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  1. Our Slip catching to Seamers

    He is another poor catcher as well
  2. Ok......You saw maybe one incident to form an entire opinion about a player’s ability where as on the other hand Kohli who has dropped more catches than anyone else in recent times, you make statements like he is a decent slip catcher against spin or he is better fielder than so and so . Despite having multiple proofs for the 2nd thing and only going by the 1 incident you saw which is just taken at your word... wah!!!
  3. You said Pujara is as poor a fielder as Ashwin too didn’t you....but Pujara is probably the best short leg fielder in the team and as a fielder he is not the best. Slip catching is a specialist position....also what the hell is this exaggerated Ashwin hate??? Sure Ashwin is not the most agile or quickest fielder in the side but he is pretty safe from what I have seen...where are you getting this from that he is almost a whale who cannot move an inch???
  4. WTF are you talking about.... Kohli can run circles around Ashwin and pretty much everyone in the team and can bend in all directions.you name it!!! but still is the worst catcher in the team. Catching requires reflexes and good hands...if Ashwin can’t bend as a professional athlete than every one running Indian cricket has to be fired...your theory is totally flawed.
  5. Dude it is not about Ashwin but Kohli’s drops in the slips are legendary by now. At this point anyone over Kohli in the slips really. Kohli has had some of the most high profile drops in recent times.
  6. He is better than Kohli in the slips. Kohli’s slip catches has its own thread on ICF...hope you are aware of that Lol
  7. Get these 2 bozos our of the attack and bring back Bhuvi and one of the spinners.
  8. Kohli is a terrible catcher period...have seen him drop skiers too. Very good ground fielder though.
  9. A pitch like this requires discipline. Pace is import ant to create the X factor but when the pitch does 70% of the work for you,you need discipline and consistency...so far haven’t seen both of them land 2 balls in the same location.
  10. slip catching doesn’t help either but when you bowl 1 Jaffa after every 20 balls bound to happen
  11. Yaar dilli dosti...koi nai bc sab changa dude mc
  12. Idiot Dhawan.... how the fk is this Sreedhar guy surviving
  13. If they bowl like this in South Africa then whitewash on the cards. A good bowling track doesn’t mean you will get buckets of wickets. You need discipline and consistency which is totally lacking. Benefit of doubt both are rusty but both need to pull up their socks soon.
  14. Very poor and inconsistent bowling by Umesh and Shami
  15. He would have been lethal on this pitch #6/1

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