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    we are still holding our ace
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    Thisara Perera + Pakistani trundlers + Naagin dancers = MahendraSingh Bradman Dhoni
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    Slow pitch. Ball is gripping a bit. A spinner like Unadkat with his guile would have bamboozled HK batsmen.
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    Selectors future selection strategy been leaked...
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    New Delhi: With Petrol prices rising rapidly across the country, government has finally taken note and done something to address the problem. Dharmendra Pradhan has been removed from his post of Petroleum Minister and the charge has been given to Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar. Government is confident that under Tendulkar, Petrol price will slow down in the high 80s and 90s and won’t reach 100 by the time Lok Sabha 2019 elections come around. In Tendulkar’s native Mumbai, Petrol prices are just a few paise short of 90 Rs/Liter mark and government thought this would be the right moment to introduce Tendulkar into the game. Tendulkar, renowned for slowing down on the way to a 100, is expected to transfer his expertise from the cricketing field to a petrol pump. Making this announcement at a Press Conference, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “We thought about several options to keep the petrol prices in check but eventually, the entire cabinet reached a consensus over the Sachin Tendulkar option. Mr. Tendulkar will immediately take charge of the ministry and will ensure it takes several months before petrol prices reach 100 Rs/Liter level. Dharmendra Pradhan had more of Virat Kohli in his approach than Tendulkar and he was motoring along so we had to introduce Mr. Tendulkar.” When asked if they thought about reducing excise duty, Mr. Patra said, “Reduction is not a word in our Finance Minister’s dictionary. We are trying to buy him a new dictionary but the Finance Ministry is not approving the budget for the new dictionary for the Finance Minister as they are saying they will only take, not give any money.” BJP’s main opposition Congress has slammed BJP over this decision. Party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala has said that by appointing Tendulkar as the Petroleum Minister, government has ensured that petrol prices will reach 100 for sure. Meanwhile, several petrol pump owners in Mumbai have started jewelry shops inside the petrol pump where you can mortgage your mother’s gold bangles to buy a liter of petrol. http://www.fakingnews.com/india/government-appoints-sachin-tendulkar-petroleum-minister-ensure-petrol-prices-slow-approach-100-27634 @Old guy
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    How Shameful is this??

    Your solution for all the problems and mediocrity we have is the great Axar Patel
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    Fighting for the independence of Tibet, a good cause
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    Maybe this is why we refused practice matches in England. We might have lost against some Illluvsex or condomshire counties
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    Those new faces are Dhoni Raina Yuvraj Jadhav Rayudu.
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    That’s so lame and so white trash! Actually some of the Aussie players are textbook bullies: push people around especially the weak, but as soon as you fight back, they turn into snowflakes! Warner is worst example. Remember when was making fun of DeKock, abusing his last name and then got all hot and bothered when DeKock said something about his wife. When you make personal abuse, your entire phucking family is open for abuse back ... ausshole! Another example was McGrath, getting all worked up when Sarwan made a reference to his wife. That’s what you get when you ask how Lara’s penis tastes like. The fact that his wife was a cancer victim became irrelevant at that moment. Don’t abuse people personally and then not expect that you won’t receive it!!
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    Dhoni is such a looser whenever bowler is taking wkt soon after that he is start giving suggestions for camera , such a sly dog.
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    Very soon bevda will say 1-4 is as good as 4-1 and losing is only in the minds of critical fans, because he and the team always "win" by playing fearless(aka shameless) cricket.
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    It certainly helps. And KL rahul is learnign to prepare donne biriyani
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    The Realist

    How Shameful is this??

    Under Cheerleader the team is plumbing the dark depths of his alcoholic nights when invariably he ends face up in the gutter. Don't think any other team is in such a shambles ahead of the WC. With all those resources yet still look and play like a Sunday pub team.
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    Nice who legs are those? See I can't tell from the legs if it is MSD. Only @velu and @rasgulla can tell after so much fan giri.
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    Dhawan rested for the entire england test tour.
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    Manju's premise is right but the conclusions and implications wholly wrong. Yes, India would have a greater chance of success overseas if we played 4 pacers at home and give up our characteristic pitches. But is it desirable? BIG NO! It risks long term damage to our formidable home advantage without assuring consistent returns overseas. But most importantly, it devalues home performance based on flawed reasoning. Overseas wins are nice but losses at home is FAR worse. Best is to stay the course. Keep crushing opponents at home and, in parallel, keep investing in FC and grass roots cricket heavily. Once the talent pool is deep enough, we'd get the overseas success soon enough. I am pretty optimistic on this provided the selectors and leadership stays honest and purposeful.
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    This chewtiyaa Sandeep Patil acted in a b grade movie Kabhi ajnabi and skipped going to the west indies tour. He ruined his cricketing career that way. Virat kohli is a genius with faults but this fool isnt fit to clean virat's shoes. An useless donkey who skipped the most important tour of West Indies in 80s is making comments on Virat taking rest for Asia cup after playing non stop cricket and we are discussing about what the donkey feels Virat should do? lol
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    Loser talk. Its all about results and instead of whining should be focusing on HOW NOT TO LOSE 1-4 IN THE FUTURE.
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    Austin 3:!6

    How Shameful is this??

    . Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Temujin Khaghan

    How Shameful is this??

    How shameful is this? As shameful as, if it was Pakistan who leaked so many runs to Hong Kong, you would have started a "let's laugh" thread... :/
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    VVS such a ear sore.. HK batsmen batting naturally, they could have batted unnaturally plaing against a top side but they are calm and playing naturally, very good natural batting by HK
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    For that we have to make sure thaliava doesn't get a chance to bat.....

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