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  1. ICF leaving/coming back thread

    In last 6 years,I really have enjoyed being a small part of ICF. IPLs were epic. The trolling with SRH fans was more interesting than the matches. Like all good things come to an end, my journey with ICF has also come to an end. This is my final good bye to all the members here and specially to some whom I considered friends (at least online friends). Hope you guys and ICF do well in future. Last few days, a lot of my posts and threads have been deleted and I have received warnings too. Looks like ICF has all of a sudden become much more 'civilized'. I guess I can't fit in this new ICF. I request the Mods to please delete/ban my account in ICF. Thanks
  2. Ashwin used to suck up to Dhoni for years. Now that Dhoni has retired, he is sucking upto the new captain - Kohli and talking thrash about Dhoni in his back. politician. I would have hated this [Edited] had he not been such a good player for India
  3. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Terror-attack-in-Kashmir-2-Armymen-1-cop-killed/articleshow/53732643.cms
  4. Pujara's career is over?

  5. Pujara's career is over?

    Yup no problem with living in your own dreams. Have a good day sir
  6. Pujara's career is over?

    Where did I say you called him stupid. So all this 'BCCI giving huge power to Kohli' is just the fragment of your imagination
  7. The Never Ending Thread

    How to know if you are suffering from fever or not ??
  8. People here calling Kohli a stupid is like chindi stock traders calling Warren Buffet stupid
  9. Pujara's career is over?

    How do you know Kumble does not have any say in the team selection ?? Just Curious
  10. Pujara's career is over?

    So picking the playing 11 by the captain is giving hi too much power
  11. Pujara's career is over?

    It really disappoints me to see Pujara dropped. I really wanted him to do well. Having said that, Pujara has been a massive failure. This is a guy who is expected to play the long innings and score big but all we get is 120 ball 27 I can't remember any batsman who has squandered so many starts after getting set. Once a batsman goes to 30 means he should make it big. How many times have we seen Pujara getting out after getting set. To the idiots - telling Pujara a failure does not makes me a Rohit fan
  12. Had to convince Murali to attack-Jayawardene

    Even Siddhu was once telling that you hit a 4 or 6 in Warne's ball, he will put more attacking field and challenge you but Murali would send everyone to the boundary the moment you hit a 6 in his ball
  13. "What's eating Cheteshwar Pujara?" - Aakash chopra

    Did not read but is he trying to give some excuse for the failures of Pujara
  14. The BSE/NSE Trading Thread

    But stock options are not that liquid. Volume is always very low.

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