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    All Matches Played by Yuvraj in VH in comparison with other Young players from same Punjab Team: 1st: Yuvraj:48(41), Shubman 115(131), Anmolpreet: DNP, Gurkeerat 31(42) 2nd: Yuvraj41(51), Shubman24(44), Anmolpreet DNP, Gurkeerat85*(80) 3rd: Yuvraj6 (10), Shubman26(37), Anmolpreet DNP. GurkeeratDNP 4th: Yuvraj26(31), Shubman40(66), Anmolpreet 35(51),Gurkeerat 15(21) 5th: Yuvraj96(121). Shubman53(39),Anmolpreet DNP, Gurkeerat101(96) 6th: Yuvraj9(6), Shubman73(88), Anmolpreet 141(114), Gurkeerat30*(22) 7th: Yuvraj38(60), Shubman77(93),Anmolpreet 138(106),Gurkeerat 6*(2) Yuvraj: Innings:7, Runs:237, Average:33.9, SR:74 Shubman: Innings:7, Runs:408, Average:58.1, SR: 82 ANmolpreet:Innings:3, Runs:314, Average:104, SR:115 Gurkeerat: Innings:6, Runs:268, Average:89.3, SR:101 This guy should be kicked out of Punjab team based on these numbers, there are more deserving players warming benches. And he wants to play WC
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    Will never mock jograj singh, the man is a pioneer and visionary when it comes to Dhoni. He saw the light way before any of us. For that alone #respect
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    mani sha

    why o why? who am i!

    i have a bowler who took 40 wickets in 4 games and bowls at serious pace and yet i choose groinholding handless zamindar i have a keeper who can blast sixes but i choose to keep a keeper who plays test cricket in t20 i choose to play a spinner on seaming wicket drop my reliable opener for a flashy one i have a drunkard as my coach ,i banished the wise sage and i try to be A vegan to get laid! am i a moron or idiot or narcissistic dictator ?
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    Dhoni is scared that he may be found out by doemstic bowlers. What an embarrassment that would be !
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    No offense but I stopped reading when you expected Kohli and Rahane to score the same number of runs
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    The Dark Horse

    why o why? who am i!

    I'm livid when I should celebrate and I laugh when I should cry (CT) I'm spoilt for choices to try, but I pick the useless phoney and his cronies who can neither make a run nor a wicket will they buy! Great thread btw
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    Blocking the entrance to anybody under 30 getting a game
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    Ummm... not slow enough to be an India prospect, need to reduce his pace a bit, too fast. You have to be at least medium or medium phasst to play for India, and if you are 118-126kph, icing on the cake.
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    Will Dhoni put pressure on Pant to perform worse ?
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    Why would you blame anyone? Thakur showed more 'winning mentality™' in those 10 balls than a gum-chewing Viv Ricahrds did in his entire test career Too bad Thakur's body couldn't handle all that 'winning mentality™'
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    Where is Jograj Singh these days ? He is a pacer all-rounder and would be more relevant in England.
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    Young cricketers whose careers were/destroyed by oldies need to start me too movement
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    Dhawal Kulkarni like for like replacement from Bambis.
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    Indian cricket has become like a slot machine floor at a dusty smoke filled casino . Every over the hill oldie wants a shot at that one last jackpot
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    Rahul seems to have issues regarding focus and hunger for success. It is becoming increasingly apparent from his failures against this weak WI side compounded with his earlier failures. Even when he was in form, he was throwing his wicket away by playing casual shots after crossing 50. Maybe this is the reason why he is not being tried in ODIs. Kohli was talking about having a group of players in the team who want to succeed at all costs. Maybe Rahul is not one such guy yet. His talent is unmistakable ... but his temperament needs work. I hope he sorts things out.
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    True.. These bustards are waiting like hungry vultures for 1 failure from Pant and that will be the final nail. This whole system is fkn corrupt. Sco&%drel Dhoni must go. I dont see Pant getting enough opportunity as long as this leech called Dhoni is there
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    New age Gabbar can't cut off Thakur's hands these days. So, he taught him thigh slapping and that is dangerous for a seam bowler. And now Thakur has groin injury.
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    The rockstar Sri Sri Jaydev Unadkat
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    They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. And by that logic, BCCI and its selectors should feel very flattered. Let's take a look at recent decisions made by the PCB over the past few years. After watching MS Dhoni beat them in bilaterals, the inaugural T20 WC, and the ODI WC, the PCB fast-track Sarfraz Ahmed to the captaincy - a wicket-keeper with a limited glove-work skills but supposedly one who can score handy runs with unorthodox batting technique. I.e. Poor Man's Dhoni. Unfortunately for the PCB, sasta Dhoni comes up hopelessly short of coming anywhere close to Dhoni's accomplishments - either as an individual player, or as captain. Even the current version of MS - a past-it, much-maligned liability LOI bat, is still yards ahead of Sarfraz "can't clear the infield, never hit a six to save his life" Ahmed. A one trick pony with the bat whose only answer to any type of bowling is 'sweep'. The less said about temperament with the bat or as captain, the better. Dhoni is respected across the game for his reliability behind the stumps, and a decade of finishing games with the bat - Cometh the hour, Sarfraz can solidly be relied on shyaite the pitch and offer up his wicket with a rash shot or a silly run-out. Ravi Jadeja plays an instrumental role in India winning the 2013 Champions Trophy. Cue the PCB selection of gareebon ka Jadeja - urf Imad Wasim. Unfortunately for PCB, after a few predictable games of success against minnows and teams that don't play spin well, Imad is exposed as a limited player who is even worse that Jadeja in ODIs. Lets not even talk about test cricket, because to compare these 2 in that format is a slap on the face to one of the top test bowlers in cricket. After Hardik Pandya emerges from the crucible of domestic Indian T20 and IPL, PCB trot out their own local brand - Faheem Ashraf. He even comes with similarly terrible choice of hairstyles. Sadly for the PCB and greenbro fans, the gulf in talent between Pandya and Faheem is such that it can only be compared to the gulf in quality between the IPL and PSL. One is a multi-billion dollar league which is essentially the center of the cricket universe. The other one is where most matches are played in the empty stadiums of the UAE for a relative pittance. Ravi Ashwin is, arguably, well on his way to a Hall of Fame career, with an enviable test record as an off-spinner. And he can bat. Enter the PCB's latest selection - Bilal Asif. Leave aside the questions about his action and whether you believe that the ICC was wrong to force him to undergo testing. It would be unfair to expect Bilal to come anywhere near Ashwin's level of performances - he is a rookie after all. I'm not even going to delve any further into the PCB attempts at fashioning a Kohli out of the likes of Umar Akmal, Ahmed Shahzad or the latest entry into the duplicate market - Babar "too slow" Azam. It is quite possible that the striking pattern of copy-cat selection is just a co-incidence. But you can't deny that the pattern exists. Unfortunately for the greenbros and the PCB - Trying to duplicate an AXACT just by looking enviously at Infosys, TCS etc is no recipe for success. As England's ODI team has shown after decades of consistent stinkery, the key to bringing your team up from the dungeon of mediocrity is to put in the hard yards, groom quality players and deploy them as a unit with pioneering tactics and strategy. Just because the phamous pathans of Peshawar can make a knock-off Ak-47, doesn't mean that it will be just as effective.
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    Why can't Dhoni just enjoy his life with all the money he earned rather than making sure India doesn't win WC 2019?
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    Same Team for 2nd Test vs WestIndies

    I am probably the most naive, gullible fan out there - I think the team management has decided that it is better not to expose Siraj to the world now, and have a plan to unleash him against the Ozzies and catch them by surprise. By believing this, my old-man blood pressure issues don't flare up.
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    I'd rather have Karthik than this useless rayadu
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    why o why? who am i!

    I'm Mr. virat Anushka sharma Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk

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