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  1. 26 points
    Can we turn the commentators' mics down when Manju is commentating, please?
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  3. 20 points
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    No sympathies man....you can’t imagine what we just avoided....a online holocaust/ apocalypse
  5. 18 points
    variations of unadkat : slow ball slower ball slowest ball
  6. 18 points
    This was the world's most popular phone: This was one of the most popular songs: This is what a computer looked like: This is how guys wore their jeans: This was one of the most famous athletes: and finally... This is what still happened to them in world cups....
  7. 17 points
    lol we really like to mentally destroy the bangladeshis, don't we , we let them have hope of winning the game and then we ruthlessly snatch it right in front of their eyes
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    its friendly banter mate. Its gamesmanship mate. Its boys letting off some steam mate . So long as its the white monkey. how dare a brown monkey ape the white monkey . brown monkeys are racists . Meanwhile Harbhajan is eating Bananas on punjab trees
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  11. 16 points

    Yuzvendra Chahal is an idiot !!!

    Half the credit goes to dhoni.
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    "Oh my God," says Manish Pandey. "When I fell, I knew someone had to play a blinder Yeah Right !! You weren't exactly setting the stage on fire Mr. Hack.Your plans of defeating India were thrashed by Karthik.
  14. 15 points
    The Unadkatter ˈOonadhcutter'/ noun when every actual ball bowled by a pace sensation is a slow ball. "Lun* Singh Rathore, why are you bowling unadkatters?" synonyms: unhurried, sedate, ghanta-slow adjective moving or operating, or designed to do so, only at a low speed; not quick or fast. "the clock was five minutes unadkatter" adverb. at a slow pace; slowly. "the train went unadkatterer and unadkatterer" verb reduce one's speed or the speed of a vehicle or process. "the train unadkattered to a halt"
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  16. 14 points
    What did they do? Line up like a cobra and rammed the door all together?
  17. 14 points
    Downside of this would be players doing well in ODIs will get more chances. Rohit in first 3 tests and Rahane in remaining tests may become regular feature.
  18. 13 points
    Let us take the high road and move on. Show humility in victory. It goes a long way.
  19. 13 points
    I solemly swear that I would never call DK a mental midget again. Dude is a rockstar. Deserves Dipika and an ODI chance without a break for atleast 10 matches
  20. 13 points

    Bangladesh create history.

    Bangladesh and Srilanka should have more bilaterals and spare us. Seems like epic Ashes like rivalry building up .
  21. 13 points

    Bangladesh create history.

    BD forum
  22. 13 points
    10 matches 12 innings 269 runs 22.41 average 1 century Tests 2 tests 78 runs average 19.50 ODIs 6 ODIs 170 runs average 28.33 SR 82.92 T20 2 T20s 21 runs average 10.50 SR 210.00 His dream of scoring 200 in this series is complete now.
  23. 13 points

    Why people hate minnows in WC?

    Because they end up winning tournaments like CT and ruin the whole thing.
  24. 13 points
    Cheteshwar Pujara: I have a lot to offer in limited overs cricket. Pandey: I can deliver a lot more than what I am doing right now. ICF be like: Chewtiyas, start a Dominos franchise together with great offers and under 30 minute guaranteed home delivery, why are you troubling us?
  25. 13 points

    Why was Dhoni so Angry??

    He was angry because even pandey was playing better than him.
  26. 12 points
    I am sure he learnt a lot by observing Dhoni bat in T20Is. As in he realised how exactly not to bat in this format. No wonder he has won 2 MOTM awards in less than 20 innings while Dhoni is consolidating his way to a 100 T20Is without a MOTM award.
  27. 12 points
    28 of 27... Is he talking about a different match or is he that dumb to talk about his final innings. It's time we get him of national T20 squad. ODI -- not sure.
  28. 12 points
    It was cringeworthy to see some of his shots. He was constantly lifting his leg like dog does it while peeing even when he plays cut shots.
  29. 12 points
    man DK will be getting some loving tonight from his hot wife 4sure
  30. 12 points
    adi B

    Bangladesh create history.

    Gotta say they are very entertaining and replacing pakistan in the bad boys genre Their drama and nuisance is what makes it even more sweeter and entertaining to win against them lol ,whatever we might say but they have injected life in this crap tournament (in a wrong way though)
  31. 12 points
    That's why it's important to relieve him of captaincy in t20s at least. That's what happened to Dhoni as well. He started off as a very good captain in all forms and then workload just got to him.
  32. 12 points
    What a celebration, probably had nightmares after Dhoni run out in T20 World Cup, this last over and 9 to win..this time he held his nerve against the lovely Lankans, finished off by screaming in Thisara's face and finished with a cobra dance (not sure what all that was about!! ) it was great innings but topped of in cobra style
  33. 12 points
    Though Wasim was a great bowler but Agarkar was touch better
  34. 12 points
    Murmurs coming trickling out slowly from SA dressing room, Warner sledged DeKock for quite a while n then told his team mates " with a name like that what a dissapointment Mr kock is, Quinton shot back well your wife sure wasnt, go n ask her" to this Warner lost his cool n came charging, De Kock stood his ground n retorted i stood up to guys like Steyn n Morkel n you couldnt even do it when you were needed the most ,your wife told me n hearing this Warner tried attackng De Kock n Usman pulled him back n Smith looked at his dressing room to get some guidance n was given the green signal to intervene n so he did.
  35. 12 points
    Shame he never showed that same passion when he was skipper on all those embarrassing away thrashing’s . As back then his face expression never changed
  36. 11 points
    Finally Everybody is happy. India happy they lift the trophy Bangladesh happy they qualified for finals Sri Lanka happy because Bangladesh lost the final
  37. 11 points
    bangla forum hating on Sri Lanka crowd for supporting Ind
  38. 11 points
    From now on MODS please ban anyone who calls DK a MENTAL MIDGET.
  39. 11 points
    Actually after Win, India should walk off nonchalantly like nothing happened. That would be the biggest insult to these cobra dancers
  40. 11 points
    If somehow they managed to win this trophy then 7 days of holidays will be declared in BD , in next survey BD will be most happiest nation on earth
  41. 11 points
    Forever Indian

    Bangladesh create history.

    Bangladesh Cricket team selection event sneak peek:
  42. 11 points
    The only response to OP's thread title is........
  43. 11 points
    Salman Khan. Hate that smug on his face as if he owns everyone Also, he is the biggest hypocrite. He is always giving big lectures to people on big boss but he is the biggest and has history in women physical abuse, druggie, murderer, terrorist supporter(contact with Dawood and underworld), alcoholic. And his charities tend to go in support of only one religion. I make a point of not watching his movies in theatre. Not paying a penny to this arrogant hypocrite terrorist sympathizer Salman. Can’t stand why people like him.
  44. 11 points

    Why is Jaydev Unadkat playing for India?

    Because we need a extra spinner
  45. 11 points
    how can you say that, there is a star in this line up as well.. unke paas...undercut hai !!
  46. 11 points
    F*cking topics such as this TOTALLY upset the already uneven mind of the cricket -disturbed ICF fan. This is what I thought for instance (and I'm sure you guys were thinking the same): Oh good Mayank Agarwal is in the India selection queue, he has had a great season. Maybe he can be a second VVS or Dravid for us. Goody, goody gumdrops, now can someone pass that second bottle of my favourite HEMORRHOID CREAM. Hi ho hum hum hum...apply apply apply....WAIT A F*CKING SECOND...queue? Bose, DK there's a queue? Whaddaya mean queue? Like a queue queue? Like there's numbers being distributed say 1,2,3,4,5 and they hand them out to players? So what number did they hand out to Agarwal? What if someone jumps the queue? Let's say Jadeja takes his (presumably) # 3 ticket and tells Ashwin (#2) :"F*ck your legspin fatty-bao, get outta the way and ALSO kem cho to you mofo!!!". What happens to Pant, Pandey, Gill, Iyer, Nagarkoti, Pandya Sr and Laxman Sivaramakrishnan...WHERE are they in the queue? CAN YOU SLEEP WITH SOMEONE TO JUMP THE QUEUE? DINESH KARTHIK AND STUART BINNY I'M LOOKING AT YOU!!! WHAT'S SHASTRI'S LOVE LIFE AT THIS TIME? ABEY I'M GETTING A HEART ATTACK!!! WHAT IF THE queue doesn't move? Who'll be responsible? CAN I BLAME DHONI? CAN I BLAME KOHLI? CAN I BLAME SRT? And who has final ordering of the queue? What if he dies? Pancho, who'll remember who was in the queue? Like this is a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE you retards!!!! Down with the BCCI!!! I have an ulcer ---ergo I need a strong drink... make it a boilermaker (whisky queued by a beer). I'll be seeing queues in my dreams tonight pancho.
  47. 11 points
    While here in India, they won't even leave till they taste the boots up their arse.
  48. 11 points
    We have unadkat for some quality left arm spin
  49. 11 points
    lol the binny khaandan should keep its mouth shut after producing the abomination called stuart binny
  50. 11 points
    A few sixes and he finds his tongue. Abusing the highest scorer. What if people start abusing him for his usual tuk tuk ? Sathiya gaya mr uncool.

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