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    Shastri the PR Bot... Will say whatever has been programmed into it!
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    Reasons why India has started to produce lots of fast and fast-medium bowlers in this decade India has become very strong economically. According to the IMF World Economic Outlook 2017, India will be 6th in the World in terms of Nominal GDP and 3rd in the World in terms of PPP GDP http://statisticstimes.com/economy/countries-by-projected-gdp.php . This has led to a lot of money flowing into cricket ... and cricket infrastructure, which include pace bowling infrastructure, have improved a lot. This has also resulted in Indians becoming very confident and mentally aggressive, which help fast bowling. Much improved economy and the IPL have resulted in cricket becoming a lucrative or viable profession for even the fringe cricketers and this is resulting in more talent coming in which includes pace bowling talent. Focus on fitness, strength training and stamina training have improved a lot. This helps fast bowling, especially increasing core strength, stamina and flexibility. Umesh, Shami and Aaron giving confidence to young Indian pacers that Indians too can bowl fast for multiple years. Interacting with lots of top bowling coaches and top pacers in the IPL. Emergence of fast-bowling culture in India as a result of points 1 to 5 above. Almost every young Indian pacer wants to bowl quick and hit the deck hard. Selecting players from all over India, including small towns and villages has given us access to a much larger talent pool. This was not the case till 2003. I predict that we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg. By 2025 or maybe even earlier, India will have the fastest as well as the best pace bowling attack in the world, .
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    I have spoken to Mohinder Amarnath personally about his experiences in touring Pakistan. He told me that on one of his tests in India, he was at the non-striker's end, and the umpire told the bowler that he is over-stepping by a lot, and frequently. Didn't call the no-ball, mind you, just informed the bowler. Guess what happened? The bowler cursed the umpire in Punjabi, and told him to let him do his job, and shut the *** up. He also said that the during lunch and tea breaks, the umpires would actually hand the ball over to the greenbros, who would take it to their dressing room, and surprise, surprise, the ball would start jagging around after resumption. There's a reason why Imran Khan started advocating for neutral umpires - their team's results had such a large asterisk on the cricket circuit due to such shenanigans - his peers basically mocked him to death about it. I still give him credit for that though.
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    Did Shastri look at his own career before passing any negative comments on other international cricketers as a commentator and columnist ? Batting average of 35.8 and bowling average of 41 in tests. Batting average of 29, batting SR of 61 and bowling average of 36 in ODIs.
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    Vinay Kumar's 6-34 vs Bengal in the 2014 Ranji trophy. Hostile and intimidating pace bowling at its best.
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    Indians on social media are probably the dumbest set of people you will find around. Aggy is spot on, let these dogs bark. Any time anyone makes sense these idiots start polluting social media space.
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    Has there been a bigger fraud than this guy in cricket, chucker,everyone was scared to face me when i used to chuck ,good riddance http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/17593833/earlier-batsmen-were-scared-face-now-there-contest
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    New conspiracy. Kohli knew it was a green pitch and openers would fail. So they shielded Rohit
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    Exactly, all these facebook cricinfo comment section desis are out there insulting Agarkar and Aakash chopra for speaking their mind about Dhoni, as if they are they are experts freaking international players themselves. These players like Agarkar achieved more than some of these keyboard warriros will ever achieve. Also, Shastri seems to be forgetting too that he himself was a commentstor and should understand that everyone will have an opinion and there is no problem in having one and no need to defend his choice by insulting other former players who he might not agree with.
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    Sreeshanth’s spell in the 2nd test of that South African tour in 2011 and also the first innings of the 3rd...brilliant till Dhoni sucked up to South Africans and insulted his own team mate....will never forgive Dhoni for that just pulled the legs out of a bowler in rhythm.
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    Steyn's 7/51 on a road in Nagpur 2010.
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    Saha doesn’t get the hype because he doesn’t have the marketability factor and is the silent types who just puts his head down and works hard but he has already played more valuable innings in tests than MSD and also is a way better keeper.
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    Good job by Saha. Made himself look like a fool so the trundler would get another over.
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    Pujara #respect. Funny as long as we are in India you give Perth Durban like conditions to Pujara he will perform like a superstar but once we cross the ocean give him a Rajkot he will go into his shell and struggle.
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    The extreme seamer-friendly conditions we are seeing are partially due to the non-seasonal and unexpected rains. It is aiding swing bowling in addition to the seam movement we have seen at Eden in the last 2 years. This start-stop-start play due to rain also made it challenging. It was not just the pitch. This team has established itself as the undisputed No.1 test side while playing in Asia or the WI. We have defeated all the test team we play against in the last 30 months .... We have nothing left to prove in this series .... our total focus now should be to prepare for the SA and England tours , which will define us as a top test team in history Prepare reasonably seaming tracks for all 3 tests and get us ready for the away tours. We defeated NZ at Kolkata 2016 and Australia at Dharamsala 2017 , on green seaming pitches .... we need not be afraid but should look forward to the practice it offers.
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    When Kohli brought in Rahane in place of Nair after the latter's 300, he said that just one series can't undermine Rahane's career till that point. Why doesn't that logic now apply to Dhawan/Vijay? He is an utter spineless clown once the ball movies either horizontally or vertically. Moreover this guy doesn't have the courage, still remember how he refused to take the field because of some minor injury in Gabba test 2014 and how the whole team was furious at his antics back (we had to rejig our batting order because of that) , we lost that match mostly because of his buffoonery. What are these idiots in the team management smoking? Our strategy in SA largely depends on Vijay playing 100 odd balls per innings and shielding the middle order from the red cherry, now Dhawan will score 400+ runs this series and play 40 balls in the entire SA tour.
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    Dhawan ahead of Vijay. Shocking if true.
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    I would like all 3 to open simultaneously on a triangular pitch
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    Ghanta ubercool. He only scolds players who dont jump from the 24th floor for him or bring biryani for him or those that played with him for chuskis. He has no issues blasting his bowlers in the media but he will never utter a word against the chuskis.
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    Cheater started crying when he was no longer as effective bowling without chucking. "Please let me bowl with a bend in my arm because I had an accident "
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    Depressed? About what? The only ones who would get depressed are the ones who discover real history and facts as opposed to what's written in Pakistani books...
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    This is pretty neat i think it will get a game in 2018 ipl. Wonder how the pitch will be may be sporting like Dharamshala. A couple of more stadiums in in some himalayan states then India will endup with a series worth of green pacy pitches.
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    if its a green mamba , dada wont go for pitch inspection
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    Indian cricket Baap ki Jaagir

    When Dhoni needed to be kicked 4 years back still playing like a passenger, n Mr Shastri talks Bout his enjoyment, n let him play till he enjoys, then let him go to Sakshi n not at the cost of Indian cricket. I am a big fan of Sachin but same thing happened, why are we not as logical as Aussies n not worship fallen stars, be realistic, who on earth logically believes Dhoni can hold his place by virtue of performance till 2019 world cup? Yes we don't want an approach similar to Greg Chappal but not even the present scenario where everyone Pat's others back n cricket suffers, selectors lacking balls n vision, captain not being objective but overly emotional, Bunyy Sajdeh, Rhiti clique, IPL groups, where n how will pro ising youngsters get a chance n rebuild our stagnating, ODi n t20 side, Why r idiots like Shastri getting away with those statements, let him play till he enjoys bullshit, I don't mind even a 45 year old playing if he justifies his selection, n not be there on past record.
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    Really made me nostalgic after watching some real pace especially by akhtar. Sadly it's come to a point where gamage,Pradeep and lakmal are winning matches better than Pakistani pacers these days.
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    I live for the day when you guys manage to draw a test match in Australia
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    Dhoni chamchas are illiterate, can't help them
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    The gamage 500th wicket dance guys. One for the ages
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    Most of them hate bowling and fast bowlers and don't beleive that Indians can bowl fast even if they see otherwise.
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    Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    pant's six hitting ability should make him a certainty for t20 sides ,enough is enough now,we should not waste his abilities impressive from shaw again
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    we could easily have called up Vijay Shankar and play instead of Jaddu on this pitch. Dont see two spinners doing much here. Shankar is a proper top 6 batsman and a handy medium pacer for these conditions.
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    I can totally imagine the Srilankan cricket selection procress...an auto rickshaw distributing pamphlets and announcing on a loud speaker about an international tour and they just pick 13 of the people who turn out+ Herath and Chandimal
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    Caption - For Ashwin's reaction

    But but Thailavar at soooper kings told me,always let the guy next to you catch it
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    Shocked dumbstruck and flabbergasted...add other jargons. How the frock can you drop the most consistent opener across conditions in the world.
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    Over the last few years, we have seen that the likes Ishant,Umesh and Shami have maintained a minimum average pace of around 138 kph in every innings of a test without breaking down very often. On the other hand, Pakistani seamers seem to be made of glass in recent times. The only one capable of bowling in that range or above (Wahab) is often in and out of the side and even then is injury prone. Among the recent bowlers who played in SL, Abbas (127 kph), Hassan Ali(132 kph) were obviously slower and innocuous. Even spearhead Aamir broke down when he increased his average pace from 130 to 134. While there has been lack of skilled fast bowlers across the border for a while, they seem to be unable to produce bowlers with pace as well. Is it because of genetics or the poor diet of Pakistanis or is it lack of work ethic? Discuss.
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    Sri Lanka tour of India, 2017

    @jalebi_bhai please create some yawn smileys, it will be most in use for this series
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    As such Kohli is pretty high on my hate list. If he plays Dhawan/Rohit he will topple Dhoni from the no 1 spot.
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    On an astro turf pitch where ball was coming on to the bat easily, I bowled 7 overs 20 runs and 4 wickets. It was the best I had ever bowled. Even though I have taken fifers before, but this particular 4fer was my best bowling effort. In the opposition were some top Jamaican domestic players along with Sunny Sohal, Harmeet Singh, Rishi Dhawan in the team. I think I was clocking 82 miles that day.
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    Trolling in ICF is still mild when compared to other websites, the atmosphere here has always been overall positive ever since I have been a member of this forum. I have also been a part of 9-10 different forums related to philosophy, history and other fields and some of these are very high in alexa rankings. Because of the elite nature of these forums, they are inhabited by total snobs and even though there isn't much trolling there, if you tend to speak your mind without being politically correct the members there will humiliate you in the most ugliest and subtle manner, I got so disgusted that I deleted my account in some of those forums. ICF still has a relatively healthy atmosphere.
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    Bewda has no sense left whatsoever. He is acting like 10 years old. Even School level coaches are better than him.
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    Ravi Shastri is a cancer. He will kill Indian cricket. Shastri needs to look inwards. He was the biggest sifarshi ever selected in Indian team. Man has no shame.
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    On merit he won't be selected in our U-19 squad !!!!!
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    Doesn’t matter...he was a fraud and a cheat...doesn’t deserve respect...may be that is your benchmark but the guy is a disgrace to the art of spin bowling,the hard working spinner who doesn’t take shot cut. Sorry doesn’t deserve a tribute.
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    Lol what a cheat! Tampering with the ball so blatantly. This guy has the audacity to talk about honest cricketers when he was a serial cheat. Waqar was caught tampering way back in 2000 and not being the sharpest guy actually said that this was the method he had used throughout his career. Not to mention Akhtar tampering in Zimbabwe 2002 and Dambulla 2003. Safe to say that without tampering Imran would have averaged around 28 with the ball lol.
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    Dhoni saala ruined the whole series. We could have had our first test series victory in South Africa but no
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    Did anyone mention Dhoni’s spell at Lords? one of the most impactful spells of all time.changed the course of an entire series.
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    Wowee Afridi!

    When he played the first IPL, he was part of Deccan Chargers. As a DC supporter then, he was the most frustrating player to root for. Complete idiot!!! I don't know how Pak fans tolerate him. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    Three takeaways from the article in OP. 1) Every fitness related initiative from and within the BCCI is immediately credited to Virat Kohli even if he has had no role to play whatsoever. 2) BCCI has a fitness regimen in place that discriminates players on the basis on so-called seniority. Sounds extremely self serving to me. 3) 23 percent body fat is deemed acceptable for players who are meant to be elite sportsmen. At that level of fat percentage, you won't even be qualified to be called a FIT person, forget about being placed in the ATHLETE category.
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    Right a fan of a team that can't sneak a draw is asking me to aim higher

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