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  1. maniac

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    Rahane smacked Starc and Harris and Babar Azam smacked Steyn. Azam>Rahane> Tendulkar
  2. What about LOIs? Bumrah. Shami just made his comeback and was out of favor from these formats recently. Bhuvi is just floating along on reputation and is not as indispensable as he looks. The there is Pandya. Do you think that is enough depth?
  3. maniac

    Your favorite cricketers

    I have heard stories of Kunderan’s heroics from my dad. From what he tells me Kunderan was the Sehwag of those times. People would gather around the radio to listen to the commentary when he was batting. However I think there were class divides in the Indian team those days and commies such as Maharaja or Vizianagaram would keep criticizing his audacious strokeplay. I think he settled in Scotland right?
  4. WI fasttracked Alzarri Joseph from 2 years back as well who looked a cut above the rest. Mavi and Nagarkoti looked too hot to handle for U-19 level. So did Shaw and Gill. While we fast tracked the batsmen which was never a problem for India we have not fasttracked fast bowlers which is bizarre
  5. Only for tests though. Even there Shami,Ishant,Bumrah and Bhuvi and Umesh. What if 2 or 3 get injured and 1 guy is out of form? For LOIs less said the better. Bhuvi,Bumrah and Shami that’s about it
  6. Also Prasidh Krishna looked like a fantastic propsoect. So many players we can take a punt on. The last time we took a punt on someone like Bumrah see what results that has yielded and we still pick pointless trundlers. Siraj deserved a shot though and may be Khaleel but Chahar,Kaul and Thakur or going back to Unadkut
  7. maniac

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    S Warrier, Rinku Singh, Snell Patel- sounds like the imaginary cricketers I used to create playing book cricket in school during boring biology or geography class
  8. maniac

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    The Sachin-Azhar partnership in cape town was hands down the greatest display of batting skills I have ever seen. That was a 100 times more exciting than any hitting in a T20 game. Pure class
  9. @Gollum go crazy with the response. Don’t dissapoint
  10. maniac

    How to drive in england -Tendulkar at his peak.

    Lara probably came the closest but that’s about it. Daylight and then the mere mortals
  11. He will Knock the smiles out of their faces
  12. maniac

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    You guys really live in a bubble don’t you
  13. maniac

    All Rounders do not exist.

    If we ever start POTW concept, this has to be the first post to start it
  14. At the end of the looks like dhoni fans have to resort to trolling be it crude or subtle looks like
  15. Yes pulling up random stats to prove point across requires amazing creativity
  16. maniac

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    You don’t mean that as a good thing right?
  17. @mishra ji knows it first hand
  18. maniac

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    Ntitni cumming at that 6 like they won the game Knowing that he has a rape charge on him his over enthusiastic commentary makes it even creepier
  19. maniac

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    Morris should learn from Thala, instead of swinging he can get a pointless 50* here
  20. maniac

    Your favorite cricketers

    Past India watched- Sachin, Sehwag,Yuvraj (considering career is over) and Azhar before the matchfixing crap Only saw towards the end of their careers- Srikkanth and Kapil Dev(they had reputations carried forward from their previous exploits) Past World Watched- Lara,Gilchrist,Steve Waugh,Jayasuriya Warne,Shane Bond and Kluesner Didn’t see Viv Richards in his prime Current India Kohli,Rohit,Ishant,Bumrah and Shami Current World Ross Taylor,Rabada, Jos Butler and Steve Smith
  21. maniac

    Srini mama back on track

    Disagree there. He has earned his shot through consistent performances on A tours and he has looked like a very good bat. Yes not an allrounder
  22. maniac

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    Cornered tigers showing full juzbaa in a dead rubber with their full strength team
  23. maniac

    South Africa vs Pakistan 3rd T20

    This Afridi kid was behind Naggarkoti and Mavi in U-19 WC and we are persisting with Khaleel and Kaul
  24. maniac

    Krunal Pandya vs Imad Wasim

    I remember him from the time he got smacked by Hardik. Never saw him till recent SA series and the Aus T20 series last Nov. he bowls well against gora teams with his darts just like Krunal but so far has a good record. With the bat though in the ODIs I have seen him take on some good bowlers like Rabada and Steyn and score some valuable runs. Left Arm darter+ lower order hitter just like Krunal and has done well. Just thought was an even comparison.
  25. maniac

    Krunal Pandya vs Imad Wasim

    The fire rages on here Krunal becoming better than Imad is not even a benchmark. He needs to be the next Yuvraj Singh or better and that should be the goal. Right now Imad and Krunal are similar type players doing similar roles for their team and one is better than the other as it stands today. Don’t know what you are getting so riled up over. I mean seriously? What is pushing you over the edge?

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