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    Excellent news. DSports money down the drain it seems. Hope channels in India stop telecasting Pakistan's international games too.
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    No....just the ones that support terrorists. Kashmir does not belong to their father. Kashmir belongs to all kashmiris .... Kashmir belongs to India.
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    Why do Indians even go to their forum. Just to get insulted or gain some respect from some illiterate pro terrorists. Shame on Them Indians. their forums are surviving because of Indian posters.
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    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Players would have a choice. Play IPL or play PSL. I am sure all will choose PSL.
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    Indian intellectuals are even bigger bastards. I have no hesitation calling them madrachods
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    In light of the latest terror attack, I believe we must hurt them at every turn. I am sure GOI, RAW, IB and our jawans will do what they have to do. But we must look to bleed the terror state from all directions, like withdrawing from IWT, making trade/political partners choose between either of us (like China, Taiwan), cutting all bilateral trade, cultural contacts etc. Coming to cricket as much as I dislike the IPL, I do feel it is a tool that can be used to not just benefit us but also hurt Pakistan financially....and GOI will be happy to play along if need be. Now I don't think we can dictate how other countries should decide their FTP, international assignments etc, but we can use IPL as a chip to finish off the PSL. To make BCCI richer, make the league a month longer by introducing 4-6 more teams, raise the purse, allow 5 international players per team (extra teams will ensure Indians aren't affected) and make it a precondition that anyone associating in any way with PSL will never be allowed in IPL, straight life ban for even a rookie Pom or Afghan playing a single PSL match...not just players but also coaches, mentors, scouts, physios, analysts, commentators, sponsors etc. This way apart from IPL, most if not all of the international names will choose the other safer domestic leagues (CPL, BPL, BBL, APL, Mzansi..) and the PSL will be nothing but a local circus. Ban Indian companies from associating with PSL and Pakistan cricket altogether. Further host a fortnight or more of IPL in UAE and make the UAE authorities choose between us and Pakistan. We will deliver bumper crowds because of the quality/status of IPL and our diaspora, PSL is played before empty stands. And no need to even mention the broadcast deals of IPL which are leagues above PSL, then comes the tourism side, Bollywood etc. Maybe have a Kerala team and choose Dubai/Abu Dhabi as one of its home venues throughout the duration of the league tapping into the massive Gulf Mallu population, I am sure BCCI will take care of the financial side. IPL mein ghusna toh door ki baat, PCB's potential golden goose can be killed this way. I am not a T20 league fan but I do realize that Indian cricket can do with more money. Our schedule can also be slightly tweaked so that IPL plays from February to April avoiding peak summer. May-June can be used for the WI/Eng/Ire tours and also to allow the main test players to get some county experience to polish their skills for overseas assignments. Our home season can start a bit early to compensate for early IPL, SW monsoon shouldn't be a concern because we have plenty of venues which remain dry during that time of the year. Maybe with an expanded IPL, BCCI can cut down on international T20s (overkill) except in WT20 year and ensure that number of tests and ODIs don't get affected adversely.
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    If they are benefiting financially because of Indians and are also mocking our braves, every self-respecting Indian should boycott their forum. Least that can be expected, spend the extra time on ICF and do your bit to improve the discussion quality here. We will always trump them in any intellectual pursuit, only problem our site owners are hobbyists and most of us are busy with our jobs/studies. But with enough participation and quality, ICF can be the point of convergence for many cricket fans globally. And not just cricket, the scope of discussion can extend to other sports, politics, economics, history, science tech, movies etc. Hope lurkers join ICF ASAP. Even if you aren't big cricket fans, less knowledgeable or have confidence issues w.r.t English language, don't hesitate. Join our forum and we can all help each other. Spend some time here and you won't regret your decision. Decent enough FOE, democracy, nice blokes, passion....you will appreciate the merits of this forum once you invest some time.
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    Every night before going to bed say a special prayer to Homi Bhabha, Raja Ramanna, PK Iyengar, Rajagopala Chidambaram, Abdul Kalam, Krishnamurthy Santhanam, Anil Kakodkar, Subramanyam Ramakumar and many others who made us a nuclear power. Remember these names by heart and repeat the prayer every night till you die. Otherwise by now Pakistan and China would have taken over our country and split the spoils of war. I shudder to imagine the reach and depth of treason in every node of our country.
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    At least there's no Rahane or Unadkat .
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    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    If USA was a terrorist country, then USA would be banned too. But I certainly see similarities between PSL and Olympics. That much we must grant to Pakistan.
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    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Good move. Nobody cared about PSL anyway.. Next step : Prohibit IPL franchisees from buying any players that play in PSL.. Let the players choose between PSL and IPL.. No player should be allowed to play in both
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    Most beghairat ghatiya people in the world, even Bangladeshis couldn't co-exist with those creatures. Cut off all ties with that country, make life hell for them. Nobody will come to our help, we need to take matters into our own hands and look at options to end that so called country's existence.
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    What a disaster the partition was. India is still suffering despite Muslims getting their own countries. There should have been a complete population exchange. This is due to the liberal policies of Nehru, Gandhi and a rush job by the British.
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    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    I fail to see why Indians go to their site. There are still posters on this site who go there. Guys stop going there. Stop funding terrorists.
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    Islamization of Britain is inevitable. They are getting their karma for divide and rule game. It will be called British Sultanate with capital being Londonabad. The begum will rule that island and burqa will be compulsory for all women. Burkini porn will have great business and it will be considered the cleanest version. Oxford and Cambridge will develop sophisticated land based drones which would detect pork based products within 100 km radius of the island and bomb it if that product enters it's vicinity.
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    True story: Long time back, when Sidhu used to just do cricket commentry, and make those quotes, once i showed that to my English manager who has some interest in cricket. He said, This guy just want to remain in limelight. You can see the twink in his eyes as soon as reporter asked him question. At the time i disagreed with his first hand assessment. But overtime, i felt that he wasn’t wrong
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    Should play them and beat them to pulp.
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  19. 9 points
    velu sir please allow me to open thread i have more than enough post
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    Well done. Next force Sony Ten to chose between Indian markets and Pakistani cricket. Any single Indian penny going to Pakistani economy should be stopped. Govt has already added 200% customs duty on any imports from Pakistan. Hope these are not temporary measures, have to be a part of our policy.
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    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Pakistanis can be described in 1 pic...bloody whores with no dignity, manners, humanity. Jaahil beghairat pedophilic jhaat ke baal qaum. I can't wait for the day that sorry excuse of a country goes the way of the West Asian cesspits.
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    According to Indian Express... He has been sacked from Kapil Sharma Show. Archana puran singh replaces him.
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    Just do it. It is no ones business other than kashmiris.Muslims from rest of India have only as much stake as any other Indian. They should stand by the govt and support it. In kashmir only the muslim population will have issues...not the hindu and buddhist. Most kashmiri muslims already have issues.....on varying levels. Talk to the ones who listen and rest deal with the way we are dealing with it now. If kashmiri hindus and nonkashmiris married to kashmiri women are allowed to settle down in kashmir, a lot of imbalance created by the hindus and sikhs being forced out will be reversed. Allow people who have served in kashmir to settle there and then in 15 years the problem will be sorted out. It is for the greater good of the country. Country should not be held hostage to this article.
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    Literally and practically as well. Govt job hai meri isliye jyada fark nahi padega
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    To make it easy, IPL should not take players if cricketers play in PSL. Indias should gang up against ABDV, Braithwaite, Russell, Nadine etc etc who are playing in both PSL and IPL

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