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    Agarkar is one of the few ex-players who talks sense these days and is not afraid to call out bad selections. Wish he was a selector.
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    I am just waiting for Dhoni to come out stating that he cheated on his wife with 157 male players. It is the only thing which makes sense at this point of time.
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    Check Shashank kishore's article on Cricinfo about Jadhav. It was supposed to be about Jadhav but the writer did his PR bit by boasting about MSDs supposed magic. Nobody remembers the captain who promoted Sachin to open in New Zealand changing not just Sachin's career but the entire cricketing world. Rohit played some 80 ODIs under Dhoni and then finally is asked to open and this move is constantly reminded to us as the Midas touch of msd.
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    Thanking Dhoni for selecting him.
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    Tired of posting 11

    At one point, posting 11 used to be exciting. But now w/ a) recycled squad selected, b) players getting injured, and c) players such as KL not making it to the 11 despite being in the squad, posting 11s has become a pointless exercise To BCCI and TM, please select exciting squads and optimized 11, so cricket becomes “more” interesting once again Anyways, this is probably the last gen which is following cricket so passionately. Don’t make it easy for us to follow cricket less and less
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    Tomorrow Deepak chahar will thank mahi bhai. Day after Jaddu will thank mahi Bhai for reviving his career. And the line will continue with all these suck i mean call ups.
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    elli avram , urvasi rautela or esha gupta ? @UrmiSinhaRay
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    Maybe Urmi has some inside info on this. [emoji848] Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    It's all Kohli's fault. He is meek with the captaincy and let CSK players sh!t all over him. It's his failure to win the IPL trophy is the reason for his insecurity. But normally IPL performance shouldn't be considered for Indian team selection, maybe except for T20s.
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    May be along with yo yo test these players must be subjected to a basic IQ and anti suck-up tests before getting into the Indian team?
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  12. 5 points
    sucking up to get into the squad - check sucking up to get into the XI - in progress
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    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Rahane well on the way to Indian ODI middle order, currently 32 from 41 balls.
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    Agarkar is speaking like how I want him too. Always liked him as a player evn though the world hated him for his bowling. Shabash Aggy.
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    Get well soon Pandya. Enjoy the forced rest. Get a facial ,manicure, pedicure while you are on your back...
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    I disagree. Look at the way he played in ipl. He was attacking from ball 1. Point is Rayadu is selfish, he knows our media pundits care about averages and runs than match winning impact.
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    I heard from my uncle's friend friend's uncle that Pandya's straight orientation is a sham. Karan Johar paid off Avrams, Rautelas and Guptas to act as Pandya's love interests. He will come out of the (shiny designer) closet soon. Dekh lena. PS: LMAOO
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    Vijay hazare trophy 2018

    Shaw batting on 49 from 40 balls against Karnataka. How long is this guy going to be kept away from ODIs?
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    Scope for left arm slow bowlers is limited unless you are an all rounder or playing in helpful conditions or a Bedi KP adds more value with his power hitting abilities. In fielding both of them are similar. In bowling, Jadeja could be more clever due to experience Considering our fragile middle order, and with Hardik out, Krunal had a stronger case
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    This guy is very filmy. I think with him we are definitely on for next 5 years of good entertainment in terms of both nautankibaazi and some decent performance here and there. Sreesanth 2.0 who has better cricket skills overall.
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    Lol.. Why you guys always keep crying? Don't you have little bit of shame? We dont need to cheat to defeat 3rd grade perpetual minnows like Bangladesh
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    Tired of posting 11

    Get a health check up done. So much panting is a sign of bad physical and in your case ...mental health.
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    Csk factory is producing world class ipl products,bcci thought its better to have a easy way ,why not select from the already selected players from csk On a serious note this is now called shamelessness..they are selecting the most mediocre ones ignoring the deserving ones all in open and on purpose M@d@r©0..
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    Sequel might be MS DHONI THE LIFE CHANGER for sure if I go by his PR team Watson,Chahar,Suniel Shetty,Sid Kaul,Jhadav are they looking for roles in his sequel movie?
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    And after all that Rayudu serves him delicious biryani. No wonder Dhoni loves him so much.

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