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  1. Not like Aussie team has these exciting superstars either
  2. maniac

    Hopefully our top 3 fails again.

    As a closet csk fan I agree with OP
  3. Shastri is such a joke. Commentators are laughing at him lol
  4. Dude just because you or your brother had a bad experience with women doesn’t mean you judge all women. I am making fun of that assumption of yours not your personal trauma. Also More than Panya’s Misogyny or whatever most of us thought he behaved like a village idiot. That is what most of us have problem with. Even Karan Johar had a “what???” Meaning kya bol raha hai yeh chewt kind of expression and even KL kind of wanted to bury his head in the sand even though he was also a lower level chewt on that show.
  5. @rtmohanlal ‘s posts remind me of this movie I saw in the early 90s on my cable TV with Anupam Kher and Rishi Kapoor. Anupam Kher was this guru who would preach how girls are evil and Rishi kapoor was his disciple who eventually falls in love with the heroine( don’t remember who it was) It had a song “Ladki,Ladki,Ladki Ladki Ladkiwah” sung in the tune of Khaled’s Didi didi. After extensive search found it good times
  6. I never saw Koffee with karan before but saw 2 back to back episodes recently on Hotstar looking for this episode. There was one with Anil Kapoor’s kids. I realized these rich kids and high society types live in a totally different world than me. When I say world I mean like aliens from a different “planet” “galaxy”. Also all rich people seem to know other rich people. The other episode I saw was with the Bahubali team. Rana who is from a influential family seemed to almost speak to guys like Ranbir and KJo almost on a weekly basis like they were langotiya yaars. I guess there is no cultural differences when it comes to money.
  7. maniac

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    Is this Andrew Ramsey a gora or one of those Moosehead gajendran, Abraham Hitler type Chuski ?
  8. maniac

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    Krishnappa Gowtham. That guy is more seasoned than Pandya and a better hitter than Jadeja. Since it is an option between these 2, then Krunal.
  9. Well I can’t see your signature . trust me it’s not that difficult to smell yellow even without signature
  10. Trolling should be worn as a badge of honor sir. Apologies if I offended you
  11. Pandya is not the high society types. Most Indian middle class is conservative and finds that weird. I think you hangout with the big shots but ground realities is different. As I said a parent talking to his teenage kid about sex is different from asking his kid how many guys/gals he/she banged. Anyways India has a problem with STD’s and here is a guy who is boasting about casual sex like it is business as usual. Even in advanced cultures, sure consensual sex between 2 adults before marriage is fine, however no one thinks promiscuous sex is acceptable behavior.
  12. maniac

    Srini mama back on track

    Agreed.Mama is like that barber who will give you a great haircut as long as you buy a random useless hair care product (in this case MSD)
  13. What makes it worse was that there was an actual domestic season going on during this time. Aggarwal showed the benefit of coming in straight from domestics amidst red hot form and fit right in.
  14. maniac

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    He will fix the keeping trigger movements during IPL
  15. maniac

    Dhoni Thread (merged)

    It was Sachin’s idea to have him bat up the order with Gambhir for the left right combo otherwise he was hiding even there. However excusing that knock and some of his Pak bashing in 2005-2006 for sentimental reasons, pretty much every other knock.
  16. He used to be a decent poster than he got sucked into the trolling by @Vilander and @velu I believe this is garuda
  17. maniac

    This is the year of Bengaluru

    expect another thrashing from business as usual
  18. maniac

    Rayudu reported for suspect action

    Next time Virat should walk out ala Ranatunga in support of Rayudu. Memories of Australia 1996 Hey guess what happened SL won the worldcup that followed that year thanks to Murali. This time Rayudu will Win us the worldcup with his bowling
  19. Same game Mahi bhai scored a whopping 0? Yes it is Agarkar’s fault jeez sometimes I think these CSK fans have no semblance of rationale and logic
  20. Pandya and Rahul will be Hoping for a MSD “special” tonight. Some heat will be taken away from them
  21. I don’t think India has a concept of following the ratings system etc. is Koffee with Karan even rated explicit content etc.? Pretty sure even some kids watch these shows. Ban is over the top but clearly the stupidity and idiocy is on clear display.
  22. Wow my apologies to you and Pandya, that was so much more classier and acceptable.
  23. Let’s see- WI,SL and Bangladesh-Absolutely in all formats Nzl-debatable. Is he a better bowler than Milne,Ferguson,Southee,Wagner,Boult don’t think so Pakistan-If we are considering him as a pure bowler then debatable but if you consider his batting as an add on he is better than their top order so he will have a spot in the side in all formats. England- no chance in the test squad as Broad,Anderson are still going well and Stokes and Woakes are better test allrounders than Pandya. They also have Curran. In their LOI side given their fetish for allrounders in that format he might make it. Australia- in LOIs absolutely. In tests maybe. South Africa-no chance as a pure bowler. As an allrounder absolutely given he will help the quota system as well.

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