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  1. Aus 120 Allout Ishant 6/28 India 108/1 Ishant Night watchman-56*
  2. It is a no brainer that Shami is overall more consistent and disciplined than Umesh. Pace wise too he is just marginally slower but where Umesh trumps Shami is in the fitness department. Shami has to be handled very carefully where as Umesh's fitness puts him ahead and playing more and more as he has shown will only keep making him better.
  3. I just want to understand what is the pecking order for batsmen in contention at this moment. No issues with a youngster like Iyer getting a shot though.
  4. WIll make a few quick bucks in IPL a la Irfan Pathan before totally vanishing from the scene
  5. Smith:Tell me the mantra for success in this series Dalai Lama:whispers- Om hum please no Rohiteyvachah: Om hum no Rohitevachahah: Ishu evam Drop e karuneyvachah: Ishu evam Drop e karunyevachah: Arthath/Meaning- Please pray to keep Rohit away and Please pray that Ishu is dropped if you want to achieve success
  6. Have a bad feeling about this game #nervous bear
  7. Smith:ICF posters have 100's of posts discussing me Dalai Lama- @zen and @Muloghonto have 1000's of posts discussing me. take that ya bitch. Drops Mic
  8. To be fair Bangladesh have been really good at home....beat Pak,India and South Africa. Pak has been getting owned in ODI's everywhere be it UAE(adopted home) or overseas or ICC tournaments....I am pretty sure India or Australia or South Africa or England will be given a run for their money 9 out of 10 times if they play the present Banglaes team in ODI's on their turf. WI are pathetic...Pak have been pathetic for a while.....As much immense joy I will get to see the Padosis play the qualifiers,I think the WI ODI team is pathetic. Hope to see an upset
  9. @cric_fan at least once instead of getting all defensive, why can't any muslim acknowledge that- yes there is a problem of radical islam..there are people from a school of thought from the same book spreading terrorist activities interpreting the Koran their is time muslims should acknowledge the problem Never seen anything of that nature is always the same crap that terrorists are not real muslims blah blah blah etc. Sure not all muslims are terrorists but most if not all terrorist activities in the world today happen due to radical islam.....before you go google searching and come up with jews did this,Hindus did that,christians did something else.....why can't for once the average muslim who is making a good living probably as such as yourself acknowledge this simple fact.
  10. So him being hopeful of Sammy taking up Islam is just random blabbering to the media? That shows 2 things either the public laps up such statements that a CEO of a popular brand is making these statements to increase good will or The CEO of a company can go ahead and make such random statements pertaining to religion Lol. Either ways doesn't do much for the image of Pakistan.
  11. Sorry if this is a stereotype but the stereotype is Bongs,along with Oriya people and Biharis are some of the hardest working people when they make a living outside their states and ironically the laziest in their own state. while Bihar and Orissa have always been backward due to poor administration and other logistical factors,Bengal has had the biggest free fall in how people live in their own region. This is attributed to communism which directly equates to being anti-religious. Now obviously the educated elite minority do not represent the entire truth of who gets elected and it obviously comes down to a mass vote but most intellectual elite atleast the ones who come in front of the media have traditionally been pro-left and pro-commies. Business communities like Marwaaris and Baniyaas from the north who have set up base in the south have probably migrated their during pre-british.Eg; in Hyderabad where most of them probably migrated there during Nizam time,so most of them have set up shops in old city areas where it is predominantly a muslim ghetto...they have one hand learnt to live in peace with them in times of peace but also have been the most vocal and taken initiatives in standing up to them in times of communal problems-Hence makes us feel like they are more pro-hindu
  12. I am pretty sure RSS had a role in Yogi's selection. anyways why is RSS involvement a bad thing? Sabka saath sabka vikas,no appeasement and nationalism are pretty much RSS mottos as well...unless this new thing about Modi being "secular-as per the Indian political definition" and RSS being the equivalent of Mullahs and Terrorist groups as often quoted by the media...RSS pick and Modi Choice are not 2 opposite ends of the spectrum,may be a minor difference in individual choice here and there.
  13. Because it stands for every stereotype and phobia we associate with Pakistan. A good and friendly guy like Sammy makes an impression and is being a good employee and an ambassador and all of a sudden he is persuaded to convert to Islam??? Javed Afridi is talking this up like he is making an effort to something great for the humanity. That is why we are kind of annoyed. Every time we think that maybe we should give the benefit of the doubt and maybe all Pakistanis are not the same,something like this comes up
  14. Hate Pak for obvious reasons-so self explanatory Bang/Srilanka-support them when they play Pak but is there a chance these 2 teams can lose when playing each other? want them to lose and lose badly every time.Hate them with passion...their fans annoy me and I wish they cry all the time,brings a smile to my face so may be for that I love them? Nah hate hate hate England-Hate these snooty fags......hate them with a to see them get embarrassed and thrashed. Aussies-Frickin convicts.....use the guise of playing hard to cry wolf when teams give back to them.....biggest racist fact South Africa at least had an obvious apartheid system back in the day but Aussies are undercover racists. Hate them Westindies- Don't get fooled now when you see the good ol caribbean cricketer just enjoying his game shtick...Even more racist towards the Indians than the white man. So racist that they conveniently omitted Kanhai and Kalicharan 2 of their finest bats from their documentaries to show how the black man got wronged. Also no team spirit despite talent and just fill the numbers these days. no pride.Hate them South Africa-Hated them during their racist hate them for quota rule.Double hate. Zim/Afg/Ire and other minnows-Hate is played to win,'not to put up a good fight'-* them New zelanad- bigger bigots than Aussies.....Racist with team spirit or whatever who cares...not good enough...deserves a good bamboo up their bottoms.Hate them So yeah cannot be a neutral fan.Hate all of them trash...if you think I am filled with hate and a bitter man-Come at me brah-Bite me
  15. Grade A (Rs 2 crore): Virat Kohli-Deserved MS Dhoni-Should have been Grade B R Ashwin-Deserved Cheteshwar Pujara-Should be Grade B Ajinkya Rahane-Between A and B but fine with him getting A Ravindra Jadeja-Deserved M Vijay-Should be Grade B Grade B (Rs 1 crore): Rohit Sharma,-Should be Grade A KL Rahul-Deserved Bhuvneshwar Kumar-Deserved Mohammed Shami-Should be Grade A Ishant Sharma-Deserved Umesh Yadav-Between A and B but fine with him getting B Wriddhiman Saha-Should be Grade A Jasprit Bumrah-Deserved Yuvraj Singh-Should be Grade C Grade C (Rs 50 lakh): Shikhar Dhawan-Should be Grade B Ambati Rayudu-Between B and C but fine with him getting C Amit Mishra-Should be Grade B Manish Pandey-Deserved Axar Patel-Deserved Karun Nair-Deserved Hardik Pandya-Deserved Ashish Nehra-Not too much shelf life here,should have been out of a full time contract Kedar Jadhav-Should be Grade B Yuzvendra Chahal-Deserved Parthiv Patel-Waste of a contract,Kuldeep should have gotten a grade C contract Jayant Yadav-Deserved Mandeep Singh-Deserved Dhawal Kulkarni-Waste of a contract Shardul Thakur-Deserved Rishabh Pant-Deserved Out: Stuart Binny-Deserved Mohit Sharma-Deserved Varun Aaron-Should have got Grade C Karn Sharma,Harbhajan Singh, S Aravind-All 3 Deserved to be out Surprised to see no contract-The following should have gotten Grade C contract Kuldeep Yadav Shreyas Iyer Vijay Shankar One hot Rookie pace bowling prospect-just to groom him