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  1. Finally got the Jadeja hype 10 years after his debut in LOIs
  2. This is the first time I am seeing intent from Jadeja. God bless Manjrekar for lighting a fire in him
  3. Coming in at 7? They could have used him to play and guide Pant,Hardik or even DK ( even though it is sad that at this point he still needs guidance)
  4. Meanwhile in a different part of the pitch Dhoni continues to lunge
  5. Quitting ICF after the WC finals. And no the next similar sounding poster is not me @Switchblade
  6. They are a good team but Nzl batting is more dependent one 2 guys and more importantly Williamson
  7. Mccullum first time criticizes Dhoni for over coaching Pandya there. Atleast sounded like that
  8. Especially Mccullum. Looks like he is secretly praying for Thala to stay on strike
  9. Karthik 6(20) vs Boult, Thala 5(20) vs Santner and Neesham both suck but Thala wouldn’t have lasted against Boult and Henry
  10. Beetleji I am a pant fan too but sorry even just because someone is 11 doesn’t mean he is excused if brain farts either. You need some cricket awareness. Yes he is better than Dhoni and DK but that is no excuse for throwing it away when you are the best batsman out there. If this was his first game then sure we can say it was unfortunate but this is becoming a pattern. Why can't we be see this objectively?
  11. Can commies shut the f up about Dhoni’s finishing abilities
  12. The hype on Pant was for his batting ability not keeping. If that is the case Saha is a much better keeper. I was really impressed the way he started today but sorry he threw it away and he needs to take responsibility. Oh he is only 19 or 20 excuse doesn’t fly at this level
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