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    Austin 3:!6

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    According to Pak fans, cricket in last 1.5 decades is divided into 4 phases: 1) Pre 2012 - Miandad's last ball six. 2) 2012-2014 - Aane do Series 3) 2014-2017 - Asia cup and Afridi's 2 sixes 4) Post 2017 - Champions Trophy final Who cares how many thrashings we get in between from India...we are Pak fans (aka delusional) and we only remember those above games Hold on to CT win folks...because it will take a long time for your team to fluke another win over India. I can already visualize the hammering we are going to dish out in Asia cup (2 matches) and ultimately on 16th June 2019
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    The real benefit from this will be seen in 20ish years when all the rural children who are the most benefited by this mission come of age without the damage of all the diseases related to open defecation. I doubt anyone will remember this then
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    Thank you CSK for pissing away WC 2019. 2 years ban was a disgrace. Should have been a lifetime ban. At least we wouldn't have selected hasbeens in the team then.
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    Hahahahahahehehehuhuhuhu! There is a thing called CSK Quota my lord. Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Recalls must surely be a matter of time for...
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    Cricviz is awesome site. Dunno from where they are getting all the data, but presentation is great.
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Best ODI match of all time

    I am generally not a fan of batathons but our first ODI vs Pakistan in 2004 at Karachi was awesome.
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    Years of Grocery deliveries helped him... I can wait to see Raina jumping like a monkey On the leg side to play fast bowlers...
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    What a disgrace. Another reason why it is essential that we get a few thrashings in ODIs before the WC.
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    he was scared n stuck inside the crease against 140k bowlers in IPL Got out to bouncers of pandya n brathwite i almost felt like this guy was shivering when he was facing umesh against RCB Also what has he done to merit this selection failed in domestic season smashed some 125k trundler when season was coming to an end Slogged like a tail ender in Sa Didnt do well in nidhas
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    Although he's speaking some truth, it's annoying to hear from this grub. If it's been a Mumbai player, he would've shut his trap. He and Gavaskar are such a nonsense.
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    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Seems like this day is a day for flukes. I think the other padosis also beat Australia on this day.
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    Oh, ODIs & T20s, don’t even worry about team selections...Kohli is just a mask... main decision are and will be taken on & off the field by “somebody else”. One who can’t be named here...
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    please fire the selectiors and Msk Prasad poor selection and thinking seems they are trying to play it safe and have no intent to blood in youngsters.
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    He's hardly played overseas, mostly bowls only in India where he takes a backseat to Ash/Jadeja etc who do the bulk of the bowling at home. I think to this day he has never bowled in a Test in SA, NZ, or England. Not much you can get from this stat.
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    India A Tri-Series in England, 2018

    I bow before the nerd who fished out this link.
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    Must be some youngsters here the "selectors" can pick from...
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    If that is indeed the case it reflects badly on Kohli. If he can't take a stand in Team India's interest, if he allows external factors to influence selection, if he can't over rule "somebody else" in spite of being captain....he doesn't deserve to be called 'leader'. When Dada was anointed captain the likes of Sachin and Kumble towered over him not just in seniority but also achievements/fame/endorsements etc, still he had the gonads to make his own decisions and trust his instincts.
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    Now it's very clear why Pant is not getting a chance , I m sure even if Raina gets injured they ll choose Sachin baby or Rajat bhatia but Pant is not going to get a chance before 19 WC.
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    Lol ind cricket truly sucks,Raina was struggling against Sid Kaul ffs
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    India already has lowest level required to pass the test. What's next? Allow players to take players field even if they fall after 100 m just because they have some skill. We played skilled Zak in first test at Lord's in 2011 and saw what happened. How did more important skill help us?
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    Gloves off: Dhoni snubs hotel for not allowing biryani from Rayudu’s residence https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/gloves-off-dhoni-snubs-hotel-for-not-allowing-biryani-from-rayudu-s-residence/story-M3u2oHkYqYiBp6dbhjeCyK.html
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    Sadly Che is not an option anymore outside Asia. But wish it had come from someone else's mouth, can't stand Sanju Manju.

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