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    He blocks till the players at the other end have no option but to hit out and get out, then he stays not out and scores a few boundaries when the game is already lost to bring up his strike rate, his fans hail him as the lone warrior. This has been Dhoni's template since 2016.
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    The so called issues are easily resolvable and self created. Replace Dhoni and Raina with Rishabh and Karthik. Both better batsmen at this point than the two flops. Other batsmen are good, just these two making the batting lineup look bad.
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    Naah! He knows exactly what he is capable of and what he is not. Dhoni is too smart not to know this. His entire stellar career is built on knowing his strengths and playing yo it adjusting his batting order according to it. Being a captain he had the luxury to do that. He is just hanging around for his brand and minting some more money. Money is a thing one is never tired of earning.If he stops International cricket soon his IPL brand value will drop too. He won't risk missing on IPL. See the passion with which he plays IPL. You will see a lot more animated Dhoni when CSK lose while when India it's all about process and enjoying the game.Idiot plays IpL for winning and International matches for enjoying when it should be other way around.
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    He should. That's a no brainer. But these morons will not drop Dhoni. Raina will also play because he can roll his arm over for a couple of overs and is a left handed batsman. It doesn't matter that he's not a good batsman these days.
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    While I agree with the majority that Dhoni is well past it as a finisher today and should ideally have been replaced, a couple of other poor decisions in the last 3 years have really cost us as well. And really the selectors/Dhoni/Kohli are to blame for this. Raina had previously played ODI cricket in 2015 and subsequently dropped. The selectors instead chose to put the likes of rahane at no.4 when it was clear that he could not score quickly enough at that position. manish pandey was relatively better in that he had a good List A record and even at ODI level, he has stats of 40/90. Yuvraj was a short sighted choice despite doing reasonably well since he was clearly not going to make it to the world cup when he is 38. Moreover he was brought back after 3 years in exile. Jadhav was poor in the field and quite mediocre with the bat although he did show the ability to bat at a fair clip. But where was the foresight to prepare for this World Cup if these were the names being recycled. If KL Rahul was considered to be talented , why wasn't he given a consistent run atleast 3 years ago so that he could settle into his role by now? His List A stats are not particularly impressive. And then at 5, the selectors did another UV by bringing Raina back after 3 years in the wilderness. Again this was poor vision shown by them. Now 3 years have gone by, we are a year away from the World Cup and we have no established batsmen at 4 or 5 and Dhoni at 6. Are there no young batsmen at List A level with the potential to average 40-45 with the bat and strike at around 95 for these two spots or atleast for one spot in the hope that Rahul can fill the other spot? Discuss.
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    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    In light of the recent FIFA World Cup, thought of comparing the cricket teams with football teams based upon history/ability/achievements/mindset/resources yada yada. 1. West Indies: Brazil Calypso/Samba...free spirited Greatest teams of all time once upon a time but not so successful in the last 20 odd years Greatest players....all time XIs will have max players from their countries Loved by all Immense natural talent which drives them to success without a strong domestic set up Swag/Flair 2. Australia: Germany Overall very successful Competitive in every era Very consistent in World Cups Many ATGs (2nd highest) Very organized, disciplined with high precision and scientific approach to the game Ruthless Excellent domestic structure and youth programmes which was/is able to consistently churn out high quality players 3. India: Italy Probably in terms of big success behind only Australia (Germany) and WI (Brazil) Punched above its weight and knocked out fancier teams in the past to win big trophies Mediocre for large parts but still a great history with a few top tier ATGs Both are very defensive teams (bowling=attack, batting=defence ) with max ATGs in defensive department (India=batsmen, Italy=defenders and GK) For most parts in big tourneys both are mentally tough units, very dogged India often stopped mighty WI('83)/Australia(ATG test streak) just like how Italy stopped many pre tournament favorites like Brazil, France, Germany in the past. Good domestic structure.....Ranji=slightly below par, IPL=best in the world, average it out 4. Pakistan: Argentina Chaotic, mercurial, unpredictable Have won the big trophies but not yet as successful as 1-3 Individual brilliance, X factor Lack of cohesion, full of controversies and soap operas Achieved success under strong dictatorial leaders Propensity to cheat with innovations like ball tampering, chucking, Hand of God, fixing... Unapologetic about cheating incidents in the past, they wear it like a badge of honour Domestic Structure LOL 5. England: England Invented the sport but watched other teams excel more Rich history but most greats from bygone era English media Historically the best domestic structure with great prestige, finest of the game have polished their skills in England.....finishing school for many ATGs Boring sides Nostalgia tards Ugly yet effective style of play, tenacious spirit which helped them perform beyond their capabilities 6. Sri Lanka: France Won all their trophies post 90s, since then possibly most consistent teams in big events Produced many freakish talents Very successful in a short span At their best as good as any of the other ATG units Tactically top notch Nice fakers, often resort to underhand means 7. South Africa: Netherlands Never won a WC in spite of being favorites many times, greatest nations to not win the ultimate prize in their disciplines Exceptional talent, very skilled Cryuff=Kallis...objectively greatest but not rated as GOATs by pundits 8. New Zealand: Belgium Punch above weight No standout ATG but many excellent players who gel well Never came close to winning a WC Honest triers Universally liked 9. Bangladesh: Some African country (Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria????) Lots of funds pumped in by governing body 1-2 high quality players surrounded by a bunch of mediocre players Occasionally upset higher ranked teams Too many false dawns Very passionate fanbase Perpetual victim mentality Feel free to add your choices...I don't follow football like I used to as a kid. I may have made some wrong assumptions and got a few observations wrong. But honestly quite difficult to find equivalents which everyone will agree upon . Pretty sure many ICFers are more knowledgeable in this regard !!!!
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    Definetly back Nasser, Pak is favourite for WC 2019, the stronger the favourite Pak is at anything the harder they fall flat on their face so toast to WC 2019 favourites...Pakistan
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    hai ammi!!! Nas khinch gayee...
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    There is no point in having a batsman who knows he cannot win with RRR of 7 and hence goes into shell right from ball 1 of his innings until he gets out.It's also not a case that there are no options better than him. Rishabh Pant is definitely expected to bat above 90 SR atleast if he plays 50 plus balls if not over 100 SR. Karthik isn't as attacking as Rishabh but certainly he too won't bat with a losers mentality. In fact he showed in that Asia cup T20 finals that he has a totally opposite mentality when compared with Dhoni. Match winners are there but the selectors are preferring loser mentality cricketers in team (not all , but one is enough to suck all the momentum).
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    Time for Dhoni to go?

    I voted '' no'' coz i dont think Dhoni would go. He needs to be kicked out actually
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    It has become a norm now. After every dud performance from dhoni....there is a procession of defenders sent out. Kab tsk bewakoof banate rahenge? Do they realise that the people they fool are the people because of whom these matches are played. Bloody *ers ! If he played bad...atleast let him get the brickbats. Nah....this guy should not be questioned no matter what he does. He will keep ' finishing ' games like this with that smug look on his face. He will make one decent score worth something in one of many matches and the whole procession of ' in your face ' comments and memes will start.
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    Don't you need two players to build partnerships? Why did it feel like only pandya and Raina tried to build a partnership while dhoni was happy blocking ball after ball? You don't stop shop at the other end and expect the other batsman to keep the rrr in check. Think of all those good innings that dhoni has had and you can see dhoni was happy blocking at the other end while his partner took all the risks like yuvi against england, etc.
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    As per the team management there are not ready players in the domestic cricket,so Dhoni can play as far as he enjoys his game. After a match winning knock, Pant is not selected against England lions.After a 5 wicket haul Kuldeep is not selected for the T20 match.If Kuldeep, Rahul fails for 2,3 match they may be thrown out of the team to bring their favourite players who are not threat to the places of has beens. There are lots of 145+ kmph bowlers now available, but the selection committee is satisfied in selecting Chahar,Kaul,Thakur who all are same type of bowlers. If the selection committee had foresight they would have selected young players for the T20 series against Ireland and England
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    Phateechar will always be phateechar..
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    In mid and late 90s till 2007 or so.. i only used to read cricket part of the newspaper and clearly remember so many occassions when legends were criticized for a lot lesser things. Former cricketers used to bring down legends to their knees through articles or press comments. But ever since that pension system has come and bccis transformation into a money minting machine, all former cricketers have become mute spectators. Manjrekar once had the guts to call Sachins bad patch as a elephant in the room. That too when Sachin was still around 32. MSD is 37 now.
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    Same way Dhoni's good innings should also be credited to all the explosive players at the other end he got to play with so He can tuk tuk and finally hit some boundaries with other players trying to move scoreboard further.His whole career revolved around the partners.Even last year the century against England,Yuvi accelerated when this douchebag was striking at 30 SR once.
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    It doesn't matter how thick-skinned you are but all this criticism has to hurt and make you question your decision to hang around. Dhoni is aware of his physical and technical limitations as a batsman, sees what some of the younger wkt keepers have done at other levels, and knows Kohli's stubborness is keeping him away from hanging up his gloves and collecting his pension cheques. He wasn't willing to provide the same defense to other senior players who went through similar passage under his own captaincy. He may still occasionally play blinders as batsman but he isn't half the batsman he used to be 10 years ago and for a country brimming with so much talent, this selfish behavior really riles me up. What still draws him to international cricket? He will be treated as cricket god by casual Indian fans for next 50 years regardless of what happens from now until he retires. IPL will provide him with his cricket fix and his next 7 generations don't have to earn a dime. He can pretty much have any position in BCCI or CSK's management. I had so much mad love and respect for him but can't stand the sight of him in India's blue uniform anymore.
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    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Umesh yadav again is proving that he is still no good and is not even a short term prospect. I have not seen any evolving from him. At least Ishant with experience has become a workhorse who is economical and will do dirty work of completing overs. You cannot be bowling a boundary ball every over and still be called as international bowler.
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    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Lol...question is would present day Dhoni even make it to the Bangladeshi team?
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    Only problem is Pakistan have never won when they entered as favourites: 1992, 2009, 2017 they were underdogs with horrible starts to their campaigns. This time they will enter as legit contenders, let's see how they react to that added pressure. But kudos to Pak selectors and coaches (Arthur, Flower, Azhar Mahmood)....if our selectors and coaching staff were that good, the result of the WC would be a foregone conclusion, alas !!!
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    There was another bizarre moment,when the crowd booed him and they were slow clapping,he did a forward defense the next ball as if to stick to the crowd. Then suddenly the 12th man comes and the next ball he hoicks it and gets out. This was one of the most bizarre games I ever saw.
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    Dhoni wasn't being asked to clap. He was being asked to not give up when a win looked tough.
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    OK Plan A failed, and plan B failed. You are now in the 40th over with about 125 needed off the last 10- very tough but not impossible in this day and age. Your number 6 is at the crease. What is your plan C? Tuk Tuk for last 10 overs.

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