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    https://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-videos/42270/people-want-us-to-believe-its-a-massive-loss-virat-kohli This guy has a massive chip on the shoulder, and is borderline delusional. Why is it so hard to say "this is a disappointing loss, the entire team is hurting..this is not the standard we set for ourselves"? Why act as if scale of loss is being deliberately played up to malign the team?
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    Shastri aur King Kohli G@@nduon ki toli De gaye sabko goli, Sab pehno ghagra aur choli Dalo pichwade pe rangoli Aur nacho - aa gai holi! All eyes on King Kohli
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    Missing Pandya’s

    Stop jizzing to Pandya. He is engaged now.
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    OK, heres the full video of the post-match press conference: The question was asked by a white reporter - "For many in squad it was their first loss, for others it will be the biggest loss they faced. So how do you handle mental side of things going into Christchurch?" Pretty standard question, no malice or the sort of mind games we know Western media is capable of. Imagine how a Paine, Finch, Morgan, Kumble wld answer such a question - they wld show far greater maturity. And then an Indian reporter asks a similar question in Hindi "Do you think losing on 4th morning and not being able to stretch match to 5th day makes the loss even more disappointing?" to which Wrogn's answer is "A loss is a loss, now if you want to make a 'batangad' (mountain out of a molehill), that's ur choice". Kohli seems more upset being questioned about the loss, than the actual loss itself. A similar petulant attitude was seen after SA & Eng series loss. Just man up and say, "Yes, these are challenging conditions for us, and we need to pull our socks up as a unit and make those tiny adjustments we are capable of to succeed. We assure our fans that we will come back hard to try & level the series." instead of crap like "we have learnt how to take pitch or toss out of equation, and play our game...thats what we will continue to do." For too long, he's been talking about external noise, dressing room is different - this virus of completely dismissing critical questions started from Dhoni era. Yes, many in our media are lowlives just looking for salacious gossip, or morons looking to run our own team down. But u can't be dismissive of ALL genuine questions using that excuse! With Bewda-Rat combo, u get the feeling that their main opponents are their informed critics within India, rather than opposition teams. Anyone who doesn't buy their kool-aid that this is 'best Indian touring team ever" is an enemy agent trying to sabotage the team from within. Kohli is living in a dangerous bubble, and this kind of denial will prevent us from overcoming the flaws in our cricket visible to any neutral observer with knowledge of the game. Honestly, Kohli is now starting to hate Indian fans with best interests of Indian cricket at heart - the ones who know all too well the mind games played by Anglo-Saxon world, and who passionately stood by him when he took on Aussies in 'brain fade', sledging; but who don't bow down before him and Bewda. He is far more enamoured with earning goodwill of Pakistani fans, being seen as an international cricket ambassador.....this petulant man-child doesn't deserve to be captain, period.
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    We need batsmen who can bat..
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    Ganguly needs to get on the phone/WA right now and give this delusional, arrogant skipper a dressing-down. Enough is enough, don't want to play, pack your *ing bags and leave. You aren't doing any favour to India, remember that. No shame No passion No inspiration No aggression Or Dada should ask this guy to give a talk to our team, Kohli specifically.
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    We have Jadeja as the left arm spinner. No need for another one.
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    Need a poll for "What is worse?" a. The massive loss b. Wrogn's delusional statement.
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    The more pertinent question is ... Which youngster has been treated well by this TM ? I am still searching.
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    Oh, was it about the color? I noticed something else.
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    Kohli is right, people are over reacting..... they just lost a test match and probably will lose the next one too but we need to remember they are using this as a warm up for the IPL.
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    Yes, you bloody moron, losing a test in 3 days, barely avoiding an innings loss at a venue where even Pakistani and BD have managed to score 350+ IS a massive loss. For you and your gang of chamchas - Bewda and his cronies in the coaching team and the media PR bandwagon, this may be irrelevant but the fans do care about these challenging tours vs tougher opponents. Those wins vs SL, BD and WI do not matter much if you come out of your make beliew world.
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    There are - 10 bahane to keep Rahane Time to look beyond both,the bahanes and Rahane
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    I generally try to avoid generalisations, but seeing a definite case for putting college-educated, grounded individuals in leadership positions of our sports teams. Just make a rule - NO Superstar player can be captain of India. Let's see the list of our better captains/coaches/cricketers-turned selectors & administrators - 1.) Ajit wadekar (Ruia college educated, down to earth, NOT best player in side + he was one of the best coaches we produced as well) 2.) Ganguly (college educated, again NOT best player) 3.) Dravid (college educated + NOT best player in team) 4.) Kumble (engineer + overcame personal limitations to conquer SENA + he is probably the most cerebral cricketer India has produced, who has continued exploring ways to use technology in the game after retirement - https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/anil-kumbles-startup-brings-ai-cricket-launches-power-bat-89819 Dhoni had strength of mind to deliver 3 ICC trophies, but absolutely ruined our test cricket, and along with Srini Mama destroyed the semi-professional culture we had painstakingly built in Ganguly-Dravid-Kumble era with help of administrators like Dalmia, coaches like Wright, Kirsten, Chappell (yes, even him...dropping in 2005 Ganguly was a bold and correct call, wish some coach-selector shows same gumption with Dhoni), selectors like More, Vengsarkar. College rounds you out, gives you a better perspective on dealing with different personality types & usually ensures u don't suffer from insecurities and complexes more talented but lesser educated people are susceptible to. Kohli is arguably the most self-obsessed, immature superstar cricketer we have ever seen.
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    he is an unpad gawar posing like a liberal as he gets old and infirm and learns from wannabe bollywood liberal wife. Lacks fighting intent now and probably needs to be replaced by some one who can be a honest fighter. this crap about lol being able to talk with kane about stuff after the game as if lol players from different countries are looking for genuine friendships, as if international cricket is just about player friendships. He also thinks too highly of himself, imagines himself to be a savior etc. stupid guy.
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    Kohli and Bumrah need to be brought back down to earth. Like drop them or show them they are not indispensable. Sachin or Kumble never needed this. But these guys need to be reminded.
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    Overseas tests are not relevant this year - Kohli
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    Pujara playing his natural game is what went a long way in blunting the aussie bowling troika and our consequent series win. Pujara has previously been dropped for this apparent lack of intent and we all saw how that turned out. Funnily enough, Pant has been publicly admonished for being too aggressive and dropped after Windies series. Shaw was very likely asked to change his natural game as well after his first innings dismissal. Shaw was simply not his natural self in the second innings, playing at a SR of less than 35. No end to this comedy in sight.
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    Will the BCCI shed it’s pampering of Kohli (like it did after the WC). Will any of our experts on BCCI payroll or in the media raise the right questions about the 1st test surrender by asking the right questions from Kohli-Shastri about their deeply flawed strategy (if there was one)? Fans need to know Why did Saha suddenly become the 2nd best keeper in the squad? Why Pant was picked for this test after being benched all tour and the coach having publicly spoken about his poor keeping skills? Which team plays a sub standard keeper (as per the coach and captain) in Tests? How did the TM suddenly lose faith in Jadeja’s all round ability? Why did we play 5 specialist bowlers at home vs weak opponents but went back to 4 specialist bowlers with two of them coming back from injuries and the 3rd one a proven failure in SENA on multiple tours? Why was the home season not used to groom a single young player - batsman or bowler. Does the TM see Vihari and Pant as SENA specialists? Is there any justification for them not being good enough for home tests but expecting them to do well in far tougher conditions? And last, why was Bumrah played in useless LOIs when he could well have bowled 15-18 overs per day in A team Tests to get back his rhythm. Are LOIs more important for this TM than tests? The captain’s PR mafia will obviously not let such questions to be asked and will find some other topic for distracting. But if the BCCI has long term interest of Indian cricket as a focus, it should not treat this as just another loss.
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    The warmup match started on Valentines Day, and skip wanted to spend time with mrs.
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    One answer - arrogance. All the humility he tries to portray in media interviews is FAKE, deep down the guy is the most arrogant and insecure player we have had in recent times.
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    Are tests relevant this season??
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    Har Har Mahadev

    Mahashivrathri ki shubhkaamnaye! Shambo shankara hara hara Mahadev.. Jai Bholenath. Shivaratri शिवरात्रि namaskar to everyone.
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    Kohli-Shastri are planning!

    Before team meeting
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    Har Har Mahadev

    So serene Kedarnath
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    Balakot anniversary thread

    this day had a lot of strategic implications. One, it gave Indian govt confidence to abrogate article 370 and 35a, seeing the meek Pakistani response and how quickly they gave back Abhinandan when faced with Imminent Indian naval action. Two, it forced world to give pak stern message regarding the terror groups operating out of PoK. You will notice that since August 5, Indian casualties have Come down to a historic low. Three, it forced Pakistan to upgrade its military infrastructure, particularly its air defence in PoK, which was something they took for granted as they never thought Any Indian govt would order air strikes. This forces them to spend more on the military, constraining their already constrained economy. Couple this with FATF grey list, which forces them to lose billions. For me, this will always be a watershed moment for Indian geostrategic objectives. The only sadness I feel is the loss of 44 precious lives to achieve this.
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    And no I'm not necessarily talking in the context of the recent CAA protests either. I'm an art and architecture lover and like to follow several Instagram pages which focus upon South Asian Art/Architecture scene. Every time there's a picture of a monument in Pakistan posted there (There are quite a few nice ones there actually. Pakistan in general is a beautiful country minus the jahil residents of course) , you see excited love-struck Indian liberals pouring their love for the neighborhood in the comments as if completely besotted by it. Comments like "Wish I could visit the place", " So many nice people there" etc are a common place. Now appreciation for art is one thing but completely enthralled by an another country , esp an enemy country at that is something that I always find unfathomable. And this endearment doesn't just stop at praising of artistic works only. Everytime their faggot Wazir-e-Aazam even so much as smiles like an absolute buffoon he is , you could hear the muffled sound of collective moans from our liberal herd as if this was the best sight in the world. What the heck is it about Pakistanis that makes our libfarts go crazy?
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    Nagarkoti bowled some good bouncers, yorkers and slower balls. Nagarkoti and Aaron bowling together
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    Make Pujara the test captain!

    Zen lol what a troll Puji may be the gem of Gujarat but he ain't no Virat Often fails in SENA, captaincy cholbe na With those dodgy knees Team India won't know peace He got a big belly which ain't good for telly Passive when under pump, surest way to end up in dump Timid cat, insipid bat India can do so much better than Pujara in his ugly sweater
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    People want us to believe Oh boy, he looks like he's gone into full Trump mode
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    Virat Kohli has been unusually careless when it comes to statements made after losses. This is odd. These statements are only angering fans more after yet another disappointing loss.
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    Day 4 predictions

    Tomorrow will be the defining day of Rahane's career
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    Missing Pandya’s

    @zen what your fascination with Pant and Pandya. You make it sound as if they are world beaters been shackled by someone. You may think they are second coming of Sobers and Gilly respectively but in reality they are just above average performers in their respective skills so far.
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    Missing Pandya’s

    Missing dhoni.
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    We need fastbowlers who can bat!

    Need bowlers who can bowl
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    Star sports sometimes starts showing ads even before the ball reaches the boundary
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    Spielberg is a hardcore liberal every liberal will be proud to have a daughter like her she is adopted not a biological daughter though ..
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    Delight for cricket lovers.....orgasm hi keh lo
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    Back this with proof, that all were Muslims. Admins ban this guy if he can't. ICF shouldn't be a platform for disseminating fake news.
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    Lots of competition in KKR among the Indian prospects...Mavi, Krishna, Warrier, Nagarkotti. I guess at max 2 of these will play at a time. It's a bit dissapointing cause all of them are top notch.
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    Meh he's played much better shots at all levels, when it comes to shot making he has no parallel And this was in his 19th year in intl cricket
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    RANJI TROPHY 2019-20

    That J&K Vs Karnataka game would have been such fun to watch. J&K had the lead for the taking, but the experience showed. This write-up on the Ranji blog on Cricinfo is beautiful Is Jammu & Kashmir's semi-final dream over? Shashank: He sat motionless in the dressing room. Staring straight through his disconsolate team-mates who were trying to console him. Abdul Samad, 16, had just got out looking to slog sweep. The ease with which he was using his feet to step out and drive forced J Suchith to switch back to over the wicket. Just two overs earlier, Aquib Nabi had reverse swept Suchith through point. Jammu & Kashmir smelt the lead, they were just 14 runs behind. And then he slogged. Suchith held his length back a touch, got the ball to dip and turn sharply from outside leg. Samad went for it, only managing to top-edge it a mile. Suchith trembled for a brief second, ran back, took two steps forward. It went that high. There was so much time, and he was literally on his knees by the time the ball descended. But he held on to it superbly in the end. J&K last the final two wickets - to Prasidh Krishna - at the same score and conceded the lead. A collective cry of anguish from 1000 fans, who wildly cheered for every run, every boundary, told you a story. You got the sense that this was the moment when their season truly slipped out of their hand. Karnataka players fist pumped, roared, high-fived, ruffled hairs and exulted in jubilation. They’d just escaped by the skin of their teeth, a jailbreak of sorts with the season hanging in tatters. Sure, a lead by no means a guarantee of victory, but so much time had been lost and so much emotion poured in by both teams that you felt this was the game right here. Whichever team conceded a lead was in danger of just falling flat, not because their ability was in question, but because they’d poured everything they had. The adrenaline was pumping right from the first ball today. Not just for the set of 22 players and coaches, but for the fans too. The scorers, generally happy to help out travelling journalists with a power socket or two, share wifi passwords, suddenly went quiet. The catering staff lined up outside their tents to watch. The policemen on duty, often looking away, trying to catch a glance every now and then. It was that kind of a morning.
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    160 kgs? That's it? That is like digging out another Bappi Lahiri.
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