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  1. @Pollack remember what I told you. Get ready for heartbreak after hopes raised
  2. He has a 45+ average after a 100 games. Has to be good enough right? Shankar at best is a cameo batsman
  3. Lunge time but this is perfect set up for a Dhoni special
  4. He is a soldier. Following instructions to let MSD finish this. A true soldier does anything for his commanding officer without questions. On another day Rayudu would have smacked it for 6
  5. Wow babaji is spot on
  6. All our leggies over rely on googlies. Chawla,Mishra even Kuldeep. I think Chahal is another guy who relies more on conventional leg spinners
  7. Hyderabad/Telangana shares border with Maharashtra not TamilNadu
  8. Hometown hero. Rayudu knows this pitch like his kitchen
  9. Trundlers inspired on Mother’s Day. First Thakur,now Mcleneghan
  10. Whatta useless player Malinga this mofo dropped Sarfaraz too I think in CT
  11. Malinga looks like an uncle going through mid life crisis. That eyebrow rings hasn’t been a fashion accessory for the last 15 years atleast
  12. Why is the crowd chanting C S K
  13. Take a bow Hyderabad ground staff
  14. Has to be Bumrah to do something here. Bowling looks toothless so far
  15. Fleming looks fitter than some of the players on the ground

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