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  1. I mean looks like we would be resting a lot of frontline players in the Australia series and then there is also the IPL. What if someone like Shaw or Sundar or K.Pandya or some other rookie absolutely steals the show, will he have a shot?
  2. Pandya back to his antics. Looks like the bamboo of the ban has worn off
  3. Brainless from Munro. All he had to do is survive this over and there was a 100 for the taking
  4. That wasn’t a catch. But yes unlucky. As an Ishant fan don’t even tell me about it
  5. Khaleel reminds me of my childhood friend tappu. He had the same crocodile style catching. But he always caught the ball lol
  6. Yay out but fk all those memes tomorrow
  7. Doull sucks up so much that he now understands Hindi too :)
  8. Is Pandya varying his pace. Every ball has been in the 125k range
  9. Glad his family members are sleeping and not watching this carnage
  10. Both Pandya brothers bowling in tandem
  11. Hardik has a better average than Bhuvi
  12. Khaleel went for 16 runs but has definitely improved. Wasn’t a horrible over. Upped his pace . Sometimes it is just good batting
  13. maniac

    Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    3 actually Dk and Pant
  14. Akash chopra surprised that a batsman can hit a 6 on a first ball. Surprise surprise
  15. Seifert, one good knock away from a thread
  16. Kane Williamson looks like a homeless war veteran
  17. What language is the Nzl national anthem in? Ish Sodhi reminds me of me during the happy birthday song after the first 2 lines
  18. maniac

    England's likely WC squad looks scary

    What I meant is in Nikolas post he did a man to man analysis. India has more specialists than allrounders so obviously India May look stronger. However the batting and bowling depth of England gives them an edge.
  19. maniac

    England's likely WC squad looks scary

    @Jimmy Cliff kya confusion hai bhai?
  20. Well I get all panic attacky when there is one of those 5-10 second ads on YouTube and I am not a millennial
  21. No one has silly point in a T20 game or even in ODIs. It is usually when the ball is turning or the batsman is trying to fend short pitch bowling on a juicy track. If some one has a silly point on a 200 run t20 pitch sure you can call that stupid but don’t ever recollect that happening ever.

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