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  1. I saw Sportstak couple of days back, the first question was who should be India's keeper in WT20 and the options were Samson,Pant and Dhoni and they all unanimously said Dhoni Gimme Pak ex-cricketers ranting and patronizing any day over these morons.
  2. Huh? Youtubers' income depends on subscriber and views. So I will leave it to you to figure out where those views and subscribers will come in large numbers especially on a topic related to cricket.
  3. Firstly, Good for them to identify and take advantage of a revenue stream. Nothing wrong with it. However my problem is the hypocrisy as people mentioned above of these guys. As cringeworthy as Sehwag was, he thought he was funny and made a buffoon out of himself where as Rashid Latif response was so bitter you could see the hatred he harbors. Guys like Rameez or Shoaib are fine but they never have anything intelligent to say. Same old clichés I don't subscribe but definitely click on the videos whenever Pak receives a drubbing. trust me it is great entertainment. Rest of the time don't care. By the way read some of the comments from some naïve and chewt Indians on their channels, You read comments like Basit Ali is a great analyst and Rashid bhai is a genius etc etc. Makes me cringe. Any way that's kind of a win for them
  4. It is true. I remember reading in a book by Tavleen Singh about an incident where a toddler daughter of a nurse was raped and killed by her mother's boyfriend and his friends. The editor of a leading newspaper and the ruling kaangresi government wanted to suppress the news because they felt people didn't want to read such gruesome and tragic stories
  5. The Return of Hafeez, Malik, Umar Akmal, Shehzad.
  6. I like listening/watching to Pakistani YouTube channels on the treadmill/elliptical obviously only when they lose, so on a personal level lot of content available out there to motivate me to go the Gym.
  7. Also is this 5th or 6th grade? She wished him and he said thanks. WTF. What’s the big deal. I thought celebrities get laid easily, looks like neither Pandya is able to score legally with his chichorapanti and the Gujju genes in him doesn’t let him spend to get laid in “other” ways. Frustrated aatma.
  8. Pervert Pandya Name courtesy @The Realist
  9. Karnataka wins. Congrats @Mosher @jusarrived
  10. I have seen so much IPL that these things are not even a joke anymore
  11. I don’t think I will still see Shankar go past 40’s
  12. Wait there is a SRK in the Tamil Nadu team? @Mariyam
  13. I don’t think I have ever seen Shankar go beyond 45 lol, this is about the time he gets out let’s see if he can finish it
  14. Need one big shot from TN or 2 runs max in 3 balls for Karnataka
  15. Script says potential super over???
  16. It’s lunch time, craving some sambaar and curd rice, watching Shankar and Ashwin not helping either
  17. He is playing sensibly though as the “senior” partner
  18. This game needs some Ashwin ABD type hitting to complete the quality check
  19. Wow can’t believe Karnataka doesn’t have a better bowler than More @Mosher
  20. Playing 4-5 spinners on turning tracks in 4 day 5 day games is different from spinners on a flat track in a T20 game. How are you not seeing the difference? Nothing against Devdutt though
  21. Karnataka is a domestic powerhouse. Was there ever a doubt? Just like Mumbai. While people bring up the Mumbai lobby, the Karnataka lobby has been prevalent in Indian cricket atleast for the last 3 decades. Thats what gets the criticism
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