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  1. We won because balance didn’t get affected in tests especially which screwed us in England.
  2. On the other hand lost both odi and test series in England. Just saying :)
  3. T20 drew the series, would have won it had it not rained Could have won the test series 3-1 Won the ODI series 2-1 All without the next “Kapil Dev” . I mean could we imagine any success in the 80s without Kapil Dev. However didn’t apply here Discuss @Cricketics @zen @Khota @Ankit_sharma03
  4. Going by the trend India will fumble initially in the World Cup and Shastri will take a lot of abuses, we will somehow make it to semis and Shastri will start walking around with a beer bottle and abusing critics then eventually kicked out in the semis get abused again Then we will beat the next team Sl/ Wi he will start walking with a beer bottle again till he gets abused during the Wt20 and then bust out the beer bottle again when we reach the knockouts. Rinse and Repeat on constant loop story of his tenure.
  5. Apparently so is Required Run Rate more often than not
  6. Also Rajnikant jai maharashtra Mumbai Lobby took over in a huge way but they don’t even realize it
  7. Who will Gill replace? Already Jadhav has taken Rayudus slot. Dk is not going anywhere as for now he is he only guy seems to be capable of Hitting from ball 1.
  8. lWhat feminazi? It takes common sense to see what he said on a public platform was idiotic and dumb. I never said he deserves a ban. being an idiot is not always the same as being a criminal. You can debate this with @CSK Fan I am bored of discussing Pandya chewgiri
  9. Gotta see Ravi Shastri the coach is entertaining polar opposite of his days as a cricketer and even as a commentator
  10. Also Dhoni’s fitness. Don’t think I have ever seen him cramp up. In both games he was struggling at the end.
  11. Sure but nothing has changed since then. A loss here could have been a wake up call but now this win will mask our problems. It is going to be a shootout format in the WC, if this 3rd rate Australian team can beat us on an off day and run us close in 2 other games exploiting all the problems mentioned, what are the odds of consistency when we play a new team every other day.
  12. Yes same page there, Pandya is a must in LOIs however unfortunately looks like for now he will be relegated to net practice in his bathroom during the WC.
  13. Our back up pool of seamers are just not good enough at this point of time be it Siraj or Khaleel. Shankar got away with it yesterday but it is a joke if he plays as the full time 3rd seamer. We can’t play our top 2 LOI bowlers in the same X1 -Kulcha because it ruins the balance of the side. Dhoni’s keeping has been ordinary and in English conditions he might have even more problems. We chased a total of 231 in the 50th over on a relatively flat wicket. That too In a game where we lost only 3 wickets. This shows our outdated approach. This is not for Dhoni bashing purposes, none of the middle order batsmen are reliable even though DK and Jadhav both played match winning knocks. Shikhar Dhawan’s form. We are over reliant on top 3 and we can’t have one of them look out of sorts. Lack of fire power at the slog overs. Jadhav and DK can they sustain hitting from ball 1? Maybe DK but Jadhav too looks like someone who needs to settle down before he starts hitting. Lack of 5th and 6th bowler.

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