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    Sourav Ganguly hit back at Ravi Shastri by denying his claims. Shastri had revealed that he once left Ganguly in the team hotel as he was late to reach at the team bus. “You don’t interview him in the morning, don’t bring him (Shastri) on the breakfast show he wouldn’t remember what he said. When I meet him I will tell him what do you say on the breakfast show, that never happened I don’t know where he got that from. But don’t interview him in the morning, do it in the evening he will be able to recall things better,” he said. https://www.timesnownews.com/sports/cricket/cricket-news/article/sourav-ganguly-hits-back-at-ravi-shastri-denies-being-taught-punctuality-lesson-by-him/265232
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    Enough of this shastrigiri, I want Dada as our head coach Zack as bowling coach, express bowling n rkt as bowling consultents n velu as motivational speaker(for only dhoni)
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    The rest of the team is ok. But playing just 2 specialist fast bowlers in these conditions is a very very poor decision that would make people question the basic cricketing acumen of these guys.
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    Today's Analysis

    Can safely drop the “sis” part of the phrase...
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    Bhai TNPL ka standard gir jayega, they deserve nothing but life ban from all forms of cricket. Imagine how this lady will be feeling tonight, 4 innings 4 ducks spread over 2.5 days .
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    Gaandoo Shastri telling us to cool down and then raise the heat up ... ON HIS AUSS! [emoji1] So looking forward to Dhawan gnaawaar dropping dollies and thigh slapping ... then going hard at the ball without any foot movement edging to the slips. Pujara blocking himself into a rut and then looking like a deer caught in the headlight after getting bowled. Rahane wafting his bat edging to the slips forgetting he is the vice captain and that he is known for scoring overseas. All this while Kohli standing on the other end watching the procession muttering BC MC under his breath! Pissant running in and bowling the same plucking ball every time, except this time he won’t be so lucky. Shami running in lethargic with all 50 years of his life like a heavy burden wearing him down. Umesh following Pissant's example except spraying the ball all over negating any movement he might get. All the fielders dropping catches like the ball is a slippery Lyril soap and then showing their stained teeth is on camera. Meanwhile chewtiya Shastri is taking a nap in the stands and Kohli looks like he is going to explode any time. And so goes the 2nd test and down 0-2!
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    Irrespective of whether that player is needed or not. Tomorrow his wife will say "why fiddle around with these morons like rahane who look like they are just stepped out of poverty, famine or worse even slavery.. I know some solid Pathan fast bowlers and 6 pack muscle lads, you put them in the team and they will play so well even tendulkar will cry". And then... Based on anushka's advice our team for Australia tour - Varun dhawan Arjun Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor Virat kohli (c) Tiger shroff Sushanth Singh Rajput (experienced keeper) Salman khan Amir khan Shahrukh khan Saif Ali khan Akshay Kumar
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    I’ll confess some level of ignorance here regarding the three players I mentioned because I haven’t watched them in action beyond occasional clips. My larger point is that somewhere along the line this concept of soft debuts crept into Indian cricket. The thinking that promising youngsters should be introduced to international cricket against weaker opponents, or in familiar conditions is counterproductive. Playing against the likes of the lower ranked teams in subcontinental conditions is no better than playing against good FC opposition. In fact, certain away ‘A’ level games are more challenging. Coming to the specific players: 1. Shaw has scored runs at all levels, while International openers are floundering. There can’t be a better time for him to be tested at the next level than in England. He might fail, but that’s not reason enough to not play him. 2. In the case of Pant, I’m more guarded, because I haven’t watched him keep over a FC innings even. But we know Karthik is a poor keeper, he kept poorly at Edgbaston as well. As for his batting an average of 25 or so, says it all. There is no reason Pant shouldn’t be played, if Saha is unavailable, unless his keeping is atrocious. 3. Siraj has picked blocks and chunks of wickets. He is not a finished product from what I’ve seen, but bowls excellent lengths and bowls consistently wicket taking deliveries. Moreover, he is in form and rhythm, which is very important in test cricket.
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    Ganguly is a national hero. He deserves to be treated with utmost respect and like a hero. If BCCI has any shame they would send this leech back home in coach on the first AI flight available from Heathrow for saying what he did.
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    I think Karthik missed a wonderful opportunity to replace Saha. Pandya's place should be replaced by proper batsman. I think Jadeja would be prefer. Kuldeep is a wrong selection instead of a seamer, he should be first settle in shorter formats. Rahul is also more like shorter format batsman where he needs to first calm down before play shots. Too many poor shot selections by indian batsmen. I believe Shastri is not the right choice. There should be a foreign coach. It happened to us also when Waqar was coaching. Players are not obedient to desi coaches. Need to correct disciplines first.
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    Jo hua achha hua, jo ho raha hai woh achha ho raha hai, aur jo hoga woh bhi achha hoga.
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    in ganguly's defense,dinda was really convincing with his headband and the grunt coupled with the 100 foot high jump action.
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    1. Ball is swinging like crazy and we have just 2 full time pacers & Pandya. The bowler whose strength is swing is dropped. 2. Pant was a must but we don't give him chances. 3. DK selection, I won't blame them in the current context but told ya...that guy will not deliver. You just have to wait and watch and he will eventually fail. Disappointment guaranteed.
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    In the Indian dressing room... “Oh look, the covers are coming off...”
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    Aisa Lagta hai ki Yeh invitation specially Mr and Mrs Kohli ke liye tha aur Baaki team complimentary pass main aaye hai. Esliye Hero , Heroine sabse aage aur baaki B grade actors peeche.
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    Fire in Babylonia

    You need to have pride for your culture and self respect to drive changes. India has "Chalta Hai" attitude so even though such a performance should incite a change, it probably will not
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    We need foreign batsmen.
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    Yea, unfortunately I have to agree here, although dhoni was dumb with no eye for talents he at least was not a coward like kohli in trying out and backing youngsters. And this is me saying it, forum has seen my love for dhoni.
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    Did anything happen after 2011,2013 and 2014 away tours?You are naive or innocent if you feel things will change after this.Bcci does not care about away bashings we win at home every thing will be rosy.
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    A comment on cricbuzz:- How can some people be so clueless about the game they follow religiously?

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