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  1. maniac

    Non choking Saffer

    Proof that when given multiple lives and assistance no one is a choker
  2. I mean it was blatant today
  3. Nope...not happening.... I go to lot of telugu movies thinking that the undeserving hero gets his ass whooped by the villian but it is just not scripted that way
  4. maniac

    Shardul & Chahar...

    They seem to be "finger friendly"
  5. maniac

    Shardul & Chahar...

    Yes both seem to be batsmen pretending to be bowlers
  6. When it is too good be true...question it....CSK fans ask yourselves
  7. Dhoni’s interview is like a ad for warning/dangers of chemical hair straightening...gibberish!!!
  8. maniac

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    DRS saving faf lol...cmon I guess winning matters regardless...I was happy when my fav wrestler Bret “Hitman” Hart(guess why ) became WWF champion but realized later he was scripted to win
  9. Dhoni and Bhajji thanks guys you are honest Indian legends but rest are sellouts
  10. Chapter 26 of the script says the exact same thing
  11. Another stereotype broken...winning by edging half the runs :(
  12. Williamson is not disappointed...looks like hue sold his soul to the devil...poor guy...I want to hear his confession when he goes to church
  13. Lol you guys are celebrating this win....caught down legside,15-20 runs behind the keeper :rofl
  14. What can they do....the man loses to the evil corporate yet gain
  15. tears of bliss and joy...scripted to a tee
  16. It doesn’t take much to trigger him “passhanate ppfaaaan”
  17. @gambhirfan now this is jinxing lol

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