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  1. That was going to be my exact question. Obviously Dhoni is not going to be that sucker. Pandya is obviously not going to be that guy as that would have been the dumbest move to send him at 3 in swinging conditions. my bet was it would have been the 2 most dispensable guys in the team DK or Pant
  2. Bro no Axar please. Let us hope we don't take 1 step forward and five steps backwards. Rest of the team is fine. I would also like to see Gopal instead of Rahul Chahar to give us a batting option. we need some real 3d players fast.
  3. See the match thread. we all commented on it. It was sickening to hear. Don't get Ganguly. in the England match he was saying this is ridiculous, I have no words to Dhoni's approach and then in the very next match he was back to the same old bs, DHoni is a great striker of the ball, cool under pressure, great match winner,finisher blah blah
  4. Good we are on the same page now. hope other Pandya fans get it. I still think Pandya has the ability to be a gun batsman than a bowler in him. He should have been made the no.4 and given responsibility to build proper innings. This "floater" etc are bs terms. how many times is Butler used as a floater or Stokes etc? may be once in a while but most times their slot and roles are fixed. He is neither thinking like a proper bat or a bowler. this is team managements fault too and also trying to accomodate Dhoni's shortcomings, again it's all interrelated like the butterfly effect.
  5. Simple me and most fans want either someone like Cummins/Starc a gun bowler who can bat or a Ben Stokes a clutch batsman who can bowl. Not a bits and pieces player
  6. Jokes apart Pandya is bits and pieces and we would take a CUmmins or Mitchell Starc type bowler who can bat or a Stokes type batsman who can bowl The best team in the world doesn't deserve utility and bits and pieces players. Hopefully he can keep the seat warm till such a player comes along. I am sure there are a few like that in domestics. hopes on Mavi and Nagarkotti
  7. By the way the "Diwali Poker Player" has been a silent viewer on this thread
  8. also can't bowl spin or bat left handed so we can have Krunal for left and right combo and hopefully there is another Pandya bro or since Pandya likes to "karke aana" all over the globe, sure there might be a junior Pandya somewhere who can keep. there you go problem solved
  9. Even if you look at IPL we hardly have any hacks who can hit 6's at will on flat pitches. usually even there we have guys like Pandya bros, Jadeja etc . we can use a hack or 2 in the mould of Butler, Roy etc.
  10. Even coming up with a random theory you couldn't give more points to Pandya over Rohit So you mean to say Pandya > Kohli and Bumrah Let us drop Kohli and Bumrah and find 11 Pandyas to usher in a new era of dominance
  11. That’s the sad part that our expectation from him is a 30 odd and chipping in with 1-2 wickets. That is a definition of bits and pieces which I have been pointing out. Bits and pieces works in 1983 not in 2019. These days every batsman or bowler is expected to be 3 dimensional even though they have 1 strong suit. Even guys like Starc,Cummins,Woakes,Southee can all bat. Unfortunately we have good batsman who are one dimensional or good bowlers who are one dimensional that once we see someone who can do a little bit of this and that we drool all over them as some 2nd coming of Kallis,Kapil,Imran
  12. You are getting it wrong. there is no alternative to Pandya because we don't have a single guy who hit 6's in the death. That makes him useful, a utility player, not clutch like some of the other allrounders even from weaker sides. It is sad that the top 2 team in the world has to pick a bits and pieces player to fill in the gaps.
  13. Thank you exactly my point. However his knocks have been useful,not clutch and dependable like some the other allrounders. Even guys like Nabi and Imad have had better knocks which says a lot and even someone like Neesham the bowler has had a better bowling spell
  14. That exactly is the definition of mediocrity. Thanks for adding to my point. I never said he was poor. He was alright. but other allrounders played more clutch knocks. Not surprising from you who said the Indian team's performance and strategy was acceptable Jaago mere bhai. ye USA ka raddi cricket team nahi hai. This is one of the most powerful sporting bodies in all of world sport
  15. @Ankit_sharma03^ I never said his performance was poor. It was average at best. Sorry none of his innings had the quality of innings played by other allrounders Stokes,Neesham and even Grandhomme. After a good platform coming all guns blazing is a “cameo” not a great innings. Stokes played 4 clutch knocks, Neesham and Grandhomme got 50’s when their team was back to the wall. Adding Brathwaite’s knock Our bowling was outstanding and he was a good supporting act. Nothing extraordinary. Never once did I call this a poor performance. It was mediocre at best. Once again if you are happy then I am not stopping you. To each his own.
  16. I was going to call her a dumb bimbo but didn't want to offend @beetle ji She is usually a Dhoni-Kohli fan from the previous videos I have seen, stereotype of what you expect a girl Indian fan to be
  17. That's an easy way out. Aus in 2003-2007 or WI 1975-1979 never had an off day because guess what they had no such issues. The WI defeat in 83 wasn't an off day, India had to play out of their skins. Similarly here Nzl did play out of their skins but at the same time we had these weakness symptoms for a while. I still think Jadeja's knock is a 100% fluke. in a 10 year career with all the backing,how many innings like this has he played? He just connected today that's it. This middle order problem of India was a ticking time bomb and yes Captain and management get the blame for it. Let's not sugar coat this. We all pay hard earned $$$ sitting far away in other countries, in India too now they charge an arm and a leg for broadcast which makes these mofos the highest paid athletes in the world especially Kohli,Dhoni etc. They are accountable. if you are happy and content with this mediocre performance, good for you.
  18. Green shirt? I thought you were an “American” unless you are talking about The Packers. What happened Unca Trump put you back on a boat and shipped you back to your “land of the pure” or as salflaz would say land of pule
  19. The blue shirt guy ,Vikrant Gupta are big time suckers they usually come up with the same old boring bs. People calling this a random fan rant need to know that this channel is owned by India today group and Aaj tak. It is not a random YouTuber ranting.
  20. The fact that people are trying to defend Pandya shows it is a mediocre performance that could go either way. Nothing comprehensive here. As pointed out every other allrounder has a comprehensive knock or a spell >50 or more than 4 wickets which is usually a benchmark bar Pandya. Clearly there were more than 4-5 games where he could have got a 50 or taken a 4fr and failed. This is a out and out mediocre performance not outstanding. If you guys want to celebrate mediocrity I am not stopping you.
  21. So apparently Rohit,Virat,bowlers- did well so no issues there Rahul- did an admirable job to fill in for Dhawan DK,Jadhav,Jadeja- didn’t get opportunities,were chopped and changed or else they would have been amazing Pandya- absolutely brilliant Pant- oh he is learning,just a youngster Dhoni- what a fighting knock and stabilizing innings Let is not complain as looks like we have a flawless team
  22. Kohli has some refreshing ideas in tests no doubt like inducting fast bowlers but we need to remember that the only feather in his cap is the Aussie series. Despite having the best bowling attack in Indian history and some opponents like SA and Aus being at their lowest he still messed up due to his team selections. Picking Dhawan and some other person :) in tests, dropping Rahane and Pujara, dropping Bhuvi etc etc. His team selections screwed up even then. Unfortunately for him the damage in bilaterals is not as bad as in a knock out like scenario in a World Cup because of the recovery time. Also SA was a 3 match series it was too late before he realized. Aus was a 5 match series and ended up winning 2-1 because he got his captaincy in the later part of the series spot on. We saw in the IPL too he picks management guys and seniors he loves like Shastri and Nehra etc and Dhoni, ABDV and then is over dependent on them.
  23. Did he captain at any senior level? I am saying Iyer because he has captained an IPL side. Only young guy given the responsibility and also A team’s. I am sure Shaw will be good as well as the u-19 winning captain.
  24. Every other news channel said the same bs about India played well etc this guy has bulldozed through all that bs.Best episode of this show ever. This guy needs to replace that pansy Vikrant Gupta
  25. Check out the guy’s analysis in the middle. All the other sports tak chews are big time phattus and tow the line. This guy seems one hell of a fearless journalist. Never heard this kind of analysis on Indian sports channels By the way that’s not me but he hit a lot of points usually made by me @Switchblade I swear this isn’t me
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