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  1. I don’t deny Pandya’s spot in LOIs. Best what is available but he is more like a patchwork than an actual missing piece of the puzzle
  2. Pandya looks like a legend for us because there is none even close to him in India at the moment. Put him among the England allrounders Stokes,Woakes,Archer, Curran bros,M Ali etc he doesn’t look that special anymore. We would take someone like Stokes with both hands he would solve both our no.4 problem and bowl a few overs. Woakes is a way better bowler than Pandya and can bat as good. Same goes for Archer. Maybe in T20 you have a point there Pandya might get a nod ahead of others. As far as butler goes he has 4-5 of the fastest odi 100s in the top 10. Are you serious saying Pandya is better?
  3. Kohli the bat is a one man army but I agree with the OP’s sentiment. Rohit’s bat might have created World records but his brain has singlehandedly created history “the slow ball Yorker heard around the world and won us the Aussie test series”
  4. maniac

    Subcon Top Order Batsmen in ICC Events

    One rare offseason. He is one of the greatest IPL performers of all time 4 championships as captain 1 Champions league won as both player and captain won for 2 different franchises multiple 50s and 100s hattrick with the ball already know the international world records sometimes you you have to back your greatest ever even during a lean patch
  5. maniac

    Subcon Top Order Batsmen in ICC Events

    Some times cricket is beyond runs and wickets :)
  6. At this point Shankar in place of Jadeja and pray that his bowling is not required. Shankar is mediocre but still a better bat than Jadeja. Will get the same 15-30 runs at a faster rate. Jadeja is leagues ahead as a bowler but we don’t need 5 specialist bowlers+ Pandya
  7. Tail starts from 5. Good luck scoring 350 or chasing anything over 285
  8. He pwned Nzl and Aus in a couple of series. But guys like Butler or Warner or even one of the Pak/Afghan/WI hacks will end his honeymoon soon
  9. I would pick Jadhav over Phelu and Neesham for sure.
  10. maniac

    Subcon Top Order Batsmen in ICC Events

    Serious question let’s say 3 runs to win off the last ball in the final , Imad Wasim hits a skier. Rohit/ Rahul is under the ball- who would you pick? same scenario. Bumrah is the bowler trying to figure out what to bowl and figuring out. Dhoni is yelling Chakka kha ke dikha. Virat is doing Bhangra at deep midwicket to amuse the fans. Who is the man you look to go and tell Bumrah, stay calm and bowl a Yorker/short ball or come up with advice. Rohit/Rahul who is your pick All the bowlers are injured or completed their quota but someone has to bowl. Rohit/Rahul who is your option. Keeping , yes Rahul has utility but Dadu is like the pumpkin used to remove the Nazar. He ain’t going anywhere. So tell me guys. Who who who?
  11. Finch is going to counter it by scoring ducks to inswining balls at over 135 clicks
  12. maniac

    Subcon Top Order Batsmen in ICC Events

    KLR is nothing but a young Rohit circa 2007-2008 minus the brilliant off spin ability with a swanesque action and the rhodesesque electric fielding and the eninsteinesque cricketing mind Must admit some of his shots are amazing just like Rohits when he burst in to the scene. However long way to go still. He is a work-in-progress
  13. maniac

    Subcon Top Order Batsmen in ICC Events

    The entire world will he converted to Rohitism this 07/14.
  14. Didn’t you support Axar Patel before
  15. Can you pull a list of 100s he has against aus in aus. Remember the match winning series sealing 100 vs SA in Sa in 2018? He only played 1 WC So sample set is too low. Remember hisWT20 innings against SA and Pak in the final? You can’t have a myopic vision. Look at the bigger picture and history
  16. maniac

    kashmiri 3 year old girl raped by muslim

    I understand all that. However the point is we should not be 2 different sides of the same coin. There are better topics or better ways to point out and counter the lib loons. Using a horrific incident to push a point doesn’t sound right. My personal view is this is not an incident that needs to be highlighted for the “in your face moron” point scoring. Just this viewpoint alone makes what the libtards did with the Asifa case that much more terrible. Anyway this is my thinking and If you have a different view point, I am not going to argue for or against it.
  17. I am sure it’s either Dhoni’s insecurity or Pant has really rubbed Kohli the wrong way. I would go with the former though
  18. I would prefer Harshal Patel over Axar Patel @sage @Pollack
  19. A good objective analysis without any stat manipulation to suit agenda :)
  20. maniac

    Anti Virat Kohli Club

    Bump for Virat the captain
  21. Main ro nahi raha hoon pagle. Yeh Khushi ke asoon hai
  22. Some good hitting by the lower order. They all seem to be atleast some what component with the bat. Our tail on the other hand They are not world beaters but their 6-10 seem to be better than India’s.
  23. India is the top 2-3 in the world and even with this team the expectation is to sleep walk into the semis atleast. However given the amount of talent available, given how exciting the u-19 team has been in the last few years we shouldn’t be searching for specific positions, we should have 2-3 backups for every position out there. India looks like a top 3 team because rest of the teams are weak not because we look formidable. Indian team in last years u-19 wc was must watch television. Indian senior team currently just like their favorite motto is a laborious “process” which is on autopilot.
  24. maniac

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    Hindus have probably suffered more under Mamta Banarjee than some of the Mughals and their preceding Islamic rulers/bandits
  25. maniac

    kashmiri 3 year old girl raped by muslim

    To be honest let us not give this a religious angle and move away from what is the most despicable act a human can commit. Hurt a child this way. Once you bring religious angle to this this shifts attention from the actual issue and culprits.

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