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    Manish Pandey has played some classic test knocks, albeit in T20s. He could be the next one. Perhaps he will play some classic T20 knocks in tests ... like 8 off 5 balls.
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    Austin 3:!6

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    According to Pak fans, cricket in last 1.5 decades is divided into 4 phases: 1) Pre 2012 - Miandad's last ball six. 2) 2012-2014 - Aane do Series 3) 2014-2017 - Asia cup and Afridi's 2 sixes 4) Post 2017 - Champions Trophy final Who cares how many thrashings we get in between from India...we are Pak fans (aka delusional) and we only remember those above games Hold on to CT win folks...because it will take a long time for your team to fluke another win over India. I can already visualize the hammering we are going to dish out in Asia cup (2 matches) and ultimately on 16th June 2019
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    It's time that right minded Pakistanis pressure their government, oops sorry military overlords, to stop playing with terrorists, so that their Awaam can benefit from better relations with India. It's not politics that's the problem, it's the terrorists. Extradite or at least prosecute and imprison the murderers responsible for 26/11. Until this happens, all noises from Pakistanis about peace are just that, noise.
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    Complete sentence - I was imagining what MS Dhoni would do and was trying not to do anything like that.
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    No need to imagine anything, the great dhoni would have ended up choking it, there is reason why the great dhoni is a terror for his own team (see pic) and love for the opposition where as butler is a love for his team and terror for opposition
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    Looks like the only thing Shastri teaching his players is how to talk big.
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    'You will be surprised to see our bowling dominate every opposition. We have all bases covered'- Kohli about RCB's bowling before IPL started. This statement of his should be given the same credibility as above untill proven right.
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    Imagine a Pandey-Dhoni jugalbandi in the slog overs where they both take singles from overs 16-19 and then go ape **** in the last over scoring 1 boundary each .
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    That probable Indian XI makes me wanna throw up.
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    Pandeyji brings stability. Imagine India scoring 250+ and Ireland losing by the highest margin ever. That would be such a low for this upcoming cricket nation and hence world cricket in general. We don't want them to end up like Netherlands after getting smashed by Lankans, do we ? He's thinking on a very high level and beyond this strike rate nonsense. Kudos to Dhoni for inculcating this management culture into the team.
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    I mean check his Instagram out. Guy is a real life embodiment of a wannabe. His antics are so annoying that I don't even know where to start. It's as if he tries too hard to fit in. Never seen a more fake person to donn the Indian team shirt.
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    Bhai Kapil Dev bhi gaya hua hai kya team ke saath?
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    The other theory is Pandey makes the coach nostalgic about his own ODI batting career and hence gets to be in the squad.
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    Raina has become worse against short pitch balls. You know how. Earlier he used to express his discomfort against short balls only after ball is pitched or about to deliver. Now he is worried even from non strikers end.
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    "Come to India" -Rohit Sharma Greatest response of all time.
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    Virat from Punjab - KXIP never won IPL Virat stayed in Delhi - DD never win IPL Virat Played for Bengaluru - RCB never win IPL Virat married a mumbai girl this year- Mumbai didn't qualify in this year's IPL Virat captained India in CT2017-Worst match of our lives. Virat got married in Italy this year-Italy didn't qualify for the FIFA WC this year Virat started supporting Germany two or three years back -Germany didn't win Euro and now the results are showing in the current WC. Just Saying!
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    Alright cut the aggressive tone. Loads of you are going on about conservative batting and being left behind by other teams so why Can't I just because I'm not Indian? Just my opinion. Might be completely wide of the mark. If I am so be it. It's only a game of cricket.
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    Not a fan of UP but I agree... There is a lot of double standards. It is okay to say anything about any region except south.One word against south and it is racism.Even fake news is enough to get the daggers out. Karnataka or any other state is no heaven on earth either.
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    if rahane is going to replace him then i am all for bending the rules
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    England were heading towards a rare defeat as they stumbled to 114-8, in reply to Australia’s 205, but Buttler steered the hosts home in the penultimate over with an unbeaten hundred. While Buttler made 110 off 122 balls, with 13 boundaries, no other England player passed 20 as Australia bowlers Billy Stanlake and Kane Richardson shared six wickets. But Buttler got the job done with support from Adil Rashid and Jake Ball and asked whether he was as calm as he looked out in the middle, he said: ‘Yeah, I think so. ‘When you’re out there at least you can do something about it. I was just trying to soak up the pressure and imagine what MS Dhoni would do. ‘He would look unflustered and calm so that’s what I tried to do.’ Buttler’s heroics ensured England completed a historic whitewash over Australia, who were without the banned Steve Smith and David Warner. In a series that finished 5-0 to the home side, England posted a world record score of 481 in the third ODI in Nottingham. ‘It’s not to be sniffed at,’ Buttler said when asked about the importance of a whitewash triumph in an interview with England Cricket’s official website. ‘A proud cricketing nation with such a rich history like Australia don’t get beaten too often.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    The all-time men's T20I XI

    Dhoni . That's like picking Gavaskar in an all time ODI XI.
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    Thank you CSK for pissing away WC 2019. 2 years ban was a disgrace. Should have been a lifetime ban. At least we wouldn't have selected hasbeens in the team then.

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