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    PCB is more progressive than BCCI

    pcb did this because they have Chockaa Chockaa , if they had Kohli they would made him their Prime Minister.
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    Pakistan hasn't drawn a test match Down Under in last 25 years.
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    He got that from his uncle Niazi who was a military commander and a POW for Indian army in '71.
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    How about an apology to the gentlemen in black caps?
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    Pakistan tour of Australia is always a gang bang carnival. When poyyyzzz make that pilgrimage downunder, dekhne ko banta hai.....live demo of how not to play cricket. 0-12 in Aus 0-7 in RSA 0-2 in NZ In Southern Hemisphere 0-11, can't even make a draw 72 years, ZERO test series wins in Australia ZERO drawn test series in Australia since 1978-79...over 40 years Every 4-5 years there is a special meeting in Australia Kangaroo meets Markhor, Markhor challenges Kangaroo to a duel Kangaroo soon establishes dominant position in grappling Markhor sad and crying cos of pain, but pig haram no, does my oppressor know? So to confuse Kangaroo, Markhor transforms into pig. "Nothing doing, you my beech" says Kangaroo Dog haram no? Pig becomes dog...."Stay still beech" shouts.... No help so lil dog transforms back to Markhor and accepts the punishment for the rest of his stay. Depressed Markhor pondering life choices in Los Angeles (DHA overseas) plot. Winner by submission and * conquest Next 4 years no trip to Ozland, back to bravado. Ghafoora riding Markhor and chewtiya banaoing 23 crores strong awam. All in all entertainment for #1 ranked Tiger, not the poor sods who will receive similar treatment elsewhere same time
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    I think there is a difference between losing to an all time great Australian team in the final on their turf and losing to a Pakistani and a kiwi team
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    Imran was the greatest ball tamperor & the beneficiary ever in the history of the game. Even he was the beneficiary of his own captaincy by which he could chose when to play or not , when to bowl of not thru the course of a match for his own sake etc etc. If he was playing today , going by the fate of poor Steven Smith he would have been banned for life time. Never can accept the credentials of a certified chronic ball tamperor and drug addict. Imran is the Ben Johnson of cricket with the only difference that he escaped to survive
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    Would it be fair to say that Umesh the batsman has outperformed Kohli+Pujara+Mayank? What do you guys think? I think we should go with just 8 players in next test, all hail Lord Umesh !!!!
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    Now say sorry to Umesh too!

    What a Sorry bunch we are.... every other day someone forcing us to say sorry.
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    @maniac garu on seeing thread title As he goes through the text
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    Actually i looked into this, India has seen a good improvement in score (not rank) in the last year. They have also added a new "climate change" features, whatever that means. 1) They have used india under 5 mortality rate from a decade ago. While for Pakistan have taken the lastest number. As you can see a UN report suggests that there has been a heavy fall in the under 5 mortality rate in India in the last decade. You are also free to look at the difference between India and Pakistan in the link below. Under 5 mortality rate accounts for 1/3 of the total marks. https://www.indiaspend.com/indias-under-5-mortality-now-matches-global-average-but-bangladesh-nepal-do-better/ 2) The inflation rate in Pakistan is 12% and food inflation is currently touching 20%. Be honest do you think that hunger in Pakistan is truly better than India with such high inflation? Food inflation after monsoons wiped out a lot of crops grown in India is touching 5%. Who do you think has it worse? The global hunger index is packed full of left leaning Indians and even had an india specific map ranking the states. Even in that states rules by the BJP were given lower rank based on old data. I actually emailed the creator of said map and she told me : "We did not have verifiable stats" whatever that means.
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    Bewda working hard
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    Now say sorry to Umesh too!

    Never cut line Before saying sorry to Umesh you have to go through a list of people you need to apologize to @express bowling @rkt.india @Mosher @Rightarmfast And Mumbai ballebaaz @vishalvirsingh
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    Gawd this man what's up with him hyping Pakistani so much....every other thread is about Pakistani and terrorist Khan.
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    I am telling you if rkt.india was a Pakistani, his random Instagram clips of fast bowlers might have led to 2&3 debuts by now
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    Celebrity lookalikes

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    Nobody is stopping you. just clean your screen and keyboard after you are done
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    He was talking about improving Steyn's bowling and giving him loads of advice to resurrect his career. Steyn didn't listen, withdrew from IPL and his career has tanked since. Look at what he did to Mitchell Johnson,Malinga career's. absolutely resurrected. People misunderstood his intentions Today please don't stop me after 200 and 529 runs
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    That’s a little less cowardice than when your napunsak army uses civilians as shields.
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    Mid 1980s ... Marshall, Late 1980s ... Patterson 1990s ... Donald 2000s ... Brett Lee Early 2010s ... Johnson, Late 2010s ... Archer
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    There's a saying in Tamil - "Keezha vizhundu adi pattalum meesai la mannu ottala nu sollaravanga" loosely translates to "Even after falling down and hurting oneself, they chest thump saying their mustache didn't get dirty" This aptly describes Pakistan and their fans.
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    By deliberate ploy you mean Sarfaraz,Akmal and Hari’s Sohail deliberately binge eating the kebabs and biryanis to pack the pounds?
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    Waiting for Ashok Dinda to been appointed bowling coach.
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    No other poster in ICF history has done justice to his/her/its username like OP.
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    wrong.. maniacs reaction
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    How exactly are you weakening those morons when you are inadvertently providing them with cover fire by juxtaposing them with extremists from other communities who are nowhere near as committed or devoted to the cause as they are. How exactly are you (not you personally but the proverbial you) weakening these morons when the hysteria that erupts for each Muslim victim of mob violence is completely invisible when the victim happens to be a Hindu. This in fact strengthens these morons (who are a lot smarter than you think) even more as they realize that Hindu lives are cheap and game for slaughter whereas the entire MSM and their cronies will whip up a storm whenever a victim is Muslim. We see this with the reporting for this murder already as it's downplayed right in front of in our eyes with the victim being called as someone who belongs to a ultra right-wing fringe group etc etc.
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    You still don't get it and never will. The "peacefuls" have a higher % of religiously motivated nut-jobs than literally every other religion with numbers and they are far more committed to the cause than extremists from any other community. That is the point. Instead of recognizing the truth that stares us in the face, all we are doing is coming up with platitudes like lets not badmouth the entire community and every religion has it's share of bad apples etc etc.
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    was a fudging embarrassment... cant believe Virat lost to this pappu in CT 2017. Thats what hurts the most. I dont mind losing to the Pak team of the 90s which was packed with quality. But that was an abysmal team.
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    How to get in touch with RSS in Canada

    Watch the movie New York and how John Abraham finds the extremists. Maybe you can go to Patel Brothers.
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    Will make Ind great again with his buddy Dinda whom he once claimed was India's best pace bowler...
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    What are those 11 demands ? What do they want ? Permission for group nagin dance between the overs ?
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    No dude. Excited to see opposition teams in this case SA batsman who have grown up playing on fast pitches getting humiliated and that too by pacers in India. Loving this!
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    Celebrity lookalikes

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    Real McCoy

    Celebrity lookalikes

    Rohit Sharma and Mohammad Bin Salman
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    We will round your military and terrorists and make them drink cow urine from those cows #gharwapsi
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    Bumrah and Shami were very hostile in tests in Australia in late 2018. Apart from taking wickets and winning the test series ... there were lots of bouncers bowled, wickets taken using short balls and multiple hits to the head and body of Aussie batters.
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    The price which our coming generation have to pay of creating an equivalent between an online troll on social media from one community and terrorist beheading actual people from other community is going to be too much. People are talking about Millitia. Arey even on Social Media if you write something they will make you feel guilty. Remember, Sonu Nigam had to leave Twitter just because he once said something. Others including our PM are forced to maintain a political correct tone. Stop looking for acceptance from Indian liberal jamaat. They will not accept any of such thing so stop them from setting up any narrative and start speaking.
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    I’d say BJP actually wishes that more of RW people get killed so that there’s a collective outrage which it can cash in for electoral benefits... Its handling of non stop RW killings in Kerala & WB is for everybody to see... Modi will prefer to get highest civilian awards from Arabs rather than showing support to RWs who are getting killed. i thought Phadnavis was a phattu CM. Looks like this Yogi is a bigger phattu... However, whats RW organisations doing themselves? Don’t they have resources to make their own “task force” to take “counter measures” and also provide security to vulnerable leaders (fringe or not)? What Hindu organisations do all day? Do bhajan & keertan and hope Modi/Yogi will save them? When was the last time Modi govt went out of the way for a Hindu cause? “Sabka Vishwaas” is currently more important for BJP... Hindu organisations, while supporting BJP to be on the ruling side, should never depend on BJP for Hindu matters...
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    Bhai bol ke kya fayda, ghanta kuch hone wala, either brace yourself or prepare yourself, don't hope from anybody rather be hope of everybody, is what this murder has taught us, no more ra..ndi Rona, khud ko tayyar Karo aur apni naslo ko bhi tayyar Karo, don't depend on others, fight it urself.
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    I remember watching Patrick Patterson break the stumps of some Indian batsman. Scary big guy.
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    The little Turkish sh!t€ was trying to be a false strongmen for Islamic world, now needs to face Syrian army backed by Ruskis. Now the coward is heading to Moscow to meet Putin, probably to plead to Putin not to slaughter his turkmens in northern Syria. And then you got bozo Trump firing twitter insults at Erdogan. What a muppet, has become a effing a living caricature of likes of Saddam and Gadaffi Only NATO membership saving Turkish arses being bombarded left-right by Americans and Russians.
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    WTF no Majid Khan comment yet Answer: Majid Khan was better than both
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    Lol no. Their pea sized brains cannot come up with this deep a thought.
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    ICC did everything possible to make sure three lions won this edition ,but its good if they actually own up their mistake and rectify it rather than making a mockery of the game as it did in the finals . Also to add ,umpire dharmsena should have been sacked by now for making that blunder and then later shamelessly admitting it
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    These officials would have done the same **** even if the match were to be held in Imphal...wahaan 4:40 am sunrise, 4 pm sunset...still idiots would clamour for 9:30 start and aim to make up overs in the dark.
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