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    Aggression Athleticism Multi-Talented Mad Skills and last but not the least coolness & calmness Next Destination
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    Slow pitch. Ball is gripping a bit. A spinner like Unadkat with his guile would have bamboozled HK batsmen.
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    Please respect our team!!!

    Don't know what's more insulting. Your post or your Avatar?
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    Austin 3:!6

    How Shameful is this??

    [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Selectors future selection strategy been leaked...
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    Sid Kaul replaces Shardul, like for like replacement lol
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    New Delhi: With Petrol prices rising rapidly across the country, government has finally taken note and done something to address the problem. Dharmendra Pradhan has been removed from his post of Petroleum Minister and the charge has been given to Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar. Government is confident that under Tendulkar, Petrol price will slow down in the high 80s and 90s and won’t reach 100 by the time Lok Sabha 2019 elections come around. In Tendulkar’s native Mumbai, Petrol prices are just a few paise short of 90 Rs/Liter mark and government thought this would be the right moment to introduce Tendulkar into the game. Tendulkar, renowned for slowing down on the way to a 100, is expected to transfer his expertise from the cricketing field to a petrol pump. Making this announcement at a Press Conference, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “We thought about several options to keep the petrol prices in check but eventually, the entire cabinet reached a consensus over the Sachin Tendulkar option. Mr. Tendulkar will immediately take charge of the ministry and will ensure it takes several months before petrol prices reach 100 Rs/Liter level. Dharmendra Pradhan had more of Virat Kohli in his approach than Tendulkar and he was motoring along so we had to introduce Mr. Tendulkar.” When asked if they thought about reducing excise duty, Mr. Patra said, “Reduction is not a word in our Finance Minister’s dictionary. We are trying to buy him a new dictionary but the Finance Ministry is not approving the budget for the new dictionary for the Finance Minister as they are saying they will only take, not give any money.” BJP’s main opposition Congress has slammed BJP over this decision. Party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala has said that by appointing Tendulkar as the Petroleum Minister, government has ensured that petrol prices will reach 100 for sure. Meanwhile, several petrol pump owners in Mumbai have started jewelry shops inside the petrol pump where you can mortgage your mother’s gold bangles to buy a liter of petrol. http://www.fakingnews.com/india/government-appoints-sachin-tendulkar-petroleum-minister-ensure-petrol-prices-slow-approach-100-27634 @Old guy
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    How Shameful is this??

    Your solution for all the problems and mediocrity we have is the great Axar Patel
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    Maybe this is why we refused practice matches in England. We might have lost against some Illluvsex or condomshire counties
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    Those new faces are Dhoni Raina Yuvraj Jadhav Rayudu.
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    Another day, another match winning performance.. We have very few players averaging above 50S in Ranjis but there is only ONE guy in the history of Ranji (India's premier domestic) who averages above 50 at a strike rate over 105... and the guy name is KEDAR Jadhav!!!...strike rate above 100 and average over 50....This is over 10 years of domestic cricket...that is 10 years of consistent aggressive match winning batting.. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Only guy close to a strike rate of 100 was Sehwag but he was not even close to an average of 50... Most of guys who had average over 50 had strike rate in 80s. There is a huge difference between strike rate of 80s and strike rate of 100 plus with average above 50. Even in international cricket, his strike rate is 108 and average close to 45 But our selectors wasted 5 years of his life. And for whom. To try out duds like Rayadu and Rahane in LOI who can't play with a strike rate above 75. This guy can bowl, wicket keep and bat at any position... Lowest percentage of dot balls... But this guy is severally underrated. Join the thread if you are his fan.. HATERS, STAY AWAY!!
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    Please respect our team!!!

    what is that stock its like chicken stock ? how old are you 13 ?
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    Send Bumrah Home

    Along with them send Shardul, Dhoni, DK and Rayudu as well
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    Keeping gone down the sewer as well. Just when u thought it couldn't get worse, khoosat Budhao figures new ways to torture team & fans.
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    Please allow me to rant for some more time... With his test match preparation he is like a son who escapes his duty to take mom to the clinic when she broke her leg, but tries to make a public show of taking care of her by asking her which TV channel she would like to watch... KAAMCHOR With his relationship with Virat he is like an employee who wastes all the time by chatting away useless gossip during office hours but sucks up to the boss using sweet words and sycophancy.. CHEWTIYA With his Instagram posts and social media interactions he is like a teacher who won't complete even half the syllabus at the end of the year but during the final class gives everyone a pep talk about organising themselves for the annual exam... HYPOCRITE the great batsman Shikar dhawan who refused to prepare for the English test series by participating in the county season and utterly flunking at his job, but has this stupid wide grin on his face after completing his ton against "Hong Kong" on an easy paced UAE pitch. Utter contempt for this man.
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    Dhoni is such a looser whenever bowler is taking wkt soon after that he is start giving suggestions for camera , such a sly dog.
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    As I keep reminding everyone (and myself), the WC19 is write off. Because Dhoni and his mediocrity needs company, his financial interests cannot be imperiled, and so what if India's larger interests get shafted in the process.
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    Scrap the A-teams, U-20s etc as those players will never get to play under the current regime. Probably better to set up a over-30s team which can feed into the senior squad.
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    It certainly helps. And KL rahul is learnign to prepare donne biriyani
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    The Realist

    How Shameful is this??

    Under Cheerleader the team is plumbing the dark depths of his alcoholic nights when invariably he ends face up in the gutter. Don't think any other team is in such a shambles ahead of the WC. With all those resources yet still look and play like a Sunday pub team.
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    Nice who legs are those? See I can't tell from the legs if it is MSD. Only @velu and @rasgulla can tell after so much fan giri.
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    Dhawan rested for the entire england test tour.
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    Temujin Khaghan

    How Shameful is this??

    How shameful is this? As shameful as, if it was Pakistan who leaked so many runs to Hong Kong, you would have started a "let's laugh" thread... :/

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