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    On peepee forum ,you have written biggest upset in pak history and here you are writing greatest win for India. Wah reh Harsh thikor
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    Chahal fielding in the deep. Batsman can't see him when he is that far. They think the area is vacant. They hit in the air in that area ... and may get caught. Perfect tactic. !!
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    We are watching the same player from different perspectives. I do not expect every player to be a Kohli or a Tendulkar much like I do not expect every cuisine to taste the same. I judge players based on their strengths, along with potential of youngsters once they start to play at their peak after they have been groomed PS Pant can do this: https://www.iplt20.com/video/153770/rishabh-pant-s-27-ball-78-rampage .... some great shots vs Bumrah as well!
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    Good for him and CSK. It isn't uncommon for players who are done with international cricket to participate in IPL. Shane Warne was almost 2 years into retirement when he played for RR in the first IPL. Instead of not giving him a contract, BCCI should have given him a special contingent contract - play a specially arranged farewell game against Namibia, collect the match fee and ride off into the sunset on his Harley, with his chela Jaddu riding by his side on a (saddle less) horse.
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    Within a span of 2 matches, this joke of a captain has changed his strategy. The musical chair will continue. Coach and captain have very clear plans of playing Dhoni in the T20 WC, their gift to their buddy
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    Pant is a way better keeper than we give him credit for. His keeping has deotiriated because of the stupid pressure put on him. He barely made mistakes in IPL and initial matches against spinners.
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    I hope that BCCI innovates to create a counseling program for those who are likely to be permanently dropped or are retiring .... the program should also guide them to evaluate opportunities post the cricket career Even if you drop a player, who has been in the team for long, on form, it would be better to recommend counseling to them .... The program could also benefit those out of action for long due to injuries
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    To have Kul Cha in the field together
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    karthik tyagi looks like ishant sharma from the run up.. padosi forum has started speculating karthik’s age [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] as he is cranking 140+ which as per them is an exclusive club only for the Pakistani.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Don't bother about what Kohli says .. He might drop Rahul in the next game and will bring DK
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    If Kohli is clear and is being sincere in his thinking Pant has no role in LOIs, he should drop Pant from the squad (both Test and LOis) and let him play Ranji Trophy, A tours, county cricket and IPL. Being in an environment where the captain and coach clearly do not want him will do more damage to him psychologically. He is still only 22, can be away from the national team till the time Kohli-Shastri are in charge and come back after the 2023 WC under a new captain and coach, he will still be only 25 by then and have a 10 year career ahead of him. I had written a few months back when Pant was being abused publically by Kohli and Shastri that Pant should himself announce that for the next couple of years he wants to focus on domestic cricket to improve his cricket and will comeback to int'l cricket only when he feels he's improved enough. Pant being away from the team for a couuple of yearswill be a win-win for everyone - TM, experts and the Kohli-Dhoni PR mafia (which includes the commentators).
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    Neither ... he was a Jamaican sprinter.
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    Exactly ! And when Bumrah bowls 150 k .... he looks frighteningly quick.
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    Too much reliance on speed gun reading is misleading. Bumrah was beating Finch and Smith, or forcing them on backfoot, with his 139k deliveries. Cummins had bowl at 145 clicks for the same effect. The subjective speed of Bumrah, or the reaction time batsmen have against him, is FAR higher compared to someone like Shami or Cummins/Starc. A Bumrah delivery at 140 is equal to 145+ from the likes of Starc and Shami.
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    Every player whom Kohli has praised in recent times has seen a dip in form immediately afterwards. DK, Rahane, Rayudu, Shankar, Deepak Chahar are some of those who have suffered the Kohli curse. I hope Rahul and Iyer turn out to be the exceptions. On Rahul as a WK, at best this is a stop gap arrangement. Once he becomes a full time keeper-batsman, expectation will be higher and so will be the scrutiny in the media.
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    Kumar was one of the major reasons India won their first ODI series in Australia, removing Ponting, Gilchrist and Clarke in that 2nd final was pivotal. Collectively they made only about 20 runs from memory.
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    WTF! Pant has just started bto flourish in ODIs. Check last WI series. He has barely played 16 ODIs.
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    Karm karo Dot ki Chinta mat karo
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    Impressed with Rahul’s keeping however the only scary part is Rahul has a history of being extremely fragile and injury prone. Keepers are usually the fittest people in the team and keeping required a lot of strength and stamina and concentration. If Rahul can perform with the gloves not compromising on his batting and Vice versa it’s a great thing. He solves a lot of balance issues. We can play Kul Cha or an extra batsman or accommodate both Jadeja and Pandya who are more than capable 5th and 6th bowlers. Between them it adds depth even though I wouldn’t trust them in a 100/4 or 5 type of scenario.
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    Rahul can't keep and open. By the 45th over he was just standing and keeping plus looked a tired opener. Yes let destroy both pant and rahul together.
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    What an asinine idiotic comparison. Gilchrist was an absolute legend as was Jayasuriya.
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    dont care about our national games .. winning or losing doesn't affect me THAT much but IPL is a different story
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    I hope Kartik Tyagi and Akash Singh are handled better by the BCCI.than Mavi and Nagarkoti. Mavi and Nagarkoti are getting lost for the time being.
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    Shastri talking about Saini ... " He is rapid, he has got wheels and when he gets it right he is going to tickle a few ribs."
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    This is average speed of 1 innings of 1 match. I can show you 1 such innings where Shami averaged 142 k+. We are talking about entire years.
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    He does not have control while playing hook , hardly plays pull. Hence he had no attacking shots in the on side vs Shot balls. Today , i thought it was a good change of plan by him . By staying a bit on leg side , he opened up the off side where he could play shots with more control like the ramp. lofted shots over the in field over covers rather than his onside shots . It gives good advantage for him since :- 1. By moving a bit to leg, if bowlers try to follow his body , the ball very well become wide if they go more towards leg. 2. If they stay around off , he can ramp, or slash . 3. You cannot bowl all 6 short balls , hence next delivery tried by bowlers would be yorkers . That stance of little towards leg also enables to give full face of the bat for such shots . Going forward this is what bowlers will try against him with this stance - When he moves towards leg side , bowl wide full deliveries outside of the offside with change in pace . Want to see what counter strategy he will come up with . Overall liked today's approach.
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    Looks like he is taking professional help and is on meds now. Hope things get better for him . Bless his kids for giving him a reason and hope. I see his restaurant on meerut bypass everytime I pass that way and think about him . Get well soon PK.
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    Goons were there on both sides. The so called students who prevented other students from registering were also goons. Infact they are the resident goons who the other students have to face everyday. Personally I can't stand Deepika's voice.It is grating and abrassive....and agree that she is fairly mediocre But I wanted to see the movie ....and decided not to because I don't support people who stand by the ar****** Kanhaiya and the wannabe Mamata . Secondly I hate when these actors pretend to show interest in social causes masquerading as movie promotion . I found Amitabh Bachan's open letter to his grand daughter before Pink also pretty shallow. She could have protested in mumbai or any other place,any other way.....but standing next to the urban naxals was not on . I personally have no sympathy for the JNU ke buddhe lal brigade calling themselves students. Now unless she continues her support to the tukde naxals in future,it will be pretty difficult to take her seriously on any issue. Movie promotion ke liye sab kuch bikta hai.
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    What can you expect from a person whose grand father wanted to merge his riyasat into Pakistan and championed the idea of Pakistan, he used to call Hindus untrustworthy, so not surprised one bit and less said about the Vidhu Vinod, the rajdans, the panditas the better utter disgrace on KPs,was reading about girija tikku rape and murder, a 26 yr old kp women whose family was shifting to jammu after the events of 19 Jan 1990 she was called to collect her salary as she was a lab assistant, she was kidnapped from there, was raped for days, tortured beyond cruelty and was cut by a saw into two pieces, with her body found on road side, why I am typing this, is because I want to tell those apologetic sob's that enough is enough, yes not all Muslim's are bad, but where are these liberal Muslim's, and why are they not calling out these mofo radicals mere condemning is not enough, bc Chewtiya samjha hai kya, bc Sara secularism hum hi dikhaye taaki kal ko humare bachche Hume gaaliya de ki humare liye lade kyu nhi ,kyu nhi ek safe atmosphere diya hum ko.
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    Takes eyes off the ball on short pitch, dangerous. He will do OK in India. Not yet cemented his place yet.
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    Be careful with ur word already u have said rahul is not talented which will bite u very hard very soon So dont make a statement about a talent like pant were u sleeping in Wi series ??? He did well in WC semi final He did well in Wi series The only series where he didnt was WI ODI tour Let me knw how many youngsters were consistent at the age of 21-22 , ill show ATG who were not till ages A guy who bats at s/r of 162 in IPL is not suited for LOI , didnt another day u wanted him to open.....abhi team men bhi khelne layak nhin Rahul just made a 80 in 52 balls that to against starc n cummins not a SL attack....already has a 100 at 4 in t20 marnus labuschane avg 28 in first class and 37 in ListA and he in Aus side Have u ever seen a LIST A or Vijay hazare its one the most poorely organized tournament ...poor pitches a game every next day Same samson smoked SA-A Same rahul who u said is not talented is now good enough to play over specialist keeper like pant, kishen n samson and then ur the one who cries most of specialist The extent
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    exactly. too much hero worshiping. same from Karuna MGR Jaya time and now Rajini Dhoni etc. I am certain in few years if Dhoni gets some Bjp ticket in the north he will have phenomenal backing in TN, just a bit of theatrics to back it and he will be golden.
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    The pattern was similar, ladies sitting on road though, gadi ke liye jagah chhodi hui thi, naarebaazi was full on, talks of nizam-e-Mustafa, la illaha illillaha, azaadi,disappointing thing was kid as young as 6-8 yrs were saying provocative things bc apni nasalo ko to chhod do,some might say it's hyper bol, but never have I ever seen such hatred with passion ,on the other hand we have some dhimmis and dhindus who will justify every thing, Mara lo bc, Bhaiya aaj jo dekha aur suna, bc bhad main jaye aisa secularism, saala ek tarfa secularism ka achar daaloge.
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    This is like casting Rajinikanth again and again to appeal Tamil audience. While guys like Amitabh playing roles that suit his age, this guy continues playing macho hero roles. They are doing the same in cricket. They idolize him. So they keep selecting rather "casting" him as their leader. This is like a movie gig for Dhoni.
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    Dude you overhype the past padosi team and their players way too much.
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    All this BS coz he wants to sneak in Dhwan in t20. He said we shouldn't change winnning combination someone should tell this Andha that next series is 5 t20 against nz and it's not odi.
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    Most Important job of a 12th man is carrying drinks and fielding as substitute . Considering chahals not so impressive fielding credentials , why the TM picked him as our 12th men
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    Maybe that's why he is continuously selected...
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    he can play in IPL till 2031 for all I care...just boot him out of national team already.
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    Thinking about this statement from Kohli, this is such a strategically thought out move. Playing Rahul as a keeper and middle order batsman, Kohli gets to neutralize two threats 1. Threat to his buddy Dhawan's place in the team as an opener (despite him being nearly 35) 2. Takes out Pant from the scene Rahul as a part time keeper will also be prone to mistakes. It's those missed chances that will give Kohli the chance to immediately push for Dhoni to be included in T20 WC squad.
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    People forget that Pant is not only a new player but also a youngster .... that 16 ODIs are also played intermittently .... Many are probably angry that he replaced Dhoni (though no fault of Pant here)
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    He is not a bad keeper. He is obviously not as good as Saha but he is better than Dhoni keeping to fast bowlers and Dhoni obviously better against spinners. Minus the Dhoni pr machinery they are at the same level as keepers. Pant is the 2nd best keeper in India and in LOIs because Saha doesn’t play, no.1 keeper. However he has been judged here on his batting. Sorry but he he has no match awareness with the bat. Rahul is a stop gap. Pant still has time to work on his game. In a perfect world it was the right decision to give him a break however my concern is with the idiots who manage Indian cricket on the field.
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    All speed data is not there on the ICC website. For example ... speed data of our full tour of Australia and part of the tour of SA in 2018 are missing
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    Hello everyone! On this day 30 years ago, islamic extremists and terrorists, massacred and drove out Kashmiri pandits from the Kashmir valley. Faces with the threat of conversions, rapes and death they have been treated as second class citizens in their own country by living in camps like refugees. Please join me in hoping that this government can restore some kind of happiness in these people and make them live with their head high, which they have been unable to do for the the last 30 years. Indian youth ( esp hindus) have no knowledge or care about this incident. I am doing my bit in the UK to inform and educate people on this event but please do your bit in India as well. We have to give our Pandit brothers their rights and one day return them to their ancestral land no matter what the cost.
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    Lol wut By this logic we should shut down ICF because none of the members here have ever played cricket at a professional level. It is absolutely important to point out discrepancies in players, even upcoming ones. If they work on it and improve well and good, if not then someone else is in the queue to replace them
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    Mayanti sitting like she is in one of my yogic poses
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