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    Dhoni's strategy: Others play well - Dhoni guided them and wasn't required to score runs himself at all Others don't play well - Dhoni had to play the 25(40) ball innings to bail the team out Either way it is win win. Easy, right?
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    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

    Imagine the beizzati. Well done to IAF and it's pilots. How inept Pakistani pilots can be lol? It's like a Hero Honda Splendor beating Suzuki Hayabusa. This is also a lesson for Ghaddar Indians questioning the capabilities of IAF on enemy forums. Jai Hind!
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    New kit for team India

    WTF is Rahane doing in Indian ODI Jersey?
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    Vijay Shankar is a bright prospect

    Your thoughts? I personally feel he can be a good #4 in ODIs under prevailing circumstances. Solid bat, min 4 overs per match, good enough fielder. But more importantly I see him as a replacement for the struggling Rahane in the test team. He can work on his bowling in the meantime and at least try to become a Collingwood, Ian Harvey, Astle type bowler...if not better. Actually I see a lot of Collingwood in him. Decent FC credentials too. He adds flexibility to the XI..in ODIs he and Jadhav can be the 6th/7th bowlers if we consider Pandya as the 5th bowler. In tests again he won't be needed much in SC but in SENA he can get his quota of 5-8 overs per day as 5th/6th bowler. I think he can play a vital role in swinging conditions, dibbly-dobblies are tricky in England especially. Good fielder, large hands...can be groomed as a slip catcher as well methinks. PS: He shouldn't be in the scheme of things in T20 based on what I have seen, dunno about IPL...so maybe I am wrong.
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    Imran Khan, Do one thing more

    You are too naive if you think he did it as a goodwill gesture. The Geneva convention agreements, International pressure and escalation by our armed forces all but cornered him. He had no other choice but to hand over our Wing commander (Very happy for him and his family btw). A true goodwill gesture would be handing over the likes of "Masood Azhar" to us and then cracking down on their terrorist buddies. The day Pakistan Governement stops providing safe havens is the day i'll truly believe that they want peace. I have a prediction that Paksitan will continue sponsoring terrorists as usual once this incident is forgotten by the general public. This is nothing but a PR stunt.
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    Sorry for adding another thread, but I think this point is important enough to merit. Indian Air Force went into Pakistan, and bombed targets there. Not just limited to cross-LOC disputed region of Kashmir, but Balakot in Actual Pakistan. Not one country, not even China, no muslim country - has issued a statement criticizing a clear violation of a country's sovereignty. Why? Because everybody essentially knows and accepts that this was a legitimate raid at a deserved target. That's what diplomatic isolation looks like. When an enemy country rains bombs on yo' ass, and no country utters a peep in your support. We can allow the Pakistanis to quibble about numbers, how many killed, how many minutes Indian jets raped their air-space etc. But the cold hard facts speak for themselves. Vastraharan hui gayi.
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    All hail cummins n co for exposing him again
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    The fact that after so many lois and years, the choices are still only between bhuvi and Umesh is the failure of the selectors and management
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    Yesterday was shiv ratri. It's obvious Shankar has new found powers today. Jaia Jai shiv Shankar.
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    Tilling. Sowing. Tilling again. Watering. Fertilizing... The terms may just be agricultural jargons to urban India but for rural India, they are the basis of survival, eternally connected to their livelihood. And for Mohammed Shami, they are the reason behind his 180-degree turn around from not being in ODI scheme of things even till the home series against West Indies last year to fast forwarding as India’s second-best seamer in the lead up to the World Cup. The 'lean mean pace machine' of Indian captain Virat Kohli or the 'Naya Shami' as his childhood coach Badruddin Siddiqui describes is the result of a desi fitness regime. “The Shami you’re seeing now is a new product. Gym toh sablog karte hai but Shami didn’t do that. He followed a desi fitness training to get back into shape,” Badruddin told Wah Cricket in an exclusive chat. Around this time last year, Shami weighed 93 kg. He would start panting while returning to the bowling mark and with each delivery, his breaths would grow longer. The month-long turbulence in personal life, legal battles, and more rounds of television news channels than cricket grounds had left his fitness in tatters. The result was only four appearances for Delhi Daredevils in the following IPL. The telling blow, however, came a couple of months later when Shami was declared ‘unfit’ for the Afghanistan Test match. That’s when Shami went back to his village, stayed in Moradabad, some 38 kilometres from his Alinagar house, with his childhood coach and mentor Badri bhai, as he is popularly known in Moradabad and Amroha. Dumbbells, treadmill, leg-press, butterfly machine and the confined area of a gymnasium always repelled Shami, Badri bhai was well aware of this. His first advice to his ward was to forget about the modern methods and go back to his roots. Together, the mentor-coach duo derived a form of training bereft of any modern equipment. Instead of a gym, they used the land in front of Shami’s farmhouse in Sahaspur, Alinagar. The 400-meter land was tilled – mechanical agitation of land before sowing - using a tractor. Only this time the tillage was not done for the farming of crops like rye or wheat, it was prepared for Shami’s training. A few sacks of sand were emptied to counter the softness of the soil. The task for Shami was to complete 10 rounds of the tilled field on barefoot. Religiously for 15 days, Shami woke up, ran as fast he could and without a fail completed 10 rounds. On some days he even ended up completing 20. “It’s not easy to run barefoot on such a surface. It’s like running on a beach and a muddy area at the same time. Sometimes his feet got stuck, sometimes his feet sank on parts which had more sand than soil but he did not let his guard down. Woh bhagta gaya, jaise koi junoon sir pe sawar ho,” recounted Badri bhai. “Shami was a natural fast bowler but he was never fond of physical training. My job was to ensure he did not lose motivation as the training method we were using had nothing to do with the nuances of fast bowling.” During those 15 days of rigorous barefoot running, Shami’s only source of relaxation was a makeshift swimming pool in his farmhouse. “He would call the kids of my academy to join him in his pool session,” said Badruddin. Badruddin’s next challenge was to ensure all the physical efforts Shami was putting in did not go waste because of his irregular eating habits. But it was impossible to convince Shami to follow a proper diet chart. The coach again went out of the box. Instead of telling Shami to quit eating stuff he loved, Badri bhai cut down the quantity. “Isse pehle jab bhi training ke baad bhookh lagti thi wo jitne marzi parathe ya rooti kha leta tha lekin is baar I allowed him only 1 or 2 roti at best. There was no proper diet chart or restriction on food, the idea was to make him eat healthy and eat less,” said Badruddin. The result Shami cleared the fitness test and was an automatic choice for England tour. He bowled 172.4 overs in 5 Test matches – the most by any Indian bowler on that tour. But both Shami and Badruddin knew there was work to be done. Such was the effect of training in Amroha that Shami decided to go back to the same routine after returning from England. The same was repeated before and after Australia tour, where he emerged as the second most successful Indian bowler after Jasprit Bumrah with 16 wickets in 4 Tests. The white-ball domain, however, was still unconquered. He was picking wickets alright but consistency wasn’t there, he was still leaking runs. “It was only a matter of time. Jisne wo training complete kar li usko fitness mein beat karna possible nahi. There was no problem with Shami’s bowling ever. I knew he would be an asset in ODIs too,” added Badruddin. The deadlock was broken in New Zealand, where Shami picked up 9 wickets in 4 ODIs at an economy rate of 4.75. The manner in which he troubled Colin Munro and Martin Guptill with the new ball and found the blockhole in the latter half of the innings, impressed head coach Ravi Shastri so much that he termed Shami as the biggest takeaway of New Zealand tour. On Saturday in the first ODI against Australia, Shami took his game to another level by displaying impeccable control in all three of his spells – at the start, in middle and in the death overs. And when Indian captain Virat Kohli said, “I’ve never seen Shami so lean before, he must’ve lost 5-6 kgs,” at the post-match presentation after India’s six-wicket win in Hyderabad, Badri bhai in his Moradabad house smiled in content for he knew the 'Naya Shami' is just warming for World Cup. Link - https://www.abplive.in/sports/mohammed-shami-fitness-no-gym-no-diet-chart-desi-training-the-reason-behind-lean-mean-mohammed-shami-932939
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    Everyone should watch this video

    But particularly those who still have doubt over IAF's claims in Balakot. Listen carefully to this speech in Pakistani parliament about the target from 23:50 minutes. And then think about the trees and mud pics being published by Pakistani propagandists. 23:50 onwards for "Azhar sahab ka madrassa"
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    Very emotional right now, so proud of our boys. We must stay strong and united, and back the forces...the Bakis can stoop to any low. Jai Hind Bharat Mata Ki Jai Hindustan Zindabad
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    If the robber invades your home from the front door, gets out through the backyard, lights a cigarette in your backyard and after he is done enters the home again and exits through the front door while your security guard is saluting him, will you accept you should be mad.
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    Indians and their short memories

    Dekh bhai tujhe bakchodi pelni hai toh Modi pe ek dusra thread start kar and start listing out his failures there. Just stop hijacking every other thread for your petty agendas. This is a time for us to unite forgetting all differences and here we have people like you constantly looking to score cheap internet points.
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    Imran Khan, Do one thing more

    Feb 5- Imran Khan puts out a tweet praising Kashmiri Militants. Feb 14- JeM attacks Pulwama. Feb 15- JeM threatens India, says more attack to follow. Feb 19- Imran Khan blames India Govt for Pulwama and doesn’t condemn the act. Instead threatens to retaliate if India takes any course of action against JeM, in a video with 27 cuts in it. *Meanwhile Pakistan vacates all terrorists launchpads near LOC and takes them to safe house in Balakot and few other places near Islamabad. Feb 20- All major countries condemned Pulwama attack, asked Pak to take action asap. Japan rejected Pak minister’s visit, asked them to postpone. Feb 26- IAF conducted non military preemptive strike, destroyed that safe house- biggest terrorist launch pad/training camp on Pak soil without hurting any civilian or military. 250-300 impotents were neutralised. Feb 26- Pak says nothing happened, only few trees were destroyed. Feb 27- Rattled Pak army attacks Indian military camp- probably to avenge the killing of those trees. Their 4th generation F16 was gunned down by our 2nd generation MiG21. Thanks to our AK Anthony for not procuring anything in his 10 years of tenure. However, huge loss for Pak as F16s are too costly for them to afford now. Feb 27- USA warned Pak not to use F16 anymore, will now face consequences of what have they done. Imran Khan realises Pak is on the verge of crisis, both economically and diplomatically. So Imran says - Pak wants peace. Indian liberals- Look, Pak wants peace!
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    Poyzzz crossing LoC be like
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    Pakistani Air defence is like mia khalifa, open to penetration by all.
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    Our air force dont need any visa to visit Pakistan
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    Consolidate like thalai !!!

    I have seen shamless fans all over the world but this thala has got to be worst fans world has seen. Illogical, Poor IQ level, Clueless & Useless retards who have nothing to do in this world for good.

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