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  1. There is a huuuuuge difference between the SA and even Aus lineups of 2004 and 2019. The only teams that have improved from 2004 are England and Nzl. Rest all have gone down the drain. So it is not going to be as one sided as one thinks. This team got trashed in England and even SA and lost the games only due to batting.
  2. Also the most important aspect is the fielding especially slip catching. The fab 5 can hurt you bad if they get additional lives.
  3. Kohli’s team can be way better competitive than the 2004 team overseas because of our bowling but in SC conditions that team will walk all over the current lot
  4. Kumble is not a conventional leg spinner. He has run through better line ups than the current Indian line up in home conditions and you think this team will handle Kumble like a piece of cake lol. Kumble is hands down the most difficult bowler to face ever in Indian conditions current team included and 2004 Bhajji was as good if not better than Ashwin and Jadeja in home conditions. Also Indias other achillies heel is swing bowling and both Zak and Pathan are good with the new ball and even better in SC conditions. The 2004 team has all the bowling to exploit all weaknesses that the current team has that is swing and spin.
  5. If it is a bowling pitch it comes down to a batting shoot out. The 2019 attack is collectively better but it is not like guys like Kumble and Bhajji Cant run through sides on a 4th and 5th day pitch. If it is a batting pitch, I think Kohli’s team is more potent as an attack but then guys like Sachin,Dravid,VVS and Dada have played much better attacks in overseas conditions
  6. Kohli’s team batsmen got bundled out vs Moeen Ali and Lyon and you think they can handle Kumble and Bhajji in his prime? Also good lucking dropping catches of Sachin,Dravid and Sehwag and on the other hand Dravid,VVS and Sehwag will grab every chance along the way.
  7. maniac

    Sarfaraz Khan

    I hope he does well though because he can bowl part time and has very good strike rate for a guy who bats at 5-6 but looks like he has attitude issues and poor work ethic. He does play for Mumbai so if he gets a couple of standout innings he might get the attention. However my question was despite mediocre performances and poor behavioral issues why do people persist with him despite having other talent to chose from? He must be still rated highly for T20 format
  8. maniac

    Sarfaraz Khan

    He just got retained by Kings X1. Earlier he was retained by RCB. He may not be the talk of the town like Pant,Shaw,Gill but still the fact that he is having a secure space on franchises over the years means people rate him. By the way the earlier franchise had Kohli and Nehra in powerful roles and the current one has Kumble so those are pretty significant names.
  9. You keep pointing his 3 mom performances hey that kind of argument is patented and you need to pay me a royalty. By the way by the same account Sundar won a MOS in an ICC tournament.
  10. Why is this guy still rated so highly? He was retained all these years by RCB and now he is retained by Kings X1 Few years back he was touted as the next big thing in Indian cricket and was supposed to be the next big product of the u-19 system, he did show a few flashes here and there but most times he has been mediocre. He is neither setting the domestics on fire. He seems to have a very poor record . Only thing that stood out is that I believe since he is a middle order batsman he has a list A average of 36 and a strike rate of 97.00. That gives some hope for future. He seems to have a 360 degree game on paper, can bowl parttime but has not translated his performances. Is he a case of people (his team management etc) having hopes for him or does he have any influential backup? Anyway so many talented new players have come along since 2014 the year Sarfaraz made an impact that I am not sure why he keeps getting a ride.
  11. Regardless of who is in that position that is never possible. MSK and co. were selectors during BCCI’s lowest phase but still they had to bow down to the power center under their regime that is Kohli and Co. However regardless of how boring and one dimensional he comes across in the commentary box, I have heard he does have a good cricketing brain from his peers, so let’s hope he makes the best out of what he is allowed to do.
  12. Yes for making a crappy bs film full of cringe fest and trying to cheat the public. How do I know, I have watched enough Indian commercial cinema
  13. It was never closed unless Rat doesn’t want him and is playing politics to keep him out. Only guy who can shut door on Dhoni but will he?
  14. I lost $40 in Atlantic City casino last weekend. Can someone tell me how much was spent on this movie? While I can not recover my $40 bucks I can Atleast feel kind of satisfied that someone out there is going to get their ass kicked financially much worse than I did last weekend
  15. Why should they both be interrelated? This is the same line of reasoning people give for India’s space program, why do we need to go to the moon when we have poor people? Why do we host these events when people live in slums etc etc. Guess what Indias biggest export as a product to the west is? It is spirituality.
  16. What is the point of spending 80 billion $$$ to acquire a bunch of brain washed radicals? Just the plain land may be but why do you want to acquire more headaches. Rather put that money to good use in India
  17. They get a salary from the taxpayer’s money. It is not exactly a charity service.
  18. So in theory the people we are voting for to represent us are doing part time jobs I can understand if some leniency is given to a doctor or something or even lawyer sounds alright but where do we draw the line
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