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    this is worse than "target mushkil to nahi hai, haaan Lekin difficult jaroor hai" by kapil
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    First he destroyed my childhood in the winter of 2003-04. Now this incompetent shameless cretin is after my adulthood in the winter of 2018.
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    How about coming back to open the innings mr .Gavaskar? We seem to have a problem there too.
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    Thank you for your services Pujara. Here's your gift. Bye.
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    WTF? You can hear what these two Delhi boys talking on the pitch... Kohli: Tu 2 ball Khel lega iski? Ishu (in his gawky voice): Haan... K: Pucca? I: 6 ball bhi khila de koi problem nahin hain... K: Chhod.. Lunch ke baad dekhenge.. K: Shabash lambe... crease pe hi rahiyo... I (Gawky voice): Haan...
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    We have replaced SuperWriddhi-Man with Arthritis-Pappu. Pappu can't catch saala.
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    Better than us. Doubt Smith will drop Hazlewood saying he lacks bounce .
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    Yes, we are just not good enough, but there are several reasons for this abject performance. You can't go into a tough overseas series without any preparation. Yes, we could have still performed poorly if we went to SA several weeks before, had match practice, etc., but the odds wouldn't be stacked against us as much it did just landing in SA days before the first test and practicing only at the nets. You want to put yourself in the best position to succeed and the BCCI aussholes neither realize that nor do they care. I do not even know if the team leadership relayed the need for match preparation to BCCI. Instead we played meaningless ODI series at home against SL. Again, due to the schedule, Kohli scheduled his marriage and all the parties days before the trip which could not have helped him focus personally and as a team. Team leadership is horrible. Questionable captaincy decisions and Shastri is nothing but a yes man. Look at how he interviewed when Kumble got the job, via Skype from Bangkok. It shows that he has a sense of entitlement about it and got pissed when he did not get the job. Indian batsman lack the technique to survive in alien conditions. They are very comfortable in favorable conditions, but do not have the ability to adapt. This is attributed to lack of discipline, lack of mental toughness, the will to win, hard work, sense of entitlement and getting complacent easily. They also have a tendency to crumble under pressure. This team needs a team psychologist as much as it needs coach and physical trainer. Haven't we seen this over and over again (ever since I have been watching cricket)? Cricketers change over the years, but these traits remain. Why? Look at what they did with Kumble? His tough approach to coaching made people uncomfortable. I knew this team was doomed when they replaced him for a Yes / party man. Because of this, Indians are always good on paper, but when the chips are down they never deliver, especially away. Add to that the fact that we have never had 1 or 2 spearhead fast bowlers who can significantly influence the game. Add to this the horrible organizational performance of BCCI, nepotism, favoring profits over performance, etc. etc. We may have talents coming up in the domestic scene, but I guarantee you it will not result in overseas win performances because of some of the reasons I mentioned above. India will always play and do well at home, but they will continue to fail abroad in alien conditions. There may be a win or two here and there, but they simply cannot win consistently to considered a ATG team. Kohli is doing fine with his individual performances, but his arrogance his coming in the way of introspection, and from questioning his own decision making. How is he going to improve then? Idiot Shastri will just say yes to everything and the rest of the team will get disillusioned when they cannot lean on good leadership. Mental state of mind is as important as technique in achieving success in sports. Look at India with sports in general. What are we good at? Almost nothing. We suck at soccer, or hockey (although hockey is improving) hardly win any medals in Olympics and given the amount of infrastructure and popularity of cricket in India, we are not very good unless we are playing at home. Nothing is going to change in the short term. We will lose this test series 0-3, probably lose the ODI series as well. Then in England and Australia tours we will repeat the same mistakes (lack of preparation) and get whacked again. In the meantime, there will be IPL tamasha and once we start playing at home, all will be forgotten and these cricketers will think they are on top of the world.
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    Dada's Army

    Kohli’s “niggled” watch

    VK: Reason Pujara run out twice because he was carrying a previously undetected niggle Press: But wh.. VK: I answered your question, I'm not here to fight you.
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    This is what happens when your captain and coach has an agenda. This is what happens when you insults the legends of the country. This is what happens when you try to rewrite the cricketing acumen. Consider this as a rant but as a test cricket fan, I am so upset and angry right now. Anil Kumble is a legend of the game. Kohli forced him to step down for a motormouth Shastri. CAC appointed Dravid and Zak as batting & bowling consultants respectively. Shastri said, he dont need them. Mujhe Bharat Arun chahiye, mujhe Sanjay Bangar chahiye. What did you do, you ignored the legends of your country and insulted them. They walked off quietly . Delhi test got over on 9th Dec. COA & BCCI wanted the test players to go to SA early but they chose to stay back in India to attend Virat's wedding reception. The players turned up to SA just 5 days before the test. Sachin pagal tha? Dravid ya Laxman pagal the? They used to travel overseas atleast 10 days ago, practice hard before playing the 1st test. This management said they need none of those, they will turn up to SA 5 days before, play no practice match and take on SA. Bradman ka baap bhi run nehi baana paata. Opted out of practice match. Pata nehi which Einstein's idea was that but this team somehow thought they will practice with their own bowlers. What happened as a result? You could only practice 1 day, indoor practice 1 day due to rain and you opted to rest on the optional session. Decided to dance on streets and post photographs in Instagram instead.Virat Kohli need to understand he is a champion batsman. He might not need practice but his team members do. That Shatri was giving all arrogant statements in media before the series. 'That Australia series gave us confidence...we are ready to take any team in the world'. Feels like punching his face now. This is one of the best test XI assembled. Hats off to selectors. But due to the stupid incompetent management, we are in the cusp of getting whitewashed. Aur pay karo crores and crores in IPL. These f-eckers are already in IPL mood. Why wouldnt they be? They are getting paid more than what a Top MBA, doctor or a lawyer get paid in India. I hope Kohli sees the light, distance himself from this Shastri and gets his act together. He does not have a godfather like Srinivasan was for Dhoni. If this performance continues, he might be stripped from captaincy at the end of the year. Even Sachin was not pardoned and was removed after a year. Remember this Virat and get your act together. Test cricket is not child's play. Test cricket baachon ka khel nehi hai. Shastri is definitely not the answer.
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    Pains me to say this, but in my 30+ years of watching cricket, he may quite possibly be the worst captain I've ever seen. The only reason I say 'possibly' is because he only has *ONE* quality as a captain: his performances with the bat are definitely 'captain showing the way'. But that's it. His on-field decisions are mediocre, so I will give him a neutral score on it. He is not brilliant like Mark Taylor or even good like Ranatunga with his on-field choices, but he isn't completely crap either. Very average. But Virat Kohli sucks at practically everything else : He is a horrible team selector. He is completely in denial about taking responsibility for the team he picks. And above all, he is the worst captain ever in destroying confidence of each and every single player in the team by chopping and changing randomly. Sets a poor example in the field with his uncouth aggressiveness. ( there is a fine line between Kohli style tapori-giri slummer attitude and aggressive but cool temperament like Steve Waugh or McCallum.) A captain that fails to take personal responsibility is the worst leader of all. Lost a lot of respect for Kohli after this interview, as he lacks the most basic quality of a leader : to step up and take personal responsibility. Great leaders ALWAYS question their decisions when things don't go right. Because one cannot lead, if one cannot see self as first line of critique. Kohli is 180 degrees opposite of this mentality. We need a new captain and we need him fast.
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    He said "quality " , did not mention " high " or " low "
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    Preparation for 3rd test have already started. Don't worry.
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    The 25-year old Rahul suffered a blow to his left knee off the bowling of pacer Ishant Sharma. Yeh saala kab Tak hamari marwata rahega
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    I like it that Indian fast bowlers, and their ability to bowl quick, are being marketed nowadays. This is important and motivates the next generation of pacers to bowl quick. It also encourages the existing pacers to continue bowling with effort and sustain pace. Opposition teams are put under psychological pressure even before the series when they know that they will have to play a group of good quick bowlers. I was really disappointed when someone of the stature of Zaheer made a public statement that Indian bodies are not meant to bowl fast ... just because he could not maintain his pace. Thankfully, the days of that regressive mindset are over.
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    Kudos to Indian bowlers

    286, 130, 335, 258 These are the 4 scores by the much vaunted SA side after the 1st 2 tests. Pretty sure all of us would have taken these scores in a jiffy before the 1st ball was bowled this series. The most incredible part about this effort is the 11 dropped catches in the 1st 2 tests, meaning the bowlers have got the Saffers out 5 times for just 1000 odd runs. 1-2 drops per test match is acceptable, 11 in 2 tests is clearly unacceptable, especially if you consider the fact that the likes of Du Plessis, Amla and Elgar were dropped multiple times. Earlier Indian team used to lose the plot after dropped catches and end up conceding huge totals, this unit is different and deserves praise for the ability to bounce back after the consistent *ery by our inept fielders.
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    But but how can you say Saha would have caught those catches???
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    Let us all thank Goose

    We are at each others throat some of the time. We get into heated dscussions so many time. But let this thread be about our appreciation for @goose for keeping things fun and interesting. He is keeping scores, updating excel sheets and making it fun. If I an in your neighborhood I will buy you lunch. Thanks for your effort.
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    Why can't Ishant do this to the opposition instead ! He is the " same-side goal guy " in the team
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    Just having a look back at what happened with the Kohli- Kumble fiasco, it is clear that Kohli did not want Kumble even before he started as Coach. Have a look at these reports from the horses mouth: Shirke, who was part of the coach selection process last year, told The Indian Express: “There had been some murmurs about this (Kumble-Kohli rift) even at the time of Mr Kumble’s appointment. At that time, our president (Anurag Thakur) had taken the initiative and had a detailed discussion with both parties, and it was decided that since the cricket committee (CAC) had recommended Mr Kumble as the best option, we should go ahead with that. Therefore, I think the real reason for a one-year contract was that we would work and evolve, and see how this went, so as to keep the options open at a future date.” “Let us say he (Kohli) had his own views about it. And like I said, our president, Mr Thakur, took the initiative and told him that this was the unanimous choice of the cricket committee and we would have to abide by their recommendation and Kohli should accept it,” Shirke said. http://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/virat-kohli-had-questions-on-anil-kumble-says-ex-secy-ajay-shirke-4685173/ We also had the case of Mr Shastri interviewing from Bangkok and then when he did not get the job was mouthing off in media as if he was entitled to be the Indian Coach. It was as if someone had promised him the role and he was pissed off as it didn't come through, and then he attacked Ganguly with personal remarks on media, and this is what Ganguly said: Ganguly said, “I have some advice for Shastri also—that you know when the coach of India is selected, it’s one of the most important jobs in cricket, you should be in front of the committee giving your presentation and not sit in Bangkok on a holiday and make a presentation on camera. Especially when one of the greatest cricketers of India of all time spoke for two hours nearly—Anil Kumble. So that’s my advice to him. I’m hurt because of the personal attack, which was not required. If he’s talking about respect, he should have been here as well.” http://www.livemint.com/Consumer/CjJTNcl7vPsDmOUD3Jbr3H/The-spat-dividing-Indian-cricketSourav-Ganguly-vs-Ravi-Shas.html Who in their right mind would have done an Indian team Coach interview over Skype, unless he is not interested in the job or has been said the interview was just a formality to get him the job? Linking the two together it was clear that Kohli wanted Shastri only at coach and hence was unhappy with Kumble's appointment. As far as I remember Kumble was the only coach who as given a One year tenure, previous coaches had a minimum of two years tenure. So Kohli later on saying that the team was not comfortable with Kumble's style is all Pure BS. It was pre-planned that Kumble should be ousted after his one year tenure. Champions Trophy final took place on 18th June, and this report from 8th June (10 days before the Final) clearly shows that Kphli had planned for all this even before the Champions Trophy started: "It is emerging that before the team left for England on May 23, Kohli had mentioned to both Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman - two of the three-member cricket advisory committee - to consider Shastri's candidature. The Indian captain also requested both the former stars to invite Shastri for the interview process." https://www.indiatimes.com/sports/virat-kohli-wanted-ravi-shastri-to-be-india-s-new-coach-before-they-left-for-the-champions-trophy-323397.html It is very clear to me that it was not Kumble's skills or man management that lost him the Coach job, but rather another one of Kohli's nepotism.
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    Harsha out of the commentary box for the third test with a "niggle"
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    Now we know who is going to have "niggle" in the next Test.
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    Kumble is a bigger man than this Brat. Those guys want to see Indian cricket on top.
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    Pathetic statement. At least the opposition was not Pakistan, otherwise he would be singing their praises
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    Kohli is really smart. The moment he saw a real captain in rahane. He lured him with odi place. Ab rahane na odi ka raha na test ka.
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    If you see their batting they are struggling not just technically, but mentally too. All of them barring Kohli are scared, insecure and uncertain. They is clear lack of clarity about what their approach should be and they look like they are batting just to save their place. Pandya had his place secured and he played freely in first test. That type of mentality is missing from other players.
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    Laaloo ji has more chance of scoring something tomorrow than Rohit Ji.
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    So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Saha is least of our batting problems to begin with. If we are going to depend on keeper even before the match begins then problem lies elsewhere. Gilchrist always considered his batting as a bonus. He was a genius and he clicked. Not everyone has to be like him or even Brendon Mccullum who never reached the heights of Gilly with bat. He had one or 2 good years. For the moment treat his runs as bonus. You got Pandya, Ashwin, Bhuvi. They will cover whatever the deficiencies Saha has. Eventually he will come around. When the problem lies in top and middle order why focus on batting skills of lower order.
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    And who didn't see this trainwreck coming? I wouldn't blame Parthiv at all for this. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? This one is on Kohli for knowingly selecting this midget while being fully aware of his incompetency behind the stumps.
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    Holding has a bowling average of 47.9 with a SR of 112 in New Zealand I guess he is not a great too then, by his own definition.
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    Let us all thank Goose

    thanks Khota nice gesture. to be honest withholding my natural penchant for abuse in the face of spectacular failure to follow simple rules has been the greatest challenge of running the competition.
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    I always tune into Game on hai the greatest comedy show on earth especially when Pak is getting hammered New comedian Abdul Razzaq anchor- how would you bowl on such pitch Razzaq- allah tallah nein talent diya hai tho daleri se ball phekthe the anchor- how would you bat on this pitch Razzaq- allah tallah nein talent diya hai...inshallah Pakistan ke liye daleri se batting karthe the best gem was ye yo yo test me tho maine bhi 16 score kiya hai @velu and other MSD fans ye tho Shoaib Akthar ka baap nikla
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    Is this Shami’s way of applying for time off? Time to get “niggled”
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    All hail the captain who handles Fast Bowlers very well. - Doesn’t know when to continue with a pacer in full rhythm - Over-bowls a pacer who constantly bowls 8th or 10th stump line (Ishant) - Bowls an offspinner constantly from other end in South Africa - Picks a keeper in squad who inspires no confidence he will catch any edges off the pacer (Parthiv) - Last but not least drops the best Pacer in next game All these in a single overseas test. Then you have the case of two of the Fastest Indian bowlers (Aaron and Umesh) totally thrown out of the picture. No new youngster Fast Bowlers getting a chance even in low profile series like at home vs SL (Navdeep Saini or anyone else).
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    Team members will not be commited to someone who is not commited to them. You are the best performer one game and dropped the next and missing out on match money. The unfortunate thing will be that now Kohli will have a sour spot about Bhuvi because of no fault of the later
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    Whatever is happening will make you think that we have too many underperforming players in the team. Such situation happens when players are on verge of retiring or team has minnoweque core. But we are only team with 3 openers averaging over 40, no 3 avg over 52, no 4 avg 53, no 5 avg 45. Which other team has top 6 batsman who can average 41-53 in test cricket? Even if you see bowling, we have 2 pacers averaging below 30 in test cricket and that's first time in history of Indian cricket, 2 spinner averaging 23-25 and that's also first time in our history. Yet no one is sure starter in the team except 1. There is no core of this team. Not even a single person in world can say who are core members of this team for next 2 series. Even Dhawan can hack one inning if he allowed to play all matches in 2 series like he did in NZ. But even fluking is impossible when you are there for just 1 match. You're desperately trying to secure the spot in the side. Now it appears as if first match was practice match for Dhawan and 2nd one is practice match for Rahul. They all will take time to settle in. How are we expecting anyone to directly go there and perform? Could Tendulkar ever scored 241 in Sydney test under current leadership after failing in first 3 test? If we had Kohli and Shastri back then, he would have been dropped and there is good chance that a new batsman can easily fail with first match on tour handing over series to Aus. Anyone would have thought Bhuvi being best bowler isn't droppable. But after seeing what happened to him, I am not sure what's the confidence level in the team. No one can say what a players needs to do stay in the team. This is an extraordinary situation never witnessed before.
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    Lungi Nigidi [ Potential Great ] !!!

    Can you imagine Lungi vs Pant in IPl no it’s not really about the “haha” with all the puns...I am already dreading Sunil Gavaskar’s PJ’s on commentary
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    Could Pant do worse than Pappu and DK Bose? DK Bose is as poor a keeper these days.
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    The ghost has returned to haunt us again, the drop machine Sir Parthiv Patel, reminiscing the memories of 2003 Australian series, this guy doesn't just drop catches, he drops big moments in the game, he drops momentum, he drops morale, he drops everyones shoulders, the worse keeper behind the stumps to have played for the country, its a shame that our cricket just doesn't move ahead, but we choose to take 3 steps backwards by going back to tried and tested failures like DiKhead and Parthiv Patel.
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    A message to the 'haters' of Virat

    I don't think kohli was hated for his batting here anyway, it was his piss poor selections everyone was criticizing and he thoroughly deserves it.
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    Looks like Holding sets a very high bar to adjudge someone as a great,hopefully he is consistent in judging some batsmen from other countries as well
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    This team has had some epic collapses in the past few years. I'm not resting even if we are 280-2.
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    What an absolute mood killer...

    Seriously!! Our top two bowlers are bummy and B0oby...
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    Dhoni has let go several catches like that himself. We are missing Saha, not Dhoni.
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    it was straight out of Dhoni book of keeping against pacers. Dhoni has done it several times.

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