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    I remember the year 1989 very well. Gavaskar had retired a couple of years earlier and Kapil had lost pace. We were losing to Pakistan more often than not in ODIs. The 1983 World Cup and 1985 Benson & Hedges Cup twin wins were things of the past. Crickets fans were feeling directionless. Then came the tour to Pakistan , where a baby-faced 16 year old stole the hearts of the entire nation with his brave batting against the Pakistani quicks. Watching cricket was a pleasure once again for Indians ... and this euphoria lasted for more than fifteen years. In the 1990s, when Tendulkar batted, the whole nation " batted " through him. In 1991, a tall, thin guy, with flailing arms while bowling , burst onto the scene and bowled really quick ... and India had its first genuine fast bowler, Srinath. The year 1996 saw an elegant left-hander score a century on test debut at Lords. This was followed by another century in the next test match. While this was happening, another young man with impeccable technique missed his centuries by a few runs in both those tests. Indian cricket fans were brimming with excitement once again at the emergence of these twin gems. Be it a wristy Hyderabadi scoring 3 centuries in his first three tests in 1984-85, a bespectacled Kumble taking a 4-fer in in Sharjah in 1991, Zaheer and Yuvraj sparkling in Nairobi in 2000, a dashing Sehwag scoring 105 in South Africa on test debut in 2001 ... these memories will stay with us for ever. More than these moments and memories, every time a special talent emerged, it gave us reasons to watch cricket for the next few years. No one will forget the dabaang innings of 148, that a long-haired keeper-batsman played in 2005 against Pakistan ... and a new star was born. No matter what one feels today, every Indian cricket fan felt a connection with that young man, which would stay with us till the time he won us the 2011 World Cup as captain. Then came Kohli, who would go on to become one of the biggest superstars. entertaining us in all three formats with his spectacular batsmanship. Rohit, Rahane, Pujara, Dhawan, Ashwin, Jadeja, Shami, Umesh, Bumrah, Bhuvi etc. ... all of them inspired interest among certain sections of fans. Seeing a young Shami debut, combining genuine pace with reverse swing to floor the West Indians in 2013, was very exciting. Fast bowling fans just loved it when young Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron bowled at 150 kph. Sports survive and grow in stature and popularity because of superstars and stars. Thirty-one years have passed but people still talk about and remember Maradona winning the football world cup. Fans need to find a connection with individual players. They are happy when that person does well and sad when he fails. They realize their own sporting dreams through him or her. Cricket is facing competition from other sports in India like never before and needs star players more than ever. In Indian cricket, we are recently seeing a trend of trying to introduce thirty-plus players as a matter of priority, especially the batters and keepers . Youngsters are getting chances but only when an " elderly " is not good enough or is injured or fails the yo-yo test or rotation policy demands more players. If the current ODI batting line-up makes it to the 2019 World Cup then we will have six batters who are 30+. Dhoni 38, Karthick 34, Jadhav 34, Dhawan 33, Rohit 32, Kohli 30. I am not suggesting that thirty plus players should all be be dropped or not given fresh chances. But, there should be a mix of experience and youth. Too many youngsters mean lack of experience and too many older players mean lack of new direction and dwindling fan interest. Moreover, there is no point in promoting mediocrity when it comes to selecting fresh players. We have seen young spinners and all-rounders being introduced and backed though ... and the result is there for all to see. Be it the wrist-spin twins, Kuldeep and Chahal, or the charismatic all-rounder Hardik Pandya, they have given new direction and new energy to our team. I hope that some talented youngsters are allowed to flourish in the batting, keeping and fast-bowling departments too. If they receive the same backing as the young spinners and all-rounders are getting, they will also do well . KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Prithvi Shaw, Vijay Shankar, Karun Nair, Md. Siraj, Basil Thampi, Avesh Khan, Kamlesh Nagarkoti etc. etc. are waiting. It never was and and never is about choosing the top performers in domestic cricket or the well known names. It is always about spotting and backing the players who have the potential to achieve something extra at international level from now on.
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    Shastri the PR Bot... Will say whatever has been programmed into it!
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    Harsha will be unemployed soon

    The other players are young and has some way to go in their careers... what that fecker Dhoni is gong instead of allowing a youngster to come in the team? So any young player has to come in you want other players to make way while Dhoni continues to with his mediocre batting? Is that what you want?
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    Reasons why India has started to produce lots of fast and fast-medium bowlers in this decade India has become very strong economically. According to the IMF World Economic Outlook 2017, India will be 6th in the World in terms of Nominal GDP and 3rd in the World in terms of PPP GDP http://statisticstimes.com/economy/countries-by-projected-gdp.php . This has led to a lot of money flowing into cricket ... and cricket infrastructure, which include pace bowling infrastructure, have improved a lot. This has also resulted in Indians becoming very confident and mentally aggressive, which help fast bowling. Much improved economy and the IPL have resulted in cricket becoming a lucrative or viable profession for even the fringe cricketers and this is resulting in more talent coming in which includes pace bowling talent. Focus on fitness, strength training and stamina training have improved a lot. This helps fast bowling, especially increasing core strength, stamina and flexibility. Umesh, Shami and Aaron giving confidence to young Indian pacers that Indians too can bowl fast for multiple years. Interacting with lots of top bowling coaches and top pacers in the IPL. Emergence of fast-bowling culture in India as a result of points 1 to 5 above. Almost every young Indian pacer wants to bowl quick and hit the deck hard. Selecting players from all over India, including small towns and villages has given us access to a much larger talent pool. This was not the case till 2003. I predict that we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg. By 2025 or maybe even earlier, India will have the fastest as well as the best pace bowling attack in the world, .
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    World Most Overrated XI

    Afridi Lala Retard Can't hit full tosses Pie chucker Ball eater Ball chucker Ball smeller Ball licker Ball swallower First ball out
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    The problem right now is a lot of player power...Reminds me of the saying letting inmates run the asylum...In the history of Indian cricket apart from Sachin I have never seen an individual cricketer enjoy so much power and leverage leave alone a group of players....BCCI and the administration from time to time let players know who is the boss- even with Likes of Kapil,Gavaskar and Ganguly it never felt that they were bigger than the selectors or BCCI....in fact those days don’t think selectors were not even decent domestic cricketers leave alone mediocre international cricketers that we have now. The whole Kohli-Kumble thing lets put taking sides aside for a moment and for argument sake let us say Kumble was the worst coach ever,it was still a poorly handled debacle by the BCCI.Some times right or wrong you just have to put your foot downbut the whole fiasco felt like BCCI just gave in to demands of a few individuals. Look at the selections right now...Young batsmen are not tried and the ones with potential are benched like KL Rahul. Even though never a big fan of either Jadhav or Pandey,clearly Pandey has the more upside of the 2...a better fielder and a better athlete.Jadhav even though has been a decent journey man cricketer it is clear that he feels like a safer option being a 30+ year old under achiever. Let us buy the argument for a second that there is no alternative to Dhoni and Dhoni has been a brilliant performer playing in his prime right now and has stellar stats,but it’s a fact that he is not going to play T20’beyond 2018 or Odi after 2019, where are the alternatives being readied to take over from him? Are we just going to throw options at the wall and hope they stick after 2018 and 2019??? Where is the back up plan? Is it a 33yr old Karthik...u gotta be kidding Jayant Yadav performs decently as an allrounder/Spinner but he is clearly a threat to Ash and Jadeja and slowly he disappears from the face of the earth. Sran a left armer shows a lot of promise but inexplicably Nehra makes a comeback to the side from nowhere in 2016. Dhawan performs poorly in all his T20 opportunities and is dropped from T20 but just walks into the T20 side with no questions raised. Karun Nair even though I still think his 300 was a fluke but it is still a frickin 300 at the test level against a top side-England...he just gets 3 more games and is dropped without even being in the scheme of things. Something is clearly not right.
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    I have spoken to Mohinder Amarnath personally about his experiences in touring Pakistan. He told me that on one of his tests in India, he was at the non-striker's end, and the umpire told the bowler that he is over-stepping by a lot, and frequently. Didn't call the no-ball, mind you, just informed the bowler. Guess what happened? The bowler cursed the umpire in Punjabi, and told him to let him do his job, and shut the *** up. He also said that the during lunch and tea breaks, the umpires would actually hand the ball over to the greenbros, who would take it to their dressing room, and surprise, surprise, the ball would start jagging around after resumption. There's a reason why Imran Khan started advocating for neutral umpires - their team's results had such a large asterisk on the cricket circuit due to such shenanigans - his peers basically mocked him to death about it. I still give him credit for that though.
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    Harsha will be unemployed soon

    For rightfully questioning Dhoni's inclusion in T20 side. Sunny G trying to find a spot for Dhoni to hide in the batting line up was so cringeworthy to listen to. If you wish to be on BCCi's payroll, hide your backbone in mrs's pallu.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Goodbye Nehraji!

    Farewell. Will always remember him for his 6-23 and "behen ki ch**t tumhari!!! easy catch nahin pakadte yaar ".
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    NZ gave us better fight then the overhyped Aussies.
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    Dhoni has a good PR team working for him. They make sure all negative is also shown as positive.They make him out to be some kind of super hero when he barely deserves to be in the team now.
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    Did Shastri look at his own career before passing any negative comments on other international cricketers as a commentator and columnist ? Batting average of 35.8 and bowling average of 41 in tests. Batting average of 29, batting SR of 61 and bowling average of 36 in ODIs.
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    Vinay Kumar's 6-34 vs Bengal in the 2014 Ranji trophy. Hostile and intimidating pace bowling at its best.
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    Indians on social media are probably the dumbest set of people you will find around. Aggy is spot on, let these dogs bark. Any time anyone makes sense these idiots start polluting social media space.
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    Forever Indian

    Ah! Test matches finally...

    Lesson coming soon for padosis (Pakistan) on and not get whitewashed...
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    Harsha will be unemployed soon

    Our worst T20 player has played the most number of games. http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=3;filter=advanced;groupby=players;team=6;template=results;type=team
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    Anchor who sinks the t-20 ship .
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    Three best balls in history of cricket

    You spent $5000 on a plasma tv in 2017??? Hope they were Zimbabwean $$$ otherwise Lala they ripped you off for the retard you are.
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    Has there been a bigger fraud than this guy in cricket, chucker,everyone was scared to face me when i used to chuck ,good riddance http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/17593833/earlier-batsmen-were-scared-face-now-there-contest
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    Exactly, all these facebook cricinfo comment section desis are out there insulting Agarkar and Aakash chopra for speaking their mind about Dhoni, as if they are they are experts freaking international players themselves. These players like Agarkar achieved more than some of these keyboard warriros will ever achieve. Also, Shastri seems to be forgetting too that he himself was a commentstor and should understand that everyone will have an opinion and there is no problem in having one and no need to defend his choice by insulting other former players who he might not agree with.
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    Sreeshanth’s spell in the 2nd test of that South African tour in 2011 and also the first innings of the 3rd...brilliant till Dhoni sucked up to South Africans and insulted his own team mate....will never forgive Dhoni for that just pulled the legs out of a bowler in rhythm.
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    Steyn's 7/51 on a road in Nagpur 2010.
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    The most wonderful and dignified sportsmen playing today had a very successful visit to India and definitely have taken lot more than Indians out of this series. They could very well have won the ODI series and have drawn the T 20 series. The youngsters Santner, Latham, Sodhi and ofocurse Boult have come to the fore. Tiny nation keeps showing that there is lot more to good cricket team than stars.
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    Very insensitive in a country where so many literally starve to death. As such wastage of food on any occasion pisses me off no end.
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    express bowling

    Whats the big deal with Siraj

    This is the risk of debuting in T20Is played on a patta.
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    In a way, Dhoni is also one of the reasons why KL Rahul isn't getting many chances in limited overs. Had India won that chase against West Indies in Florida, that would have been the highest chase ever in T20s and would still be talked today by everyone and more importantly, would have been in the minds of selectors before they even decided to drop him. Seems like everyone has forgotten that innings. Dhoni is screwing India(Rahul) in every possible way.
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    That still hurts man. Sara aggression aussies ke khilaaf and padosi ke saath hansi mazaak. Aussies don't send terrorists to kill us and our kids.
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    I have no problem with Kohli how he reacts> he needs to win. But this is what I dont want to see. Laughing after screwing up in CT. What a loser.
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    Indian players not good enough to play in other leagues, and that's why IPL is worst in quality behind Pak t20 and BPL and Big Bosh
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    I need to change my agenda from Dhoni to Karthik
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    No wonder ganguly made such a good captain,he knew what he was doing back then and still knows it better than these selectors.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    If i am Dinesh Karthik ....

    If I were Dinesh Karthik, I'd thank Murali Vijay. *runs*
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    All other teams still need Dhoni to be in the team as well, it would mean they will most likely be chasing 20-30 runs less.
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    Saha doesn’t get the hype because he doesn’t have the marketability factor and is the silent types who just puts his head down and works hard but he has already played more valuable innings in tests than MSD and also is a way better keeper.
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    Good job by Saha. Made himself look like a fool so the trundler would get another over.
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    New conspiracy. Kohli knew it was a green pitch and openers would fail. So they shielded Rohit
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    Dhawan ahead of Vijay. Shocking if true.
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    Ghanta ubercool. He only scolds players who dont jump from the 24th floor for him or bring biryani for him or those that played with him for chuskis. He has no issues blasting his bowlers in the media but he will never utter a word against the chuskis.
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    Ishan Porel picks up 4 wickets in the first innings of his FC debut We saw some raw pace from him and atleast 50 nasty, hostile bouncers ... rising steeply and many of them seaming in. Hit a set batsman twice on the helmet in the same over. He has stamina too, and was seen bowling quick even after sending down 40 overs in 4 sessions. This is an essential quality for a test bowler. He bowled a decent line and length and did not spray the ball around. Can seam the ball both ways and gets some swing too on occasions. A tall, hit-the-deck genuine quick bowler is what we had been waiting for. He was making the batters hop and hurry with many of his good length balls too. Keeper was collecting the balls chest to head high, more often than not.
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    Won a odi worldcup on home soil playing as favorites, that debut T20 victory was fluke anyway. Lost so many overseas tests and other crucial games. All this when the standard of the team has improved hugely since late 90s. Ganguly did far better facing mighty aussies, strong Pakistani and south Africans teams. Dhonis brain should be donated for R n D if all they say is true.
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    Harsha will be unemployed soon

    Srini era is past now. It’s Kohli era. BC can’t even captain a T20 match and needs Dhoni’s help. The main reason of Dhoni in every format is because Kohli support his inclusion as Dhoni helps him in captaincy most of the time. Kohli is a shyte Captain every one knows it and Dhoni exploits it... And mind you if Harsha be out again, it’ll be because of Kohli and not Dhoni... Dhoni doesn’t gets bothered with all this.. Sunil G is a sucker of BCCI and current power... don’t expect him to have any spine. He’s been spineless for long now...
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    MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    4 out of 6 T20 losses against NZ gift wrapped by Dhoni with a cherry on top.
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    It was not just the loss...it was how we lost and how captain aggressive behaved after the loss.
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    Maybe quetta x1 should play instead of pakistan in test cricket then,might not get whitewashed by SL at fortress... Dont embarres yourself guys...
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    Hell Raiser

    Kohli caught Tendulkar bug today

    Lol.. Dhoni fans making fun of other batsmen's slow batting.
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    Maaro. Aur Maaro. Show Virat and his spoiled brats, how you are supposed to score runs in the 1st 10 overs. Instead of prioritzing run-a-ball centuries.
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    "I am not too happy seeing KL Rahul out of the squad because he is a player for the future. Dinesh Karthik made his debut in 2007 with us and it has been 10 years but he has not been able to get a permanent place in the side which speaks a lot about how he has gone about his cricketing career in the last 10 years,”Ganguly quoted while speaking to India Today. "With KL Rahul, he is someone who has scored runs all around the world, whether it is Australia, Sri Lanka or West Indies. I think KL Rahul should be brought back into this team as soon as possible because I think he is a serious talent. KL Rahul's record and quality and also because he is young, he should be included in the squad," he further added. "Rahul has got runs all around the world, he has got hundreds all around the world and is just a very good talent. He is the only player among all these youngsters apart from Virat Kohli who has played all three formats for the game and has got success in all three formats of the game. Rohit Sharma struggled in Test cricket, Ajinkya Rahane has struggled in One Day cricket to a little extent and then there are Kedar Jadhav and Manish Pandey who primarily play ODI cricket,” Dada opined. "Except Virat Kohli he (Rahul) is the only guy who has played all three formats and even Dhoni does not play all three formats anymore. From that point of view I think it was a bit tough leaving out KL Rahul. He could have batted at no.4 and I do not see a problem with that because he got that big hundred in Florida batting at no.4 spot in a T20 game. The only thing is that the directions have to be clear. MS Dhoni can be asked to bat at no.4 because we have seen in recent times that he has taken a little time to settle down. He needs someone to keep playing shots at the other end so that he (Dhoni) can see through the game," explained Ganguly. I think India will need to get the top 4 right, or maybe even the top 5 right. You can shuffle with no.6 or 7 (regularly) but you have to get your top 5 right. Top 3 are settled in Rohit, Dhawan and Kohli but Team India needs to find a consistent batsman at no.4. They cannot keep shuffling between Kedar Jadhav, Manish Pandey, KL Rahul, MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya. Maybe the experiments will work in India but they will have to find a solution when they travel to South Africa thenEngland and Australia before the World Cup in 2019 in England. "The ball will do a bit early on (on these tours) and you will get your top order batsmen nicked off early as it happened today. So Team India needs to find a solution at no.4 and they need to find a specialist batsman at no.4 whether it is Rahane or Rahul. If KL Rahul has to bat at no.4 then he also has to bat at no.4 for a period of one year. I do not know in what capacity they have included Dinesh Karthik to replace Rahul or Pandey at no.4 then the management has to have enough faith in him to make him bat at no.4 and not push him down the order. I am sure the Team management will find a solution to this," Ganguly signed-off. https://circleofcricket.co/2017/Oct/24/Sourav-Ganguly-bats-for-KL-Rahuls-inclusion-in-Indias-limited-overs-team/

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