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    A team that has lost all world cup games against India giving tribute to an army that has lost all its wars. How fitting.
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    My heartiest love and kisses to Team Blue for defeating 5 time world champs (and defending champs) Team Yellow. It gave vibrations of a Night Shyamalan twist in a Manmohan Desai classic. Magnificent to see saffron spirit on fire like we saw a few minutes back. From the depths of despair a new life was infused into Indian cricket. It looked like a mighty army of dead resurrected from the grave, like how old Big B jumped out of hospital bed to fight 100 villains in Sooryavansham....only this time there were 11 Big Bs. I myself citizen Gollum wrote India off after they were beaten at home by Australia-Z who back then were literally dead and buried, but then spectacularly revived themselves like Team Imhotep in Mummy. Imagine losing 3 games on a trot at home where prey became predator in a classic role reversal epic. To me today India simply rose like Dumbledore's Phoenix and Kohli was like a Norse commander leading his troops to glory, Dhoni was an Egyptian God and Dhawan the Greek hero...there covered the 3 main civilizations in Age of Mythology 2012 version It once again proved that when Indian spirit blazes at its zenith only Majid's lantern burns brighter. It was like lion chasing deer, snake chasing rodent, shark hunting salmon, eagle in pursuit of hare, ED raiding Vadra, myself raiding my fridge on weekend night. Tiny little Hobbits pulled down Sauron of the cricket world. To me the best ever resurrection in cricket history. To summarize the match: Rohit: artistry at its supreme height with rubber wrists maneuvering the field like how we maneuver Rajasthani Thali Dhawan: poetry in motion like a pianist in complete control of the keys and inspiration coming from the gentle autumn breeze Kohli: mathematician, physicist, poet, engineer, doctor, lawyer, trader, teacher, lover and MMA fighter rolled into one Pandya: a perfect combination of Mozart's mind in Hulk's body Dhoni: an aging boxer landing them hard blows like sledgehammer on a cute kitten, taking the fans back in time when he reigned supreme Rahul: an atom bomb in a fish pond, a gymnast's mind in a panther's body on the field Bumrah: a cannon with the precision of a neurosurgeon, a ballistic missile fired with the grace of a ballet dancer Kuldeep: a painter using the pitch as a canvas to pay tribute to Da Vinci Chahal: like a wizard indulging in the dark arts while hapless batsmen look in bewilderment Bhuvi: unexpected thunderstorm mowing down the opponent camp blending the artistry of Picasso, genius of Kasparov and bravery of a Gurkha soldier Jadhav: why the * was he there? A great day for cricket, humanity, community, society and piety. It was tragic to see the once great hunters reduced to prey at home turf earlier this year. But now by felling the most powerful force in the cricket universe who knows even India may feel Majid Majid Majid a month later.
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    our scorecard analysts were calling for their head not so long ago
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    Was the "tribute" meant for their actual army or their unofficial army that lost a few trees this year?
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    Good win Team India

    Great win today. Whole team chipped jn. Every team has to eventually play everyone but looking at our starting schedule, many felt that India starts their campaign with 4 tough opponents - Saf, Aus, NZ and Pak. Beating South Africa and Australia, we couldn’t have asked for anything better.
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    At his peek one of the best ODI players......at that time for me he was infact the best ODI cricketer in the team
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    Lol you guys, do youeven know anything or not? Cummins and Starc bowled with a plan for one guy - Kohli to keep all fielders on off and bowl him on 4th and 5th stump. Yet Kohli batted with over 100 strike rate and made it easy. It was toughest for him tos core with all the Aussie bowling plan just to keep him silent yet he found gaps to score. Indian top order batted great, all of them.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    World cup Tweets

    This is magnificent . Hope it continues throughout the WC.
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    Haris Taukir will be triggered
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    Kohli struggled for no reason. And yet his innings was far better than Rohit Sharma. So king Kohli even on his bad day mangaes to put up a decent innings.
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    "they ( india ) bat deep" - finch about indian batting
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    Good win Team India

    Ab fathers day par nikamme bete ke saath hisaab barabar karo
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    I hope you are paying them for their service. Your troll business has grown so much you are now outsourcing your work, well done
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    Kohli tries too hard. Why can’t he mind his own fkin business. Just when I was going to praise MSD for not doing anything of that kind, the honorary paratrooper goes a step ahead with the gloves gimmick. These Indian cricketers are less of actual living people and more like a washing powder nirma or Hamaara Bajaj scooter come to life
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    This guy play was very suspectable yesterday #Need to keep eye on his performance and selfish batting
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    Pandya haters should be sentenced to 60 lashes in Saudi style. Guy is genuine match winner.
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    this coming from a guy who called his fans supporting australia as anti national sounds more like a pr exercise
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    Wifey doing for good PR. From MC BC to encouraging fans to cheer for cheaters. They might clap for Amir next match if they take his advice seriously.
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    Nah ! It's still Pakistan against England and majid Khan rules !!
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    The whinging on padosi forums is epic. Abduls saying ICC should investigate Warner and Smith
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    There were very few of us who supported Rohit and Dhawan. our resident experts are clueless and that is why I never take them seriously. They are dumb as they come.
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    Sunday afternoon, India-Australia, RG final later in the day, lots of alcohol and junk food. Can life be better? Blessed day folks.
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    Bhadve Kohli, CT final mein kahan gai thi teri akal? Sarfraz ko dekh pant utar ke g@nd aage kar kar diya tha MC jhaant ke baal.

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