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    Watching the 3rd India Australia ODI meander to its predictable conclusion, I couldn't help but notice the despair and frustration in the eyes of the Australian players. Smith. Warner. Finch. Stoinis. Handscomb. Agar. You can see it in all of them. Frustration. Fatigue. Disappointment. That creeping knowledge that the game is over. And with it, the series. And all they can do is go through the motions and take another L. These are professional cricketers out there, all quite skilled in their own right, doing their best, but knowing that slowly, inevitably, their best is not going to be good enough, and is going to come up short. I know that look. I have seen it. Felt it. Endured it, way too often as an Indian fan during the late 90s and early 2000s, at the hands of that all-conquering superlative Australian team of that era. The shoe is on the other foot. And damn if it doesn't feel good. Let's brownwash the potty-mouth brats.
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    Only if Gavaskar was so angry for unfairly dropping Rishabh Pant. All they care about is for their own state. No one thinks about country.
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    he gives teeth to the bowling attack
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    R.Ashwin debut 2010 played 2011 WC Axar Patel debut 2014 played 2015 WC, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar debuted 2 years before on Dec 2012, Stuart Binny debut 2014 played 2015 WC Ambati Rayudu debut 2013 played 2015 WC Md Shami debut 2013 played 2015 WC Mohit Sharma debut 2013 played 2015 WC Also likes of Yusuf Pathan,Suresh Raina,Virat Kohli were hardly regulars in the side even though they debuted a little earlier and made it to the 2011 WC congratulations you do a good job of living up to your reputation
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    Will that dog jump from 24th floor for him though?
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    Never forget your mentors is our kaptaan's policy!
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    Utter selfishness, money hungry what else?? He knows if he retires from t20 his market value will go down, will be loosing a big chunk of money in ipl
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    Its not a question of knowledge. Its a question of the "regulars" in the team willingly giving up lucrative spots in the national T20 team. If a player gets clubbed as a less effective T20 player, its going to impact his IPL contract numbers big-time. If you are expecting the likes of Dhawan or Dhoni to volunteer such massive $$ sacrifices, or expecting that Kuptaan Kohli is going to be ruthlessly meritocratic instead of "taking care" of his buddies, then you should go talk to Anil Kumble.
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    Instead of giving cheap interviews Gavaskar should be donating some of his food to Rahane, difficult to achieve a high strike rate when look that malnourished.
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    Don't worry you can still use pins, blades, shoe spikes,bottle caps turfs etc. for reverse swing [emoji23] [emoji5]
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    Don't believe this "story" Nehra's teeth alone would not pass any medical test.
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    Dhoni is Unremovable, i was a dhoni fan then a dhoni hater for a while because of his csk & sreeni connections and bullying attitude, and now a dhoni fan again purely because he's shown the hard work and the dedication to stay fit, hes a legend behind the stumps and in his mind their is a software that literally runs this team..players look up to him, the captain looks upto him, and i guess no one is ICF should have any complain anymore.
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    Sarcasm is good, but not everytime. This is retirement. Lets respectfully retire him, he has served Indian cricket well.
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    1)Dhoni is good at stumpings pretty much how every batsman gets out in cricket. 2)He advices Virat with things like "if he hits a cover drive, put a fielder in the covers" "if he hits straight put fielders on long off,long on etc" and plenty such out of the box gems. 3)He encourages slip fielders by letting them take initiative while catching. 4)He encourages tailenders by "farming" strike 5)He tops yo yo tests 6)He doesn't show emotions 7)He "consolidates" 8)He "finishes"games where top order scores 90% of the runs given the rrr is less than 5 rpo(can't ignore this important facet) 9) Reads the game beautifully by ensuring a notout ...When Dhoni is estabilised at the crease the new batsman takes all the risks as Dhoni has to bat through the innings but when Dhoni is new at the crease the other batsman has to take risks because that batsman is well established @Austin 3:!6 10)He has amazing flexibility...look at those lunges...who doesn't love a man who can spread his legs like that. Anything else I am missing?
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    excessive handshaking

    I thought the thread was about promoting
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    If the problem is just UAE tracks, why does Amir average 48.5 in Australia, 36 in NZ, 43.5 in Sri Lanka? And in all those places his average before and after the ban are very similar?
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    Dhoni: Greatest Indian Cricketer?

    I feel he is already the best wicket keeper batsman of all time, but winning the ct13, t20 world cup 2007, cricket world cup 2011, surely cements him as the best cricketer India has ever produced. That is 3 pieces of silverware, while teams like new zealand and south africa have cobwebs in their cupboards. He is far from finished either. Has an excellent record this year. One match where he couldn't finish it off in a meaningless odi series and people want him kicked. smh. Fans need to have faith, he is here to stay until 2019 world cup. Love you Dhoni!
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    Sehwag kehta hai yuvi, raina ko wapis lao Sunny g wants rahane in all formats Tendulkar tells rahane to back his game which is flawed in LOI Ganguly once said in an interview on aaj tak adjust rahane anywere be it no.6 and he supports nehra's comeback Kumble wanted gambhir, yuvraj back and he got them. Ye to haal hai humare legends ka
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    Classless comments have become his usp.
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    Hey where is Yuvraj? He should be back too. Pathetic squad
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    When Dhoni screws up at number 6, let's move him to number 4 cos after all...he can anchor the innings perfectly. When Dhoni screws up at number 4, let's move him to number 6 cos after all...he is a finisher and its better to have him in a "hit out or get out" position at this stage of his career. Rinse and repeat till infinity.
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    The way some of the players are kissing Dhoni's bottom the past few days, I hope they don't say 'Dhoni ki meherbani' the day they become dads.
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    Mumbaikar in WC finals Gavaskar - 12 ball duck in 83 world cup final Sachin - 4(2) in 2003 final Sachin - 18 in 2011 world cup final Compare that with Delhiites Amarnath - MoM in world cup final Sehwag - 84 and top scorer in 03 final Gambhir - 97 and top scorer in 2011 final(Also top scored in 07 T20 WC final)
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    Vinay Kumar has FC bowlin avg of 23.53, much better than mohammad shami, Does that make him a better bowler? FC stats are not everything, players like Pandya and others have dismal FC record yet they are performing better at Intnl stage.
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    Axar is the better batsman as of today ..... better at hitting the big shots and batting at a higher SR too. But Karn is a decent batter. On a different issue, Karn's ability to spin the ball has improved in the last 14 months.
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    At least Dhoni got out to a known bowler
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    He passed the yo yo test where you have to lunge back and forth like a yo yo in flying colors
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    T20s have 120 balls per innings ..... if we consider top 7 batters then it means an average of 17 balls per batter Priority for 5 of those 7 batters usually is to score as many runs as possible in the balls they play rather than trying to build an innings. Good T20 teams generally tend to include a couple of 140+ SR batters ( one out of those two 150+ ) ..... most of them 128+ in terms of SR 1 ) T20I SR of our top 7 batters in today's T20I playing XI Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s V Kohli 2010-2017 51 46 12 1830 90* 53.82 1344 136.16 0 17 0 196 35 HH Pandya 2016-2017 20 10 0 100 31 10.00 75 133.33 0 0 1 7 5 KM Jadhav 2015-2017 8 5 0 95 58 19.00 72 131.94 0 1 0 9 2 RG Sharma 2007-2017 64 56 12 1373 106 31.20 1062 129.28 1 11 3 121 51 MS Dhoni 2006-2017 79 68 34 1212 56 35.64 983 123.29 0 1 1 83 36 MK Pandey 2015-2017 10 7 1 151 51* 25.16 125 120.80 0 1 2 6 6 S Dhawan 2011-2017 24 23 2 439 60 20.90 379 115.83 0 2 1 54 12 http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=3;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_strike_rate;qualmin1=50;qualval1=runs;team=6;template=results;type=batting 2 ) Not a single batsman with SR of 140+.... forget 150+. 3 ) 3 batters with SR below 125 .... 4 batters with SR below 130 4 ) We have left out KL Rahul .... who has a SR of 149 5 ) Gavaskar asking for Rahane, with SR of 113, to replace Rahul with SR of 149 6) We have not included any high SR new batters like Krunal or Pant 7 ) Only 3 six-hitters in the squad ..... Hardik, Rohit, Rahul ...... only 2 in the playing 11. ( current-day ability ) 8 ) We are the 5th ranked team in T20Is now ( while being ranked 1 in both tests and ODIs ) .... so, this approach is not working in T20s. http://www.bbc.com/sport/cricket/28970884 9 ) Top SRs in T20Is for reference. Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s A Symonds (AUS) 2005-2009 14 11 4 337 85* 48.14 199 169.34 0 2 2 33 10 GJ Maxwell (AUS) 2012-2017 37 33 4 839 145* 28.93 507 165.48 1 3 1 78 44 E Lewis (WI) 2016-2017 14 14 1 468 125* 36.00 302 154.96 2 2 1 26 40 Shahid Afridi (PAK) 2006-2016 98 90 12 1405 54* 18.01 932 150.75 0 4 8 102 73 NLTC Perera (SL/World) 2010-2017 60 51 19 761 49 23.78 506 150.39 0 0 5 59 38 C Munro (NZ) 2012-2017 32 29 5 601 101 25.04 403 149.13 1 3 4 41 38 KL Rahul (INDIA) 2016-2017 9 8 2 304 110* 50.66 204 149.01 1 1 1 29 11 AJ Finch (AUS) 2011-2017 32 32 3 1124 156 38.75 755 148.87 1 7 0 114 48 Najibullah Zadran (AFG) 2012-2017 40 32 13 643 60* 33.84 433 148.49 0 2 0 39 35 LE Bosman (SA) 2006-2010 14 14 1 323 94 24.84 219 147.48 0 3 2 27 20 DJG Sammy (WI/World) 2007-2017 68 52 18 587 42* 17.26 398 147.48 0 0 3 45 31 YK Pathan (INDIA) 2007-2012 22 18 5 236 37* 18.15 161 146.58 0 0 3 11 17 V Sehwag (INDIA) 2006-2012 19 18 0 394 68 21.88 271 145.38 0 2 1 43 16 CH Gayle (WI) 2006-2017 52 49 4 1577 117 35.04 1085 145.34 2 13 2 134 103 SR Watson (AUS) 2006-2016 58 56 6 1462 124* 29.24 1006 145.32 1 10 3 115 83 E Chigumbura (ZIM) 2006-2016 47 46 8 789 54* 20.76 543 145.30 0 3 5 56 46 ML Hayden (AUS) 2005-2007 9 9 3 308 73* 51.33 214 143.92 0 4 0 37 13 MN van Wyk (SA) 2007-2015 8 7 1 225 114* 37.50 157 143.31 1 1 0 19 14 Shafiqullah (AFG) 2010-2017 35 32 9 392 51* 17.04 274 143.06 0 1 4 29 23 JA Morkel (SA) 2005-2015 50 38 11 572 43 21.18 402 142.28 0 0 1 29 39 AC Gilchrist (AUS) 2005-2008 13 13 1 272 48 22.66 192 141.66 0 0 0 27 13 KP Pietersen (ENG) 2005-2013 37 36 5 1176 79 37.93 831 141.51 0 7 1 119 32 L Ronchi (AUS/NZ) 2008-2017 32 25 6 359 51* 18.89 254 141.33 0 1 4 30 14 RE Levi (SA) 2012-2012 13 13 2 236 117* 21.45 167 141.31 1 1 3 20 15 JDP Oram (NZ) 2005-2012 36 30 7 474 66* 20.60 339 139.82 0 2 3 38 22 DA Warner (AUS) 2009-2017 64 64 3 1694 90* 27.77 1213 139.65 0 12 5 164 74 JC Buttler (ENG) 2011-2017 57 49 11 1014 73* 26.68 731 138.71 0 5 3 72 46 Mohammad Nabi (AFG) 2010-2017 58 53 7 876 89 19.04 634 138.17 0 2 3 56 45 RR Rossouw (SA) 2014-2016 15 14 3 327 78 29.72 237 137.97 0 2 2 29 12 CJ Anderson (NZ) 2012-2017 29 22 3 432 94* 22.73 314 137.57 0 2 3 26 24 Sharjeel Khan (PAK) 2013-2016 15 15 0 360 59 24.00 262 137.40 0 2 0 48 13 LJ Wright (ENG) 2007-2014 51 45 5 759 99* 18.97 554 137.00 0 4 9 68 31 MN Waller (ZIM) 2011-2016 28 27 5 567 68 25.77 414 136.95 0 1 2 38 26 Mohammad Shahzad (AFG) 2010-2017 58 58 3 1779 118* 32.34 1300 136.84 1 12 3 200 66 GJ Bailey (AUS/World) 2012-2017 30 26 7 473 63 24.89 346 136.70 0 2 1 37 20 Yuvraj Singh (INDIA) 2007-2017 58 51 9 1177 77* 28.02 863 136.38 0 8 1 77 74 MEK Hussey (AUS) 2005-2012 38 30 11 721 60* 37.94 529 136.29 0 4 1 58 25 BB McCullum (NZ) 2005-2015 71 70 10 2140 123 35.66 1571 136.21 2 13 3 199 91 V Kohli (INDIA) 2010-2017 51 46 12 1830 90* 53.82 1344 136.16 0 17 0 196 35 MH Cross (SCOT) 2013-2017 23 18 1 392 60 23.05 288 136.11 0 1 1 42 16 Mashrafe Mortaza (BDESH) 2006-2017 54 39 11 377 36 13.46 277 136.10 0 0 6 28 23 DT Johnston (IRE) 2008-2013 30 19 7 249 62 20.75 184 135.32 0 1 1 13 11 AD Hales (ENG) 2011-2017 48 48 6 1383 116* 32.92 1022 135.32 1 7 4 148 42 Imran Nazir (PAK) 2007-2012 25 24 1 500 72 21.73 370 135.13 0 3 2 59 22 http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=3;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_strike_rate;qualmin1=200;qualval1=runs;template=results;type=batting What do we plan to do about it ? Are we able to demarcate between T20Is and ODIs in terms of player types and team composition ?
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    Bengaluru, October 6: Ian Pont has good amount of success as a bowling coach. The Englishman has been imparting lessons on how to increase pace combined with accuracy over the last three years through Ultimate Pace Foundation (UPF). Pont, who coached international teams like Bangladesh and associated with top-of-the-shelf pacers like Dale Steyn, will conduct clinics across India in cities like Gurgaon and Vadodara to help aspiring Indian quicks gain in experience and skill ahead of sterner tests. Pont took some time off from his hectic schedule to talk to Mykhel.com about pace bowling, UPF, contemporary quick men among others. Excerpts: UPF....how's it coming along over the last three years? I started the UPF in Bengaluru in January 2014. Since then we have had 14 camps and have others planned. It's tough without a sponsor but we have spread the word to Delhi, Pune, Vadodara and Hyderabad. The coaching is based on my Four Tent Pegs developed form 20 years of research and how technical fast bowling shares many crossovers with javelin and baseball pitching - both sports which I have taken part in. Our website www.ultimatepacefoundation.com has had more than 220,000 visits in this time. Unlike other well-funded places like MRF Pace Foundation, UPF works exclusively on developing speed and teaching bowlers how to bowl quicker and more accurately. You are a regular to India in this period, have you noticed any change in the approach of young Indian bowlers? Indian bowlers bowl far too much in my view. Often they bowl for hours on end and get very little in return. It becomes very hard to develop talent without technical input and interaction. When I first started coaching in India, players were hesitant to respond and really just sat there. But now, their mindset towards learning fast bowling as changed. I believe that you should coach others as you wish to be coached yourself. In the present Indian set up, pacers get as much significance as spinners. Glad to see this cultural shift within cricket? It is great to note that India is focusing less on spin to win matches. It is terrific to see quicks doing well. But the challenge of any great quick is to take wickets overseas and win Tests in foreign conditions. The second thing is producing bowlers regularly bowling 150 kph to challenge the best batting techniques. We have yet to witness either yet, so India has work to do in this respect. As I said there are some good signs and it would be good to see the world's fastest coming out of India soon. https://www.mykhel.com/cricket/mindset-of-indian-fast-bowlers-is-changing-ian-pont-070712.html
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    If you hv heard Virats post match comments, then dhawan is nt going anywhere anytime soon I'm a big fan of dhawan the Odi player but he's a poor t20 player. Out of the current squad Virat is the best equipped to open in t20 or Rahul could be tried. Need some fresh players in. Whats the use of IPL if we don't give chance to people who perform?
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    It is worth remembering that strength doesn't always equal POWER and it is power we want to help work alongside pace. Muscles can make you STRONG but slower. If you think of a car with a small engine, but with a turbo and efficiently tuned, it can be much faster than a bigger engine. It is more important therefore to be effective in PLYOMETRICS (running, bounding, jumping) and being able to use the hips quickly. The key for speed is getting into the correct positions to bowl fast so the kinetic chain doesn't break within the action. UPF is launching a brand new site in a month all about fast bowling. And from January, we cover the CORRECT training to ensure the bowling action is supported to create speed. Size isn't important - SPEED is.
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    Looks like Dhoni will play till 2020 http://www.astrosage.com/celebrity-Horoscope/m-s-dhoni-dashaphal.asp
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    What makes you happy?

    My son. Today he sang a song stating how much he loved me . I love you mummy. I could only understand few of his words. I love to sing with you and dance with you etc. He made a big deal about it. Sang like he was on a stage with an imaginary guitar.
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    Excuses. Apologists for the "innocent no-baller" are never short on excuses. Amir is a poor man's Bhuvi at this point in his career. A very good ODI bowler who is only effective in tests if the conditions give him some help. In test matches, you need a better quality of bowler, like Shami, Yadav etc to take wickets without help from the pitch. And over-hyped Qaidi # 5 can't get it done. Ishant is not a world beater - he's the 4th choice pace bowler for the Indian team. But on dead tracks like the one that Amir is playing and leaking runs at 4.7 RPO with the new ball, I would say a hard-working stock bowler like Ishant may even be a better option. Pak has a better version of Ishant in Wahab - I would expect him to take more wickets this match than Qaidi. Poor Hassan Ali, dropped for no reason to accomodate the golden boy.
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    Meanwhile in Sri Lanka

    Good decision, and here we are busy picking 36 and 38 year olds..
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    Its like that fluke Asia cup win. They just need some sort of fig-leaf to cover their shame, no matter how small or illogical it may be. The delusions of "parity" will never cease. If all else fails, there's always that head to head record from the previous millenium that can be dusted off. Or Miandad's 6.
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    We are blessed

    Soon we shall see a day where Srilanka will be one of the participant in our Ranji Trophy and IPLs...
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    express bowling

    Talent watch

    I had written about the new Indian fast bowlers after the IPL, in the " Speed and Performance thread ". I am re-posting that here. My impressions of the new Indian fast-bowlers in this IPL -- Md.Siraj - He has been impressive. He has bowled with genuine pace with a very high percentage of deliveries at 135 k to 145 k. Plus he is a skiddy pacer who hurries on to the bat after pitching. Gets inswing on a consistent basis and the in-dipping skiddy quick balls result in a lot of bowled outs and LBWs. Has a good pacy bouncer and has developed decent yorkers and slower balls in this IPL. Hits the deck hard when needed and his height is ok. The best thing is that he was learning as the tournament progressed. He took 41 wickets from only 9 FC matches this season and is the one bowler to look out for as he knows how to pick up wickets. Needs to be picked for our A team and can play all formats. Avesh Khan -- He is tall and bouncy. Hits the deck hard and bowls a heavy ball. Gets the ball to seam in and is accurate.... makes the batsmen play. He is one of those quicks who hurry batsmen visually. Can bowl lots of 140 k + deliveries in an over. Reminds me a lot of Srinath. He was really unlucky to miss 13 matches this season and should have been played by RCB. He is a wicket taker too and was our best pacer in the last U19 WC. took loads of wickets. Don't know how he is not picked for the MP Ranji team. The selectors must see to it that he plays Ranji next season and he is good enough for our A team too. He is one of the most exciting pace prospects from India and only 20, so he should add pace as he becomes older. Nathu Singh -- He got injured and played only 2 games. But he is a big talent. Looked really good in those 2 games. Bowled 138 k to 145 k, swung the ball both ways, was very accurate and bowled a few good bouncers. His ER was only 3.75 in a T20 tournament. Would have shone even more if he had played 6 or 7 games. Another A team candidate. Kulwant Khejroliya -- The man was conspicuous by his absence. Did not get to play a single game despite taking 13 wickets from only 5 VH Trophy matches. He is genuinely quick and bouncy and a left-armer too. Saw him in a DY Patil match he was bowling some superb and fierce bouncers and yorkers. Basil Thampi -- He has impressed most commentators and his team management due to his ability to bowl quick, inswinging late-dipping yorkers at will. That is a rare skill and he needs to be backed. he bowled 134 k to 144 k , was skiddy and got regular inswing. He has a somewhat round-arm action and a lowish release point and that often robs him of bounce when bowling good length. He has a good, quick bouncer. Needs to improve his accuracy regarding all deliveries. He bowled all the difficult overs even in his first IPL and that speaks volumes about the confidence that his team management has in him. Ankit Rajpoot -- He did not get to play that many games too but did well whenever he was chosen. He is a tall pacer and can hit the deck hard. Gets good bounce. Bowled 132 k to 142 k in this IPL but bowled upto 147 k last time. He gets seam movement with regularity and comes across as a skilled pacer for the shorter formats. Seen him swing the ball in FC too. Has a decent slower ball. Shardul Thakur -- He was good one day and bad the next day. This inconsistency is due to the fact that he tries too many things and often ends up bowling a bad line, either down the leg or too wide. He has a lot of skills, swing, reverse swing, seam movement, good bouncer, decent slower balls and decent yorkers....but needs to use them judiciously. His speeds were 133 k to 145 k. Aniket Chaudhary -- He was not supposed to be a T20 bowler and did not do that well barring a couple of matches. Needs to improve his yorkers. But, he is a test prospect for sure as he is very tall, hits the deck hard, has a great bouncer and can swing the ball too. Bowls decent speeds too, 130 k to 143 k
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    Dhawal and unadkat lol oh man. Sad day for world cricket.
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    India vs Australia, 5th ODI Nagpur

    The asking rate is too high for dhoni.
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    Whats with all the wrist slitting?

    Yes we lost today and a few things could have been done differently. There is always room for improvement. A few key players were rested. But whats with the overreaction. Just sit back and enjoy. Indian cricket is in a good place. 9 ODI's straight. Been reading the Aussie media and they dont seem to be that fussed about the series loss. God only knows what 90s Indian cricket fans went through. To the younger crowd your living in a golden time. Just enjoy it.
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    This team is moving towards world domination... The other streak was between Nov 2008 & Feb 2009. Special credits to the captain VK Aus on the other hand now have their 17th winless game on the road. It's going from worse to hopeless for the world champions.
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    Aussies are all up with excuses on reddit,thier forums Calling this a D side & how they just care about ashes and some other excuses. One of the most inventive one was when i saw one guy call chahal a chucker due to his elbow flex
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    '94-'96 Gangu was yet to blossom. He got into the groove only after 1997-98. Sidhu was strictly OK. Dhawan wins this hands down. Yuvi post 2011>Azhar because Azhar was a serial match fixer and untrustworthy. Moreover any version of UV can be a match winner on his day, Azhar was not a match winner. Raina>Jadeja not only as a batsman but also as a team man and on the integrity front. MSD>>>Mongia LOL Robin Singh>Jadeja as a batsman more because of the latter's selfishness than any special skills of the former. Kohli's partners win 4-1. What you are missing is the phattu culture of the 90s Indian team. With gonads made of wax, they would melt at the first sign of adversity, spineless and having no belief in themselves. Moreover match fixing was rampant in our team back then, you never knew whom to trust, team cohesion was missing. Azhar was always jealous of Sachin and worked his ways behind the screen to sabotage our team's chances every single effing time, helped by fellow crooks in our team and the underworld. If you haven't watched 90s Indian cricket, it will be difficult for you to comprehend the state of our team back then. Sachin was the only person worth watching till 1997 when Ganguly started emerging. Ganguly of the late 90s too was box office in case you missed his peak. But till Gangu's rise our batting unit was in pitiable plight. In hindsight we had a decent bowling attack(Kumble and Srinath will walk into an Indian ATG XI) but the mentality was too submissive and when we were bad we were really bad !!!
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    "bowl the way you want to"... What a great piece of advice to the youngster. If what he does turns out to be good-Take the credit for it. If not then blame the Player. Dhoni
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    Development of Pandya as a cricketer has been a delight to watch.In many ways this guy has completed our side in almost all formats.Hitting ability aside ,the matirity and calmness he has shown in last 6 months exemplifies his development. Much of Pandya's growth as a cricketer must be attributed to Dhoni at start and largely to Kohli for always backing him in every situation.There were times I thought him playing as a 3rd seamer is a slightly risky option but he has seldom disappointed with the ball in the hand.Going into the champions trophy final I thought he might be the weak link in the bowling but he turned out to be one of the best bowler on the finals day.Subsequently he has taken crucial wickets and now hardly can be treated as a weak link as I presumed he was in this side.Inclusion of variations like knuckle ball is a pleasant sight as well. Batting has been a revelation.I remember I was not convinced that much after his 50 odd vs Eng at Eden Gardens in January this year , the innings was riddled with edgy shots.But 6-8 months after that,Pandya looks much more calmer, equally destructive against spinners or seamers but he does all that with a plan in mind.Never have I seen a batsman who finds hitting sixes against spinners as easy as this guy and even yesterday when Agar was bowling I knew chakka tou padega hi isko kabhi na kabhi and Pandya didnt disappoint.Now the growth part ,when he miscued one on a flighted loopy delivery, he knew he had committed a mistake and it was great to watch he didnt repeat it and on the contrary changed his modus operandi and hit Agar for a six using his feet.Maturity,calmness and game awareness everything was on display. Now coming on to the nub of the point I am trying to make,looking at Pandya grow as a cricketer in this regime, a thought came in my mind that Rishabh Pant who I believe is an equally big talent,should be given a chance to become a polished cricketer like Pandya is on course to becoming.As I wrote earlier,Pandya has completed our side in many ways already but if Pant is a given a chance to become a player he has the potential to become ,our limited overs team can be the most dangerous side in the current circuit.We have one maverick in Pandya and there is still scope for one more in our side and Pant is ideal for that. Now comes some people's apprehension that Pant can only play if Dhoni hangs up his keeping gloves.I dont believe that, Dhoni and Pant both can play,like Healy n Gilly circa 1997.The world cup is still 2 years away and I am desperately hoping Pant is in Kohl's scheme of thing for that tournament because such a talent has to be tapped.

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