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    He seems to do it quite often in the commentary. In today's match .. "That's a big one. A west indian one." ... when the windies opener hit a big six. "Small man with a big one." ... when Rayudu hit a six.
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    100-3, Rayudu and Dhoni in the middle , perfect time to kill yourself
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    He may have been a dissappointment in recent time becuase it felt like he underachieves. He may never fulfill his true potential. He will fail again. But when was the last time an Indian Pacer picked up a 10-fer when India played 3 front line spinners. Who was the last pacer to pick up even 5 wickets with this combination? Heck other pacer only bowled 10 balls in the entire match. This thread is not to say Umesh will fulfill his potential but to simply highlight his wonderful performance in this match.
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    amazing how fast bowlers performance can improve when they are not worried about hurting their WK's hands
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    The elephant in the room part 2

    Run rate, strike rate, average.....these things are irrelevant nowadays wrt Dhoni Advice rate, 'winning mentality ™', ability to outspeed 80% cheetahs back to the pavilion after getting out cheaply.....these are the metrics that matter
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    Bh#%di waale, ek hi peg me whisky, vodka, rum mila ke peene pe aisa hi statements nikalta hai. Ch%tiya!
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    Shastri is mixture of Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi
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    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    Which opposition player wouldn't want Dhoni in Indian team!
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    Stan AF

    Dhoni Munnetra Kalagam !!!

    No wonder you guys haven't won any (WC) !!!
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    Holly sh1t! I am a massive fan of Kohli and his captaincy, but oh my god, what is wrong with him. I wouldn't even pick Rayadu for my Indian B squad. I followed Vijay Hazare trophy and I swear, Rayadu wasn't even the best batsmen in Hydrabad 11, forget about India 11. How can Kohli not see the problem. There are players like Jadhav, Rahul, Prithi Shah, Pant, Shreyas, Nitish Rana who are thousand times better than Rayadu and can score at strike of 90 plus, but we have to pick Rayadu!????? A guy whose strike rate is 76!!!! That too when he played most of his games on patta. Seriosuly if Rayadu plays the worldcup, I am done with Kohli.
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    "He does not want to upset the team balance,” Jharkhand coach Kumar said. Too bad that he doesn't extend this same courtesy to the national team
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    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    A consolidated thread for rightful Dhoni bashing. Many of us irritated with selection and many will get even more infuriated during the WI series, so people can vent out their frustrations in this thread. Special invite to @velu , @Rasgulla , @Lannister , @Suhaan , @CSK Fan , @The Realist, @UnknownGenius
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    N if ur thinking its photoshopped , its not
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    Even dhongi was found saying in Aus tour 2011-12 that many of us will not be around wc15,so its imp to try youngsters who will be there in our places....it was a drama staged by dhongi to sidelines sehwag,gambhir and others but look good 7-8 years have passed since then dhongi thinks otherwise now and shamelessly continuing and playing politics behind the scenes So Kohli is imitating those acts of his predessor so nothing genuine here,he too will become a leech in 3-4 years time
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    https://streamable.com/9hsqj Art form now
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    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    Very interesting video of Dhoni striking the ball and going for a run. Thanks for sharing. Don't get to see many of those in match situations. [emoji846] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Mohammad Abbas...

    If he faces India any time soon, Pakistani will go Ab bas
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    Dhoni is scared that he may be found out by doemstic bowlers. What an embarrassment that would be !
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    IND v WI | 1st ODI | Guwahati

    Virat-I shalt protect the middle order everytime except knockouts
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    The elephant in the room part 2

    This elephant gets his whole herd in the room .
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    Kohli in SA Rahane is our best option at no.4 Kohli in eng Rahul might be our best option at no.4 Kohli now Rayadu our best option for no.4 thats captain coolie for u..
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    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    Yes, we are guaranteed a medal in the 100m dash.[emoji4] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Bigg Brother

    The Dhoni Haye Haye Thread

    "Shame,Shame" Basically,What Lords crowd did 2 months ago.
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    Probably the most interesting bowler to watch on Indian wickets at this time in a test match. Has his inconsistencies but you can’t forget where he comes from and what effect he has had on his peers in Indin cricket, especially the young generation of Indian bowlers. He will always go down as the pioneer of this new Indian fast bowling culture. This guy deserves credit for spreading and creating fast bowling culture and the ability to stay fit. It has rubbed onto lot of youngsters who want to perform better than him and replace him. That in itself is an achivement for Umesh and he deserves lot of credit for that. Bowlers now really want to come into the Indian team and bowl fast like him. Well done Umesh. Hats OFF
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    Ummm... not slow enough to be an India prospect, need to reduce his pace a bit, too fast. You have to be at least medium or medium phasst to play for India, and if you are 118-126kph, icing on the cake.

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