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  1. Can’t field can’t bowl can only Can play in certain situations. Useless player
  2. I want him to get out. Don’t care about winning this meaningless game or series anyways
  3. Joseph gets a wicket. Talented young man groomed by Chanakya
  4. Wi have such a pop gun attack. Even at their lowest, they always had decent bowlers but now they are at their worst. Joseph has potential though but still a long way to go
  5. Anything on Netflix or Amazon worth watching? I know they have multiple Korean movies on there but don’t want to watch any altu faltu Korean movie.
  6. They look like hardworking students especially the guy on the top right. The coaching centers that help you crack IIT or knock a few years off of your life
  7. Rohit can and can do it very well. Has back issues and we don’t want our only power hitter to have back problems. Kohli has this chris Harris type bowling but it is what it is. Rahul can keep It is just that the multi dimensional skills are not emphasized enough like they are in England these days were they have proper allrounders and 3-4 proper keeper bats in their side. End result is we keep getting bits and pieces cricketers like Pandya bros, Dube, Shankar,Sundar and Jadeja the LOI cricketer
  8. It will be a love story so it’s probably going to be a Muslim hero falling in love with a Kashmiri Pandit girl and saving her family against all odds. Good chance he will end up dead the girl will be retelling the heroes sacrifice ala titanic style while being disgusted with the removal of article 370 and 35a. $50 bucks says this is going to be the story or atleast 80% of it.anyone willing to bet
  9. Well the fact that it is a Vidhu Vinod Chopra movie kind of makes me scared and suspicious
  10. maniac

    Superhero films

    Never got into X-men though except Deadpool and as coffee mentioned love the kick ass movies too. Also heard they are making a Masters of the Universe he-man movie. Was a big fan as a kid
  11. Bairstow, Warner and Williamson as top 3 with Pandey ji is a pretty sold top order. Yes there are no good backups or lower middle order.
  12. maniac

    Superhero films

    I kind of like the Jim Carrey one, guilty pleasures but the Arnold and George Clooney one is unwatchable except for some comedy by Arnold as the bad guy
  13. maniac

    Superhero films

    Gal Gadot was in the Israeli army. I think everyone in Israel has to serve but I think she was a combat instructor . That makes her pretty legit and badass
  14. maniac

    Superhero films

    You are probably thinking Superman 2 and 3 which were lame. I am talking about 1. It had an iconic score. Marlon Brando in yet another iconic appearance and a lot of depth. You can say Batman set a template for a lot of future dark aspects and conflicts of superheroes but Superman pretty much set up the template in terms of taking a super hero movie seriously. There are 2 sides the cheesy ones like that Jim Carrey Riddler-Batman or Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr.Freeze one or the old batman show and then there are super heroe movie with character depth like the ones we see today. I think Superman was that. I haven’t seen it in a while though but I saw the man of steel movie and it doesn’t hold a candle to the original Superman part 1
  15. Taking a pay cut of a few crores and still getting a lot of crores for a job located right next to home and which has no high stakes, pressure or accountability is not called sacrifice. Well incompetence is self explanatory in the article itself
  16. maniac

    Superhero films

    Wow everyone forgot the original Superman it was the first real great superhero movie that set a template till this date. It was the perfect mix of great storytelling, amazing performances, brilliant background score etc. It’s actually a masterpiece.
  17. I thought he played from the 2nd edition but you may be right
  18. Channeling my inner Harsh Thakor A lanky young man from the streets of Porbandar emerged yet again reminiscent of yet another lanky young man before him who stood up against the colonial regime and showed the power of non-violence. Much like his predecessor this young man spread the message of love and peace in the brutal days of T20 by standing up to the colonial game. This man’s presence would bring an effervescent smile to the most intense and brute of batsmen. If the other great from his hometown was blessed with fame, this great was blessed by the gods of fortune themselves . The 2nd most famous destiny’s child after Beyoncé. The slingy left armer delivered amazing variations like the smash ball, the thrash ball, the slower ball, the hit me any where ball, the are you fking kidding me ball sprinkled with the odd wide and no ball. His story would be etched on the footnote of the cricket books forever and ever Long live Majid Khan
  19. Out of the handful of players left who have been there since the first edition of the IPL I think CSK has the most Dhoni,Bhajji,Chawla,Vijay,Watson,Raina don’t remember if Jadeja played in the first edition or kedar Jadhav Rayudu played in the first edition of ICL even before the IPL so can include him too This is like an antique collectors dream
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