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  1. Police should first try to be more cooperative to the public and do their job properly. Pretty sure a lot of rapes and other atrocities on women can be controlled if they do their job. As I said I like the fact that the scumbags are gone and hope they died a horrible and gruesome death.
  2. Crowd can cheer or boo whomever they want as long it is not offensive or crosses certain boundaries. If Pant is that mentally fragile that he cannot handle crowd chanting for Dhoni or booing him then he doesn’t belong at that level anyways . Obviously that may not be the case here. Kohli requesting the crowd is different but who the f is he to command and ordering them and set guidelines for them. Smith was banned for cheating, and he himself realized that he has to earn back the respect. Pant obviously knows filling boots of Dhoni given the fan base he has is going to be a uphill task. Kohli needs to shut the fk up. He needs to handle Pant properly before he tells the crowd what to do
  3. Does Sonia have a video of Manmohan or something? WTF. PVNR made this guy who he is today and he is throwing him under the bus.
  4. I am hearing the news too about the encounter . Not sure how I feel, while the scumbags deserved what they got, the police in India especially the Hyd/Telangana police don’t deserve to have the moral high ground. These scumbags have harassed innocent public for too long including Priyanka’s parents. They are just a shade below the rapists if any. Obviously there are a few honest and brave officers but talking about the majority. Hope this doesn’t start a new precedent.
  5. @Lannister needs to hold a training camp to train Kannada Liberation Tigers. He can use the fitness centers of Kumble's training centers of Tenvic group
  6. Shreyas being dropped after SA tour was inexcusable. He should have become a mainstay in the side by now. However you need to look at it from a glass half full-half empty angle. He has been knocking the doors of selection for a couple of years prior to that but he got his shot in MSK's tenure. Also once the questions were cleared on the Rayudu's, DK's, Rainas and Yuvraj of the world, Shreyas was immediately brought back in. So only time he was dumped was when he became a part of the senior team. Make whatever you can of that. Now coming to Rayudu, his name started popping up in contention after he had a stellar IPL in 2018 playing for CSK. If you remember he was selected for England but flunked the Yoyo test. He was replaced by Raina who plays for CSK who failed in England. Then he walked straight back in. let us say he was backed by MSK on the regional angle, he was played consistently in the side and he had a middling performance. There was no back up groomed in the team but then he ended up getting dropped from the WC when a couple of weeks before the Aus series and after the Nzl series everyone expected him tp be a guaranteed starter. While obviously MSK should get blamed for these inconsistent selections, doesn't it also feel like he is the guy who takes the heat for some boneheaded team combos? Shastri takes the heat off of Kohli and MSK and whoever is going to be the next guy in charge takes the heat off of Shastri and co. This is not even a conspiracy or an assumption, it is as clear as daylight.
  7. I have criticized MSK many times here for being a Wuss. In fact I am still saying he was a wuss for giving in to the axis of evil. However he also did select and give break to a lot of youngsters. How they were handled in the squad and what opportunities were given to them is not on him. Apart from Mavi and Nagarkotti who were injured, every youngster hyped on ICF was picked in the team. sometimes not a good thing obviously in case of guys like Dube etc. Tell me one guy who missed out from not being selected in his tenure? Also sometimes I played along with the Rayudu thing but you missed the part when I criticized when he came back into the team on the basis of IPL and even after he flunked the initial yoyo test. However he did get unfairly dropped right before the WC event after being in the scheme of things for over a year and that too for Vijay Shankar of all people despite being adequate during his run and not having anyone even remotely ready to fill in. In fact funny thing is I have seen you have more or less similar opinions on the above but obviously you lose all subjectivity or is it objectivity when it comes from me
  8. To be honest he was a rubber stamp selector, however within his abilities, he did select every prospect that was talked about on ICF into the Indian team. Can someone tell me a player who didn't play for India yet that was hyped here on ICF? Poor guy, no BCCI and the axis of evil made it worse for him. Shaw,Gill,Saini,Aggarwal,Vihari,Siraj,Pant,Krunal,Sundar,Shankar even hyped up hacks like Dube all made debut in his tenure. Rayudu was dropped as per people's wishes. Wasn't the worst by any means
  9. There was nothing illegal there in terms of buying the land and establishing a kind of an utopian society. Even the other stuff they did like incorporation as a city, winning elections were all done legally exploiting the system. However they were involved in immigration fraud and the bio-terror attack. Now that part Is obviously self explanatory.
  10. ^Never mind I thought he was forming his country within India
  11. Can he be arrested for sedition? Also can @Global.Baba run for office in Kailaasa?
  12. I rather not have them touch such subjects and ruin them. There are so many levels they need to upgrade before they can even get to such dark and gritty drama. For starters as a challenge let them at least try to make a saas-bahu drama where characters have a lot more emotional depth and character development and where there is a coherent storyline and direction to the story.
  13. WTF does that even mean? so are you agreeing with me or disagreeing I still can't figure out?
  14. Pak being no.8 in tests is not surprising. Pak being no.1 in Tontee-Tontee makes international T20 a joke.
  15. All the champion Wrestlers and boxers are coming from Haryana. Andhra/Telangana has become a badminton powerhouse thanks to Gopichand institute. You see Sindhu, Kashyap, Jwala Gutta,Srikanth etc etc becoming top players. Saina Nehwal is not from Andhra obviously but she migrated to Hyderabad for the facilities early on in her career. Now due to Gopichand, you see badminton coaching centers in every nook and corner in Andhra. Punjab used to produce hockey greats. Not sure if they still have that culture going for them.
  16. Smith gets bonus points for making Dhoni look like a fringe player where as Kohli takes permission from Dhoni to even go to the bathroom when they played together.
  17. Population has nothing to do with producing successful athletes in a sport. Don't marathon runners from obscure African countries with a handful of population keep winning world long distance events. Nzl has a good structure and pathway and will keep producing good players. Pretty sure the white population of SA is not that much more than Nzl, they kept putting a world beating side pre quota system.
  18. RIP. usually called it like it is in the commentary box. Good analyst and obviously a legend of the game as a player.
  19. I saw Sportstak couple of days back, the first question was who should be India's keeper in WT20 and the options were Samson,Pant and Dhoni and they all unanimously said Dhoni Gimme Pak ex-cricketers ranting and patronizing any day over these morons.
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