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    Including mine
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    First 5-fer for Pandya

    Meanwhile Holding right now :
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    Or bowl with Varon aerons mask on
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    I am really enjoying Sangakkara's commentary despite his fake accent. I think he makes some very good points and has good insights. Also he doesn't seem to have an obvious agenda, or at least he doesn't show it while commentating and mostly remains unbiased which is refreshing. I think he will have a permanent spot in the sky box like Holding.
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    Is Ravi carrying their 'love child' in his tond
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    Happy Rakshabandhan

    To my ICF sisters @beetle @Mariyam @UrmiSinhaRay @Rasgulla
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    Yeah Anderson will bowl 155 kph bouncers and Cook will hit 50 ball century.
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    People would say the benefit of hindsight is at work here but quite a few here including me wondered why pant didn't merit his place from the first test onwards. Pant had BOTH form and ability in his favor and yet the team management felt wise to be conservative. I cannot recall previous Indian teams that were so consistently conservative and wrong in their selection calls. So frustrating.
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    At 29, Dhoni was already thinking of retiring from test cricket
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    Holding criticized Kohli ... and he has been the highest scorer on either side in both South Africa and England so far. He criticized Bumrah in the first test in SA ... and Bumrah picked 14 wickets in the 3 tests. Now Pandya and this ... I hear that players are queuing outside his hotel room to request him to talk against them
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    Some of you may remember after the first day of the first Test at Edgbaston I had a few rants about Kohli and his conduct. Namely the send offs of Root and Bairstow. I just wanted to say how he's won me over. Such a fascinating character. He may be intense and fiery on the field but his honesty and grace off the field has been exemplary. Always seems to have time for people. After day 1 at Edgbaston I wanted to wait outside the entrance on day 2 to abuse him. Now I want to meet him tomorrow at the Oval and give him a pat on the back and say what I really think of him. Virat in the unlikely event you are reading this. Thank you. Thank you for your passion for the game and especially Test cricket. Thank you for entertaining us this summer and showing us your skills. Thank you for leading your side so well to play hard but fair. On behalf of the English cricket community I thank you again and wish you every success against the Aussies.
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    The current Indian selection committe. M. S. K. Prasad (Chairman) Played 6 test matches and 17 ODIs Devang Gandhi Played 4 test matches and 3 ODIs Sarandeep Singh played 3 test matches and 5 ODIs Jatin Paranjpe Played 0 test matches and 4 ODIs Gagan Khoda Played 0 test matches and 2 ODIs
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    Tondulkar talking like a proper bambai chawl gunda. "Koi tereko technique badalne ko bolega, usko bol mil mereko iss gali mein"
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    Dhawan should be slapped hard for performing bhangra in a live international match like an idiot, not the place to perform bhangra, especially when you have lost the series 3-1. And i have heard he has delivered an emotional message after the loss in 4th test match some thing like " we are as hurt as you people"
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    We have now been the no.1 test side for 22 months. Congrats everyone! :)
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    This was the downside I feared was coming if India were to win one. Bombastic Shastri getting his voice back.
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    Whatever the result of this Eng v India series, you still read/hear murmurs in media and TV commie regarding India’s No.1 built on home advantage. Well in last 5 years, amongst the big 4, India has played least games at home, 23 Tests. On the other hand England has played a whopping 33 Tests at home, 10 more than India. Can you imagine what stats of Kohli, Pujara, Ashwin and Jadeja would have been with 10 extra Tests in last 5 years?!? It’s like another 1000 runs or 100 extra wkts for these guys These hypocrites don’t play enough in Asian conditions and when they do they get walloped and then point finger questioning India’s ranking. Even the perennial “actual” number 1, SA, has played 2nd highest games at home, 4 more than India, but jokers couldn’t dominate like India and Australia at home, buggers even choke in Tests. Home record Last 5 years Team Span Mat Won Lost Tied Draw W/L England 2014-2018 33 19 11 0 3 1.73 South Africa 2013-2018 27 17 6 0 4 2.83 Australia 2013-2018 26 19 2 0 5 9.50 India 2013-2018 23 17 1 0 5 17.00 Sri Lanka 2014-2018 23 13 9 0 1 1.44 New Zealand 2013-2018 22 14 3 0 5 4.67 West Indies 2014-2018 22 8 10 0 4 0.80 Bangladesh 2013-2018 18 5 5 0 8 1.00 Pakistan 2013-2017 18 9 6 0 3 1.50 Zimbabwe 2013-2017 9 1 7 0 1 0.14 Ireland 2018-2018 1 0 1 0 0 0.00
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    Lol kohli passes the champagne bottle to Shastri
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    Eff off siddhu! Politician to tha hi ....ab to sabse gira hua politician hai ! To borrow a word from kira's vocabulary...phateechar aadmi.
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    Dodda Ganesh Abey Kuruvilla David Johnson Akash Chopra Yograj Singh
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    First 5-fer for Pandya

    And crucially, he doesn't have to necessarily be a world class allrounder - this Indian team is strong enough to carry him through if he can just be a decent one. Even that will make the team unit stronger than the sum of its parts. Just imagine - with Ashwin injured, if we didn't have Pandya to bowl, England could have easily re-built with a partnership and the game would be completely different. The old conventional "4 bowlers are enough" simply doesn't work with just 1 spinner in the team, and zero part-timers.
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    I'm going to try this at work. My performance is being affected because I have not been promoted.

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