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  1. Bewda rules in the annoyance department.
  2. Ben Stokes is a real allrounder. Not relu kattas like Pandya
  3. Doesn’t matter. If either scenario results in a loss anyway ,I would take this
  4. Jos Butler. This is how you play. Doesn’t seem to care about scoreboard pressure or fake calculations
  5. In all fairness he is a decent cricketer. Has done much better than Pandya
  6. This is what is a 3d cricketer. Guys like Bumrah on most days or even Chahal ( on some days) might win games with the ball but are liabilities in the field. Ferguson bowling at 150k but turning games with his fielding. our definition of 3d players are players who can do a little bit of this and that like Pandya or good 1d players
  7. Good strategy as Naseer said. Grandhomme bowling at 120 with some movement and Ferguson coming in at 150ks
  8. Yes keeps it tight and bowls at the same pace like Amir. Consistent bowler
  9. Similar innings to DK actually who did the same thing. #justice for DK
  10. Root played a better innings than dhoni atleast got out before completely putting his team out of the game.
  11. This Henry is leagues ahead of Bhoobi Kumar. Some posters hear have the gall to call Henry a Trundler and Calle bhuvi the best thing since slice bread. More than Anything else the Indian team management including captain should be fired for dropping Shami alone
  12. This is not a novel concept. This was an annual thing in the past. I think Sreeshanth made a mark in one of these tournaments by dismissing Sachin and Sehwag for low scores back in the day with jaffas. I believe it was the challenger trophy. He was even sledging them
  13. We don’t even have a core back up. Ideas thrown around to replace guys like DK,Jadhav,Shankar,Dhoni has been to go back to Rahane,Pandey and even Raina
  14. No they built in the foundation built by previous owner. Making Iyer was the brainchild of brother GMR and all the core team bar Dhawan was his blessing. It’s like saying Ponting was a greater captain than Waugh and Mark Taylor
  15. Not bad from Nzl. Usually teams like Nzl and even their average players raise their games in WC on the other hand our superstar players choke in knockouts
  16. Hope Adani gets Andhra team. Atleast 2021-2024 script will make Andhra IPL champs cmon atleast an IPL team should compensate for special status
  17. Steve Waugh comes across as a good Analyst. During the India Nzl game he was commentating with Harsha and Ganguly. He wanted to do badly talk about the game going on but Harsha and Ganguly kept bringing him back to the 1999 WC, SA semifinal and obviously the 2001 Kolkata test when Ganguly was captain
  18. No way Chahal is in the Rohit camp. He is a buddy of Kohli and Rcb connection
  19. Kedar Jadhav damn must be one hell of a politician
  20. Can someone tell me who is in the Rohit faction. Hopefully it is likable guy like Bumrah Dont want to be on the same side as guys like Jadhav, Dhoni
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