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    Woh sab toh theek hai but can Afretard explain the below events?
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    Sehwag should reply "Most of pak cricketers at the end of their career ate pork"
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    This genetic argument sounds straight out of imran STD khan’s playbook. wasnt the same thing said about India not producing fast bowlers?
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    Our biggest problem in LOIs is that our top 3 never let anyone else get batting practice in low importance and / or easy games. We are not prepared if we suddenly become 20 for 3. All our other batters from 4 onwards just do not have enough practice of innings building in LOIs. This is basically lack of planning and propensity to pad stats by top 3 in easier games.
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    MoM should be chahal for not playing the game today
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    This Pollard looks like a beast and bowls like a cockroach
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    Can someone please explain Uncle that you do not become officially Muslim on Twitter. It will be very painful process to get your thing cut in this age.
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    Don’t have to and it’s not necessary. We are one of only two Hindu majority nations left on the planet. And our share of Hindus is declining. If a foreign Hindu says they are persecuted at home, that alone is sufficient, since the larger social goal of India is to maintain its hindu majority identity. We are the last of the completely indigenous, home grown, socio-religious-culture group left on the planet, that hasn’t seen its core ethos altered by foreign missionaries and isn’t a hunter gatherer stuck in a middle of an impassible jungle. We don’t have to justify our survival in the long term anymore than a Jew needs to.
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    The biggest waste of space is jadeja. God knows how he keeps getting games despite sucking for years. Pun intended
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    Speaking english does not make you a superior person. It is just another language.
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    Green Forum in Depression. I like it.
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    List of 1D players !!!

    If there was something called 0D player, Dhoni will fit that perfectly. Can’t keep, can’t bat, can’t even make up his mind if he’s finally retired On 1D players- along with Chahal, it has to be Kohli and Rohit. Can’t bowl, can’t catch. Rohit at least can lead well to win trophies, maybe he’s 1.5D
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    Balakot Mission Shakti General election verdict Triple Talaq abolition Chidambaram jailed 370, bifurcation, UTs Hurriyat dogs, soft separatists, anti-national voices in Kashmir jailed Chandrayaan II Ayodhya verdict CAB tabled Maaan so much accomplished in one year...libtards ko kitna zaleel kiya doubt we will ever have another such bonanza year.
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    Miandad's statement doesn't deserve a thread , please stop taking him and Razzaq seriously.
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    Yeah but can anybody in the WI apply make-up, mascara and thread eyebrows better than a genetically pure trundler...
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    Jaddu has been part of our T20 side since 2009...4 WT20s, epic failure every time. If ever RaGa wanted inspiration....
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    Who cares? Plays for the right team...
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    Mehdi Hasan, the al-jazeera chooth (pardon my sanskrit) maatham mana raha hain! Mazaa aa gya.
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    You tick all the boxes to be our next coach ... Had a few glasses of beer on match day. Forgot about the match. Remembered an hour after the match started Hoping that the team does something and have no control over it.
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    Real McCoy

    Massive respect to AIADMK

    Temple construction will be done with India cements only
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    The day Kohli gives mc bc to Pakistanis,I will buy this aggression. Not to a guy who looks like he stands outside Chicago union station
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    Gavaskar only does two things in the comm box - either reminisce about Gundappa vishwanath in the 70s or big up Mumbai
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    Of all the meltdowns, this one takes the cake. India is not blocking naturalization. But illegal immigration. When will NYtimes understand , proves Indian sepoys working for the west don't have "university" education.
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    RANJI TROPHY 2019-20

    A snake went under the ground covers in Vidarbha vs Andhra match Players thinking twice before trying to pick up the ball under the covers when it goes for 4. Where are BD naagins when you need them?
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    'Skillful' trundler 3.3 overs for 35!! Zero wickets
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    Failing on the crucial day also amounts to choking especially after stream rolling the opposition earlier. If it happens regularly it means the tendency to break up under pressure. Why can't even one of the much celebrated top 3 conjure up an innings of substance in a big match.
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    Exit poll forecast: Conservative majority https://www.bbc.com/news/election-2019-50765773 BJP/Boris winning in UK. Bye! Bye! Jeremy Corbyn. Take this..
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    Meltdown on peepee
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    Firstly I would say he is the darling of the forum. People will come up with an excuse every innings. It was this, it was that blah blah. Sanju Manju made a good point about Pant's batting tonight, for a hitter of the ball he mishits lots of balls. I think the fundamental issue here is the batting slot. The kind of player he is, I think he will excel when the field is up where his mishits can give him runs especially with his leg side dominated game, his record in tests is testament to that fact wherein he gets enough gaps. No injustice has been done with Pant in LOIs, infact his abilities have been overestimated. Even this series so far he has been promoted in lieu of Iyer, who has been badly treated after the productive last series. If Pant continuous in the middle order he would need to find a way. He has good intent but not backed by ability which has been criminally overrated. He needs to force the bowler to bowl to his strength. Injustice done to Pant has been in tests, where he was summarily dismissed without any cogent reasoning
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    Chahal very happy that he is sitting out lol
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    Pandya just cockblocked Gill's attempt on Sara. This is a big problem with desi dudes. They are more into showboating than actual doing. Also this attitude that if I'm not having it, I wont let my neighbor have it either. Looks like Pandya is not a player hes just a typical desi dude with jamaican attitude on the outside but a thick desi layer on the inside. Whatever method Gill used to gain more influence with Sachin as father-in-law is gone now. He has to maintain "decency" from now on. I once said hi to an american girl in front of a desi dude once. He called me a playboy immediately in front of her. I knew whatever chances I had was gone by that moment. Desis are cursed with anti-Cupid arrows popping the love balloons at every chance
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    BJP Just need to win a WC 83- Indiramma 2007/2011- Soniamma Time for BJP to intervene and make Rohit the LOI captain
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    Ind vs WI 2nd T20 at Thiruvananthapuram

    Walsh to Jadeja, no run, good length, on middle. Jadeja rocks back and nudges it away to midwicket Jadeja's T20I career summed up
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    objection your honor
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    "Strike rate of 83 is not bad in T20s" - Sunil Gavaskar
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    Wow. for the first time I'm agreeing with you. Wow I'm in a state of shock
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    Haris Taukir glorifying Pakora players Not news anymore
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    Its a great opportunity to bring in UCC. Many are talking about “equality “ so lets pass UCC...
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    Rahul slowed down near a 100 in Mumbai. Tribute @Laaloo @velu @New guy @Gollum @Rasgulla
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    India vs West Indies 3rd t20 at Mumbai

    Slower balls working for WI. Now watch Bhuvi deliver knuckle balls at the right height for WI hacks to hit them at their will
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    I was thinking about the same. Our players are largely one-dimensional hacks on Indian pitches when it comes to T20. But i doubt BCCI would do that. There is a reason why other teams will be better than us. They take part in multiple T20 leagues including IPL. We are stuck to just one league that too just Indian pitches.
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    Don't think Miandad is a buffoon or that he shouldn't be given attention. He's only articulating the views of the muslim majority. Hopefully his views get massive airtime so braindead Indians wake up from stupor.
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    Puts more effort into his make-up & mascara than bowling
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