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  1. Khalpat

    India's Best Friend

  2. Khalpat

    India's Best Friend

    Pakistan They keep us always on toes They make sure our armed forces get regular practice They take our name the most at any international conference and keep us popular They all want to come to our country and earn either in IPL or Movie industry They are the once who are most interested in our politics infact they love our politicians like Lalu, Mamta, Mulayam etc They love our journalists like Barkha much more than Indians do Some Indian politician want to send many people of our country to Pakistan for some odd reasons Above all they remind us every now and then that BC whatever u become do not become like us
  3. Khalpat

    Is sacred games... Hinduphobic?

    Talking about sacred games wrt the topic of OP I would definitely want to point out one odd thing to be noticed in the series, we know the discussion between Banti and Gaitonde and other Trivedi and all which was ok, as per the year of story we can assume the gangster, hardliner hindus would have talked like that but why did Anurag did not showed what was discussed between chota badariya , bada badariya , Suleiman . What language they were using against Hindus. So you emphasize on Hindu Muslim saying it is a bad thing. Ok I got that , then you showed quite low level language used by Hindus against Muslims and how he killed 80 muslims in one night. Ok might be possible but then where is the other side. What exactly was Suleman saying when he was killing Hindus. Your intentions like typical Indian liberals are doubtful Mr Kashyap. Your presentation is like one side is victim and other oppressed.
  4. Khalpat

    Rank Indian prime ministers

    Ranking of PM is not a correct thing IMO. Different times, different circumstances different challenges. I have noticed that the outsiders from family, like Rao, Vajpayee, Shastri jee, Modi have better leadership qualities and intent when compared to the family.
  5. Khalpat

    Worst Bollywood lyrics

    rum aur coca cola pi kar vikram bola roz rat ko hamne ek naya dhakkan khola I bet you wouldn't have heard this song
  6. Khalpat

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    Some of the co host at Jabby channel are hot. The most important thing in giving reaction is that you are really and really watching it for the first time. Almost 80 percent of the host seems to have watched the stuff before and are only interested in saying good things about India and Bollywood so that people do subscribe to their channel and they can earn money. Reactions of Jabby seem to be honest but he is way too sweet about every trailor. He even liked Chandni chowk to China. His co host Achara has good knowledge about Asia in general. Faruk of Pakistan Channel is genuine guy because he seems to be offended by seeing anything against his country in Indian movie or serials. Other than these two all other are idiotic channels.
  7. She is a celebrity followed by many. She makes sweeping statement, it comes into media, gets discussed, then some random organization does a vote on perception world wide, India will be ranked worst among all nation for minority treatment, rapes, religious fundamentalism, then that voting result is again showed on all over the world. Then the 90% chetiyas of this world who form opinion about a country or sect on the basis of media news will be more firm about their perception about our country. No one gives a * of what is her personal opinion on anything , it is the bad name of our country for which we are concerned.
  8. It's basically disturbing to see people who are hailed as celebrities and followed by millions form their opinion on the basis of Tweets of few other celebrities or the media news of 1 or 2 odd incidents in the population of billions. They need to think before speaking on such sensitive topics or atleast have a data to back their weird claims.
  9. Putting your personal opinion in public domain as a fact is something which is the main reason for all conflicts. If Shehla would have said, " In my opinion a mass murderer is trying to play victim" the psychological impact would have been less. The problem with elitist mindset lutyens liberal is that they think they are "different". They like to believe that they are at higher intellectual level and refuse to mingle with masses (or they call bhakts). That is the reason they put their opinion so strongly as if it is a fact. This makes masses abuse them and then their hatred increases. Unfortunately there is no solution for this.
  10. Population of New Zealand: 4 million Population of China: 1.3 billion Who is going to play world cup 2019 Cricket? What does this mean? Nothing. It's matter of choice .
  11. Khalpat

    Unusual Films

    Monsoon shootout. The most unusual movie in every sense. Only Nawaz and Anurag Kashyap could have done that. This movie takes an unusual turn in between where the hero is in a dilemma to shoot a gangster or not. Movie takes a pause and then it gets divided into two parts, If hero shoots the gangster then what happens, the other one if the hero doesn't shoot the gangster then what happens.
  12. Khalpat

    How to make Rasam anti-Hindu

    Seems Scroll has deleted this article. Here is what I got after clicking on the article link of OP. "This article was republished by Scroll.in – with the headline “Why every bowl of rasam reminds me of the tyranny of Brahmanism” – on the understanding that the writer had given her permission. It turns out we were mistaken. We are therefore removing this article from the website."
  13. Khalpat

    BJP's vision for India

    What if the vision of the person or authority is biased. Let's say if there is an authotarian and person incharge hates Tamilians or dislikes Bihari or have strong opinion against same sex marriage. We all will be on mercy of one person. This might work in some country to an extent but for country as diverse as India, Democracy is best form of governance. This democracy makes Rahul Gandhi visit temple or makes Mr Modi stop speech during Azaan even though they personally are not willing to do it.
  14. Khalpat

    BJP's vision for India

    Congress or BJP, I am not sure whether we have different versions of vision for India. India is too big and diverse country that differences of opinion on one or two matters can drive the vision. Let's look at two sectors, Social and Economic. After 1989, when Mandal commission was implemented almost all government from Rao to Vajpayee or MMS or Modi have followed leftist model in social sector ie government took the overall responsibility by continuing reservation by talking about "Dalit, Shoshit, Vanchit". Is there any change in the policy? I didn't find any. Economic sector, same policies year after year , government after government from 1991. Has there been any change? Someone brings Aadhar other one implement it. Some one initiates GST, other one implement it. Some one starts infrastructure other one continues it. Kashmir, any change ? Pallet gun was used by Chidambaram and by Rijiju too. Not sure what vision we are talking about. Yes, there might be differences in few policies and the way they got implemented but that doesn't change the vision. Even on Ram Mandir, it was Rao who was PM when he allowed demolition and it was Rajeev who was PM who actually opened the door. Not sure what Modi would have done if he was PM during 1992. Implementation of policies, corruption, efficiency etc. Might be different and what spokesperson of parties say also might be different but no change in vision as far as different government are concerned. "Sab mile huay hain jee".

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