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    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    He was sledging Ashwin as well, "not putting away bad balls!"
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    In his drunk head,he has won the series....
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    Now that we have won, Shastri should have asked the BCCI to convince CA to convert this into a 1 match series and cancel rest of the matches.
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    Test win in Australia is always so so sweet. Might have been a weak team but to win after that first Innings show by the top order and the second Innings show by the lower order+tail is commendable. The Australian lower order wagged but thankfully we were able to get over them. Special Kudos to Chepu for performance in both Innings.
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    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    Pant trying to get under the skin of Cummins without being abusive or crossing the line. Its all good fun.
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    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    I needed this four day break before the start of 2nd test more than Indian bowlers. Ishant Sharma still gives heart attack with his no balls.
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    By that logic, will it be ok if India lose this test as team has never won first test in Australia?
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    Take a bow Shami and Bumrah

    I have had doubts about Shami's fitness. I never question his wicket taking ability. They both toiled manfully in crucial phases of the game. When all the options were exhausted Kohli kept turning to them. They kept justifying the faith. Accurate, penetrative bowling. Gilly handsomely paid complements to our attack. "This is a world class pace bowling attack". IT certainly was today and yesterday. These two were primarily responsible. Bending their back and extracting something out of the pitch. Pace + Accuracy you cannot beat this combination. Salute Gentlemen.
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    I imagine he's like this all the time. give me whiskey! and to hell with ice, to hell with soda, and to hell with glasses. to hell with these condoms!!!!
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    Expect a loss in second test. Bewda has gone mad. He is cancer to our cricket.
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    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    this is padosi level sledging .. pressure boys pressure
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  13. 8 points
    Shami gets a bit too much flak for a guy who has the lowest strike rate and one of the lowest averages in our test match history , among pacers with 100+ test wickets. Yes ... he has had fitness issues and outside of cricket issues. And we have to try new pacers like Siraj and get them ready if he is not 100% or underperforming. But he should not be treated like a mediocre pacer who is worthless. He is a highly skilful and pacy bowler which is still rare anywhere.
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    Kohli and Shastri don't have 10% of the intelligence that Williamson and the NZ coach showed the other day. Gave Pakistan a tantalising target of 280 @3.5 an over which resulted in wickets. We, on the other hand, decided it's better to attack Lyon and gift him a sixfer after all the hard work. Pls make pujara captain and get a new professional coach and get rid of the drunkard.
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    What the hell are you smoking? lol
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    Pant sledging Pat Cummins

    He has been doing this since his under-19 days. I still remember when he produced a run-out against Sri Lanka in semi-finals. He was so chirpy that batsmen panicked and got run-out. He just needs to work a bit on his wicket keeping skills. I heard over commentary that he asked Gilly to have a session before Perth test and Gilly too acknowledged happily.
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    The Dark Horse

    The little Manjrekar in me

    Hope you have a little Ravi Shastri in you as well. Have a chill beer and enjoy the win.
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    Isa Guha

    She is British. She has played for England. Why do you expect her not to be what she is?That is her country and her loyalty should be towards that country. What is she ashamed of ? Did she badmouth India or Indians?
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    Too much stress to watch these *ers. But what a match lol.
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    This is a great post. Post of the day.
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    Day 5 career defining for Ashwin

    His real test was in SA & Eng where he failed. I know he can easily get Australian batsman tomorrow but even if he fails tomorrow shami and bumrah will finish the job for india. Ashwin turning ball on 5th day pitch against this poor Australian batting won't define his overseas career.
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    King Tendulkar

    Most wickets in 2018

    So all those idiots on icf who slaughter shami and regularly want him dropped can you now hang your heads in shame and stfu please ps shami bowled superb again in today, pace and rythymn good
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    Khwaja mere Khwaja, Pavillion me aajaa !!
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    No there is no need of creating new panauti thread for every player. You can make your one own dedicated panauti thread and put all panautis there and then i will ignore it.
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    Man pls shut up and stop creating threads. It's irritating now.

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