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    The rest of the team is ok. But playing just 2 specialist fast bowlers in these conditions is a very very poor decision that would make people question the basic cricketing acumen of these guys.
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    With the benefit of finishing the Lords match a day ahead of scheduled end, Team India finds themselves at the pleasantly advantageous situation having a week off till the next match at Nottingham. Please help Team India by suggesting various activities they can indulge in to make the most of their time... I suggest a nice relaxing day tomorrow of shopping in Harrods & Oxford Street. Followed by some fine dining at some top restaurants in London... Team India can get some tips from Alex Hales & Ben Stokes to spend the rest of the night pub crawling... London has some nice pubs and night clubs... What are your suggestions?
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    First destination: The Shard Our Pace attack Lead should be lead to the 24th floor of the Shard and the team should get Dhoni there as a Surprise. Then get Dhoni to say the magic words to Ishant.
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    Today's Analysis

    Can safely drop the “sis” part of the phrase...
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    Short term fix for 3rd test

    You can score less than 0?
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    Bhai TNPL ka standard gir jayega, they deserve nothing but life ban from all forms of cricket. Imagine how this lady will be feeling tonight, 4 innings 4 ducks spread over 2.5 days .
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    Gaandoo Shastri telling us to cool down and then raise the heat up ... ON HIS AUSS! [emoji1] So looking forward to Dhawan gnaawaar dropping dollies and thigh slapping ... then going hard at the ball without any foot movement edging to the slips. Pujara blocking himself into a rut and then looking like a deer caught in the headlight after getting bowled. Rahane wafting his bat edging to the slips forgetting he is the vice captain and that he is known for scoring overseas. All this while Kohli standing on the other end watching the procession muttering BC MC under his breath! Pissant running in and bowling the same plucking ball every time, except this time he won’t be so lucky. Shami running in lethargic with all 50 years of his life like a heavy burden wearing him down. Umesh following Pissant's example except spraying the ball all over negating any movement he might get. All the fielders dropping catches like the ball is a slippery Lyril soap and then showing their stained teeth is on camera. Meanwhile chewtiya Shastri is taking a nap in the stands and Kohli looks like he is going to explode any time. And so goes the 2nd test and down 0-2!
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    Irrespective of whether that player is needed or not. Tomorrow his wife will say "why fiddle around with these morons like rahane who look like they are just stepped out of poverty, famine or worse even slavery.. I know some solid Pathan fast bowlers and 6 pack muscle lads, you put them in the team and they will play so well even tendulkar will cry". And then... Based on anushka's advice our team for Australia tour - Varun dhawan Arjun Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor Virat kohli (c) Tiger shroff Sushanth Singh Rajput (experienced keeper) Salman khan Amir khan Shahrukh khan Saif Ali khan Akshay Kumar
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    Pick your team for 3rd test

    All are in England at the moment, so best 11 right now: Bangar Shahstri Tendulkar Kohli Chota Tendulkar PAnt Bharat Arun Ashwin Shami Harbhajan Anuskha
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    I think Karthik missed a wonderful opportunity to replace Saha. Pandya's place should be replaced by proper batsman. I think Jadeja would be prefer. Kuldeep is a wrong selection instead of a seamer, he should be first settle in shorter formats. Rahul is also more like shorter format batsman where he needs to first calm down before play shots. Too many poor shot selections by indian batsmen. I believe Shastri is not the right choice. There should be a foreign coach. It happened to us also when Waqar was coaching. Players are not obedient to desi coaches. Need to correct disciplines first.
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    Jo hua achha hua, jo ho raha hai woh achha ho raha hai, aur jo hoga woh bhi achha hoga.
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    in ganguly's defense,dinda was really convincing with his headband and the grunt coupled with the 100 foot high jump action.
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    1. Ball is swinging like crazy and we have just 2 full time pacers & Pandya. The bowler whose strength is swing is dropped. 2. Pant was a must but we don't give him chances. 3. DK selection, I won't blame them in the current context but told ya...that guy will not deliver. You just have to wait and watch and he will eventually fail. Disappointment guaranteed.
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    In the Indian dressing room... “Oh look, the covers are coming off...”
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    Fire in Babylonia

    Zindagi me ek baar op ke jitna nasha jarur karna hai.
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    Fire in Babylonia

    You need to have pride for your culture and self respect to drive changes. India has "Chalta Hai" attitude so even though such a performance should incite a change, it probably will not
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    I have my theory with Dhonis failure in England. When Indian won world cup in 2011, we had ATGs like Sehwag, Dravid,Laxman,Tendulkar and world cup Hero Gambhir. All of them except Dravid failed miserably in England and then in Australia. Then at home in India too. Now, Any captain with whatever calibre, How could he be able to drop those legends without giving them ample opportunity. Please note, apart from Tendulkar every one retired was equal to dropped. In fact Tendulkar was allmost pushed. People say Laxman and MSD still dont talk to each other. Least we could do is give credit to MSD for that. So OP is right. Dhoni did gave Kohli a team without any baggage of past. And Kohli screwed it with his chopping changing style. There hasnt been a single test series under Kohli, where he has played same team in match 1 and match 2. So first 2 test are whwre he decides what team to play the series with.
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    Dhoni was overall a rubbish package but Kohli has proved to be pathetic as far as grooming youngsters is concerned. His tactical shortcomings are compensated by his abilities to lift the energy of the team and lead by example, but his team selection makes no sense. Nor does his insecurity in terms of backing youngsters. What's with his love for has beens and buddies in all formats of the game? Playing Pappu/Karthik (2004 debut, life long failures, no hopers) ahead of a maverick like Pant, seriously? Did Dhoni for example in 2012 pick Venkatapathy Raju/Sarandeep Singh for tests ahead of young Ashwin citing experience? Did Dhoni go back to Kaif/Badrinath in place of young Kohli in 2011? That is exactly what Kohli is doing right now, more visible in shorter formats. I would prefer to see us go down with the kids than the foul smelling leeches we have at present. Kohli deserves all the flak he is getting atm, he is off to a much worse start than 2008-10 Dhoni and Jharkhandi was the textbook example of how not to captain. Scary times ahead. We may well play better in the upcoming matches but that doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.
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    Yea, unfortunately I have to agree here, although dhoni was dumb with no eye for talents he at least was not a coward like kohli in trying out and backing youngsters. And this is me saying it, forum has seen my love for dhoni.
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    We know our scorelines in England before this tour: 4-0 [2011], 3-1 [2014]. We want to do much better than that,” he said in an interview to ESPNCricinfo. Did he mean we want it to be 5-0?
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    What's the matter with u, is that how they treat pregnant individuals where u come from ? Plus u'll need really long hands to reach the tall guys collar and his womb coming the way of u getting close to him.
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    God no... in those days (Ganguly captaining Pune), I used to think one day Dinda will do a “triple jump” and land on the batsman himself...
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    A comment on cricbuzz:- How can some people be so clueless about the game they follow religiously?

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