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    Dear Indian Fans, The team at ICF have grown increasingly weary of former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar in the commentary box. He is perpetually negative and ready to put down Indian players, all whilst praising the opposition. This abnormal behavior becomes even more apparent when commentating aside Australian commentators, thus magnifying his ethnic inferiority complex. We have no issue if he is being objective and calling a spade a spade. But at a time when team India is being more than competitive in Australia, it is appalling to consistently hear his self defeating whiny commentary. Most Indian fans listening seem to have had enough. Therefore we would like to ask you to join us to make our #SackSanjay campaign on Twitter and Facebook successful. Use this thread to list instances when our least liked Suck Up In Chief (SUIC) puts down our players. Regards, Team ICF.
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    Nobody can make them fool. They are already.
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    Some of those sixes reminded me of Hardik Pandya's hitting in that Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament when he first burst onto the scene. Gill is going to be some player if he keeps going on his development arc. http://www.bcci.tv/videos/id/7168/ranji-trophy-2018-19-punjab-v-tn-day-2-highlights
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    Match is over

    The little Manjrekar in you seems to have grown into a bigger menace than the original one!
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    Can Vihari do a Moeen Ali?

    Like you can tell the difference?
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    You disgraceful hypocrites Let me get this right . You chumps having a pop at someone for being constantly negative to indian players and putting indian players down! Jeez If you ask me Manju is prototype fopr most posters in ICF. Smalll, malnorished, weak, geeky, boring side parting hairstyle, probale virgin ( well virgin in respect to women). Constantly moaning and complaining about every move india team does. Since we landed in oz ICF in full hate for the team. Kohli cant even breath as someone will say does it idiotic way! We bloody good team and done great like last 2 years. Yet ICF acts like we getting drubbed 0-8 with most losses by an innings! FFS the skipper of team ranked number 1 for over 2 years, 2 in a row winner of the test mace has a thread started saying is worst skipper in cricket history and rest of ICF wades in like sharks smelling blood to join in. Shame on you, you IT nerds
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    , ha fir to khudh hi pitch ukhaad ke agle stadium men le jaata
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    Australian commentators like Mark Waugh and Allan Border are becoming difficult to listen to as they are unable to provide views without their Australian goggles on. For example in the previous game Rishabh Pant flicked Starc nonchalantly for six and what did we hear? 'That was a lucky stroke, if he does that again he will probably get out' Cut to today's test and Travis Head is playing some very flashy/borderline careless strokes before the second new ball and what do we hear? 'Awh yeh I don't mind that at all, may as well throw the kitchen sink at it if it's in your area' It did amuse me how they were questioning why a third man was in place and then a couple of balls later, Head was caught there
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    Manjrekar likes to make these so called jokes from time to time... He is better off with his unintended jokes like : "It is a big one, it is huge ... it is a West Indian one..."
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    I thought that is what the real test cricket lovers would love to watch. Even though our player is on the defenive end, but Cummins bowled a brilliant spell to Kohli. It was just top class, world class bowling effort by Cummins when he bowled to Kohli. Kohli counter attacked when India were in trouble. He took Hazlewood out of the attack but the replacement Cummins came out with a fiery spell to keep Kohli in check. This is what you want to watch as a test cricket fan. Cummins gave his all today and has been doing through out this series when he is batting, bowling or fielding. What a top player he is. I loved the way Kohli handled him and he did try and had some plays and misses of Cummins but he would remind himself to not play the same shot again and come on the backfoot and play to the merit. The battle was brilliant and perhaps the most fun to watch on Day 2 how well Cummins ran in and bowled fast with venom, intensity and passion and how our too player managed to survive. Also loved Rahane’s attacking stroke play, reminiscence of the previous tour where he attacked Johnson. Brilliant day of test cricket on day 2.
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    I fancy a 20 from umesh ,as good as a double by kohli under the circumstances
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    Thanks for confirming the Green pitch, babaji!
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    The word 'Injured' is also a mild excuse for a player being 'Dropped' due to 'Not so good' performance. Cricket is a Gentleman's game
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    Pornhub most viewed category 2018

    Indians love a bit of MILF action. I wonder what our neighbours are into
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    Cricviz Analysis

    Great in-depth analysis by Cricviz. NO BUMRAH India’s decision not to open the bowling with Jasprit Bumrah at the start of day two was peculiar. On day one Bumrah was clearly India’s best bowler, drawing a higher proportion of false shots and having a higher Expected Wickets sum than any of India’s bowlers. It was also strange to see Umesh Yadav not start on day two. Since the start of 2017 Umesh has the best record of India’s pace bowlers in this match against the lower order. Umesh’s extra pace is an asset against tail end batsmen. Eventually Kohli turned to Bumrah and Umesh and as soon as he did the wickets begun to fall but not before Australia had survived the first hour and added 29 invaluable runs. PITCH IT UP In the first hour on day two India opted for a short ball tactic to Tim Paine. Given Paine was dismissed pulling in Adelaide and only averages 15 playing the shot in Test cricket it was a legitimate tactic but with movement in the pitch and a relatively new ball at their disposal India arguably persisted with that short ball tactic a little too long. It wasn’t until after drinks that India started bowling a more consistent good length and they were immediately rewarded with four wickets falling in 5.3 overs – two to good length balls and two to full length balls. PACE BEHEADS INDIA The first ten overs of the two first innings could scarcely have been more different. On day one Australia calmly ticked over without losing a wicket but on day two India were reduced to 8 for 2. Interestingly India and Australia bowled almost identical lengths in the first ten overs. In addition to that India actually found significantly more movement in the air and off the pitch than Australia. The key difference between the two teams was pace. Australia’s average speed was 5 kph faster than India’s with the large majority of their deliveries faster than 140 kph. So while India’s attacking full lengths were floaty and lacked snap; Australia’s were the opposite: fizzing and sharp. It was a small but crucial difference between the two teams and it produced very different results. KOHLI COUNTER ATTACKS After Vijay and Rahul had been dismissed Australia’s WinViz surged to 79%. With the ball swinging and seaming there was blood in the water and sharks circling as Cheteshwar Pujara was joined at the crease by his captain Virat Kohli. India were trailing by more than 300 and their two best batsmen were at the crease. The match was on the line. With four sumptuous shots Kohli changed the entire feeling of the occasion. Hazlewood was attacking – bowling very full and straight and Kohli seized the chance to counter-attack, twice driving through the off side and twice working the ball through mid wicket. Kohli’s four boundaries increased India’s WinViz by 6% – the comeback was on. Kohli’s clinical attack of Hazlewood forced Australia to retreat. The field dropped back and Hazlewood was replaced in the attack by Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc replaced by Nathan Lyon. AUSTRALIA REGAIN CONTROL Cummins has a stunning head to head record against Kohli having dismissed him twice before today and maintaining an economy rate of 1.55 across 77 balls. He was the perfect man to help Australia regain control after Kohli’s counterpunch and he—alongside Nathan Lyon—did that brilliantly in the afternoon session. By bowling a line outside off stump Cummins played on Kohli’s patience but Kohli was equal to the task – putting his attacking shots away. Meanwhile from the other end Lyon maintained an exceptional grouping outside off stump. As in Adelaide, Pujara used his feet to counter the spin while Kohli used his wrists and as in Adelaide it worked excellently. Lyon plugged away with unerring accuracy but he couldn’t find a way through. In an enthralling passage of play, with Cummins testing Kohli’s patience, Lyon testing both Pujara’s footwork and Kohli’s wristwork, Australia choked India’s scoring, restricting them to just 17 runs in 18 overs, but crucially they couldn’t find the breakthrough. India went into the tea break at 70 for 2 in 32 overs, Pujara and Kohli had increased their WinViz to 32%. http://cricviz.com/2018/12/cricviz-analysis-australia-v-india-second-test-day-two/
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    Chutiya hai salla. When Pant dropped Marsh, this chutiya asked for stump mike to be put on and then he sarcastically mentioned that i now dont listen any comments from Pant and that he shld just focus on his keeping. Salla if ny Pakistani or gora wld have done this, he wld have harped abt there agressiveness
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    You guys should be ashamed of youselves. We fighting hard, doing well. Its like dont get 80 all out skipper idiot End of day most of you guys 5ft 2, side parting mummie boys, glasses and accountants/IT geeks. Fav sport chess or cross words Kohli brings something you malnoursiuhed dwarfs wont get. Fight, aggression, desire, drive and never say die attitude, You guys more focused on chess moves like geeks should be. We constantly fighting and challenging oppo. Like today in days gone by this would have slipped away and body language of players become submissive and give up to let oppo put on 600 declared. Here Kohli keeps on cracking the whip, the boys play with intent and desire which instilled over years as Kohli as skipper ad we come back in to it Worst thread ever this with geeks who get scared looking at their own reflection all becoming heroes here. Pathetic wrist slittig
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    Can Vihari do a Moeen Ali?

    You mean Moeen Ali not Hashim Amla
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    Somewhere I read today morning that Parthiv was giving wicket keeping tips to Pant. We have already seen the effect!
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    Four seamers and getting thrashed has no correlation. These are two different events. We did no get thrashed because we played 4 seamers. It could have happened even with three seamers as one batsman David Warner had a dream day. Check what other 9 Aussie batsmen did in that innings. It was like MCG 2003-04 where Sehwag blasted Aussies all around scoring 195 out of 350 odd we scored. We played other three tests with three seamers and result was same on that tour. we recently played 4 seamers at Wanderers and we wot that game. This Aussie team has no Warner. Neither a spinner could have made any difference in that 2012 Perth game.
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    Seeking For Fairness

    Bumrah has hyperextension. his elbow bends backwards.
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    Seeking For Fairness

    lala bhai .. if ashwin is chucking , he will be wearing full sleeves

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