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  1. Hardik Pandya...

    I still remember I think @Number 's quote that Pandya's claim to fame in 5 years time will be as a big boss contestant....I think that is a accurate description
  2. Hardik Pandya...

    This is like giving excuses for Dhoni like,he does stumoings etc. Either Pandya should be good enough to run through sides as a bowler or good enough to win matches on his own with the bat....just by being decent won't cut it
  3. Hardik Pandya...

    This guy is the first cricketing superstar without doing jack at any level apart from 1 or 2 cameos. We have found our own Boom Boom Afridi
  4. Great game,Great win,Great captaincy by both sides....Rohit marshalling his team to bowl out the opposition for a subpar score despite his team having a low morale also deserves a phesal mention
  5. IPL 2018 script watch

    A rare exception......Genuine game
  6. What happened to my old thread
  7. How many games has this actually won? I mean instead of finishing off the game early, this kind of chewpanti strategy has cost us more games than being useful. Dhoni alone has lost 4-5 matches like this from memory. Yesterday we saw Iyer do the same,Pandey the other day and today Hardik. What a pointless tactic and yes I blame Dhoni for starting this stupid trend but then again players should use their own brains.
  8. I have a slight feeling that there still might be script involved to prove MI can win close games...let us wait and see,so far looks like a genuine game
  9. I am sorry for thinking this was a script...genuine cricket game between 2 very good sides
  10. Damn Kaul sorry for calling you a trundler...you are still one but I forgive you today
  11. I know Burah is a dud with the bat,can Fizz or Makarande bat??? I beleive Fizz is a dud too

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