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    Any proper batsman. Even Shaw would be fine.
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    best competition btw kohli n rohit Shastri
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    Is time running out for KL Rahul fast?

    Lol Rohit took 80 match to establish himself that too after 80 matches he has given opening slot. We have seen what Raydu did in his last aus series Nd u ll also see soon enough how Rayadu ll smoke starc, Hazelwood and Cummins to submission just by his mere presence on the crease.
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    Lol yeah if he had to destroy he would have dropped him after his two failures. Would have never promoted him at #3 but yeah you will only look at negatives. Do you think Kohli the captain would have allowed pant to bat at #3? Also what has pant done yesterday? The way he plays in t20 format he looks complete hack. I know there is time for him to improve but come on pant even on his day doesn't give you guarantee that he will win you match. Talking about his keeping neither him nor Dk will be doing it for 2019 Worldcup. Dk might give you better idea for DRS reviews which was seen in Nidhas Trophy and in this series. Pant is keeping already in Tests so there is no need to put alot burden on him for no reason. I bet if Virat was captain team would have been changed with some players getting dropped and picked for no real reason.
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    See a coach genuinely wants to make a pacer better. He goes by books. But they also must realise that everyone game and physical abilities are different. Accept it, moove on
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    ^ my theory is , Any skill , consistently around 135, Generally requires a very helpful bowling condition to be threatening. You must be consistently above 140k with skill to be able to be called as threatening pacer. There is massive difference in threat level if you start touching 90mph. At around 100mph, you dont need skill. 100mph in itself is skill
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    for anyone who has the potential to keep wicket and bat in ODI/t20s- the stopwatch starts as soon as their name gets picked in the squad...lol
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    Suck it up. He is here to stay and will lead us in 2023 world cup.

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