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  1. maniac

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    while we are debating the usefulness or uselessness of Jadeja,padosis had made the retard Afridi their test captain and potential future PM....let’s not let that ridiculousness and craziness or the stupid pseudo patriotism displayed by the usual bharat sipahis confuse this fact....Afridi over Jadeja in LOIS any day....it’s a no contest Having said that Jadeja has become unexpectedly this gun test bowler, so if he continues in this vein for few more years he will obviously make up for his deficiencies as a mediocre LOI cricketer and will be remembered fondly as a good cricketer.
  2. It’s the other way around actually lol. You chose to think I am going around in circles because you just want to overlook the main point of my post Dhoni was already removed in 2012 for being a disastrous captain but was saved by his god father...now please don’t put the spin that Dhoni was upset about this and hated the fact that Srinivasan saved him etc etc. A lot of captains have stepped down voulantarity as an act of self-respect and ethics. There were lot of options to replace him as captain ....good or bad is your perspective. I haven’t even gone into Dhoni’s personal performances, I just went with 2 examples of his failure as a leader. Dhoni as I said was considered to be the right man for the job because he was from a small town which was not a power center of cricket and he was personally a likeable guy but what they didn’t know is that in those states, nests run riot once they get power which is exactly what happened on this case.
  3. Bad guys won again
  4. Lol you started of on a good note but you lost me when you brought in Sachin. Firstly it is not about Sachin vs Dhoni...one must be brain-dead(not you) to think both are even in the same league. Now if one associates Dhoni with South Indians and Sachin with North Indians,that is an equally idiotic assumption. Sure it is fun to have the MI vs CSK rivalry but why does it automatically become about Sachin? Sure,Dhoni I can understand as he is still the captain and people either defend or take digs at him. Coming to South Indian bias or the term Madarasi or generalizing South Indians,I wouldn't call it bias...it is just ignorance and surprisingly it is still in abundance,so can't argue there...plenty of such idiots out there.. As far getting offended by rasam and sambhaar,you gotta grow a thicker skin I mean "biryanis" "Dhoklas" "butter chicken" etc etc are thrown around loosely as slurs and no one seems to be offended,complaining on that seems lame.
  5. I have said this many times on this forum in case you missed it let me re-state,I was a fan of Dhoni the player from 2004-2011. After 2011 I thought as a player he was on the down but still for a couple of years after that there was definitely a T.I.N.A factor but I will come back to that. Now as a captain I did not mind him initially and I thought even though he was tactically not great, a.he was a luckly mascot b. He seemed to be a likable guy that everyone in the team could player around.Him coming from a small,non-powerful cricket region did not bring a baggage of politics with him and I thought he was the right man for the job. Now let us look into this bs that oh Dhoni won us all these cups etc. T20 In 2007 WT20- All the inspiring performances came from- Yuvraj,RP Singh,Gambhir,Irfan Pathan and even Sreeshanth,Uthappa and Rohit Sharma to some extent...Dhoni did next to nothing but that was still acceptable because as I said he was the guy with the midas touch and also he was a good supporting act,not everyone gets to be a hero,you need supporting characters too in a movie and he was just that and the lack of hype made it seem good for what it was. Also as I mentioned,he seemed a likable guy that no one really minded leading the team. Not this bs inspiring leadership crap everyone keeps harping on...How many people call Gavaskar an inspiring captain for winning us the World Championship in 1985? it was a young team that pulled it off. Now 2009 was a disaster but fine,defending champions fair enough.....2010 lost badly, 2012 another shot- Lost badly all the while not a single show of leading from the front...didn't we have better options in the T20 format come 2014? Tests Till 2008 He was the understudy of Kumble. 2009 and 2010 he did well but he had a team of Sachin,RD,Laxman,Sehwag,Zak,Bhajji etc etc. fast bowlers stepped up here and there to win us games. Neither was he an inspiring captain nor he showed any special vision. Decent at home,poor abroad but overall captain of a very good team. Again a guy who just went with the flow. Now once he started getting powerful is where the problem started....in 2010 SA series,he destroyed the morale of a rampaging Sreeshanth. Sure,Sreeshanth was obnoxious and annoying but great captains have always worked with guys they hated for the greater good. In 2011 the debacle where his bowling in the first session was a universally ridiculed move took the gas out of the balloon in one move. Infact he was removed from captaincy in tests in 2012 by Mohinder Amarnath before Sreeni Mama stepped in....so was he deserving of this great leader status? ODI's One format where he was a gun player again till may be 2011. Won the WC again with a gem of a team...Played a good innings in the final where it was the 3rd best innings in the game and you are calling the greatest performance in a final lol. He had his utility in this format but his approach has become stale and not evolved with the changes. After the WC,Before and after the CT his results were pretty poor too,so don't know where teh hype is coming from. Now As far as IPL goes. Great performances in the IPL have not seen Rohit Sharma or Gambhir escape criticism for their failures or Poor or mediocre performances in IPL has not impacted Virat Kohli's reputation as a great of the game. Dhoni is just media hype and creation...when it comes to Sachin or any most ATG's ,there is documentary evidence as to why he is a great...with Dhoni it is always,he took 50% of the wickets,or some crap like that. Hence,the annoyance...I personally think Dhoni is a India ATG across 2 of the 3 formats absolutely but he is snot even the Top 10 greatest cricketers produced by India leave alone the world....this hype makes me want to throw up.
  6. We already are on the same page he was a poor test captain,so no arguing that ok fair enough he won the WT20 in 2007,he got kicked out in the first round in 2009,2010,2012.....How many captains have lasted so many failures? was it justified for him to go on and on and on despute failures in that format-so now that is 2/3 formats where he was a failure. Now coming to ODI cricket-Dhoni is a serviceable player in this format no doubt unlike the other 2 formats. I believe no one had a problem with him captaining in 2015 WC as the captain of the defending champions. I have said many times before I was a big fan of Dhoni the player till 2011(never rated his captaincy but thought he was a lucky mascot) . Dhoni has cost us a lot more matches than he has won in recent times......His finishing comes in games where any half decent player can do the same in easy situations....Can you remind me when was the last time Dhoni won a match for us from a position where the game was lost? the only 1 I can remember was that England game with partnership from Yuvi another guy who was over the hill at that point. Dhoni the keeper is also over-rated, he is good when he keeps to spinners but bang average to pace bowlers. He gets the hate because a)because of this cringe-worthy hype...I mean what kind of a narcissist you have to be to produce your own biopic b) There are better alternatives C) He has brought in a lot of politics,favoritism into the game that has undone the hard work of the previous generation
  7. What’s up with the stereotype? Amitabh Bacchan,Govinda all won LS seats because people voted for them for being cinema Stars....Mayawati has statues all over UP...will you walk out of 90% of Maharashtra if you say something against Bal Thackeray? Most states vote for leaders who are cult of personality....every state has atleast one actor from that region who is a movie star. Even though I agree with most of your post why bring region and stereotype into it?
  8. maniac

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Darren Sammy won 2 WT20s as a captain What is the criteria for this stat here?
  9. So many exciting talents coming up...just today we saw Prasidh and Abhishek....Makarande earlier and obviously all the batting superstars but yet we see Chawla,Vinay etc etc getting contracts. Disgusting
  10. maniac

    Congrats Badri

    Times have changed for sure...back in the day if a former international cricketer was now working as a coach for a team called “Team Karaikudi” that would have made a sob story and a riches to rags story.
  11. maniac

    Experts back Dhoni at No. 5 in Indian ODI team

    I looked through the OP to see who these “experts” are
  12. Good stuff...pretty sure Adam Gilchrist was inspired by Aussie great keeper Rod Marsh for keeping and Viv Richards for his batting ....this is on similar lines
  13. I mean how blatant is the cheating that is happening....it is just pointless watching this game.
  14. I think the voice of our generation L.Siva towards the end was trying to justify his place as a batsman too
  15. Have to watch him bat...if the team management are backing him for his bowling then good luck with that...need to see him bat....so far looked assured in some cameos...at this point he is Ravindra Jadeja circa 2008-2009...hope he has a much better career with the bat than Jadeja,as a bowler though Jadeja is already one of the best spinners we have produced as much as that is a mind fk....and unless it is an anomaly like Jadeja's bowling success,Sundar needs to show some flair and potential with the bat soon.
  16. Saha at his best can score a ugly but resilient 20....DK a beautiful 30 and Parthiv an attractive 40. Now for those additional 20 odd runs and some aesthetically pleasing viewing,the downside is these 2 will single-handedly revive careers and by that I mean careers of opposition batsmen. Cook will be praying right now to have one of these 2 as the keeper for the England series lol
  17. Our greatest ever keeper bat in tests is injured While a freeloader is celebrated for a fluky IPL victory where he had all of maybe 1% contribution at best,our unsung hero who has won us crucial games and is injured ahead of a big series is being largely ignored Too many fans with a lack of cricketing acumen
  18. Cricbuzz is a "chennai centric" website.....Harsha doesn't seem to have too many employment options these days. I will leave the rest for you guys to figure out.
  19. Douglas Marillier of Zimbabwe owned us and Australia with a couple of freak innings, Kamran Akmal played a blinder against us in that Irfan Pathan hattrick match, remember Peter North(I think it is Peter) owning Pakistan with his left arm spin,There was this player for Canada who hit the fastest WC 100 against WI in 2003.....This CSK win was just like a coming together of multiple freak occurrences where good teams like SRH,MI etc etc were caught off guard.A rare fluky occurence I wouldn't read too much into it
  20. CSK winning the IPL is like a run of the mill result like Srilanka winning the WT20 in 2014. They just found themselves in some convinient situations and they had these freak flash in the pan performances by one of the players when the whole team flopped. Neither did they have inspiring captaincy.It was a disaster at that front and they seemed to have been bailed out by these above mentioned freak occurrences. It is just one of those random occurences ...still a mediocre team though.
  21. maniac

    Deepak Chahar is a must for India in 2019 world cup

    No trundlers please
  22. Mad respect..... now the beast will be unleashed fully in LOIS and this is the guy who has done pretty much everything in those formats.
  23. Does he really have to marry them? From the pic it looks like they all get along just fine, if you get my drift :)
  24. Let me answer that for you.... I am definitely rattled that there is an “online opinion poll” conducted somewhere on the internet to determine if my “online persona is cool or not” WTF you seem to reach new levels with every post I concede

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