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  1. Kohli has some refreshing ideas in tests no doubt like inducting fast bowlers but we need to remember that the only feather in his cap is the Aussie series. Despite having the best bowling attack in Indian history and some opponents like SA and Aus being at their lowest he still messed up due to his team selections. Picking Dhawan and some other person :) in tests, dropping Rahane and Pujara, dropping Bhuvi etc etc. His team selections screwed up even then. Unfortunately for him the damage in bilaterals is not as bad as in a knock out like scenario in a World Cup because of the recovery time. Also SA was a 3 match series it was too late before he realized. Aus was a 5 match series and ended up winning 2-1 because he got his captaincy in the later part of the series spot on. We saw in the IPL too he picks management guys and seniors he loves like Shastri and Nehra etc and Dhoni, ABDV and then is over dependent on them.
  2. Did he captain at any senior level? I am saying Iyer because he has captained an IPL side. Only young guy given the responsibility and also A team’s. I am sure Shaw will be good as well as the u-19 winning captain.
  3. Every other news channel said the same bs about India played well etc this guy has bulldozed through all that bs.Best episode of this show ever. This guy needs to replace that pansy Vikrant Gupta
  4. Check out the guy’s analysis in the middle. All the other sports tak chews are big time phattus and tow the line. This guy seems one hell of a fearless journalist. Never heard this kind of analysis on Indian sports channels By the way that’s not me but he hit a lot of points usually made by me @Switchblade I swear this isn’t me
  5. Even Pakistan got their combo right towards the end. Aus did well because they got their combo right at the start but once they got injury issues they were screwed because their combo was screwed SA never looked good because their combo was messed up. Nzl sneaked through because they have the perfect combo and so did England once Roy came back. India after a long World Cup still doesn’t know their X1 yet. We will still take 2-3 years to figure out our top X1 we got lucky and got far on the back of 3-4 players. In fact one of our top performer Shami was dropped Clowns are running this team. All the jingoist sipahis on the forum kept talking like they are the true patriots when it was clear as in day and night of the issues in this team and we knew one bad game would fk us right from the start and that’s what we are pointing at. Heads need to roll.
  6. These shades are something we come up with to satisfy our arguments. There are 3 categories of all rounders in cricket-period! A bowling all rounder someone who is your strike bowler. someone who has great skills in the other dept. eg; Kapil, Imran,Pollock, Botham,Hadlee,Ashwin,Jadeja,Mitchell Johnson( in tests), Woakes,Akram etc. yes they may have varying talent in the other skill but still it is all one group. Even if they scores 10 ducks they will be in the side as a pure bowler A batting allrounder- Your Top order bat who is great with the ball again with varying levels in the other dept Ben Stokes, Jacques Kallis, Gary Sobers, Ravi Shastri, Shane Watson, Shakib,Jayasuriya,Sachin,Yuvraj,Sehwag etc. even if they can't bowl they will make it to the side on batting alone Bits and pieces- Grandhomme, Afridi, Chris Harris, Binny, Pandya,Hollioake,Irani etc. what are their primary skills? As you can see within these 3 groups there are some who may be better than the other in a specific skill for example Afridi is a better bowler than say Irani or Kallis is a better bowler than Jayasuriya or Kapil a better bat than Mitchell Johnson within that specific group. The "specialist" allrounder in my book is bits and pieces someone who is keeping the bench warm for a really skilled player. Pandya right now is category 3. That is not derogatory though, these bits and pieces can win you a match or 2 as all of those guys have but they are only stop gap. Afridi had a long career and hence him and his country is the butt of all jokes. India is a proud cricketing nation and we don't need bits and pieces players, we will get a skilled batsman or bowler who will be decent in the other skill if we look hard enough
  7. The 5fr was good even though 100 was whatever against SL. Binny's 6fr is one of the most memorable odi spells of all time and he saved a test for India with 80+ but still bits and pieces. We want Pandya to be a Kapil Dev, if he thinks he is not one then hope it is not Binny
  8. I believe in backing talents and at the same time there is thin line of where you draw the line. you have it or you don't. Most ATG's are not manufactured, you see it in them from the first few games itself. That is why still not given up on Pant but Pandya has been around for 3 years. Kapil debuted in 79 and by 83 he played the greatest ODI knock of all time and captained his team to the WC. Was considered to be one of the greatest all rounders already
  9. Doesn't need to unlike Pandya he knows his role and excels at it
  10. Neeshan has a 5fr. took a catch of the tournament and played a knock of 97* when his team was 6 wickets down for less than 100. comeback when Pandya does that, still jacking off to that meaningless CT knock are we?
  11. You numbnut. despite being the 6th bowler, Stokes has impressive stats. how convinently have you skipped Neesham and even Stokes batting performance. looks like you get off on 10 mins of porn than a meaningful relationship. That wasn't personal. just an analogy
  12. Unbelievable atl east guys like Rohit,Virat and Dhoni have a great body of work that speaks for itself and have these hardcore fans (not me :) ) but even guys like Pant and Pandya have these militant defenders (Zen well I can understand :) ) who have done jack . Look I think Pant has a great potential but Pandya sorry has gotten the most golden treatment ever in the history if Indian cricket and hasn't lived up to the hype. as a fellow person who grew up in Mumbai would say bits and pieces to the core.
  13. When he received still couldn't get a 50 got outbatted by Imad Wasim and Grandhomme
  14. Has a man of the match in 2 of those knockouts, 100 in the most important game in this wc outside of the finals. I can probably fill this thread up if we are just discussing cameos
  15. Check the breakdown of his innings and bowling stats Thanks!
  16. Looks like the steam from pressure cooker making Dhokla covered this bozos soda bottle glasses. check Stokes and Neesham's performance "MR.Pandya is better than Stokes"
  17. Let's go through his innings 15* and 7 * with little runs needed and lot of deliveries. even Chahal/Bunrah could have got those Against pak in a clutch came in the 38th over with a license after a great platform got 26(19) Against Afghan scored 7 when he was really needed as India was back to the wall Against Bangla got a duck AGainst Aus got a 48, I am not going to apply FCA here because it's lame and 40 odd vs WI-decent knocks nothing earth shattering 45 vs Eng and 32 vs Newzeland should have been knocks where there was plenty of time and should have gotten us over the line but choke job I guess we set the bar so low for 5th bowler that economy rate of 5.6 and average of 46 is considered great bowling performance
  18. @Switchblade we have a multi-ID on this thread. Do your investigation :)
  19. He got out playing across the line to a spinner when that was not needed and the pitch eased up. Even spin bowling allrounders like Shakib had a ATG record, Imad Wasim played a match winning knock to get his team over the line and Jadeja scored a 50 to almost win the game. it's a bottom half performance along with Morris, Pheklekwayo etc. something you expect from a bottom half side not the top side in the world
  20. Stokes played 2-3 clutch knocks from a hopeless situation. Neesham and Grandhomme played back to the wall knocks against Pak and SA, Brathwaite almost pulled off an epic heist. None of Pnadya's innings were of the same quality. He came at 24/5 with 200+ runs to go in the 10th over and he failed in his first real test. I also see a 0 there and a score of 7 vs Afghan were we were under pressure. Looks like he enjoys when there is a solid platform left by openers or in our case opener and Kohli to swing the bat. sorry don't rate such innings. Even Wahab Riaz played such knocks. No 50 minimum shows,not good enough for proper knocks. and no 4 fr means not a good enough bowling performance either
  21. again why would you change the only thing working for you. do you want Bumrah to bowl all overs from 20-40 if that is identified as India's problem area for India's bowling. accentuate the strengths and work on weakness, basic funda of anything and everything
  22. Every name I mentioned has a clutch knock including Grandhomme, Neesham and Brathwaite whom we talk like they don't even belong in Pandya's league. in fact Neesham has a 5fr as well. Why are you bringing in Rohit? is he a allrounder?
  23. Your argument again has no legs. Roy Bairstow have been the fixed pair for England for a while followed by Root. if they fail, it has never stopped Stokes,Butler Morgan Finch and Warner ( apart from the ban) have been opening almost the same time as Rohit-Dhawan. When this pair was broken due to circumstances is when Aussies struggled the most. They are heavily reliant on Top 3 too. Nzl strategy is always their middle order Williamson- Taylor to get them to a decent total for their bowling to defend. They would kill for someone like Rahul leave alone Rohit-Dhawan WI have dynamic youngsters like Pooran-Hope-Hetmeyer but still they struggle because Gayle is hit or miss and they don't have another opener. If Gayle comes off they win 9 out of 10 times. SA too after Dekock-Amla their middle order sucks. Pak's best players are in the middle order as well Azam and Sohail. Imam is a good hand. We consider ourselves to be leagues better than all teams maybe say England, so it is unacceptable that despite having all the luxuries in the world,we can't have a dynamic middle order because our top 3 are hands down the best in the world. You have an infected leg your suggestion seems to chop off the head which is fine
  24. Correction pheklukwayo has a highest of 46* Morris being another useless passenger
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