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  1. Why is the crowd chanting C S K
  2. Take a bow Hyderabad ground staff
  3. Has to be Bumrah to do something here. Bowling looks toothless so far
  4. Fleming looks fitter than some of the players on the ground
  5. Yes best 2 catches of the tournament for me
  6. Ben Stokes catch was amazing
  7. Raina’s decline has been unbelievable. Atleast Yuvraj decline was from cancer and not many have made it that far after battling cancer but Raina has himself to blame
  8. You mean Hardik Pandya? Just say it
  9. Also Iyer can be a good odi player. Don’t think T20 is his game
  10. Let’s just say is a team with khate peete ghar ke players :)
  11. Agree with you only Gill and Pant and to some extent Shaw Parag is too raw still Rana is just an IPL hack Samson is hit or miss
  12. This Mcleneghan might be too vanilla for even Preity Zinta
  13. Ok I thought you meant youngsters as a whole
  14. Sachin is good, inspired an entire generation to take up cricket for over 2 decades. If his presence is not inspiring then not sure where cricketers can go for inspiration
  15. your hopes will raise for a brief moment before shattering in the last ball/over. That is even worse so get ready for a heartbreak not just disappointment
  16. His mere presence can inspire. The Aura he brings is like gold dust, when sprinkled on the team can boost their powers to miraculous performances.
  17. Script set up for a last ball win for perfect target here
  18. How is that worse than Dhoni barging on the field and fighting with the umpires

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