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    Rejects XI

    You’re keeping Rayudu out of the Rejects XI? How many 3D glasses does the poor guy have to buy?
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    I must give it to him for a witty reply but can smell the bitterness
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    Rejects XI

    If i form a second rejects XI he still would not find a place.
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    Vijay Shankar in place of Vijay Shankar Saini in place of fake all-rounder Jadeja. Pant in place of Karthick.
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    "Osama bin laden is not in Pakistan - he's in Afghanistan" - Pak President. "There is no JeM Madrasa at Balakot" - "peaceforchillar" "Indian jets didn't bomb pakistan, they were forced to dump payload, and magically it ended up in Balakot" - "lies for chillar" again. "There is not enough evidence to convict 26/11 accused" - "F16s were not used". "F16s were used, but not lost". "No one killed in Balakot" ............. "we have 2 Indian pilots in custody, one is injured and is admitted to hospital, other one is under arrest and drinking tea".
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    The dinner was prepared and consumed with intent and character. But for some bold strange reason, Captain Wrogn and his RCB teammates 'choked' on desserts.
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    I hope sui dhaaga was not on the menu...
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    It's the template to get into the Indian team
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    Bitter brat, small entitled man. Was never good enough to play for a 3rd string Indian side, blessed life for him.
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    Manju on weed says just imagine krunal could hear his voice from the comm box through that stump mic Clown doesn't know diff between mic and speaker No.wonder this joker isn't taken seriously
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    rayudu cancelled his 3D glass order
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    CSK = Best T20 team on the planet Thala (while playing for CSK) = Tharuthala (while playing for India) = Tuk Tuk = Dhoni Biriyani = Rayudud = Rayudu No-hit = Tailunt = Rohit Jumping from 26th floor = Unlucky = Ishant Sharma Thigh slapper = Dhawan Boobi = Bhuvaneshwar Kumar Rat = Captain Clueless = Kohli @velu = Biggest Dhoni fan/troll on the planet @Laaloo = Biggest CSK hater on the planet @Global.Baba = @maniac = @sage = Biggest Panautis on the planet If you have learnt this, you have learnt half of what Cricket and ICF is about! PS. Just for laughs and educational needs, no offense
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    New cricket fan here, trying to learn

    Preeti has a thing for gore chore... Shami has a thing for young choris Kings 11 has a thing for south indian and west indian players . The two three punjabis are are Mandeep,Arshdeep and harpreet. Miller is a permanent resident of Kings 11.
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    Or lure the son-in-law with Anant Ambani's pocket money and use that as an excuse to ban Or better still release Mudgal report in public and watch some CSK stars wither away.
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    Been screwing Ind ever since 2009 T20 WC no matter which physical style adopted
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    Biriyani should have been completely flushed out Why not Mayank instead of him? Pant,Saini is great news though
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  18. 8 points
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  20. 7 points
    Today's script is to show how without hero Dhoni the team is helpless
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    * if you do well, stats show .... * if you do not do well, stats do not show .... * if you do well in IPL, the performance matters * if you do not do well in IPL, IPL/T20 performance cannot be judged for ODIs
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    I think he has more 50 than Warner and scored more than any other batsmen in ipl perfect contender for orange cap.
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    I think Harmanpreet kaur can hit ball more hard than Rahane
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    Unadkat is one lucky mofo. Gets paid crores for bowling crap. Why can't they try Aaron for a few games? He won't do worse than Unadcutter.

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