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  1. I will make movie for kids with Indian Characters and prince/ princesses. Some warrior princess in the central character of Indian origin fighting against all odds and defeating the mighty. Music by Mandy Moore of Tangled
  2. Khalpat

    Congress party's vision for India

    I am good sir. How are you?
  3. Khalpat

    Congress party's vision for India

    In today's time, we only have two ideology based political parties, BJP and Left. Rest all the parties are private limited companies whose main intent is to bring one person or a family in power. Now that one person or family might be having their leaning towards either left or BJP. Today's Congress also has the same story which DMK, SP, RJD have only difference Congress is pan india. Ideology based parties will be able to survive even if they remain out of power for long because the core supporters of the party would anyways stick to them but same thing is not applicable for family driven parties therefore you will find Congrees more desperate when in opposition compared to left or bjp. Now, lets talk about the working style.If Congress or Rahul comes to power it will be due to surname or BJP's fault therefore they will be inefficient and corrupt as efficiency is not the criteria in the mind of voter if he is voting for Congress. No one will bother to do something if they are not voted to do that. The advantage of these non ideological parties is they would try to keep everyone happy and would be more diplomatic when they speak. One problem with Congress is that since it is a national party they need something to talk about to keep the nationalism get going. BJP uses ancient India, Congress uses freedom struggle movement. Advantage with bjp is they do not need much effort to defend their nationalism as who would argue about lord Rama but Congress have to answer lot of uncomfortable questions about Nehru or even Gandhi.
  4. Khalpat

    How has cricket influenced your life?

    As far as watching cricket is concerned, there is nothing much to talk about. For me, It's similar to normal indian cricket lover. Playing cricket definitely played a big role in my life. During my childhood, i was never good in studies. I never undestood Maths, Science etc. To make matter worse, my siblings and cousins were extraordinarily brilliant which made my life tougher. Getting teased or scolded was daily routine i use to get bullied also because of low self esteem. This all happened for 22 hours a day. Yes, 22 hours only because for 2 hours I daily played cricket. i was left handed pace bowler. Whenever i was able to beat or take wicket or injure a batsman that feeling that confidence compensated my all failures. So cricket for me was and is more than just another game. it's a passion. Today after 7 years gap I have again started playing cricket. At this age, Ofcourse my speed is lot slower but the "sound of timber is joy forever"
  5. Khalpat

    Epic one liners !!!

    Healthy lifestyle is the slowest way to die. --most brutal one liner i ever read
  6. Khalpat

    Which Indian celebrity do you hate the most?

    Sidharth Malhotra. BC thinks indian language as latrine and promotes his movie even during a riot.
  7. This article sums it up perfectly: https://thewire.in/176724/modi-may-repackaged-23-upa-schemes-working-better-now/
  8. Khalpat

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    OP has mentioned the word impactful therefore I will list down few of the movies I can think of: 1. Sholay: glamorized Daaku and also made a huge impact on the word dosti. I have heard that college going student of those days use to idolize the friendship of Jay and Veeru. Gabbar became a symbol of bad man. 2. Deewar: Glamorized mafia. For the first time hero was no more usual good boy played by Jitendra, Rajesh Khanna neither was someone fighting against bad man like Dharmendra. A hero who somehow justified his wrong doings and with "phenke paise nahi uthata " attitude. Clearly best of Bacchan. Even his shirt style used to get copied those days. 3. Qayamat se Qayamat Tak: Glamorized chikna hero and eloping. The instances of boy girl eloping became a trend after this movie and this got more strengthen with Dil movie but clearly QSQT had impact on teenagers. Rebel against parents and samaaj. 4. Darr: Glamorized Psycho lovers. Shahrukh Khan character created a huge impact on cine goers. Believe me writing letter with blood and cutting the wrists became very common after this movie. 5. DDLJ: Glamorized cool hero culture. Yes this movie brought the trend of designer jackets, cool hero who is neither chikna nor macho but had a great sense of humor. Movie made couple of things very popular like Europe trip, Punjab ke sarso ke khet, story of NRI , karwa chauth and srk also keeping vrat made life misreable for lot of Indian husband. I think girls still consider the character of Raj as perfect character they wanna see in their BF. Will come up with set of next movies some other time.
  9. Great read https://scoreline.asia/why-we-watch-cricket/ Andrew Lang put it best. “There is no talk, none so witty and brilliant. That is so good as cricket talk, when memory sharpens memory, and the dead live again – and the old happy days of burned-out Junes revive. ”
  10. Cricket requires lot of discipline. It all depends at what level you are playing the game and whether your performance is getting judged. Do a net practice with leather ball for two hours and believe me it will drain you, requires lot of stamina. Bowl 4 over spell and you will realize what athletism is. Wear full kit including helmet and run 20 singles you will realize what laziness is. So whoever says cricket is a game for lazy people has never played profesional cricket at any level. In addition , cricket might be the only game where so much brain is used in strategizing. This might be the only game where captain has lot of extra thinking to do. So no, cricket being game of lazy is myth and neither it is a game for unathletic people. It is a game which involves lot of hand eye coordination, athletism, presence of mind, discipline, strategic ability, swiftness.
  11. Khalpat

    Modi's farewell Speech to Hamid Ansari

    https://www.newslaundry.com/2017/08/14/hamid-ansari-syed-ahmed-khan-narendra-modi-majoritarianism From the same article: By arguing that acts of terrorism inspired by Islamists have nothing to do with the average Indian Muslim, why doesn’t he think that violence attributed to gau-rakshaks are also a case of certain individuals or groups going “off-track’’? If the majority shouldn’t feel threatened by a few ‘individuals’ of the minority community joining terrorist groups, what makes Ansari believe that the Muslim population in this country is having a ‘sense of insecurity’ because of the actions of a few ‘individuals’ from the majority community? This exceptionalism of the Indian Muslim turning terrorist, and assertive Hindu groups threatening every Muslim in India, are clearly the stuff of Ansari’s selective imagination.
  12. Khalpat

    Republic TV - How do you guys see it?

    My 7 year old kid saw me watching this channel couple of time and asked "Papa why everyone shouts at each other? It's name should be mad house channel not Republic." I stopped watching this channel from that day.
  13. Khalpat

    How many states does BJP rule in?

    5 years is too much time. OP where are you? Care to update the thread.
  14. 600 meters. Well Azaan is not a bhaijaan who would catch an uber and reach Sonu's house through road. I am sure Air Distance would be less and anyway 600 meters is not such a big distance that early morning loudspeaker noise won't disturb. Try some other justification please.
  15. Ramesh Srivats‏ @rameshsrivats I don't see why anyone should get offended by Sonu Nigam's tweet Unless they belong to a religion that for some reason worships loudspeakers

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