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  1. No. It was a proper domestic tournament on DD sports. I saw Sehwag bat in this as well. This was even before T20 became a thing but it was T20 tournament. Dhoni was already famous but not a superstar yet.
  2. Also I believe I mentioned this before as I recollect having a conversation with @sscomp32 on this before. There was this random domestic T20 tournament that was telecast on DD sports. This was way before WT20 or IPL or ICl This was some where around 2005-2006. Right before Dhoni became a superstar with his 180 odd against Srilanka but right after he made a splash against Pakistan with his 140 odd, just right in that sweet spot. Sehwag played earlier that day in the same tournament and scored a breath taking 50 of 20 or 25 odd balls, might have been in the same game or a game held prior.Can’t recollect However Dhoni absolutely destroyed the opposition that had some decent ex and current Indian nationals and some upcoming domestic bowlers. He scored a 80 odd I think at the rate of knots. Some unbelievable hitting with some trademark helicopter shots and some brutal slog sweeps. I remember in the post match interview where he was the man of the match when the interviewer asked him if he is the new Sehwag, Dhoni replies humbly “I am a big fan of his and try to play like him” or something like that. No fake bs like “jet plains” “process” etc. That was the pure and earthy MSD we all fell in love with. What a pathetic downfall
  3. That wasn’t really obscure. That is one the most notorious games in the history of Indian cricket
  4. maniac

    Woh pyaari yadein : India tour of West Indies - 1971

    I think MSD was probably 2 years old then as well :)
  5. maniac

    Who is fastest bowler in the world?

    Length matters too I guess. Wagner runs in and bowls 135ks short balls that rise at an awkward length all day. Speed doesn’t show how uncomfortable he makes the batsmen. Same applies to Cummins as well. These Guys are 5 clicks slower but are more dangerous than Starc or Mark Wood at times.
  6. maniac

    Who is fastest bowler in the world?

    Ferguson is as quick if not quicker than Starc
  7. maniac

    Woh pyaari yadein : India tour of West Indies - 1971

    I have heard somewhere that Gavaskar would not take pictures, go to clubs due to cigarette smoke or read books( only form of recreation in those days) which he loved doing a month before the test matches to ensure his eyes have enough rest Only Kohli comes close to that dedication and sacrifice. The rest were hardworkers too but these guys took it to a different extreme.
  8. maniac

    Woh pyaari yadein : India tour of West Indies - 1971

    Among all the debutants on both sides, only one name stands out
  9. Srini Mama is a big test match fan and doesn’t care much for LOIs apart from $$$$. Heard him say in the interview. No wonder Dhoni retired early from tests
  10. As mediocre as Krunal is, leagues above Jadeja the LOI cricketer.
  11. Well of course, He fits the profile and kudos to breaking into the legendary squad. Btw not making fun of Tics, just the composition of the USA cricket team
  12. Great.Now he can display his skills for USA cricket team along side legends like Ravindran Sarvananan- part time cricketer and IT Project manager Asghar Hitmatullah- owner of Afsana kabob and part time cricketer Gerald Jones- dock worker in Florida and part time cricketer Tom Leek de Deek- Struggling actor and part time cricketer Monty Singh Sindhu- real estate agent and part time cricketer Wickremasingha Aprurupam Wetimmnay- owner of 2nd hand cell phone shop in the mall and part time cricketer and many such legends
  13. I thought millenials are born after “2000” millennium get it. If what you are saying is true that is a very specific timeframe of 80 and since I qualify as a millennial I am happy to feel younger
  14. @velu little trick from experience . you should hide it subtly somewhere in between. Most times I place Rohit and Ishant somewhere strategically when discussing Indian greats :) by placing that as the first point,no one reads the rest even though you might have tried “genuine” points You have let me down again.
  15. maniac

    Tuk Tuk Sharma Appreciation Thread

    Haan bhai tu akela pada likha hai yehan pe
  16. maniac

    Priyanka Gandhi enters active politics

    For a second I thought Rajasthan Royals team is looking full of crazy power hitters instead of Rahane
  17. maniac

    Dhoni"s patriotic act in 3rd T20I

    50 bucks says this fan is the same guy who sells his blood and mom’s bangles to ensure Rajnikant movie runs for 100 days.
  18. I get where this guy is coming from. Newly appointed chief and obviously he will hit the right notes “relationship with India” blah blah. However just seems like another stereotypical Pakistani official. This guy is a Brit Pak. Thought he will have a more subtle approach but looks like more things change the more they remain the same. By the way Brit Pakistani are way worse than the average Pakistani living in Pakistan. These guys harbor more hate.
  19. maniac

    Rajasthan Royals to have Pink Jersey now

    Subtle way of calling Rajasthan minnows By the way surpringly Scotland is pretty high on the T20 ranking. They are ranked above Zimbabwe and Ireland. Congrats
  20. maniac

    Tuk Tuk Sharma Appreciation Thread

    Is thread ke liye Trojan War kuch jyaada hi intellectual ho jaayega. I will stick to Franco and Planet of the apes keeping with the essence :)
  21. maniac

    Tuk Tuk Sharma Appreciation Thread

    Original composition, didn’t like it?
  22. maniac

    Tuk Tuk Sharma Appreciation Thread

    Arz kiya hai..... chandan sa badan (not fat but pure power) Chanchal Chitwan (talent) Hume dosh na dena jag walo (haters) Is talent pe Ho jaaye agar hum deewana
  23. maniac

    What was Karthik thinking?

    @SK_IH maybe a bit too harsh there buddy. Peace
  24. maniac

    Tuk Tuk Sharma Appreciation Thread

    Rohit has the power of a gorilla in his 6s. Take that as a compliment. In a crowd full of monkeys and Langoors the man is a gorilla. His leadership is inspiration for Ceaser in the Planet of the Apes I am the James Franco to Rohit’s Ceaser
  25. Shami and Bumrah with Pandya should be the main attack. Bhuvi trundling At 135ks and the odd knuckle ball doesn’t inspire confidence. Have to revisit the thought that he is a guaranteed starter in the WC squad.

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