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  1. Other important names missing Viv Richards,Steve Amith,Don Bradman etc etc as well so no need..some players are beyond stats
  2. For what it’s worth even Ajantha Mendis made this list 3 times
  3. You are saying to drop Bumrah,a youngster on his first tour who has done nothing wrong to play another potential “talent”? On one hand we are making fun and butchering Kohli for changing teams just like that and then we want the same??? simple...Navdeep will get his chance,with long tours coming up,injuries and fatigue will happen. Shami sure his fitness has looked horrible and tests ke liye woh Lambi race ka ghoda nahi hain absolutely but most importantly he has got wickets and that’s what matters. Dropping him just for the heck of it is what Kohli is being doing and we are rightfully calling him out on it. Shami/Ishant If Shami is injured ,BK and Bumrah are my choice
  4. @mancalledsting @velu as a peace offering I will leave you guys with this picture
  5. Everyone in that list is retired except Kohli,Starc and De Kock and AB is on the verge and Yuvraj unofficial...Thanks for showing the reality Velu Also the 3 players who are still playing are hands down the best batsman,best bowler and best keeper-bat in the world...boy Dhoni sure sticks out like a sore thumb
  6. Mark my words this is the team Kohasstri will pick Vijay Dhawan Kohli Rahane Rohit DK(if he is available else PP) Pandya BK Jadeja Ishant Bumrah
  7. @rkt.india whom will you drop??? Or the team management drop??? Shami after his performance? BK who shouldn’t have been dropped to begin with? Bumrah the most exciting prospect? Ishant who did ok, is a senior and also Kohli’s friend? Umesh another senior who hasn’t got a chance? where can he be fitted?
  8. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Hitman is a Trophy player for us too :)
  9. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

  10. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    No cousin...so no conspiracy theories about Rohit...he is purely on numbers and most importantly talent...pull his 6 per test stat...better than Richards,Sachin,Lara,Ponting
  11. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Ritika is bunty’s First cousin.
  12. Clearly works for your favorite Dinesh Karthik every time he is in after being out the pattern seems to be a couple of ducks followed by an attractive 30, a stunning catch followed by dropping a couple of absolute dollies/stumping Clearly every time he is out,he plays like he has never left and learnt anything
  13. “Back in the day” Indian cricketers were lot more mellow and well behaved...you clearly have not come across the new era rockstars
  14. Do you have Dhoni’s bowling from that series?
  15. In other news Harsha hurt his knees against the desk while settling down in the commentary box. This has impacted his brain and ability to commentate so he has been “niggled” out.

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