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    Chahar is not only a promising bowler, he’s Street smart too, it appears.... Another volunteer for Mrs. Dhoni’s Grocery Delivery team...
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    Hardik Pandya...

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    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    ^ Dan Christian’s main skill is to cut a deal with the Aussie coaches of the team... The coach gets 25% of Dan’s per match earnings and a lump sum at the end of IPL for retaining him in the franchise... Dan has perfected this skill...
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    Kings X1 bid upto 10.5 for him but he won the game for them for free
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    He has no class. Even after seeing the world if you act classless then it is in his dna. Can't be helped.Ghatiyapan ka koi illaj nahi.
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    thanky you buddy feelign awesome now
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    As per Chahar Advice 1 ... Not to bowl to their strengths. Was Chahar planning to bowl to their strengths if he did not get this advice ? Advice 2 ... Bowl a good line and length Was he planning to bowl a bad line and length without this advice ? Advice 3 ... Stay cool Yes ... This is a reasonably helpful reminder in pressure situations.
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    Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    MI vs RCB at Mumbai, 17th April 2018 Hardik Pandya was given out caught behind off Woakes by the on field umpire. It was reviewed by the batsman and the third umpire overturned the on field call and said it was not out. Even the replay showed little spike and secondly there is no evidence to the overturn the call. It cannot get clearer than this.
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    This guy H Patel screwed RCB for years. Let him compensate as a sign of repent.
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    Mavi speeds 1st over 140.9 k 141.2 k 138.4 k 139.4 k 144.5 k 140.2 k 2nd over 141.8 k 143.6 k 140.3 k 136. 9 k 142.3 k 146. 5 k Genuine pace by the kid
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    Yeh bimari ab bachon ko bhi lag gayee hai.
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    Fastest balls by Indian quicks in IPL 2018 till 23.4.2018 Umesh 149.2 k Avesh 148.7 k Bumrah 148.0 k Kaul 147.7 k Mavi 146.5 k Shami 146.3 k Siraj 146.1 k Hardik 145.0 k Sran 144.0 k Shardul 143.8 k Rajpoot 143.5 k Bhuvi 143.3 k Khejroliya 143.1 k Khaleel, Saini , Thampi, KM Asif, Aniket C yet to get a game Nagarkoti out with injury. Nathu, Aaron and Ishant are not in this IPL.
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    145 and 145.4, last 2 balls from Avesh! thumba chana idde!
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    MI fans reaction on their FB page @velu @Vilander @Shunya @Zelig Bickering between themselves in Bad English :)
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    Who the F cares about the opinions of the low IQ padosis? Can't believe someone actually created a thread to discuss the opinions of phateechar padosis LOL
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    About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Taking advantage of your position to exploit others is a huge character flaw. When the flaw includes exploitation of young kids ,young people or people with less power, who may not have a choice of refusing, it is criminal behavior. If Gandhi lived in these times, he would be called a sexual offender like some of the babas are being called out . No body is perfect....that does not justify criminal abusive behavior.
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    Sunrisers: Team which has character. MI: Team which has many characters.
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    IPL 2018 script watch

    Script has been leaked SRH doesn’t have huge power brokers at helm, just a bunch of put your head down and work hard type of honest blokes, so governing council will not let them advance....as it has been happening since time immemorial the hard working average joe working class man will be held down MI has been unfairly criticized for misusing power despite winning fair and square and being the most successful IPL team and captain ever, so Governing council might personally request real super bhabhi to hold back a bit - so MI might just go through the motions this year. KKR- Governing council will script them to miss qualifiers by a close margin..will make for an exciting story and SRK’s eunuch type antics in a close match might raise some TRP’s. DD- script or no script they are hopeless here are my IPL semi finalists RCB- Kohli’s captaincy is under the radar, so what better way to script a comeback from behind story...Governing council has a hard on for such stories usually. RR and CSK- after being banned for fixing, the fans have lost faith and have lost hope...so to reinvigorate interest these 2 teams will be scripted to move ahead. RR will be left at the altar and will get bashed badly in the semi finals. Punjab- as I said Governing council has a hard on for underdog stories, Punjab’s renaissance this year has been a surprising story, so watch out. Also Zinta’s dimples Piercing through cement like Botox might Again be good for TV. Punjab to crash out in a close game as well. Finals Huge hype for Guru vs Sishya type of scenario almost like WWE type buildup. Game with ups and downs....Dhoni will be 12 from 2 balls, will hit a 6 and then get caught by a whisker on the boundary next ball..Dhoni will be shocked...Kohli will be pumped up and then they both will hug and cry....passing of the torch moment. Kohli will praise Dhoni, Dhoni will say Kohli is the future leader, Governing council will be proud of a job well done. Sorry if you see typos or grammatical mistakes, I was copying confidential information and was scared I will be caught...so doing this all in a hurry.
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    Hardik Pandya...

    This guy is the first cricketing superstar without doing jack at any level apart from 1 or 2 cameos. We have found our own Boom Boom Afridi
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    Mindians to pollard @vvvslaxman @Zelig
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    The true Delhi fan sad story.

    this is the story of s every IPL season
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    We will cook biriyani for you this week !!! I am appointing Rayudu as our honorary mayor for my hometown Bhavani !!!
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    Looks like the wooden spoon is being loaded on the Delhi-Mumbai Air India Evening flight, to be delivered to the rightful owner... :phehehe:
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    Avesh Khan 4th over 142.8 k 143.0 k 141.2 k Inside edge 138.5 k Wicket 145.0 k snorter, thuds headhigh into keeper's gloves 145.4 k
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    Bro, tell me how the duck are the selectors choosing Unad* over this bowler? @express bowling @rkt.india @Mosher @speedheat, Shubham Mavi, Nagarkotti, Khaleel, Avesh.. Bad omen for aaron, umesh and shami? they need to keep their chaddi's up, or these young kids pull theirs down in no time. what say?
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    Indian Wicket Keepers doing well

    What's the use as long as mafia is in control of Indian cricket? An 0-8 blackout and 1-2 series loss at home couldn't dislodge that crook from test captaincy, you think whatever these kids do in an IPL season will boot Cool out in shorter formats? The leech is going nowhere, he will suck Indian cricket dry for all its worth before leaving. The stench of his buffoonery in T20 has been visible for 11 years now, he has lost us more games than won, sabotaged every single WT20 campaign, the worst possible batsman for middle order in T20...yet he is still standing here. ODI se nikalana toh aur bhi mushkil hai.....these Pants and Samsons can play like Gilly/Sanga but never are they going to keep for India until some selector grows a pair and perma bans Dhoni from Team India duties. I don't see shameless servants like MSK Prasad and Devang Ganshi take such brave calls, we need guys like Vengsarkar and Jimmy......but when Jimmy wanted Dhoni out in 2012 Srini sacked him, rot runs deep.
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    Ok Rahul has decided to take on the Kohli Mafia... all the best to him in his fight. He’s fighting against the establishment...
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    Pollard hugging baby Ambani when he retained him
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    Manju calling manish pandey as manish pandya...everything n evreryone looks mumbai for him...
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    Wooden spoon watch [ IPL 2018 ]

    Just took this pic, my wifey has kept all these wooden spoons in the kitchen, no wonder KXIP has not won the IPL Finals yet
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    Wasnt part of the conversation. Too busy with work to be following IPL. My humble opinion is that if a 'Fast bowler' is not willing to bowl fast, then there's some issue with his attitude. Look at Kohli. Because he wants to be at his peak, he has made so many sacrifices to maintain his top game. He doesnt even eat butter chicken :) Kohli is an equivalent to an express 160 kph bowler, in batting. There's only a certain no of years a person can bowl at top pace, why wouldnt you want to make the best of your strength when you are at the peak of your career? Thats being lazy. And its not acceptable.
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    9/10 of dhoni's knocks end at the consolidating part
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    The Indian team management should introspect ... why 2 huge talents, Rahul and Pant ... have not been backed properly in LOIs. Are young batsmen feeling comfortable in the Indian dressing room and getting the chances they deserve !
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    He got a 100 in his 2nd test match in Aus against Starc, Hazlewood, Johnson, Lyon. Brutal 199 against Eng in Chennai. Scored 100s in his 1st overseas series in WI, Lanka, Aus. Rohit Sharma has never scored a test 100 outside 1 ground in India, statistically is among the 5 worst batsmen from Asia to step foot outside Asia yet is a regular. 100s in all 3 formats, even Kohli doesn't have that stat. Moreover KLR has the highest avg+SR combo in international T20s, avg 46 and SR 147. ATG series against Aus (home series 2017) where he got 7 50s in 8 innings played on difficult tracks against Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins, Lyon. The pitches were challenging, Aus was on fire, our main guns were either out of form or out of their depths or injured. We got smacked by 330 runs in Pune but thanks to a few gutsy players we managed to avoid an embarrassing home series loss, won 2-1. Kohli scored 46 runs in 3 tests, was made to look like a complete fool out there. KLR it seems played on different decks in that series, always at ease and unfettered, even Mighty Smith rode his luck on many occasions. All this in his 1st 2.5 years in international cricket and despite not being given a continuous run by the management. He has been constantly humiliated by Kohli-Shastri jugalbandi and made to serve chai biscuit to far inferior comedians who have no right to wear India jersey. He gets one match, plays well and then immediately is benched for the next 3 !!! How is it fair on any youngster to be given this sort of 3rd degree treatment. All our batting greats like Gavaskar, SRT, Dravid, Sehwag, Kohli, Laxman etc were given continuous runs in their formation years. SRT was never dropped for Devang Gandhi and Kohli was never dropped for Badrinath, Dravid was never dropped for Khurasiya... Not just that Steyn predicted in 2011-12 that he would become a legend, just based on bowling to him in RCB nets. Viv in his commentary gig said that KLR already looked like a more accomplished bastsman than Kohli.....way back in 2016. Anyone who can judge talent sees greatness in Rahul. Not only does he have style and swagger, he is a well rounded batsman with wonderful technique. Some players you just see and immediately know they are special, KLR is one of those specimens.
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    Here are the Kolkata Knight Riders Fans !!!

    fans ka feelings after their third win !!! @Malcolm Merlyn @The Dark Horse
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    Ever wondered if Anant and Akash Ambani are playing a game called 'dekhte hai kaun kitana fix kar sakta hai. Ek game teri aur phir meri baari' We chutiy*s are sitting here watching IPL ball to ball.
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    not only that, Amethi is known as a VIP district and the fake Gandhis have been representing this forsaken district since 1980, so for nearly 40 years this district has been under one of the most elite political families in India and yet remains dirt poor. Hell, the average income in this district is lower than the UP average income Amethi district should be preserved and used for tourism...provide tours to for sights and sounds of how Nehru's India looked and lived.
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    He tastes the food before it is served to the rest of the team
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    The Realist

    Washed up players watch

    Piyush "chubby cheeks" Chawla Ambati "biryani" Rayudu Ravi "Dhoni's BBF" Jadeja Parthiv "pappu" Patel Harshal "trundler" Patel Amit "belly" Mishra Saurabh "hack" Tiwary Stuart "bits & pieces" Binny
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    Washed up players watch

    Shami in his current form and personal issues
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    The one thing that surprises me, is that whenever it comes to Ramayana, Mahabharata, Illiad, Oddessey or any such old epic, people mostly fall in two camps : either the 'lost technology and advanced civilization of the past' camp or 'hocus pocus nonsense drivel' camp. The former gets upset at the latter, when they see tech similarities and go ' see, see, they must've had it'. The latter goes towards 'even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes, so pure coincidence'. Yet, there is a third option, right under own nose, that almost EVERYONE ignores : science fiction. We can show, that while science fiction as its own genre is relatively new (last 200 years ?), yet sci-fi can be very realistic and often predictive of something similar in the past. Anyone who read 20,000 leagues under the sea knows what i am talking about : Jules Verne wrote it 50 years before any actual submarine existed and 100 years prior to a deep sea submarine. Yet, the concept is more or less very similar - a giant, pressurized vessel with power, turning a propeller to go from point A to B underwater. The same concept applies to Mahabharata/Ramayana : the flying chariots and missiles and stuff like that, are psuedo-sci-fi. People back then, could imagine what 'future tech' could look like and its not a huge leap of imagination, to go from 'hmm, today we have a mechanical device, powered by wind (boat) to go from point A to B on the waters, maybe tomorrow we will have a mechanical device that will fly from point A to B'.
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    RCB - another year of disappointment?

    Wonder bra vs rupa ki baniyan . Anushka wearing the wrogn one.

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