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    Hayden beat Pakistan by an innings .
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    Hahahahahahehehehuhuhuhu! There is a thing called CSK Quota my lord. Sent from my CPH1609 using Tapatalk
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    Too many condition based bullies in our team. That's the problem. Playing home tests in one cycle and overseas tests in another is the main reason why we are in this state. This type of chewtiyapa scheduling allows our players to solidify their spots, influence public perception and lure our management into thinking that they will go on to deliver in all conditions.
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    And if a kid asks how not to almost loose to a minnow show them Ireland's first test match.
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    I don't think it was that bad day for us. The spinners looked at sea, but what can one expect when they bowl after 10 overs on day 1 against India on a wicket with a lot of grass. Towards the end Rashid got into a pretty good rythem. The two pacers were decent. I think they have some potential to work with. I am expecting Afghanistan to lose by an inning. We will be rolled out for 100 something and second inning might be even worse. And it's fine. We are playing our first match against nr. 1 test team at their home. Happy to be playing test cricket :)
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    he was scared n stuck inside the crease against 140k bowlers in IPL Got out to bouncers of pandya n brathwite i almost felt like this guy was shivering when he was facing umesh against RCB Also what has he done to merit this selection failed in domestic season smashed some 125k trundler when season was coming to an end Slogged like a tail ender in Sa Didnt do well in nidhas
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    Although he's speaking some truth, it's annoying to hear from this grub. If it's been a Mumbai player, he would've shut his trap. He and Gavaskar are such a nonsense.
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    People shouldn't be slaves to stats. Vijay may seem to have declined in the last 2-3 years but that is where you have to look beneath his scores. Against SA in 2015 on bunsens, when the series was alive it was Vijay and Pujara who played the best. They might not have got 100s but in such low scoring matches they managed to distinguish themselves from rest of the batsmen. Rahane boosted his stats when the series was over but he did nothing in Mohali and Nagpur. Similarly Kohli was a complete failure in that series. Against NZ again Che and Vijay scored vital knocks but unfortunately the latter couldn't boost his stats. Against England in Rajkot if not for that mammoth stand between Vijay and Che we would have lost the test because Poms had a mental grip on us coming into that match. He scored 2 100s in that series even though it is true that he was inconsistent. Against Australia he batted with a broken wrist (Dhawan, Gambhir would have chickened out if they were in his place, judging by past events) and scored double the runs in 1 innings in Ranchi than what Kohli managed in 6 completed innings !!!! Stats are suggestive, so you need to have watched the matches instead of drawing conclusions based on scorecards and statsguru. He failed in SA I agree but if one can't value his 25 odd runs in 30+ overs in the only match we won then that person simply doesn't understand test cricket. I see a trend where some posters are running down guys like Vijay, Che, Rahul, Ashwin, Saha, Jadeja, Shami etc but they all have played big roles in our ruthless pursuit to no 1 position, we have clobbered teams the way Indian cricket has never seen before. We have such a comfortable lead over no 2 spot similar to how the ATG Aussies had, this provides more breathing space in overseas tours. And these same guys will deliver in England, just have to trust this current bunch. Some may choose to believe that we have Gavaskars, Laras, Sangas and Warnes waiting in the wings who are being denied a chance in the test squad but trust me that is not the case. Test cricketers don't fall from the heavens and certainly not some of these high quality talents we are so blessed to have atm. These 15-20 people who have represented us in tests these last 3 years are the best we got and they are the best in the world. FFS stop moaning and back the boys, we used to have genuinely **** teams in the 90s that would make fools out of themselves consistently but they never had this much scrutiny and criticism. Surprisingly the ODI and T20 teams don't attract this much attention when they have been an embarrassment these last 4-5 years while our test team has always been top of the charts winning and retaining the ICC Mace.
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    Wow!! That performance by Russia was something. Looks like Saudi Arabia will beheading home. Everyone must have been blown away after that score.
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    Honestly its time now they start grooming the likes of Pant or Ishan Kishen for the longer formats as well have to look towards the future.I am not very optimistic that DK would become a great test keeper batsman he didn't look fidgety though from whatever I saw but Rahane was completely bogged down and I feel so disappointed the way he has gone downhill in the longer formats of the game really like him as a player for Test matches in shorter formats he is a complete misfit .
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    1, there are others available to fill in the gaps. 2, they are not good enough to solidify their positions. Look at Dhawan looks world beater in India, looks clueless in swinging conditions. Puj looks Dravid in India, looks Chris Martin while playing abroad. Rohit looks Chris Martin while playing tests. Rahane looks brilliant overseas in important tests, looks abject against spin. WTF ?
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    please fire the selectiors and Msk Prasad poor selection and thinking seems they are trying to play it safe and have no intent to blood in youngsters.
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    Vijay should be given the next two tours and then we need to start grooming a youngster. This could have been started a lot before, but the management decided to play Gambhir, Mukund, Parthiv Patel, Dhawan, etc who were all short term solutions. Even Rahul isn't the finished material yet in overseas tests as evidenced by SA tour. First step will be to discard Dhawan, FFS how many more tours he needs to prove he is not an opener for overseas. Only then can another youngster be tried. It is not that easy to find an opener as can be seen with the Merry go round happening with teams like England, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Here in ICF people seem to not realise the tough role of an opener overseas. A youngster cannot just come in and start performing overseas.
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    The first time a lion got chained by a donkey.
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    Lol ind cricket truly sucks,Raina was struggling against Sid Kaul ffs
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    Can't believe pant still ain't in the loi squad !! Can't the selectors look beyond csk
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    India already has lowest level required to pass the test. What's next? Allow players to take players field even if they fall after 100 m just because they have some skill. We played skilled Zak in first test at Lord's in 2011 and saw what happened. How did more important skill help us?
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    Gloves off: Dhoni snubs hotel for not allowing biryani from Rayudu’s residence https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/gloves-off-dhoni-snubs-hotel-for-not-allowing-biryani-from-rayudu-s-residence/story-M3u2oHkYqYiBp6dbhjeCyK.html
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    Sadly Che is not an option anymore outside Asia. But wish it had come from someone else's mouth, can't stand Sanju Manju.
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    I had a great day at the ground today. Nice weather and some nice batting from Shawn and later Rahul and Vijay. The way dhawan took the attack to the spinners really broke the game. Was great to see lot of Afghanis in the ground supporting their team. Shahzad was the crowd favorite and people were really chanting his name and cheering his name and he was also obliging and signaling to them and dancing and joking around And yes it was a decent crowd for a working day.

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