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  1. @Khota we are on the same page by the way when it comes to Dube and Journeymen like Sky
  2. I think it is time to move on from Dhawan in T20s Plenty of young talent ready for the big time. If IPL is the benchmark I think samson has 2 IPl 100’s and so does Rahul while Dhawan has none. Anyways I think Samson deserves a go. Don’t you think?
  3. Just look at WC timelines to see how we have evolved I will start from 83 because we obviously sucked in the bowling department prior to that 83- Kapil + bits and pieces trundlers 87- Kapil ,Chetan Sharma,Prabhakar 92- Kapil, Prabhakar,Srinath, Subroto Banarjee 96- Srinath, Prasad, Prabhakar, Ankola 99- Srinath,Prasad, Mohanty,Agarkar,Robin Singh 2003- Srinath,Nehra,Zak,Agarkar 2007- Zak,Agarkar, Pathan, Sreeshanth, Munaf 2011- Zak,Nehra, Munaf,Sreeshanth 2015- Umesh,Shami,Mohit,Bhuvi,Binny 2019- Bumrah,Bhuvi, Shami, Hardik Pandya That seems like a perfect evolutionary list to me
  4. 2003 wc we had one of the finest pace attacks we put together. Every one was hitting 140+ and we had Agarkar on the bench another 140+ bowler. That was way before the IPl. As I said ipl definitely gives a lot more exposure to the talent on a big stage but the evolution is a gradual process. One of my fave series was the 96 SA tour. In that every commentator said that India always had one good fast bowler but the first time they saw 2 decent quicks troubling the opposition. Sure Venky was a trundler and we remember him getting bashed by Anwar and Jayasuriya but still he was a very skillful bowler and complemented Srinath for a while to make us somewhat competitive. Then Agarkar came in, then Zak and since then we have been on the up. Sure IPl helped fasten the debut of guys like Umesh or Aaron or even Bumrah but still most fast bowlers the good to decent ones we produced all came up through a proper system and MRF had a lot to do with it.
  5. In 2019 dropping him was criticIzed by every expert out there
  6. Whom exactly did Wasim Akram groom at KKR? Not being a smart ass genuine doubt?
  7. It was a gradual evolving process from a complete spin attack with Gavaskar and Pataudi taking shine off the balls to Desai and then to Kapil with a guy like Ghavri to Kapil and dibbly dobbly bowlers like Madan Lal,Binny to a decent pair in Kapil and Prabhakar to Srinath and then Prasad partnering him to all the way till now. Someone needs to get credit for laying the foundation.
  8. He gave the same reaction when Vijay Shankar took a wicket
  9. Aaron is not an inspiration, if anything proves that pace without skills doesn’t amount to much
  10. So you are saying likes of Devang Gandhi, Somsunder, etc were better than Rayudu. Tough to take your analysis seriously if that’s what you think about a guy who averages in the mid 40s and has quiet a few 100s. As far as minnows go, you bash what is in front of you, should we remove those records for every player?
  11. ^ @Gollum examples include this very thread. People are crediting IPl as changing our fast bowling culture instead of all these unsung heroes. What people fail to realize is that IPl is like a corporate job, if you are good they will pay you, take care of you, once you are done will chew you up and spit you out. What made you land this job is the school,teachers,mentors who shaped you, that’s whom we need to appreciate.
  12. U-19 star check, A Team Star, FC Star, IPL star. Not the worst player to represent India as he has more than competent stats at that level. Yes he didn’t light the international scene on fire. SKY is ok for IPL. Not international standard.
  13. He played sedate innings. Wah you are criticizing Rayudu who had an amazing tournament in 2017 and even before that for MI but this Sky is the savior lol. He is not half the batsmen Rayudu is in terms of overall body of accomplishments at every level. Anyway it’s not about Rayudu vs Sky. SKY is an inferior version of Kedar Jadhav
  14. Sekhar is to Indian fast bowling what Gopichand is to Indian badminton. What are Sekhar’s genes?
  15. Rayudu had a stellar season couple of years back opening the batting against new ball and quality bowlers.
  16. He was pushed to open in IPL and when obviously teams open with their best bowlers he became a consolidator or just couldn’t get bat on ball. He might do well in middle order because of spinners and weaker bowlers but can’t play quality bowlers. The middle order place is crowded. A good player can adapt but a one dimensional hack will struggle to the standards required by international cricket. Also don’t think he bowls and is an outstanding fielder. A total waste. Invest in young blood
  17. He is not international quality. The problem is even guys like Pandey,Rayudu and Jadhav and co play these kind of knocks in domestics only to be sitting ducks in international. I would back someone like Iyer or even Shaw and Gill to play memorable knocks over SKY when **** gets real
  18. No they didn’t but they burst on the scene around the same time and gave us a pool of fast bowlers. From 2000s onwards we had a steady pool. If Zak and Nehra faded a little after their initial start, Pathan and Balaji picked up, when they declined, Sreeshanth, RP,Munaf came into the fray, Zak came back and Ishant burst on the scene, so the steady supply has been there over the last few years which has evolved into what we see today.
  19. Sure, IPl helps in featuring talents and giving them a platform but this didn’t happen overnight. It was an eventual progress from the days of Ramakant Desai and Karsan Ghavri. Bumrah is probably the only guy from the IPL gen but we started producing good fast bowlers from a grass root levels over the years and it has to do with initiatives taken by BCCI. For example whoever came up with the MRF PCR academy and TA Sekhar deserve a lot more credit than the IPL.
  20. Sehwag had a great hand eye coordination. He picked the line and length early. That was his gift .His decline coincided with his age and eyesight. Go figure. Happens to most such players. A lesser example would be Kris Srikkanth. This is the same guy on his day could hit pacers for 6s. Remember his shots in the 83 final or in B and H series m, again eyesight gone, looked ordinary. happens to most such players. Even MSD scores his runs on % cricket, no longer a destructive hitter towards the end. Yuvraj too wasn’t the same with age.
  21. Let’s make it an annual tradition like Ashes or Boxing Day test match. Whenever an Indian legend is going to retire, invite the hapless WI team and give the Indian legend a farewell
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