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    I still can't fathom this. How did it end up like this ? Who the fuçk made that overthrow rule ? Who the fuçk made the rule that the team with more boundaries wins the super over tie ? Seeing Kane Williamson cry after his team got robbed in daylight has just killed me from inside. We can't even say that New Zealand choked like south Africa in 2015 . They well just robbed. Period. It was not their fault that the throw from the deep hit stokes bat and goes for four. Fuçk you ICC for making these ridiculous rules.
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    Report - Dhoni isn't in selectors plan Reality - selectors not in dhoni's plan
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    I was once a Dhoni Fan but that dosnt mean it will hamper my ability to judge between right and wrong.. Its mind bogling how many worshippers we have in the country.. He was once a grt player but not now..Everyone ages ....What is wrong in that .. Accept it and move on ..Why hiding behind silly reasons like bowlers bowled well etc.. Reflexes are all Gone. Be a realist not a emotional Fool.
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    Yeah will believe it when it happens. Most probably the selectors will get removed
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    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    should have laid out a couple of shisha pipes for them instead...
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    Not developing a strong enough middle order, when there was time on hand before the WC , was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. And it did yesterday. And it is not an observation based on hindsight as everyone kept talking about this for 2 years now Kohli probably lacks the confidence to be a LOI captain without help from an experienced ex-captain. This led to him hanging on to. Dhoni way past his " sell by date ". And this resulted in Pant not being allowed to settle in, as Dhoni's position in the team would be questioned even more if a young keeper batsman does well. Why a non-keeper batsman was not allowed to settle in at No.4 is beyond me. ! Add to this, Kohli's faith in TTFs in the batting department instead of new talent. I keep hearing and reading that a bad 45 minutes cost us this Cup. Not true. A top order collapse, with the ball swinging, can always happen especially in England. Planning to counter that, by developing a good middle order, was not done Kohli is a defensive captain in LOIs despite his verbal bravado and pseudo aggressive body language on field. He prefers defensive pacers compared to wicket takers like Shami. We don't have a true wicket in the first 10 overs. This aspect contributed to yesterday's loss too. The ball was moving around and we managed to take just 1 wicket in the first 10 overs. Who knows, 239 was probably 20 or 30 runs too many given the conditions. Kohli, the LOI captain, would need a lot of luck to win big tournaments because he lacks confidence as a LOI captain, is not ruthless enough to take tough decisions, is defensive in his choice of pacers and chokes as a batsman in crucial LOI matches.
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    Dhoni brought this new concept of low margin defeat, what a fab achievement
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    He is the most shameless fellow I have ever seen He made Ganguly dravid retire 3 years ahead of world cup becoz they were old. Now when it comes to his turn he is shamelessly sticking with the team
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    Dhoni. We need his experience for the next T20 WC. ... or something like that.
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    Stan AF

    Dhoni all set to join politics

    Finally a profession that suits his talents more.
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    The team needs to plan and score more boundaries during the innings to make sure that they get an advantage when there happens to be a super over and it gets tied? How stupid is that? How can a team plan in advance for that? If a super over happens and get tied, you either : 1. Play another super over and another till you're able to break the tie (or) 2. Share the trophy How is England a better side today to be called Champions when they scored the same number of boundaries as NZ (albeit including a questionable overthrow) and losing more wickets than NZ?
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    Our captaan would have been running up and down the field MC BC ing everyone and then during the presentation ceremony would have cried to the whole world how unlucky they are!!!! And then once he calmed down, he would have let little Bewda will crawl into his auss again!
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    Jimmy Cliff

    Karma for New Zealand

    Pakistanis must have done some shitty karma in the 20th Century as they have reached as many WC Semi Finals as Kenya in the 21st Century .
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    Morgan and Kane look so sane and mature compared to our immature ,fake ,hypocrite,overrated captain.
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    40 yr old Buttler will be enjoying retirement in the commentary box or coaching youngsters.
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    After Shikhar Dhawan's injury, the Indian team eventually settled on a batting line up that consisted of three top-order batsmen, three wicketkeeper batsmen and a floating all-rounder. Two of the non-keeping wicket keepers were drafted in as replacements for two batsmen-who-could-bowl. Kedar Jadhav and Vijay Shankar were used as bits-and-pieces players whose bowling bits were barely used. The really interesting thing about this World Cup squad was that India's selectors couldn't find a single specialist middle-order batsman out of the hundreds of hopefuls thrown up by Indian cricket's several formats when they chose the original squad The weirdness of India's team shape was apparent the moment Dhawan fractured his finger. It had a head and a lower body but no torso. The top order was agonizingly aware of this absence throughout the tournament. India's 'old-fashioned' approach to slowly building an innings in the first ten overs instead of attacking the bowling with just two players outside the ring, much remarked on by commentators, had nothing to do with retro strategy and everything to do with the fear of a vacant middle, the total lack of quality, resilience or fire-power at Nos 4, 5 and 6. Virat Kohli is not a man known for deferring to the wisdom of others. Nobody knew why a batsman as raw and as tentative as Vijay Shankar was playing as India's batting fulcrum at 4 or what Kedar Jadhav was doing in the team at all if he wasn't going to bowl at least five overs. His claim to be a specialist batsman was thoroughly undermined when he was demoted in the batting order below Dhoni. Dhoni came in variously at 5, 6 and 7. Except for one brief cameo early on, his batting was vintage end-period Dhoni. Every innings had six parts. Part One: take guard and indicate imperturbability by leaving a ball outside the off-stump. Part Two: shovel balls back to the bowler or short cover, then take a single by nurdling the ball to leg. Part Three: shovel balls back to the bowler or short cover, then take a single by nurdling the ball to leg. Part Four: repeat, piling the responsibility for making runs on the other batsman till he gets himself out doing something rash/or rush out at the spinner and miss the ball entirely. Part Five: left with the lower order, start racing singles and twos when boundaries are essential and the asking rate balloons. Part Six: enigmatically refuse singles in the terminal overs, flail and fail to make contact, then finally pull a couple of face-saving boundaries in the last over. The problem with Dhoni was not that he failed to get India over the line; all players do their best to win and it's in the nature of sport that not all of them will succeed. The problem was Dhoni's inability to recognize that in a crunch situation with Pandya or Jadeja, he was the dispensable batsman who could be sacrificed going for the big hit. The problem was that he pantomimed the slowly-slowly routine of the nerveless finisher without the firepower to pull it off in the end and that he continued to do this, match after match, without the team leadership telling him that he was delusional and changing his role. The reason the leadership didn't do this was Dhoni's standing in the team. He was, for passages of each match, its fielding regent. His standing as elder statesman and former World Cup winning captain was obvious to everyone. There was something almost moving about his fraternal relationship with Kohli, not a man known for deferring to the wisdom of others. Dhoni wasn't the team's senior pro, he was, if you like, its playing non-captain which, given vice-captain Rohit Sharma's standing as a limited overs leader, was curious This meant that Dhoni was tasked with both tweaking the field when India was bowling and marshalling its lower order batting which began as early as No. 5. The extent of his discretion in this area was evident in the willingness of his batting partners to defer to his tempo as soon as he came to the crease and, most obviously, in his bizarre decision to bat out the overs against England instead of making a final assault on a daunting total. India didn't lose because of Dhoni. India lost because New Zealand were better on the day and because the Indian selectors chose, in their wisdom, batsmen who could turn their arm over instead of specialist middle-order batsmen. This gaping hole forced Dhoni into a pivotal lower-order role that he was now incapable of playing. This, in turn, given his standing in the team, had batsmen like Pandya and Jadhav deferring to his lead. His role in this team was shaped by a queer mix of ancestor worship and magical thinking. Dhoni, one of cricket's great realists, ironically drank the Kool-Aid, and reprised a surreal self-assurance that he could no longer back up. Some men have hubris thrust upon them. https://www.ndtv.com/opinion/bad-selection-kohli-dhoni-bond-cost-india-the-world-cup-2069306
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    Kohli is a fattu. He can only abuse. He also has very little power backing him except his brand value. He derives his power via dhoni 's backing who has power. He will abuse the mothers and sisters but that is all. He will throw tantrums for sometime.
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    Kohli isn't worried about his spot. Neither stats padding. He is worried about Rohit snatching away his captaincy.
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    Kohli prefer top heavy batting with 5 bowlers ( aka RCB ) Rohit prefer teams with batting depth Make Rohit our LOI captain
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    An Irish captain A kiwi born allrounder who top scored West Indian pacer who bowled the super over. This is the England team ladies and gentlemen. Stealing players from other countries.

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