the one who is the ho;ding the team back. I also wonder what abuses Pant is facing inside the dressing room from coach and captain, obviously that will never come out. But his body language has totally changed from how it was during the Eng/Aus tour. The way he's being made a villain is clearly a sinister design to break him down completely so that Dhoni can continue playing for as long as he wants. Kohli and Shastri will pay for their sins soon. Karma always has a strange way of biting back. Dhoni, who mistreated so many of our legends, faced this after 2015 when he became totally useless. Kohli will soon face this as well.
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    In T20s, if Pant, Kishan and Samson all fail ... then it is better to try Lotan, Chhotan, Laddu and Gaddu rather than go back to Dhoni.
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    Kamran Akmal of slip fielding.
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    Let's all laugh at the padosies

    its even worse in the final match SL rested 5 players from their B team who played the first 2 matches.. so essentially its a C team..and still won
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    I think we get influenced by what we saw on green ghetto by some brain washed Brit Pakistani. Brti Pakistani are the scum of the earth. They are worse than the one's living in Pakistan. in fact the ones that talk sense online or even on their media are usually who experience living there first hand. I think the average pakistani living in Pakistan may not be a saint and might hate India with all his/her heart but is usually more sensible and has a lot more awareness and they have been calling out on STD Khan's bluff for a while. As far as our liberandus go they are worse than Brit Pakistani because because these are not some illiterate moron living on welfare brainwashed in the local madrasa to the point of no return. these are snakes who know what they are doing and some of them are cunning which makes them dangerous.
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    A comment in Cricinfo: "Sami: "Kohli was scoring centuries for fun before ICC decided to make it a Championship. Disappointed but not surprised!!PS-Die-hard Kohli fan!!"
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    Does tapping on the sides of a whisky bottle qualify as playing tabla ?
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    Ideal time for Thala's Bharat milaap with Thisara .
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    How great was Javed Miandad?

    Better than bradman but below majid khan.
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    Greta, the great!

    Yes, denial of CC will achieve qayamat ahead of its scheduled time, you guys will be delivered by allah to heaven, while he will deliver the kaffirs to eternal damnation. As stated in Quran 69:786 verse.
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    VVS has backed dhawan in t20 since ages despite having a very avg record....so much impatience with pant who has scored 2 t20s 50 which is what dhoni did in his entire career
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    Is this a joke or something ! Why is so much pressure being put on young Pant via public statements. ? Why can't they scold him in private and keep the names of backups to themselves. ?
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    Boycott Cricinfo

    Cricinfo is owned by ESPN now - in turn owned by Disney. A company that long ago decided to bend the knee to the Chinese Communist Party. Information below is not surprising, but should be met with an appropriate response in India. How can ESPN operate in India without any consequences, when it is showing Arunachal Pradesh as part of China?
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    https://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/t20-world-cups-suresh-raina-ready-to-be-back-in-the-hunt/article29524383.ece Kohli, Shastri's regime also gives hope to those who lost their hopes Funny! isn't it?
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    May i know how do you write to them......Actually i want to do MC BC to CAC and Lauda Pannel.
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    Vidisha Maitra first secretary MEA

    Wow, Bhai bhiga bhiga ke dhoya hai Imran khan ko point by point slayed him like boss The reply by her was pure savage dhajjiya uda di immy ki And on green ghetto padosis are praising imran for his speech, like seriously a speech with so many fumbles, calling savarkar, sass.. Solvalkar.
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    Dhoni and media screwing pant

    Thala has 0 MOM awards in 89 T20 internationals. Time and time again he has been embarassed in T20 internationals. How come he was never criticized in the media?
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