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    I think Ian Chappel got his phrases all mixed up. Not 'bite the bullet', its more like 'dodge the bullet'.
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    Tears in my eyes . @velu @Laaloo @maniac @Gollum @Pollack @Switchblade @SK_IH @Lannister @speedheat Thoughts?
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    A good IPL can get him in the WC19 squad as the 4rd pacer. Kohli is impressed with him and his pace. Talking about him touching 150 kph. This fact may kick start his international career. Kohli bowled him ahead of Umesh and Siraj and completed his quota in a curtailed innings. Good signs as support from captains can be vital. Yesterday, he was visually hurrying batsmen on a very slow pitch. Getting good bounce. And doing this while bowling good lines. Bowled up to 147 kph. Impressive IPL debut. And Gambhir deserves big kudos for supporting him strongly. Good luck young man !
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    Did you miss me?

    Clutch in WC QF, SF, final...check, Smith 1, Stiffback 0 Also this Baap of Kohli in tests, WCs, H2H...check, Smith 1, Brat 0 Singlehandedly took a weak Pune to the final only to be betrayed by NPA Dhoni with the trophy in sight...check, Smith 1, Cool 0 Thus Smith>>>>Choker Spineless Midget+ Stupid Butthurt Brat+ Uncool Slowcoach Perjurer , Q.E.D. HAIL YOUR TRUE KING 25th March is a red letter day in the history of cricket, humanity and all that's nice in the Universe. The most awaited comeback in sports entertainment cos he's back!!!! Umm, never mind GO GO GO
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    Today, 3 years ago

    I know you are all excited about IPL, but let us not forget this special day 3 years ago.
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    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    It's you who needs to take your green glasses off. India is not the rape capitol of the world. Mods, such mofos should be permanently banned from ICF. Just look at his posting pattern on this thread. First a couple of videos showing some female celebrating holi [as if that makes this matter any less sensitive] and now justifying conversions in that cesspit sh!thole called Puke Istan by indulging in false whataboutery about India being some rape capitol.
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    If Dhoni wears the same you will say... "Wow thala...what a simple man... he's so humble"..etc. etc.
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    Did you miss me?

    What is the ICF record for max trollvotes for one post ? ICF is divided into Sachin, Dhoni and Kohli fanboys and insulting all those 3 campaigners in a single post looks like a bad idea in hindsight But IPL season is there just for this purpose plus I am drunk, so .
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    Very very impressive. Far better than umesh..
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    The way he hurried Watson on a slow turner was amazing
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    Hope he doesn't lose confidence when bowling in Bangalore. Looks to be a good prospect
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    The IPL has always been more of a Corporate tournament than anything else I have nothing against the players or cities of Mumbai and Chennai, but in the name of cricket their Owners have turned this into a game of one upmanship which I dislike. .hence i will continue to support every team that plays against csk and MI..lol Cut short to the last night game, what a bad advert for the league and an opener turning into such a damp squib as that. Dhoni had a plan which worked Kohli dint have one hence it wouldn't matter any which ways.Kohli is a better test match captain than limited overs, but he is as good a batsman in any format. Compare that to,Dhoni is a better captain in a limited overs format than test matches, but he is nowhere near Kohli purely as a batsman. The point that I'm trying to make is, if RCB has to do well, they have to change the captain and let Kohli flourish purely as a batsman and a deep fielder..will they do it, I'm not sure
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    Today, 3 years ago

    A very memorable victory. Especially in context of the tournament. After getting mauled by NZ ,a lot of things needed to fall in place for us to reach semis. NZ had to beat Australia and we had to win 3 consecutive games. After this miraculous match and Kohli's masterclass against Australia when we finally reached semis, it felt as if we were destined to win that WC. But Alas! It didn't happen. F*ck you Rahane!
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    And get someone like a Mulayam Yadav to occupy the post of defence minister of India again? Thanks but no.
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    Excellent prospect. Has pace and extra bounce off short of optimum or good length.
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    Did you miss me?

    What is gollu doing in IPL section! Arrest him.
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    Did you miss me?

    Should have segregated into 3 different posts insulting each legend exclusively, for maximum benefit.
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    Re: the part in bold; Is that a Gollumspeak for " Oh I pretend that I hate the IPL, but watch every game twice" ??? As for the rest of your post: This is the IPL. Harbhajan exists to entertain. No one cares if its chucking or not. Makes no difference in the bigger scheme of things.
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    Bugger off Darr, keep your hallucinations and ramblings to yourself, thanks. You are the same closet-Islamist who advocated for discrimination against Hindus. I don't need your lectures here.

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