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    It was heartening to see Pandya elevate his game in the final. What really impressed me was his desire to win the game for Ind on his own despite Ind being in a desperate situation. Who knows if not for the unfortunate run out, we may have seen another 175 not out The experience of single handedly taking on an entire team in a final but losing out unfortunately will only make Pandya a stronger cricketer. I am sure he will make this up by achieving many more wins for Ind
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    this is worse than "target mushkil to nahi hai, haaan Lekin difficult jaroor hai" by kapil
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    I remember the year 1989 very well. Gavaskar had retired a couple of years earlier and Kapil had lost pace. We were losing to Pakistan more often than not in ODIs. The 1983 World Cup and 1985 Benson & Hedges Cup twin wins were things of the past. Crickets fans were feeling directionless. Then came the tour to Pakistan , where a baby-faced 16 year old stole the hearts of the entire nation with his brave batting against the Pakistani quicks. Watching cricket was a pleasure once again for Indians ... and this euphoria lasted for more than fifteen years. In the 1990s, when Tendulkar batted, the whole nation " batted " through him. In 1991, a tall, thin guy, with flailing arms while bowling , burst onto the scene and bowled really quick ... and India had its first genuine fast bowler, Srinath. The year 1996 saw an elegant left-hander score a century on test debut at Lords. This was followed by another century in the next test match. While this was happening, another young man with impeccable technique missed his centuries by a few runs in both those tests. Indian cricket fans were brimming with excitement once again at the emergence of these twin gems. Be it a wristy Hyderabadi scoring 3 centuries in his first three tests in 1984-85, a bespectacled Kumble taking a 4-fer in in Sharjah in 1991, Zaheer and Yuvraj sparkling in Nairobi in 2000, a dashing Sehwag scoring 105 in South Africa on test debut in 2001 ... these memories will stay with us for ever. More than these moments and memories, every time a special talent emerged, it gave us reasons to watch cricket for the next few years. No one will forget the dabaang innings of 148, that a long-haired keeper-batsman played in 2005 against Pakistan ... and a new star was born. No matter what one feels today, every Indian cricket fan felt a connection with that young man, which would stay with us till the time he won us the 2011 World Cup as captain. Then came Kohli, who would go on to become one of the biggest superstars. entertaining us in all three formats with his spectacular batsmanship. Rohit, Rahane, Pujara, Dhawan, Ashwin, Jadeja, Shami, Umesh, Bumrah, Bhuvi etc. ... all of them inspired interest among certain sections of fans. Seeing a young Shami debut, combining genuine pace with reverse swing to floor the West Indians in 2013, was very exciting. Fast bowling fans just loved it when young Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron bowled at 150 kph. Sports survive and grow in stature and popularity because of superstars and stars. Thirty-one years have passed but people still talk about and remember Maradona winning the football world cup. Fans need to find a connection with individual players. They are happy when that person does well and sad when he fails. They realize their own sporting dreams through him or her. Cricket is facing competition from other sports in India like never before and needs star players more than ever. In Indian cricket, we are recently seeing a trend of trying to introduce thirty-plus players as a matter of priority, especially the batters and keepers . Youngsters are getting chances but only when an " elderly " is not good enough or is injured or fails the yo-yo test or rotation policy demands more players. If the current ODI batting line-up makes it to the 2019 World Cup then we will have six batters who are 30+. Dhoni 38, Karthick 34, Jadhav 34, Dhawan 33, Rohit 32, Kohli 30. I am not suggesting that thirty plus players should all be be dropped or not given fresh chances. But, there should be a mix of experience and youth. Too many youngsters mean lack of experience and too many older players mean lack of new direction and dwindling fan interest. Moreover, there is no point in promoting mediocrity when it comes to selecting fresh players. We have seen young spinners and all-rounders being introduced and backed though ... and the result is there for all to see. Be it the wrist-spin twins, Kuldeep and Chahal, or the charismatic all-rounder Hardik Pandya, they have given new direction and new energy to our team. I hope that some talented youngsters are allowed to flourish in the batting, keeping and fast-bowling departments too. If they receive the same backing as the young spinners and all-rounders are getting, they will also do well . KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Prithvi Shaw, Vijay Shankar, Karun Nair, Md. Siraj, Basil Thampi, Avesh Khan, Kamlesh Nagarkoti etc. etc. are waiting. It never was and and never is about choosing the top performers in domestic cricket or the well known names. It is always about spotting and backing the players who have the potential to achieve something extra at international level from now on.
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    WTF is this series???

    This series is like what I'd imagine sex to be like with the same partner after 60 years of a relationship. You're doing it, you don't know why you're doing it even as you're joylessly doing it, and you, your partner and the rest of the world are thinking - 4 GAWD'S SAKE, Y U DOIN' IT BUB?????
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    Gift of that dickhead Sehwag... a gift which will keep on giving for many years to come... Sehwag, on the other hand showed support to Indian Hockey Team... Bloody glory hunter and a bandwagoner... My respect for Gauti who is not bullshitter like Viru etc.
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    In another flash news, Philander has suffered a heart attack hearing this news...
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    WTF is this series???

    This is the Rahane series. Exclusively played to ensure he can keep his place till 2019. I am sure we will soon play a series with. Srilanka were MSD will confirm his place for 2019. Just not sure who we can play to help of Yuvi.Maybe Namibia ?
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    Post-retirements, Dravid has become more valuable than SRT hands down. When Dravid speaks you can be assured that he speaks that benefits Team India.
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    WTF is this series???

    Woke up from a nap and they are still playing but playing for what? Why is Yuvraj randomly bowling? apart from Kuldeep nothing makes sense in this game at all. Pointless series and the worst match I have seen ever and I have seen a lot of crapfest games like minnow games in the Wc etc but atleast they have points and some meaning...this is brutal
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    I remeber this dialogue From MS dhoni the Film "Hum pata hai match kaha haare" To which my answer for this tournament is "Selection meeting men" Indian cricket despite having all the talent have always lacked due to a very safe n conservative mindset. Those who have been successful have always taken the other approach- be it sachin as a batsman with his stroke play in 90s, sourav with his on the face attitude, dhoni with his tough calls But its generally been harmed by safe approach We often hear "Agar collapse ho gaya to" - "Erre player experienced nahin kacha hia, kisi experienced player ko lete hai" "line n length pe daalte hai , run nahin dete hai wkt apna aap girenge" "Speed pe nahin line n length pe concentrate karo" to players like Kohli, pandya " erre bahut nautanki karta hia, balanced nahin hai player " All this statments smells of our rotten mentality Now coming to this tournament Let me start by giving the champion teams xample. Well they took again those recycled crap akmal n shehzad having again that old safe mindset. When akmal was send a lot of ex-pak cricketer who will praising the team now bashed mickey arthur by saying akmal will only bat few over what fitness do u need for that and we dnt have any power hitter. Well not only they found power hitter in fakhar n faheem ashraf but they set a culture that fitness is importnat in pakistani cricket now. By chance only they learned that no point giving recycled crap like shehzad a chance in the name of experience but instead for go someone good who is hungry and doesnt have baggage. The team who lacked team spirit looked the most united, higher chances if akmal n shehzad were there that might have not been the case. With India n Pakistan teams good things happen by chance only So how did we loose in selection committee, again going by the safe approach. When a team is selected most players do select themselves apart from few. Thats were selection commitee and team management can get in some x-factor . 1. Kuldeep yadav -We also had few spots left.......our bowling looked really good but it lacked that x-factor which we missed out by not selecting kuldeep. Teams around the world have understood the value of wrist or leg spinner and look at us going with safe n exp option of ashwin n jadeja. Well if u didnt wanted to drop them cud have added kuldeep as 3rd. Two flat wkts were our bowling failed we need a bowler with x-factor and we did miss kuldeep there. 2. Selection of Rahane- "eng men ball swing hua to rahane must hai" Jab bowl swing bhi hua LOI ....kya ukhaad liya usne. Ok ill accept the logic that he was the 3rd opener once rahul was injured but the guy has been a failure in ODi cricket and not only that in last 6 given chances he was a bigger disaster. When u know some one wud surely fail then why not pick a youngster who knws he might fire.......it did in case of pakistan. In our team Pandya did well who lacks exp. We missed another X-factor- Pant 3. Dinesh karthik- The guy debut before dhoni n still hasnt made it big. Infact chocked wenever given a chance. If we cudnt understand that in 12-13 yrs god help us. Every time he comes on basis of good domestic or ipl perfomance n fails in international cricket. Well If an act is being constantly repeatedly isnt it understood. Its not that he had some technical issue it was all mental......how n were did we figure that it was soughted. Does he have a future ...... NOOOOO.......when ur looking at future in pant why not take him . Pant also made runs in domestic......but the same old story we need experience players coz its safe 4. 1st 10 over runrate- we rank lowest in this. It didnt cost us this time but it will in future badly. Actually it did somewhat in Sri lanka game . If we have so much of depth what are we afraid of . No one is asking to go at double but a lil more intent cant be bad. That mighty aussie team use to attack attack attack they didnt fear of collapse. These are absolute patta and there is no justification of being at bottom 5. Acceleration starts to late - We start to hit from 38 overs......again why we have so much depth that our middle order didnt get to bat most tournament. Again that ultra safe approach 6. Shami - if he was unfit he shudnt have been taken but if u taken him n tested him in warmup games well play ur best bowler. If u have to take a risk to get in ur best bowler in a crucial game u have to.......n its not that he was coming after a yr he had some bowling behind him. 7- Todays game - We felt the pitch had freshness so better bat 2nd , well every game at start will have something u have to just see through it as if we dnt go bonkers only. Knowing pakistan cannot chase big .....we feared their bowling . Playing acc to their strength .....well bad move 8. Kohli's captaincy- if anything i have noticed he generally goes with a safe approach so he generally goes back to people with past reputation (yuvi, bhajji, gayle, watson) and neither do u see him using a part timer as something diff when nothing is happening (like today the hesitation to try jadhav thinking final is to bigger stage to risk it ) well something he shud learn from Dhoni. 9. India- A selection- when players like uthappa, tiwary, karthik, dhawal, mithun, dinda n unadkat keeps getting chances repeated chances on their FC experiences we loose a chance to see many good youngsters In the end we can point out many instances including WI tour selection were we have send a string unit may be fearing loss in ranking but this safe approach will never make us champion. We can Only make unintentional moves T20 2007 Wc were we send young team due to non seriousness regd that format as we kept sending safe teams after that n never repeated the success .
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    Aussie women's cricket team
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    First he destroyed my childhood in the winter of 2003-04. Now this incompetent shameless cretin is after my adulthood in the winter of 2018.
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    If only we had a bowler like him available in the CT. Oh wait...
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    Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Dhoni has now scored the slowest 50 by any Indian batsman in the last 16 years. All those comments by him about playing freely has just been hogwash.
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    How about coming back to open the innings mr .Gavaskar? We seem to have a problem there too.
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    The Dark Horse

    Poyyz 74 all out Laugh loud

    Afghan U-19 beat Pak U-19
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    Thank You Kumble

    I though he deserves a good bye thread. There isn't any yet. Legend of Indian cricket and under him we had a good run as we won plenty of series in his short stint. Best for me was the comeback series win against Aus when Australia were really looking to comeback hard against India. We could have lost that series but to bounce back agaisnt a brilliant Aussie side was great. Thank You Kumble, wish it could have been a better ending. But thanks for your services.
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    Am glad one of the big three has spoken out. It's time to put pressure on the selectors to make a call on these two legends.
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    Next PC by Crybaby Kohli- 'Graeme Smith is no longer my friend'
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    BATSMEN 1. They should look to leave most deliveries clearly outside the off-stump and leave all deliveries that are out of their reach. 2. There is no point in defending high bouncing deliveries on or outside the off-stump. Unless an attacking shot is tried, just leave the delivery. 3. Basically .... leaving a lot of deliveries would be the key. 4. Get set before trying adventurous shots. 5. Cut down lofted shots. 6. Basically, practice and try to avoid all the bad habits that creep in while playing LOIs. All our batters know all this but it is easier said than done. They need to specifically practice this in the little time left. PACERS 1. Target the top of off stump to top of 5th stump with most deliveries 2. Punctuate this with surprise bouncers targeted at the back shoulder 3. Hit the deck hard unless trying to swing the ball ..... and bowl at full pace 4. Don't try too many variation and be " boring " bowlers. 5. Basically, don't allow the batters to leave too many deliveries or give them width outside off or balls on pads.
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    Watching the 3rd India Australia ODI meander to its predictable conclusion, I couldn't help but notice the despair and frustration in the eyes of the Australian players. Smith. Warner. Finch. Stoinis. Handscomb. Agar. You can see it in all of them. Frustration. Fatigue. Disappointment. That creeping knowledge that the game is over. And with it, the series. And all they can do is go through the motions and take another L. These are professional cricketers out there, all quite skilled in their own right, doing their best, but knowing that slowly, inevitably, their best is not going to be good enough, and is going to come up short. I know that look. I have seen it. Felt it. Endured it, way too often as an Indian fan during the late 90s and early 2000s, at the hands of that all-conquering superlative Australian team of that era. The shoe is on the other foot. And damn if it doesn't feel good. Let's brownwash the potty-mouth brats.
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    Gavaskar saying that Gunaratne ( the one with the broken finger ) should come in to bat if Dilruwan does not get his 100 and the 9th wicket falls. That means, according to Gavaskar, he does not need to bat for his country if Dilruwan gets his 100 but should risk his fingers and maybe his career for the personal milestone of another guy. This thought-process is appalling.
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    Captaincy change or Selection panel change - Let anything happen Indian Cricket won't change! If Dhoni used to hate changing teams, Kohli hates having newbies in team and brings back all the oldies. If Dhoni used to give excuses of 'Process', Kohli is giving excuses of getting in 'experience' in the team. If Dhoni used to give long rope to his favourites, Kohli is giving new rope to his buddies. Why nobody has any vision? Why is every captain running as if a horse on blinkers, can't they see anything outside their closed group?

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