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    Kohli=Robert Baratheon...great batsman/warrior, arrogant, both terrible leaders, hot wives, not very intelligent Sachin= Sups...holds most records, Kryptonite=Choking, huge fanbase, God like status for many Viv=Goku...GOAT, mental giant, charismatic yet simple, Viv avoided helmet just like how Goku avoided the Saiyan armor Smith=Kid Buu...weirdass technique, no one knows source of their power, both dominant at what they do, villain since this is an Indian forum Gavaskar=Yoda.....uhm they look similar Ashwin=combination of Dexter, Mysterio and Aquaman. Nerd, bag of tricks and ghar ka sher KLR=Broly...doesn't realize his power, more powerful than GOAT when in mood...since mentioning Hanuman would be blasphemous for some Random Pakistani cricketer= Dick Dastardly and Muttley....cos cheating Dhoni=Two-Face.....hero who turned villain Ponting=Frieza...villain who gave us max tension in our childhood McGrath=Voldemort, another villain who tormented our younger selves Rohit=Fat Thor Rahane=Scooby-Doo...always scared Lara=Achilles, Brad Pitt one...STYLE Pandya=Kirk Lazarus (Tropic Thunder) plus Johnny Bravo...wannabe Black and complete tool Dravid=Batman...though not as talented as Sachin/Superman compensated with self-improvement/determination/analytical skills, also better leadership material, both Dark Knights Ganguly=Iron Man...rich families, spoiled, bratty in their youth but matured, egomaniacs, great deal of heart/pride, sense of sacrifice, leadership quality ABDV=Hulk...SMAAAASH Kumble=Rocky Balboa...not talented, hard working, never give up attitude, played despite injuries, widely respected, honorable men Shastri=Drunken Master Warne=Po Jaddu=Spiderman...everything sticks to his hands Pant=Juggernaut...powerful but brainless Shami=Bronn Kapil=Ragnar Yuvi=Walter White...cancer, badass Broad=Draco Malfoy...not just cos they look similar
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    Kohli’s runs: 2+19+3+14=38 Shami’s runs: 21+2+16+5=44
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    What is wrong with security guards you asshole? Most are hardworking people, vigilant, helpful, sacrifice a lot for their families and work in places 1000 km away from their native places with smiles on their faces. Underpaid, unrecognized, exploited but still have more pride in their jobs than these IPL jokers will ever have......never demean any occupation, dignity of labour is missing in this country. On that fateful night of 26/11 when the Pak jihadis went to Cama hospital 2 security guards armed with just some sticks charged and used themselves as bait to allow the staff more time to lock the patient wards, thus saving 100s of lives. That act of ultimate sacrifice is a greater feat than what Indian cricket has achieved in the last 9 decades. All these Kapils, Sachins, Kohlis and Dhonis aren't fit to lace the shoes of those 2 deceased bravehearts (how many know their names?), their only relevance in India is that we suck in majority sports and Brothelwood is even worse than Indian cricket.
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    From my 10+ years in ICF, I have seen even matches against minnows like Afghanistan having match thread an hour or two before start. Seems even ardent cricket fans don't care about this pointless series or the brainless team management.
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    Trump is probably going to initiate "punch a chinese"
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    Dhoni for the first half of his career had the Midas touch, won trophies and tournaments. Kohli in contrast has Medusa's touch, everything he touches turns to stone and dust.
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    Virat Kohli was standing in the slips for the majority of the innings where he was heard saying, “Jab India mein yeh log aayengey, tab dikha doonga (I will show them when they come to India),” according to Indian Express. https://m.crictracker.com/jab-india-mein-yeh-log-aayenge-tab-dikha-doonga-virat-kohli-heard-saying-during-new-zealands-2nd-innings-in-christchurch/amp/
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    All are right armers. Prasidh -- Around 6'3" tall and gets steep bounce -- Can bowl 140 k to 150 k in T20s atleast. -- Has a natural outswinger. -- Can seam the ball both ways and can hit the deck hard. -- Has a decent yorker and slower ball. -- Is sufficiently accurate. -- Has a well developed stock ball -- Has a decent bouncer. -- Averages 20.3 in FC and 23.3 in List A. Mavi -- Around 5'9" or 5'10" but gets steep bounce for his height. -- Can bowl 140 k to 150 k in limited over matches. -- Has a big inswinger. -- Can seam the ball and hit the deck hard. -- Is sufficiently accurate. -- Has a good enough stock ball. -- Has a hostile bouncer. -- Averages 21.6 in FC and 27.8 in List A. Nagarkoti -- Around 5'8" or 5'9" -- Can bowl 140 k to 150 k in limited over matches -- Used to be very skiddy before his injury ... and got lots of bowleds and LBWs. -- Can seam the ball both ways and hit the deck hard. -- Had a decent yorker. -- Has a good enough slower ball. -- Has a good bouncer -- Has not played FC. Averages 25 in List A. Kuldeep Sen -- Looks around 6'1" or 6'2". -- Looks sharp visually even in FC. Should be 135 k to 145 k atleast. -- Has a natural outswinger. -- Can seam the ball and hit the deck hard. -- Is sufficiently accurate. -- Has a decent stock ball. -- Averages 28 6 in FC
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    Indians are literal @#$%&*

    And then we have whatsapp scientists
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    MSD in the middle overs
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    This is a great opportunity for Rahane to revive his ODI career. He has served Indian cricket so well for many years and deserves this chance. He may be the #5 we have been looking for. To make this happen, we must drop Iyer and play KLR at #4 so he can keep and bring balance. Iyer has age on his side and can hone his game in List A for 4 more years. Dhawan is one of the best ever ODI openers. Rohit will have recovered enough from injury and we need his experience. Gill and Shaw are too young, and no one knows how to change Jaiswal's diaper. And without Kohli's captaincy, we're like a wheel-less ship. And now that Vijay Shankar is back from injury and has increased his pace by 0.5 kmph, he adds balance along with Jadhav who can both bowl when needed. Finally, cricket is a game for specialists, so we must pick Ashwin. Thakur and Chahar give depth to the batting; it is important to have non-specialists who can do multiple things. Pravin Tambe is a wrist-spinner and we must play him before his skills run out. For the 12th man's role, we must pick Shivam Dube. He has shown flashes of brilliance and being under Shastri's tutelage for more time will make him a world beater! So the team: Rohit Dhawan Kohli (c) KLR (wk) Rahane Shankar Jadhav Ashwin Thakur D. Chahar Tambe 12th man: Shivam Dube
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    express bowling

    WHY ????

    Why was / were / is / are .... ... An injured Ishant brought back before he had recovered fully ? This might jeopardise his career. ... Young cricketers, who have the potential to be all condition players, not groomed in home tests. ... Older players automatically preferred over younger players irrespective of their current ability and form. Young players get to play only when a similar type of older player is injured. Current ability and form are not the selection criteria. ... Umesh, averaging 42 with the ball in overseas tests, preferred over Saini in the 2nd test ? ... Gill not picked for tests in NZ ( although he had played a fighting knock of 83 in tough seaming and swinging conditions in NZ ) ? Form, in the given conditions, should be a supreme criterion.. ... The keeper who will eventually play in NZ ( Pant ) not allowed to hone his game in home tests ? ... Young fast bowlers, like Saini and Siraj, not groomed in tests against weaker teams like Bangladesh, WI, Afghanistan ? Many of us had repeatedly pointed this out at those times, If we had done so then we could have had a ready replacement for the injured Ishant. ... Rahane being persisted with despite very few impactful performances in the last 3.5 years.
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    @Rasgulla @velu IPL in Danger cause of Csk!!
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    Following Sir Rohit Sharma's footsteps.
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    Countrywide lockdown from midnight: PM

    It will be months before the entire world begins to come out of this mess. Thank you China. I am trying very hard not to be prejudiced, I know that its the Chinese communist government that is more to blame than the ordinary random Chinese person. But these assholes need to be held accountable. Thousands of people are dead, maybe millions more will die. And billions will suffer a lot of hardship. And majority of it was preventable if not for the evil CCP. Never forget.
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    Enough of their colossal stupidity, leftists worldwide should get this treatment
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    Sad to see really. Not one single player out off all those could set up a shop for him ? I mean they can buy match tickets for random padosi and SL fans but can't help out this guy.... Bunch of PR hunting shallow turdmouths !
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    How our cricket heroes are combating Corona (suggestions welcome): Virat Kohli :Let's stay strong and fight COVID-19 K Akmal: I'm not worried, I'm pretty sure I won't catch it. R Sharma: I ate COVID. Khallas. Also I am changing my surname to Shawarma Hardik Pandya: Don't worry, COVID ka already main karke aaya, 19 times. U Akmal: COVID -19 and SARS....scientifically speaking, mother from another brother Sanjay Manjrekar : Imran will save us from COVID-19 (with his hair blowing in the wind, sexy time) Sunny Gavaskar: In my time we didn't even stop for common testicular cancer (I had 17 surgeries) R Ashwin: You only need to think it through. In terms of anagrams COVID-19 becomes VIDCO-19 or even DOVIC 91. And then it's no longer COVID! Ravi Shastri: I've just been appointed brand ambassador for COVID-19 (Is that a new brand of VAT -69)?
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    Carona Virus memes - keep them coming

    @coffee_rules @Cricketics
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    Doesnt this dude understand that he is not good luck? Somebody needs to tell the emperor that he has no clothes By all means congratulate them after they win or post a positive message if they lose
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    Don’t lie. Swara got OWNED BY A MUSLIM LADY. She caught swara red handed when swara said that the provisions on NRC is so ghastly that it makes people worried and Liaqat pointed out how can the provisions be ghastly when there is no draft and no mention anywhere on the provisions. then she asked if swara read CAA and produced the sheet and all swara could say is she isn’t a legal person and read only the relevant parts. That’s total ownage and your hinduphobia is showing
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    Why are Bumrah and Kohli playing this series? ODIs are supposed to be irrelevant and both needed a rest badly. Aur kitna chu**** katoge humara. Maaro mujhe maaro
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    Hardik Pandya in @zen's mind For rest of us he is this kid/dwarf
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    this is just a load of crap. You need to educate yourself on basic facts before displaying such ignorance on public platforms. NRC is intended to identify illegal immigrants. India has the largest illegal immigration population IN THE WORLD, majority from Bangladesh. The number of these illegal immigrants is conservatively given as between 1.2 to 2 crore (12 to 20 million) as per data submitted in Parliament in 2004, 2016 and an analysis submitted by our ex-RAW (intelligence org) chief. These illegal immigrants are either Hindus (running away from barbaric persecution as even Muslim academics in Bangladesh have acknowledged..even advent of 'secular' Sheikh Hasina govt has not managed to cure the problem of Islamic fanaticism driving Hindus & Buddhists like Chakma out of BD) or Muslims (economic migrants like Latinos in US, but many are absorbed by Islamist politicians/orgs in India with intention of skewing India's demography and/or carving out 'Greater Bangladesh' or a 'Mughalistan corridor' cutting across Northern and Eastern India) India has a civilizational duty to offer refuge to Hindus - this has been accepted since time of partition even by 'secular' leaders like Gandhi and Nehru. India has no duty to give refuge to Muslims, that too Muslims who chose to partition the country. In fact, as a still developing country, we need to tightly control our borders and ensure that our limited resources serve our citizens alone. An NRC was carried out in Assam, and despite extremely cumbersome documentary requirements (Assam had a unique requirement of people needing to prove pre-1971 residence in Assam), no mass violence took place. 19 lakh (1.9 million) people did not make it to the final list, around half of which are said to be Muslims). A nationwide NRC won't require people to dig out old documents from 1971 - as yet, no rules for such an exercise have been framed, there is every chance that only 'doubtful residents' will be asked by district authorities to produce citizenship proof. Intelligence agencies know the pockets in which Bangladeshis have been settled by 'secularists' - so by deploying Bengali dialect experts, the illegals CAN be weeded out. The exercise won't be simple, administrative challenges can't be dismissed, but it also won't be as complex as the Assam NRC where 1971-era documentation was needed. And people are realistic - Many illegals by now would have acquired various genuine ID documents, by hook or crook. But if even 30% of illegals can be identified, that would be a big achievement - just the determination to carry out this exercise will signal to future illegals and their votebank guardians in India that the good old days are over. Deporting them to Bangladesh is another challenge, but there are ways and means of achieving that too. It is pure BS to suggest that 200 million Muslims will be made stateless. Assuming India has 10 million illegal Bangladeshi Muslims, if we manage to identify 5 million (remember 1 million have already been identified in Assam), the exercise would be a success and it would send a clear signal that we care for our borders and sovereignty. Indian Muslims are being led up the garden path by vested interests to go against their own interests by taking up cudgels on behalf of illegal immigrants. But they will see sense when emotions subside and the fanatical instigators in their midst are dealt with. PS # 1 - DO NOT threaten us with 'Muslim extremism' - we have been fighting a brutal Islamofascist state for 70 years that has a declared policy of death-by-1000-cuts. We have undergone a bloody partition and witnessed a Hindu genocide unlike world has seen on our Easter borders in 1971. From late-90s through 2000s decade, our cities have suffered more Islamic terror attacks, many by homegrown extremists, than any other country. We are as battle-hardened against Islamic extremism as any country in the world. We have, are and will continue to defeat Islamic extremism. PS # 2 - You have shown your ignorance on a simple legal-political issue, so its pointless to discuss something as profound as Hindu Dharma with you. So be happy with your status of fastest-growing-religion achieved through conversion of prison inmates and by reducing women to their wombs. PS# 3 - Practise secularism in at least one Muslim-majority nation, then come back and discuss.
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    Pant's keeping was good!

    You sat him out whole home season and then suddenly expect miracles overseas. Kohli ki chutiapanti ka koi ant nahi hai. Jab pant ko overseas khilana tha to home test Kyu nahi khilaye. Sala chutiya Kohli.
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    They should remake “made in India” song with the cricketers singing “come to India”
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    Austin 3:!6

    Virat Kohli's behaviour

    Too many threads on Kohli. Reminds me of ICF couple of years ago where every 2nd thread there used to be on Thala. It looks like Kohli has replaced him as no.1 enemy here Yes, his behaviour maybe obnoxious sometimes but at least he isn't a cheat or sell out like Smith, Faf and other captains. Kohli is still a champion batsman and best in the world all formats combined. In this tough time we must support him.
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    WI or Sri Lanka. You have 2 options. Tell me who should we call to boost your average.
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    Mark The Year Folks 2020:Kohli's decline

    Wait till SA series and see who is the real king
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    Moving towards negative? Lol abe chutiye tum log pehle kab positive secular thei BC MC
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    Saini was the Man of the Series in the T20I series vs the WI. Was dropped in the very next 3 T20I games. Kuldeep took a 5 fer in the last test in Australia,. Doing that in a test in SENA is no joke for a spinner. Has not played s test since then. Pant scored 2 centuries in the last 5 tests he played in the 2018-19 season. But was dropped for the 5 tests in the entire home season of 2019. Iyer was averaging 40+ at a SR of 100+ when he was dropped from the ODI squad in 2018. Nair was dropped in the very next test after scoring 303. And has played just 2 more tests in the next 40 months since then. Vihari was the Man of the Series in tests in the WI. But Rahane was the default choice as the 5th batsman whenever we played 5 batters in the next 2 series. The policy of this team is clear. A youngster will get chances only if an older player of similar profile is injured or unavailable. Current ability or form are not the considerations. Whenever such things happen, youngsters are bound to lose confidence.
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    Can't understand the point of Virat and Bumrah playing this series.Prasidh Krishna should have been selected. Bhuvi is back again to bowl the economical wicket less spells. Guy gets fit for meaningless LOI'S and gets injured right before the important tours of Nz and Eng where he is needed the most.
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    Patil called out Rahane’s defensive batting method and compared him to a security guard. “By doing that, you try to show that I’ll be technically correct. I’ll try to occupy the crease. If you want to just occupy,’ you can call a security guard! Who’ll score the runs?,” questioned Patil, while talking to TOI.
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    Indian Chief Selectors Srikkanth-WC 2011 win Sandeep Patil-CT 2013 win More-brought in young talent, some historic away series wins against full strength sides Kirmani-WC 2003 final, beginning of change in tide in overseas fortunes Vengsarkar-WT20 2007 win Guntur Legend- "proud of overseeing captaincy transition from Dhoni to Kohli"
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    India legends vs West Indies Legends

    zaheer bowling better than thakur
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    lolwut...these older generation guys have no sense how to talk. just say something outrageous and gossipy to make a good quote is what they know. criticize the guy, but don't demean him or the occupation of security guard.
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    How about a mini transition of captaincy LOLLI?
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    Rahane is an expert in working those Mumbai lobby angles.
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    My mom and grandma (85+) are making cloth face masks and every evening my dad goes and distributes them in the market and bastis. Never knew that, they casually told me this today morning, some 80-90 masks/day. Very proud of them oldies.
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    Coronavirus in Pakistan

    BC kal tak Pakistani numbers 700+ dikha rahey they aur aaj 645 ...are they following N Korea approach to fight Corona.
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    Every network is following that. At first I was startled when I called my girlfriend and all of a sudden a man started coughing vigorously. Thought it was her dad.
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    Robert Baratheon led entire army to wipeout Targeryens and took Iron throne for himself while Kohli is yet to win a single trophy, unless you equate Iron throne to Indian captaincy. If I have to compare Kohli to a GOT character, it has to be Mad King. Paranoid, incompetent, delusional, brainless and destroyed his own clan.
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    i think we have found a great leader here.
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    Mark The Year Folks 2020:Kohli's decline

    CSA to the rescue Coming soon Agneepath 2.0, Dakshin Afrika ki bajayenge pungi Kids be ready
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