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    Should have skipped IPL. Would have been better for both himself and RCB
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    P.S.: Let's stop worrying about England tour results and hope Kohli to be in good health, us fans should equally care for his well being.
  3. 6 points
    I look forward to Bhajji saying some completely inappropriate things in commentary!
  4. 5 points
    kohli should play only england test series ...fck t-20s in ireland and england.
  5. 5 points
    If herniated disc is as serious as it's made out to be by rahul. I say, to hell will England tour. Just get into best shape possible champ, England tours will come and go but generating another kohli will be next to Impossible.
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    Pathetic post as usual. Even KL Rahul himself would not wish an injury for Kohli, India's greatest batsman. But some fans I tell you
  7. 4 points
    If he had a neck injury, why did he play against RR then? It's quite possible that he may have aggravated it in that game.
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    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    On which afridi retirement did pakistan cry? Because I remember at least 2-3 retirements from afridi
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    Funny thing is many even called this before the match. It is so predictable. Rahane staying for any length is a serious disadvanage for Royals. Unlike someone like Fauf who can explode when needed he can't. That is where his limitation comes into picture
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    DHONI '9(18)' the phinisher!!!

    Lol Sent from my Micromax A311 using Tapatalk
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    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    inzi has to be the funniest one though, at least ponting lara and ab were world class and at their peak could have been compared to sachin but that aaloo kya soch ke adopt kiya tha isko against sachin phateechar khan thought inzi was a better player of pace than sachin talk about being clueless
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    Most Worthless Player of IPL 2018

    Lord Unadkat is not even among top 25 wicket takers and ranked 62nd in economy rate. Picked just 11 wickets from 15 matches at an econ.rate of 9.6. What a waste of 11.5 crores!
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    There is a flower called Kurinji, it blossoms only once every 12 years. Wait for another 2 years to see Jaddu blossom, don't know how the world will handle that
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    Bye bye bambis !!!

    Will this thread be active since DRS is here and bambis cant win anymore. Genuine question.
  15. 3 points

    Hardik Pandya...

    "get ready. get ready for the action" . this dhokla tries to walk like a thug when the cameras were on with his lean frame and says this with a black american accent. what a loser. He also tried to tell Pant where to go. In a fist fight between the two, Pant would beat Pandya till he is black and blue
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    dont know who this guy is but checked his stats and he has a T20 SR of 124 and FC average of 27. while the first Indian name you took Hooda who has a T20 SR of 141 and FC average of 50, Nitish Rana has a T20 SR of 135 and FC average of 46, Gill has a T20 SR of 145 and FC average of 61. He may be better than 20 year old Rinku Singh out of those names, but none else.
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    those CSK fans also call others name and one CSK guy is also a mod and the guy has no problem with anything. They also call gujjus dhokla munchers and other names. So dont think CSK guys are saints. Everyone gets what he or she gives.
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    But apart from ICF, no one was bothered about his innings in 2016 WC semi. He simply thinks he is playing good innings by holding one end together. Delusional like Pujara who thinks he has the game for ODIs.
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    The key for the opposition teams is to not get Rahane out at all. Rahane is so bad that even if he bats all 20 overs, his team will still lose the match. No other batsman this IPL has this special ability
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    CSK is team of fixers. Cheating is in their dna Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
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    lol.. Harbhajan Singh the joker. Hope he doesn't go on a slapping spree and show his manliness.
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    Talat is much better than all the uncapped Indian batsmen playing in the IPL. He’s so far ahead compared to the likes of Hooda, Rana, Rinku, Gill, Tripathi, Samson, Surya, Kishan, Krunal, Vohra, Mandeep, Sarfaraz, Agarwal and Shaw.
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    Stop aping greenbros.
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    Yes, he scores at 110 sr and expects team to score at 200 sr.
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    Hey you forgot to mention Pappu Patel....wait

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