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    In tests there is no need to take on bowlers. Bhuvi and Ashwin have test batting average of 22 and 30 respectively which is very good from bowlers at international level. Even though batting SR of bowlers do not matter in tests, Bhuvi and Ashwin have batting SR of 45 and 54 respectively which is very good for a bowler. SR of 54 means that when Ashwin wants he can score higher than that as that is only an average SR. In some innings he can bat at SR over 100 like he does in few ODI and T20 innings. His ODI SR is 85 so it's not like he can't score run a ball in some innings. I think no other team has two bowlers with this batting average. Faheem and Brathwaite has just started test career. Even Holder has not played half the tests as Ashwin. Moreover they are not specialist bowlers to compare with Bhuvi or Ashwin. If one wants to compare Faheem Ashraf, Brathwaite or Holder then a like for like all rounder comparison with someone from Indian team would be all rounder Hardik Pandya, not Ashwin or Bhuvi. Would you name any cricketer whose specialist skill is bowling in tests but has better test batting average than Ashwin or for that matter even Bhuvi. Would be even better if you post their test batting averages in comparison. Player with bowling as primary skill - Test batting AVG Ashwin - 30 Philander - 25 Starc - 22 Bhuvi - 22 Cummins - 20 We have one bowler who has best test batting average amongst all specialist bowlers. Bhuvi with batting average of 22 is also someone with good batting average. So we have the top 2 batsmen in bowling departments. Even Aussie pair of Starc and Cummins are second to our two bowlers.
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    Did you watch his three fifty's versus England test series in England. And the ODI Knock he played with Dhoni at other end. Ashwin and Bhuvi are the best batsmen amongst bowlers of all teams. Maybe only Philander comes close to those two.

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