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    He seems to do it quite often in the commentary. In today's match .. "That's a big one. A west indian one." ... when the windies opener hit a big six. "Small man with a big one." ... when Rayudu hit a six.
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    100-3, Rayudu and Dhoni in the middle , perfect time to kill yourself
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    The elephant in the room part 2

    Run rate, strike rate, average.....these things are irrelevant nowadays wrt Dhoni Advice rate, 'winning mentality ™', ability to outspeed 80% cheetahs back to the pavilion after getting out cheaply.....these are the metrics that matter
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    http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/25076855/the-ms-dhoni-plan-worked-shai-hope People can blame Umesh for being clueless but in odis he was always spoonfed by Dhoni. If plan works dhoni takes the praise. If it fails Umesh is blamed
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    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    Which opposition player wouldn't want Dhoni in Indian team!
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    Stan AF

    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    No wonder you guys haven't won any (WC) !!!
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    Took singles and gave strike to tired Virat in the last few overs. Not surprised but on what basis this guy has come back in the side.Players like Krunal, Gowtham are made to sit out for this pretender.
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    Holly sh1t! I am a massive fan of Kohli and his captaincy, but oh my god, what is wrong with him. I wouldn't even pick Rayadu for my Indian B squad. I followed Vijay Hazare trophy and I swear, Rayadu wasn't even the best batsmen in Hydrabad 11, forget about India 11. How can Kohli not see the problem. There are players like Jadhav, Rahul, Prithi Shah, Pant, Shreyas, Nitish Rana who are thousand times better than Rayadu and can score at strike of 90 plus, but we have to pick Rayadu!????? A guy whose strike rate is 76!!!! That too when he played most of his games on patta. Seriosuly if Rayadu plays the worldcup, I am done with Kohli.
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    Like Amazon & Flipkart this guy is starting threads on Rayudu, Dhoni, Csk like it's big Diwali sale and he wants to earn few troll reputation back from the community for it.
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    N if ur thinking its photoshopped , its not
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    Even dhongi was found saying in Aus tour 2011-12 that many of us will not be around wc15,so its imp to try youngsters who will be there in our places....it was a drama staged by dhongi to sidelines sehwag,gambhir and others but look good 7-8 years have passed since then dhongi thinks otherwise now and shamelessly continuing and playing politics behind the scenes So Kohli is imitating those acts of his predessor so nothing genuine here,he too will become a leech in 3-4 years time
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    https://streamable.com/9hsqj Art form now
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    Link "Both Virat and Rohit were present at the selection meeting" So this happened with the approval of both kohli n sharma, down goes the theories of election/rest into dust bowl. Its still not late for worldcup and hopefully dhoni will be dropped for pant
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    This dumb dhoni should keep his mouth shut.. Now I got why he threw it wide on last ball, he bowled 5 pin point yorkers finishing on middle stump, but bowled wide on last ball as advised by that dumb credit stealer.
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    Sachin Tendulkar-Little Master Ambatti Rayudu-Little Monster Thats all Velu bro
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    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Virat-I shalt protect the middle order everytime except knockouts
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    The elephant in the room part 2

    This elephant gets his whole herd in the room .
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    Kohli in SA Rahane is our best option at no.4 Kohli in eng Rahul might be our best option at no.4 Kohli now Rayadu our best option for no.4 thats captain coolie for u..
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    does BCCI Even have a selection committee in this point? And no - World Cup T20 be damned. We all know the reason Why Dhoni has been dropped - his Asia Cup antics with Rohit and Refusal to play vijay Hazare trophy match which Jharkhand lost. Rohit can be a pretty unpredictable guy but I think he really didn't have active involvement in this decision apart from saying yes yes so that he can get t20 series captaincy and Test squad place. And I think Kohli has finally realised Dhoni is the main reason he has failed to get a foothold in the dressing room. Likes of pant, DK, Pappu will let Kohli have more power as these guys are all asslickers at the end of day. Karma to you Dhoni He did the same to Gambhir, Sehwag, etc Now bhugto Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Huge loss for lovers of test cricket, Old Man Dhoni was the only one single handedly keeping it alive in the T20 format. Needs a farewell series to properly acknowledge his achievements. Don't think words can express what we are all feeling right now.
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    You're putting up a question mark in the title as if it's still up for debate .
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    Dhoni and Jadeja combined 33(38) when the team scored over 6 rpo and mind you these are our lower order hitters
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    Yahi likhne wala tha mai bhi Hafeez is pushing smoothly his partner Nasir will be satisfied today.
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