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  1. Don’t rate him. Another Jadeja
  2. Idiots and scum of mankind
  3. Sometimes he does go overboard with his "liberaligm" "feminigm" kaanspiracy but I end up agreeing with him more times than not. However at times I see a movie and like it and then listen to his review and end up feeling like may be I am a liberandu, How the hell did I like this and feel like crap
  4. To give you an example how underrated this guy is, people were talking about Jadeja and Dhoni, the Nzl bowlers or Williamson performance with bat and captaincy,Gutpill run out but not a single mention that it was his innings that set up a winning total. This guy is truly underrated and skips through the radar
  5. Don’t care much who wins the final but if one guy deserves to win it is this man The guy has been an outstanding servant of Nzl cricket. One of the most underrated cricketers ever. He has been averaging what 70-80 in the last couple of years? Had an eye surgery but still came back strong. Not as destructive as he used to be in his prime but has become a run machine. Surprisingly doesn’t get picked in IPl when there are way more inferior overseas cricketers who get a shot. Also Let us not forget this guy was dropped as a captain despite having a decent stint. I can bet it was on racial lines as he was the first native Newzealander I think to represent Nzl. People go gaga over Mccullum but this guy still put his ego aside and soldiered on despite Mccullum’s politicking. People talk about this being the last WC for so many cricketers but this guy is right up there and deserves an honorable mention. Go Roscoe you deserve it.
  6. I like movie reviews by this guy called Pratik Borade
  7. Yeah creator of family guy Seth Mc Farlane. Also the voice of Ted
  8. It is on Netflix. Atleast American Netflix. I know Canada and American content are little different when it comes to movies
  9. The best superhero movie I saw in recent times was an animated one Spiderman into the Spiderverse. Way better than the overrated Marvel and DC crap.
  10. Have you seen the movie Ted? Also @velu
  11. How @zen thinks of Pandya Pandya on the other hand
  12. So we will go to WT20 With a guy who is the worst captain ever in the history of Indian domestic T20 as our captain Funny we select IPL as a criteria for ODI cricket but don't care about IPL for T2O
  13. I still don't get it. You want Kohli to stay or go? itna ghooma phira ke kyon bol rahe ho?
  14. So Bangar called the shots without Kohli and Shastri's approval? either ways they need to get fired for incompetence then.
  15. No both need to go. Kohli the captain only of course duh. India was never a coach or team mgmnt centric team like England However first we need to figure out where the power centre lies. back in the day it was BCCI who was the boss. even Sachin,Kumble,Dravid,Ganguly were not bigger than that. They all lost captaincy after BCCI intervened except may be Kumble who retired. Then the power centre was with Dhoni on cricket related affairs with BCCI (Seeni Mama) being the ultimate authority. Right now there is no BCCI. Coach is a dummy, so the power lies with the captain. Since this captain faield.You need to bring in a captain who makes the right decisions. As far as coach goes, our coaches have always been the guys who work well in the background like Wright, Kirsten and dare I say Fletcher. Simple get a captain who calls the right shots (in the current environment) and bring a coach who can work with the team on a cricketing level. Not a guy who is drunk and is there to talk big and walk around with alcohol bottles all over town. Also have a back up plan and groom the next captain like England did with Root or Nzl with Williamson. India did that with Kohli too but it didn't work so can't blame Indian management there.
  16. No I saw him parading around with a beer bottle like he was at the Vegas strip when India got a rare win after his screw ups cost the previous game. It is a video in the public domain, not my private collection
  17. The reason there was a yes man at the helm was because of the captain. The last time there was no Yes man there was a rift between captain and coach. You need to pick what do you want a Yes man or a leader? It is clear that the power centre in Indian cricket right now is with the captain not with the coach and there is no BCCI anymore. So yes Captain gets the blame. Shastri is the guy who takes the heat and that's why he is there in the first place.
  18. I think Bharat Arun did the best job among coaches. our bowling has been the best attack in the world including bench strength. I think Arun can stay but the fielding coach and batting coach and bewda need to be kicked out.
  19. Kohli fans like @Cricketics blamed Kumble for that CT decision to bat 2nd.It was clear now than Kohli is stubborn and makes these decisions which caused the rift with another big star like Kumble. Kumble also hinted that he was against batting 2nd in that game. Shastri is just a glorified errand boy who is there to take the heat off of Kohli's decisions. in fact sympathize with Shastri a bit.
  20. Maybe I misunderstood him but what he said was guys like Yuvraj, Gambhir,Sehwag were thrown out without any respect but when Dhoni is in the same boat as a senior. I think he was complaining about Yuvraj and Rayudu retiring mid world cup to make a statement. I thought that was the context rather than him saying he wanted Yuvraj etc in the squad. Again I might have got it wrong
  21. He made better points than the so called cricket experts like that Rashika chick and that blue shirt guy whom they kept calling "sir" and the sports editor Vikrant who is on a holiday in UK trying to suck up to everyone in the Indian team. That alone makes him a top analyst in my book. Every other channel has the same old crap. It is like us hyping up Baahubali because it was better than Thugs of Hindostan but obviously when you compare it to Lord of the rings or Harry Potter it would look lame.
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