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  1. On the driest of surfaces yadav was our best bowler...sure it would work if it is only the 2nd innings but in the 1st innings you need someone to atleast try for a breakthrough with the new ball and if the ball starts reversing you need 2 seamers. 1 seamer is a recipe for disaster...sure back in the day ganguly and srinath and 3 spinners would have been ok but now you do have Ishant and bhuvi who are international standard bowlers and I still think they are better bowlers than Jayant. Ishant didn't do a lot so obvious replacement is Bhuvi...too risky to try a rookie seam bowler when we are 1-0 down so obvious replacements are Bhuvi and Nair
  2. You will go with 1 seamer?
  3. Nair for Jayant and Bhuvi for Ishu
  4. This is the kind of false bravado I have been dead against. Aussies still didn't look world beaters against spin either but they get their basics right.let us take an example of the Pakistan series....well in the end Pak was thrashed but the difference is Aus gobble almost every half chance that come their way and pak imploded when they had a chance. we drop even a semi decent chance almost like Pakistani and lose important sessions just like they did. DRS use has been cringeworthy. if we do the basics right we will still come up trumps. but Aus team looked focus...not a single wicket was given by showing bravado...even warner looked like he was ready to fight it out and curb his natural game. in these conditions and given the form India were in prior to the start we are still the favorites. also the most exciting thing about this team are its mental no worries there. i am worried about rookie mistakes. for starters apart from the fielding and DRS use that I have already mentioned...underestimating their spinners and also underestimating how well they have come prepared. Aus really want this and yes they are not a world beating team by any means...we are stronger on paper still need to play them like they are equals rather than waiting for them to bend and take it. no grizzly bear or sleeping giant ,false bravado stuff. put your head down ,focus on things on hand, execute your plans...pretty much basic cricket 101. team combo is ok for the most part and nothing wrong with the team that was played...just play horses for courses and we should still win this series. well played and credit needs to be given and mistakes have to be acknowledged. really impressed with Kohli's after match bravado,no excuses and certainly no process bs. thats the heartwarming part.
  5. Unbelievable to see Bangladeshis still support Pakistan during ind-pak games or on forums in general... I mean either I have learnt a distort history or they have...don't get it really don't get it. makes them as despicable as well.
  6. In a way had they been gracious and supportive I would feel miserable about myself for being such a dick. Anyway good to know that I can continue my hate.
  7. Yes....No excuse in giving wickets to Moeen Ali, Adil Rashid and now O'keefe. rolled over by Santner and Sodhi in the Wt20. sure in the past likes of Clarke or that English spinner had that odd success but we fold to any spinner these days.
  8. Jayant has to go...people are coming up with stats really to make a point for him? Is this about proving a point to me or wanting India to do well and play the right combo Jayant's average is just a result of certain circumstances...look he is decent utility and should be on the fringes as a back up but right now no spot for him. I don't think he serves a purpose at this point.
  9. Nair has to play. Right not the most pointless player is Jayant. Rest I agree no need to panic. unfortunately I think I need to say this with a heavy heart , Bhuvi needs to replace Ishant...might get a couple of the ball swings and give us batting depth as well.
  10. To be fair India were not caught napping here, they were over confident. if they had made uncharacteristic mistakes than sure I would agree with the OP but dropping catches, not using DRS we'll have been on going just so happened that they hurt us and made the difference in the end against a team that looked really focused, determined and came with a plan.
  11. Guys... this is it...time has come!!! before I make a case let me take you on a common childhood memory..that individual in your classroom-who would always be naughty, wouldn't have a care in the world,will watch movies the night of the exam and has a casual attitude and still manage to be in the top tier. i am not talking about the student who is just not gifted or does the hard work, I am not talking about the super intelligent and super studious types but the guy you know if he even puts in that little effort will be unreachable. yes that is the guy and in this context his name is Rohit Sharma!!! time to call and him and give him a final ultimatum-these 3 tests. That is the kick he needs right now. the guy averages 80+ in his last series but that is not the point here. Aussies are bringing it and we need to play fire with fire. Need to tell rohit that his injuries will be taken care off and he needs to bust out those swanesque off spinners too. its high time...there is an opening and we need to unleash our maverick secret weapon. A guy who showed the world 250 can happen as an individual score...miracles can happen twice...offspinners can take hat tricks in t20. Yes we need him....time to end this okeefe guy's career. hate the playa don't hate the game...the disdain some of you might have for me or for rohit is clouding your judgement. take a deep breath and think for a moment in SOS needs to be send out right now. o rohit where a'rthou
  12. Not showing any more bits and pieces thrash please....get a real batsman who can bowl a bit or a real bowler who can bat a bit...focus on the types who deliver in their primary skill.
  13. This is a 2nd time a raging turner has hurt us...remember the WT20 game vs Newzealand? On the green top we got owned by a virtually unknown Srilankan team in the T20 series prior to the Asia cup. In England and Australia pitches were flat for the most part where we lost. There are obviously exceptions to the rule and we have had victories on such pitches too. Back in the 90's...a raging turner would mean we will destroy the opposition 10/10 times. On a Bouncy pitch/Green top we would lose 10/10 times On a Flat track -we would tie the game Pretty much uncomplicated. These days nothing is guaranteed...I mean Sodhi,Santer and that Srilankan dibbly dobby bowler ran through us before. 2 questions arise? are we really doctoring the pitches to let our spinners run havoc? What are the pitches this team can claim that they will pull of a victory 10/10 times.