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    Morning rain in Melbourne, and chance of storms, but the weather should have cleared by the afternoon, I hope. The Australian Open tennis is going on here atm, and there's quite a big third round match on Rod Laver Arena tonight between 19 year old (turns 20 in Feb) local hope Alex de Minaur, and a certain Rafa Nadal. You'd think there'll be a heck of a lot more attention paid to that than the cricket.
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    If he can't help cricket after retirement, atleast don't hurt it by making silly statements. Waisay it must feel familiar to him....
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    he acted like a puppy there. being friendly on the ground and being cute with his sledging, posing for pics with kids etc. Comes back to India and says 'i will give it back' lol what? give what back?
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    He looks like a kid who has been kicked and forced to sit in the classroom without his will.
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    That's the difference between Sucessful captain and a Fraud who got whitewashed by RSA at home. He didn't give a flying *.
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    More like LACK OF QUALITY.. Biggest Fraud
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    That match was a useless match. Did you clowns know that Sri Lankan players got injured in todays trial match in Australia as they prepare for their test series.
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    Indian feminists !!!

    I just read some feminists views on twitter who are excited by the news of Amit Shah having swine flu Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using Tapatalk
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    Sachin is looking way more younger than MSD.
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    MUmbatti has fans lol
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    even you dont want to see us chasing 225 na everyone want to see a good interesting game .. dhoni is like a electrical transformer , will adjust the voltage according to how much the devices can handle
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    in DK I still dont trust !

    Would be a good idea to promote the allrounder Hardik/Jaddu/Shankar ahead of him if the 5th socket falls before the 40th over
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    i think i messed up somewhere aussies might have scored less than 45 runs in any of the 10 overs somewhere in their middle of their innings when dhoni applied dhoniconda
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    Team for World Cup 2019

    yet to make a debut and you want him for the wc other than gill and pant in your team , rest going to the wc.. jadhav , dk and rayudu will take those two spots
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    Seriously.. do such writers exist.. my eyes are welling with tears for hearing such a poignant heart warming true story..got me a bit emotional and took me to kothi compound despite not knowing how it looks.. a fan of this sports writer.. a rare gem indeed... A literary Titan.. Folks if you find time , please read this article , the best I have read in decades..
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    Rahane will stay back and get LBW to an half volley
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    Please not him, great cricketer but he doesn't have the stuff to set right anything. Zero leadership skills, very dull, lacks personality, shies away from responsibility (Rajya Sabha), unethical, compromised...nothing to suggest he should be involved in the administration. Everybody has flaws but SRT has no outstanding quality to be successful in BCCI hierarchy.
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    As a mentor to the young and upcoming players, Dravid is in the perfect position already. No need to waste him in politics. He isn't made for it. Ganguly will eventually become BCCI prez one day. He has a knack for politics. Tendulkar is a god. Don't think he will stoop down to perform earthly functions.
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    Team for World Cup 2019

    At the last minute will Saurasthra captain find a way to be part of India XI? He got a 6fer in Ranji most of them with rubbish balls.

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