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    IMO the best city is Karachi everybody has a blast when visiting it
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    Time for Dhoni to go?

    I already felt this way 3 years ago. But after today's embarrassing flop show where the crowd were booing this awful display, together with English commies mocking the go slow approach, is there anyone left in support of Dhoni's place in the ODI side? Make no mistake, he embarrassed Indian cricket and the country today.
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    " DreamTeam " for 1st test vs England 1. Dhawan ... cool dancer 2. Parthiv ... can poke well outside off 3. Rohit ... can change game in a session 4. Kohli ... captain 5. Rohit .. will come disguised as Rahane 6. Karthick ... good T20 batter 7. Jadeja " the allrounder " 8. Kaul ... people like his headband 9. Shardul ... automatic backup 10. Unadkat ... tall left-arm spinner 11. Chahal .. always preferred over Kuldeep
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    No Chahal please, Kohli's love for him is worrying...seems to prefer him over Kuldeep who is in a different league.
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    Kuldeep is better than Chahal. That recognition is important too.
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    Kaif will always be remembered for his superb knock in Natwest Trophy final and his fielding
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    What I don’t like is when he came in to bat, we needed 8 run per over, he took the run rate to 18 runs per over. And it’s not as if he came low. He came when we were 155 -4 off 29 overs. A real chance of winning.
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    Like watching a khatara helicopter trying to take off but failing to do so .
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    But he scored in IPL and tweaked his technique so the process is good and that's all that matters. Just ask @Ankit_sharma03
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    Why are some of you cribbing about Kohli not giving a chance to Rahul? It's the first odi for crying out loud. Kohli needs practice as well. You can cry if Kohli does the same in the 3rd odi if we're up 2-0. Some of you guys cry for no reason.
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    management is not even giving T20 slot to Pant , and people are delusional to think about his inclusion in tests
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    Ankit Sharma said dhoni changed his approach ,tweaked his technique ,something like that since the start of ipl .he sure did , by becoming even worse lol
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    Dhoni looks like is walking into a pensioners cricket match with his Santa Claus beard
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    Since Kohli is known for erratic selections, won't be surprised if neither Ashwin nor Kuldeep but Chahal plays in tests. Also Rohit's form in this series is threatening India's chances in test matches. Get ready for Rohit over Rahane in tests.
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    express bowling

    Our seam bowling reserves

    Joke is on us, the fast bowling fans. We thought that IPL and A-tours would bring out the hidden and not so hidden gems like Khaleel, Rajpoot, Prasidh, Saini, Mavi, Nagarkoti, Avesh, Siraj, Nathu etc. Instead, it has resulted in Unadkat, Kaul, Shardul and Chahar playing for India. The casual observer might think that India's pace-bowling bench strength is non-existent ... while the truth is totally different. So ... let us have a good sense of humour and laugh at ourselves hard.
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    Shaadi has taken a toll on the poor guy.
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    A selfish mocking innings by a guy who knows he can't be touched.
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    No one gave a f e ck for Dhoni’s 10,000th run
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    Kuldeep yes, no Chahal please. But knowing Kohli, Chahal will get a bigger chance LMAOO Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Well...no other reason to explain why both star and sony keep hiring this ear-sore
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    He should pay us for the torture.
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    Dislike because of haircut and dress Doesn't misbehave with anyone. Doesn't abuse anyone on field. Never given any chance to be criticized for his antics on field. Never been news for anything bad. Probably standards are too high for him.
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    And not playing DK, persisting with Raina who was not even in the squad ffs.

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