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  1. I am sure Devdutt is a talented kid but if the bowling quality in a final of your premier domestic T20 tournament (not counting IPL) is any indicator then performances have to be judged more carefully
  2. TN vs Kings X1 Punjab @jusarrived
  3. Wait I only see spinners on both sides except for Natarajan
  4. @UrmiSinhaRay where are you
  5. Of course , A 300 vs England or Australia is obviously more memorable and rated much higher than a 300 vs the current Pak bowling or Zimbabwe, no one denies that. However I am talking about the achievement of scoring the 300 itself regardless of opposition which requires all the attributes I mentioned above post.
  6. Dravid has good ideas but the problem is he has too many ideas and tries to implement all of them. Its always good to have 1 or maybe 2 ideas at a time and stick to it. We saw when he was the coach at Delhi Daredevils. some times the teams get unsettled. We saw this during the Dravid- Chappell era while it was exciting to see young talent debut every other series, can someone exactly say who our openers were with certainty? I think Sehwag,Uthappa,Sachin,DK,Gambhir,Ganguly all opened at some point or the other in that era.
  7. Shreyas Iyer can be the future captain in all 3 formats. He should start playing tests as well otherwise we are wasting him. Needs to replace Rahane soon. Rahane is putting on the runs though but this phase will be over soon
  8. Dhawan failed in CT 2017, Semis of WC 2015 was dropped in 2 WT20’s towards the knockout stages. Gambhir on the account of his knocks in Wt20 2007 and wc 2011 is hands down the greatest clutch batsman ever. Also add to the knock he played in Nz to help draw the game and win the series where as Dhawan is a dud overseas in tests. If speaking solely on white ball cricket then Gambhir,Dhawan and Ganguly I tend to give most weightage to test cricket because test cricket is the real cricket, I would go with Ganguly, Gambhir and Dhawan. Obviously Ganguly didn’t open in tests but just from the 3 names in the thread.
  9. I never said that. It’s like comparing Yuvraj with Laxman and saying one was a lesser player than the other. A guy averaging 45 and scoring nearly 8000 runs opening most of his career in SENA is a very good player. From quickly glossing over Langer’s stats he has scored 100s in Pak and SL as well, don’t think he did much in India though. If flamboyance has a your criteria then sure Gambhir wins that but still different players. Gambhir can be compared with Hayden and Graeme Smith the odi players or Gayle for being left handed openers. In fact I would rate Gambhir ahead of Smith in odis and T20s
  10. Global.baba wherever he is approves this message
  11. Back to the thread Gambhir, Dhawan and Ganguly in that order
  12. Langer was a very good batsman, if anything he is underrated just like Damien Martyn because of all the other star studded names in the side. They were the right pieces in the puzzle that made Aussies what they were. Also Gambhir too played with one of the best batting line ups assembled in test history. So how did Langer have more advantages than Gambhir. Firstly it is a ridiculous comparison. both were very good batsmen with different skill sets and strengths and formats.
  13. Bharat ke sipahi While obviously Gambhir is a better white ball player than Langer who hardly played in that format for Australia, how is he better than Langer as a test bat? I think (atleast hope) that you are smart/competent enough to look at Langer’s stats yourself in test cricket. Its not apples to apples, don’t throw around a comparison because it sounds fancy
  14. Why should it be that way? It’s not like Irfan tooK 6 wickets in 6 balls and didn’t leave anything for the other bowlers right? Unless it is the kind of shady knock played by Pranav Dhanwade in school cricket, every knock or spell counts obviously how memorable they become or how they leave behind the legacy depends on the opposition but the records don’t become any cheaper.
  15. On topic though, if we keep adding caveats to every innings, there won’t be much left. Runs are Runs. Scoring a 300 takes a lot of patience,concentration,fitness/stamina and skill. I have seen big players get out cheaply to weak teams because they just lost focus. So kudos to warner
  16. Our bowling was mediocre but don’t forget it’s our batting that let us down. We are the opposite of Pak in so many ways, they always blame their batsmen when their bowlers are the ones who have screwed them many times and we do exactly the opposite. Atleast 2-3 tests could have been easily drawn had atleast 1 batsman stepped up and supported Dravid in England and Virat in Australia. PK took a fifer, Ishant took a fifer, I remember Sreeshanth bowling 1 incredible spell. Not saying we didn’t suck for the most part with the ball but our batting and fielding were way worse.
  17. Need to also take the new rules into account. But still I would take Dhawan over Ganguly in ODIs. Scoring 100s in the middle order is way easier now though with the new rules but 2 new balls makes opening marginally more difficult.
  18. You mean he can play freely because even if he gets out there is Rohit right? I mean this is a guy who can score a team par score all by himself :)
  19. What does innings that have to do with his personal dedication ? Kohli has made some brain dead decisions too but doesn’t mean his work ethic is any less. These days people have guys analyzing a thousand things for betterment of a player but giving up things like social interaction in bars and pubs in overseas trips away from family ( I am not talking just about the booze but just hanging out) because of the cigarette smoke or not reading books in days of no cell phones and internet may not seem much now but it does take a lot of dedication if you put it in context . His colleagues have said they were in awe of how seriously he took his craft. Remember eye sight was super important to play fast bowling in days of no helmet and other safety gear. No wonder batsmen get hit so often these days as they spend so much time on phones and computers that their eye sight must suck. No one disputes Gavaskar’s legacy as a batsman for that era. He is one of the greatest of all time for a reason
  20. Yasir Shah going for more than 6 rpo in a test match after bowling nearly 20 overs
  21. Can he last an entire test match? Especially in conditions were opposition is batting for 2 days just for fun
  22. Sure inspiring at an individual level but Aaron has not broken the ceiling like Yadav and Shami. I am not mentioning Ishu ( damn apple by default goes Ishu into autocorrect mode for me ) because he has had backing from his captains. Pace + skills is what I love. You probably know better but Shami has great seam position, Umesh has a killer outswinger. They bowl at the same pace as Varun give or take. Aaron from what I have seen has none. Bumrah has got mad skills. Aaron can keep his pace but needs to work on skills as well. Unless you are ridiculously fast at 150+ like Tait or someone, just bowling at 145+ doesn’t cut it these days. look at cummins, he was 150+ but now he is 140-145 range with skills. Starc can be one dimensional but has got a killer yorker, Archer has a damn good short ball, Rabada has skills. This might be unpopular opinion but I will pick Bhuvi over Aaron (last seen of him version). Sure if your option is Unadkut or Kulkarni and Aaron then Aaron any day.
  23. Did he change his stance anytime during his career? Edwards had his number in his early days but the next year he was a rising test star in Australia. Similarly Anderson ran through him in England but he did very well in England the next tour. Pretty sure his technique has evolved and there is innovation there than a standard technique.
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