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  1. http://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/101146/mohammed-shami-offered-grade-b-contract-as-corruption-investigation-ends-india-cricket-team-bcci Great news Now stay the fk away from trouble till the WC....don’t think he has another WC in him anyways
  2. According to Indian/Buddhist/Jain Philosophy opening up these 7 Chakras leads to path of salvation and enlightenment. Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment sitting under a fig tree,but we can attain the same path following this legendary cricketer. As an already enlightened soul let me share with you and guide you on this journey as to how you can achieve Moksha as well. Chakra 1-Basic trust The most difficult Chakra. This starts opening up during the initial powerplays. While the common ignorant folk are criticizing you for slow batting(just like they threw stones at Mahavira back in the day),the goal here is to safely negotiate the new ball and ensure the the base(root) is stabilized. Chakra 2-Creativity Once the first chakra is stabilized,You find yourself moving up into your 2nd Chakra. This is when you come up with a lot of creativity to up your strike rate which obviously is the downside of stabilizing your first Chakra as critical as that is. Chakra 3-Wisdom Once the creativity opens up and you realize that you got a couple of lucky reprieves along the way,the wisdom chakra opens up. This is when you realize that today is your day and you are on the verge of something special. Chakra 4-Love healing Usually along this special journey there are a lot of roadblocks which may also result in a lot of heartbreaks among loved ones eg; Kohli runouts in Rohit specials etc. This is when the love healing chakra kicks in. Your talent mesmerizes those who felt a little let down initially.Once this chakra opens up it starts taking over their minds and they start loving you even more. This when they realize the depths of the skills you possess. They are hypnotized by your "Qi" also known in cricketing circles as "xfactor" and your "abilities to change sessions in a day". This is the Most important Chakra from a career perspective. Chakra 5-Communication Most mystics and prophets are misunderstood in their time by the common folk. It is once they are long gone,people realize what they meant and what they were trying to communicate. "come to India" ,"how many wickets did you take" may be ridiculed now but in 50 years they will be on T-Shirts everywhere and the swag with which they were delivered will blow your mind away. Chakra 6-Awareness This is the chakra were the awareness kicks in that every shot you play is coming off,the moment of the pitch seems non-existent,the pace feels 10 clicks slower and the opposition regardless of their stature seem like minnows. Opening up of this Chakra can lead to some incredible feats like 16 6's,fastest T20 100,man of the match WC Qf's, M.O.M CT Sf's,Highest individual score etc etc etc.No need to go on because at this point you guys get me as we have come a long way in this spiritual journey and you are ready for the final chakra. Chakra 7-Spirituality The Final Chakra. This is when you attain Moksha/niravana/enlightenment.You feel rightfully that you have achieved everything that is humanely possible. You may decide to leave your test slot for younger players and find yourself in a total state of bliss as an "eternal champion". If you feel enlightened and an eternal state of bliss in this guided tour through your chakras,please feel free to PM me as my foundation is currently accepting bitcoin payments. It is Tax deductible as it is a NPO :)
  3. Thread opened under new ICF rules ur views :)
  4. maniac

    What is your take on Dhoni's future?

    intellectual debate -37 year old "legend" with 3-4 immediate replacements vs a still 31 and the best opener in the world.Don't think it is a contest...anyway no baiting under new rules,let us stick to topic :)
  5. maniac

    Grievances thread

    Remember the story of the soldier who survived 2 wars and then died in a motorcycle accident in his street....after being banned twice from padosi forum,I guess this is it then
  6. maniac

    Grievances thread

    I rather quit than being fired then :)
  7. maniac

    Grievances thread

    .......now I have to figure out a way to ease in to this new regime keeping the same "essence" of course.
  8. maniac

    Grievances thread

    If you promise me impunity...I can do a dry run to see if it is implemented :)
  9. maniac

    Grievances thread

    This thread is coming to a conclusion? please no @Laaloo meet Sambaar Vilander @Vilander meet Dhokla laaloo
  10. maniac

    Grievances thread

    I think @Vilander at times put on a show of getting riled up or offended just for fun However it is the 4 or 5 duplicate ID's of Dhoni fans which get the most emotional and offended....I don't think you need a grievance thread for that, a simple PM with the concerned mods should be fine :) it's is just one guy/gal with multiple ID's.
  11. maniac

    Grievances thread

    Is he abused yet on this thread? hmm...not sure...so here you go....lets hope the washed up old man is thrown out of the team
  12. maniac

    Grievances thread

  13. maniac

    How old do I look?

    You look 23-25.....Damn people have already beaten me with the Rashid Khan references
  14. maniac

    Grievances thread

    cmon...a forum that welcomes gibberish from a bot like @Rasgulla is either the most benevolent place. Let us all get along
  15. maniac

    Grievances thread

    If that is what offended you so badly,let me tell you the real world is one cruel place lol
  16. maniac

    Grievances thread

    word of the day
  17. maniac

    Grievances thread

    My grievance is with any snowflake that gets offended and posts a grievance( did I just do that )
  18. Skeptics stay away....only those seeking higher level of consciousness and bliss are welcome :)
  19. Just like “come to India” my thread had been misunderstood...In another era these would have been scriptures...My job is to show the light and path to enlightenment.
  20. maniac

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Happiest takeaway from this thread
  21. maniac

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    @velu please do the needful....when in doubt just reboot @Rasgulla
  22. maniac

    Jinnah did more harm than good for Muslims..

    Jinnah,Nehru,Mountbatten were all culprits in the partition of India They all were equally responsible for one of the largest human migration and probably the biggest acts of communal violence( on either side )in the history of mankind Now technically that gets Jinnah only part of the blame However apparently the Pakistanis and obviously Indians want to give/take all the credit as Jinnah the architect for the partition Do the Pakistanis admit that he gets the blame for all the violence and mass human displacement as well? You can’t have it both ways. Anyway my personal opinion Is all 3 are equally to blame.
  23. maniac

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Been a while
  24. Kaunse Mechanic shed mein kaam karta hai bhai?
  25. This guy looks like a way way less intelligent version of Cho Ramaswamy @velu @vvvslaxman.

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