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    This whole coach selection process was a big farce.
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    Modi is killing innocent terrorist

    omfg ,I thought Pakistani were dumb but, this take chewtiyapa to a whole new level.
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    This is the image in Cricinfo news articles. Appropriate 100%, as if Kohli and Bewda having a laugh on all of us who had 1% belief that coach will change!
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    Though I was quiet fearing my well being because we were been severly outnumbered but I managed to troll one guy. This guy came to protest with Pakistan world cup t-shirt. Just when I was about to leave (with police escorting Indians safely out from the mob), I told him its still 7-0 dude. He is like piss off mate Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Good things that Pakistan has given us

    26/11 KP genocide, exodus Mumbai local blasts Parliament attack Pathankot, Uri, Nagrota, Pulwama Death by 1000 cuts their motto 1000s of our braves martyred because of the jihadi menace Daily cross border firing Wars, betrayal in Kargil Huge % of our GDP wasted because of them, which otherwise could have been used to uplift our poor Drug trafficking to destroy youth of Punjab After all this damage we are discussing what good they have given us, seriously? Music and songs, am I reading this right? Tomorrow if a neighbor without any provocation kills your family members, rapes the women, throws grenades in your garden, vows to wipe out your family, claims your property as his...will you fondly reminisce about good old days 20 years back when he gave you Alpenliebe or shared a plate of snacks? Nah Pakistan has to pay for her sins, and will pay. No dosti or good memory, blood of our martyrs is still fresh, families of martyrs struggle every single day, jawans pay with their blood every single day because of enemy's nefarious activities.
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    Good things that Pakistan has given us

    The best thing they have given us is getting separated, it was like amputation of a badly infected limb, only wish they had taken more of their (like-minded) kind during partition. Nothing in common with those people, no need to fraternize, no need to have any sort of connection, no need of these aman ki tamasha threads. The earlier we break every single contact with Pakistanis the better for us. And danda, stop praising Ghulam Ali, he himself confessed that he hated kafirs but loved kafir money. Don't behave like your supreme leader Begum Mamata, boycott those SOBs, not a single penny or goodwill should go to that monkey Ali from this kafir country.
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    @SLICKR392 @Trichromatic @Cricketics slciker is far more fatter and chubby than he looks in his DP pics Also i comfortably drank 1.5X more beer than him
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    Kapil Dev is king of stooges He can lick anything to stay afloat from anywhere
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    Tubby Sharma run out. When he dived the Richter scale registered movement.
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    well-deserved. unlike PAF pilots who choose to sit back in own airspace and conduct aerial garba, our hero went behind enemy lines, downed a falcon, drank their tea and was released by their Prime Minister in less than 72 hours.
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    In the spirit of the thread, thanks for giving us a bunny to thrash every world cup. easy 2 pts every time Otherwise I agree 100% with @gollum
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    how will king kohli and shastri become no1 if we dont play against WI, SL or Afghanistan?
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    Dude are u drunk - we lost england series cos of poor selections we lost World Cup semi from not selecting shami and selecting rayudu for god knows how much time as well as Shankar and Jadhav South Africa too cos we were poor in selections poor captainship , selfishness and greed for power had led to our cupboard bare in t20 and odi in tests we are fortunate to have the strongest all weather attack hence we are winning inspite of kohli - still they are selecting sharma in tests and not giving players like Panchal Iyer or Nair chances to play . Kohli li is the most wonderful bwtsman and the most horrible leader we have had . I would settle for a decent batter but good captain and a decent human being - it’s plainly evident he has become bigger than life and him and dhoni will ensure more pain for us . Meanwhile u can be as deludional
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    RIP.. actually this guy might have saved abhinandan's life .. they know the value of him .. had the civilians caught him , most probably they might have killed him ( as per some ex armymen interview )
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    I mean those guys still think that they're the descendants of Mughals and Turks. Even on green ghetto , many chewts say that we indians are scarred by centuries of Muslim rule and that's why we're always looking to harm innocent pakistanis. They boast like as if their pardadas are Aurangzeb and Ghori. Poor souls don't even know that their ancestors were forcibly converted to peaceful religion with a sword on their neck and it's infact them who should be scarred by the Islamic rule given how much their ancestors had to bear.
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    Because they are too busy being a success in life. Whereas Mirpuris are at the bottom of society. You seem to think that being a 'gangsta' is a good thing. If that's your mindset then go on and sell drugs and end up in jail. Your whole family and community will suffer.
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    Indian Cricket has reduced to circus.No wonder even this forum is dead, Just look at Cricket section, SA announced their team for Indian tour and there is no thread about it here..And it should be like that.Dont consume your precious time behind these shameless business persons.
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    Alcohol industry gets a big boost today.
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    If Ravi Shastri had to be selected again what was point of conducting interviews ?
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    I went to the Indian embassy in Aldwich for customary flag hoisting and function like I do every year. But the situation turned ugly this time and I have never experienced anything like it anywhere. Central London looked like a war zone and police needed to use tear gas/firing in the air to disperse the mobs. The Indians who gathered there would not be more than 50 people (at max) and mostly consists of women, children and old retired uncles. Kids were all dressed up to perform patrotic dance after the flag hoisting ceremony. All in all a very harmless, family oriented...kids centric programme. Atleast 20000 protestors pounced on them protesting about Kashmir, Khalistan etc. Apart from chanting all offensive slogans about India, Modi etc....they have surrounded that small Indian contingent and started throwing eggs, water bottles, coke bottles, rotten apples etc. One elderly uncle (surely in his 70s) got hurt very bad when a water bottle filled with water hit his eyes. The situation got so violent that entire central London (especially city of London area) needs to be shut down, police had to fire in the air, tear gas were shot. Harmless kids and women who came for a family event had to run for cover. Later I found out that Mayor of London Sadiq Khan had agreed and organized this protest. It was such a shameful thing to witness. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Whenever they see a talent, they will not waste time by making him warm the benches or toil in domestic cricket. They will put him in international cricket as soon as possible. Whereas in India, selectors are either so dumb or so conservative that they take ages to test new players. By that time, the player would have lost his confidence or form, then after a couple of failures they will again relegate him to domestic cricket. I have seen this happen time and again to some of the best talents and its still happening. Only a new coach, captain and selectors with a different mindset can change this around.
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    But Bhaiwood loves Sadiq Khan, even Tendu and Ambani who are celebs of that city...all of them threw a party for their dear brother. Do they do that for other mayors? Some points to consider: 1. Unless we stand for ourselves, no use. We could have maintained diplomatic protocol and kept his visit at an official level. Why the need to throw a celeb studded party for a mayor? Do NYC/Tokyo/Paris mayors get same treatment? Bhaiwood did its usual stuff only because he was Pakistani origin, doubt they would have bothered if the mayor was Indian Sikh/Hindu origin. 2. Israel barred 2 US (Islamist) lawmakers from entering their country recently, because of their anti-Israel comments/stance. If we wanna emulate Israel, bad attempt here. 3. Israel PM visited India just before that, a section of Bollywood did throw a party for him but some suspects missing. You know who I am talking about. Israel is a strong ally and also a top destination for our movie shoots but it appears certain stars didn't want to get into the bad books of a certain demography. Or who knows maybe they find Pakistanis tolerant and India's allies intolerant. 4. Why was Kohli not present there? PR exercise made in heaven. Ans: the Lanka home series. Probably it upset him so much that he decided to jeopardize our SA tour warmups....his wedding was just an excuse
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    London is not a Pakistani stronghold. These people were bused in from Birmingham , Manchester and Bradford. Most of the Khalistani sikh protesters were from Wolverhampton. Forget about Sadiq Khan he is small fry. The police are under the control of Home secretary Priti Patel. She is new in the role and just settling in. Give her time and this will have a solution on its own.
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    Well you voted for this terrorist. Now watch how these inbred Pakistani destroy London
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    They did ask for haircut. They got their **** cut instead.
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    Pakistan Discussion Thread

    Imran is quietly happy about this situation. One, he doesn’t have to worry about Kashmir. Moody the fascist is the villain there. He can actually focus on the economy. But **** has really hit the fan. Bangladesh has crossed Pakistan in 50 years in terms of GDP. To be honest, Bangladesh are doing better than India just at this moment.
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    Infact this may hinder them to apply in the future. Moody and Hesson made SL and NZ punch above their weight respectively. Tough loss for Indian cricket that one of them didn't get selected and we are faced with this 7 and a half sani named Shastri
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    Oh bollocks!! Tough questions my foot..It is disrespect to other candidates specially Moody and Hesson. I know they wont but they should speak out against this farce procedure of selection.
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    Pakistan would have ceased to exist long back.
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    India showed way too much leniency in the past.
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    Pak pacer Mohammed amir is caught in yet another controversy,where he liked a tweet,which referred to Pak as a terrorist country
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    Well also unlike Pakistanis, indians in the UK have proper jobs which they have to go to and provide for their families while staying within norms of British society and laws... which a certain community has disregarded completely. It’s easy to flex muscles against a group consisting of women and children.. however there’s only so much a elastic band can be pulled till it’s snapped. Remember Gujarat?
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    Lyon picks up 3 wickets on Day 1 at Lords. I still remember how Ashwin during last series with England went overboard after plotting a dismissal of someone and revealing the secret on the same-day on TV . He then played the series when he shouldn't have and had meagre returns while Moeen did brilliantly. I hope Ashwin is dropped for the coming overseas tours. Most of the time he tries too many things or plays half-fit.
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    Imran Khan meltdown

    "Azad Kashmir mei Balakot se bhi bada kuch plan kiya hai India ne". https://mobile.twitter.com/dhaval241086/status/1161609653459083264?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1161609653459083264&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fs9e.github.io%2Fiframe%2Ftwitter.min.html%231161609653459083264 But but but did we not attack only trees in Balakot? Kahan gaya @KeyboardWarrior ?
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    Imran needs psych evaluation NOW

    He was normal till a couple of years back. After Reham outed his kaali dal habit he has gone insane, maybe he is embarrassed to repeat the practice. I suggest he get back to rubbing that on his genitals, if he still has them. Anyway what is Ninja Bushra doing? Isn't she supposed to be some sort of sorceress?
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    Imran Khan meltdown

    What a *ing liar !!! Crook, Bhikhari and a Jihadi, and to imagine his cancer hospital was funded by Indians led by Godrejs and Bollywood scum. What's that with his black DP just because it is our I-day...and his bizarre obsession with black, first kaali dal and now this....does a PM behave like this? Joke leader of an even bigger joke of a country, next 50 years no diplomatic contact with these people.
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    Why do you love him? I thought you are married
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    Rajasthani Music industry is growing as well @velu @Gollum @Epic @coffee_rules @Mariyam Although it's my bias speaking but for me Rajasthani music>>Haryanvi/Punjabi. One thing I really appreciate about our music is the grace. Minimum vulgarity.
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    This song deserves a separate thread

    I hear this song and my brain automatically sees Chris Gayle dancing to it.
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    Real McCoy

    China discussion thread

    There is too much attention given to Pakistan and not enough to China who poses a much more serious threat economically, geopolitically and militarily than padosis. Bashing Pakistan is like a winning a JAMODI series in cricket. Feels good but ultimately useless in the grander scheme of things. I know padosis bash India to feel good but since they are a failed state, they have no other option. Just because they used to be part of India doesn't mean they should get undivided attention. China OTOH, are doing way better than India at the moment and are winning this battle on all fronts. We have to look in China's direction and try to improve our standing vis-a-vis China and let go of the frog in the well attitude of bashing al bakis. Lets discuss on China
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    This is what happens when free loaders become a drain on hard working tax payers. While Sikhs & Hindus have worked hard and contributed towards the society in the country they immigrated into....Pakistanis ( Majority of them ) have focused on 'How to acquire benefits' by cheating the system on behalf of tax payers.....this low life mentality & even worse is..... spreading Islam through over population is like cancer on this beautiful planet. That's why they have such a bad rep all over the globe.
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