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    Legends Says he is still consolidating
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    Who will burst the Tigers bubble?

    wrong ..Its Bangladesh , they are winning the world cup
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    Was just one year old when the original selfish midget retired .
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    Towards the end he became a little like Dhoni, more of a accumulator than a big hitter. Around 1992-1994. Obviously he scored that magnificent 100 in SA vs Donald and co. I started around late 90-1991 as well and I remember a partnership with Kapil and Sachin in sharjah. Sachin was at 5/6 and Kapil at 6/7 and they both were smacking the ball at a very fast rate for that time. That was my first proper Sachin innings, Anyway back to the topic, Back in those days- early 90s only 3 guys in the Indian team could hit 6s against fast bowlers in Indian team. Sachin,Kapil and Srikanth. special mention: subroto Banarjee who hit a couple of amazing 6s in the 92 WC
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    Dont be a sissy mickey ........Pakistan cannot loose another coach in Wc. Tu to suicide kar lega unki puri team murder case men suspect ho jayegi
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    Who will burst the Tigers bubble?

    I don’t know about the fans but the Bangladesh team seems to have matured a lot. No over he top antics and false bravado.
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    Who will burst the Tigers bubble?

    Won't be surprised if Bangla qualifies ahead of Eng. Eng have three tough matches coming up. If they lose all three and if Bangla wins one of their remaining matches, England will crash out
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    Who will burst the Tigers bubble?

    India need to be at their level best to beat BAN .Though we are stronger on paper , BAN team is playing with so much confidence, even importantly in chasing.This is where I have my concerns and the absence of Shikhar is a huge blow.More importantly Rahul needs to be at his best in confidence. India as of now has not chased any big score in the tournament.
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    Who will burst the Tigers bubble?

    In ‘96, ppl said who will burst SL’s bubble
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    i would say pick Karthik and drop Jadhav.. Picking Pant would mean we are including one more unreliable batsman..
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    Shakib ul Hasan -GOAT (All rounder )

    Bangladeshs wants nobel price for his performance in this wc
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    I want my colony team to be separate national team .
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    Well I go here everyday:
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    I am praying for bad form so he gets out in 4 or 5 balls. Judging by how he evaluates his innings he will consider 50 (70) to be good form batting

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