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  1. maniac

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    best comeback is to make fun of Rohit....super weak lol This particular set of mob is very amusing....they say some fringe communities in India vote in blocks during elections, seeing it live today Anyway genuine appreciation....you guys are the most emotional fan base who take the seriousness to the next level despite mediocrity
  2. Self explanatory. Bad game is excusable but not just this one but time and again he is playing some pointless selfish innings at every level One-dimensional hack.
  3. Personally want both to succeed.like them both Seen both and both are impressive and incredibly talented. For some reason Kishan comes across as someone who has a better temperament than Pant. On the other hand Pant seems like the guy who can take even the best attacks to task. Early on I thought Kishan was the better keeper and Pant the better batsman but Pant has improved his keeping and Kishan his batting. I hope we don’t see a Dhoni vs Karthik type scenario here were 2 incredible talents, one went on to achieve great success and the other still trying to establish himself after 12 years. Obviously we all want both to do well and kick out some deadwood but if you had to pick one who would it be? Love Pant but something tells me Ishan has the temperament which is half the battle won.
  4. Today's faf's notout made me think about it
  5. maniac

    Bhajji and Jadeja

    what? why?
  6. He is a very selfish cricketer and before you bring Rohit up...he doesn’t have the turbo gear like him ...at best has a 3rd gear....plays for notouts as well....should not even be in the fringes...we have enough talent out there.
  7. maniac

    Non choking Saffer

    True also his inning was chanceless...this will always have a shady element to it
  8. maniac

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Looking at genuine appreciation also with suspicion
  9. maniac

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Looks like someone is Triggered
  10. Actually consolidators like Faf,Dhoni and Rahane are more dangerous...hacks will be out to our bowling trying to slog
  11. maniac

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Your passion is amazing You also have a supreme leader
  12. Lol what about T.Rajender and Vijay Kant...Ballayya only in comparison to apples to apples,is better looking(that's the only context I would ever say that for him lol)
  13. maniac

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    I am not arguing your story is wrong...If I casually watch a sport,at least I would know who the famous name is...I don't follow league soccer except world cups but I know who C.Ronaldo is...don't follow golf but know who Tiger woods/Mickelson are....if they are passionate enough to watch Irish games and understand cricket,I find it hard to believe that they have no clue who Kohli is,sure they may not know his stats etc,but don't you find that a little strange?
  14. Don;t they know he is Brahmin yet
  15. As mediocre as Pandey is,have more confidence in him than Hooda,....too much crap
  16. maniac

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    Wait a guy follows cricket and doesn't know the highest paid cricketer in the world? I am not a fanboy or this is not my sharapova moment but I find it hard to believe...either the guy is being a jerk or he is lying about being a cricket lover
  17. selfish and pointless cricketer
  18. maniac

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    huh? I bet 99% of cricket followers casual+hardcore don't know who he is.....sure Yusuf Pathan is more of a household name than WG Grace....Let us not romanticize firangs . Sachin is the most famous cricketer ever....followed by Dhoni,Kohli and other Indian superstars. Warne maybe for dating Liz Hurley
  19. T20 is a young man's game they said You need genuine pace and skills n T20 games they said You need genuine all-rounders who can win games with bat and ball they said You have to be a great fielding side in T20's they said You need to be able to smack any kind of bowling they said
  20. Nope you need to account provision for Bollywood quota
  21. You will root for anyone
  22. maniac

    Bhajji and Jadeja

    True scripts don;t count as human
  23. I want to see Rahane vs Dhoni masterclass in he finals

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