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  1. Your argument again has no legs. Roy Bairstow have been the fixed pair for England for a while followed by Root. if they fail, it has never stopped Stokes,Butler Morgan Finch and Warner ( apart from the ban) have been opening almost the same time as Rohit-Dhawan. When this pair was broken due to circumstances is when Aussies struggled the most. They are heavily reliant on Top 3 too. Nzl strategy is always their middle order Williamson- Taylor to get them to a decent total for their bowling to defend. They would kill for someone like Rahul leave alone Rohit-Dhawan WI have dynamic youngsters like Pooran-Hope-Hetmeyer but still they struggle because Gayle is hit or miss and they don't have another opener. If Gayle comes off they win 9 out of 10 times. SA too after Dekock-Amla their middle order sucks. Pak's best players are in the middle order as well Azam and Sohail. Imam is a good hand. We consider ourselves to be leagues better than all teams maybe say England, so it is unacceptable that despite having all the luxuries in the world,we can't have a dynamic middle order because our top 3 are hands down the best in the world. You have an infected leg your suggestion seems to chop off the head which is fine
  2. Correction pheklukwayo has a highest of 46* Morris being another useless passenger
  3. Even Shaifuddin from Bangladesh, Pheklekwayo and Grandhomme have 50’s
  4. maniac

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    He doesn’t but I am talking about identifying a player as a potential captain like they do in Eng-Aus. He is the only youngster in India that captains at a significant level.
  5. True. Hope he continues in IPL. Doesn’t impact my team in anyways and life won’t feel empty because can continue hating
  6. I know people hate Rayudu but he was given a raw deal which is a fact. Didn’t deserve to get dropped before the WC. Would he have set the tournament on fire, obviously is a different debate.
  7. Apart from our top 3- including KL Rahul ( different debate on this) we have DK a keeper-bat who has been batting at 7 or as a floater without ever put in a position to play to build an innings- not an excuse, that is the case because he is not a full batsman. Jadhav in the same category. Bats at 7. Not good enough to bat up the order or to accelerate but supposedly a batting allrounder Pant- excuses have started for him ala Dhoni, he is young, he is a keeper bat etc etc Pandya- a “specialist allrounder” only good for cameos Dhoni- A guy who is fit for one role that is “stabilizing an innings” even then not good enough to bat at 5/3 Jadeja- blasphemy to criticize him today but there is no guarantee he will play an innings like this again in his next 20 matches Vijay Shankar- he is an “allrounder”? Bhuvi- “supposedly” a bowling allrounder No wonder it is game over once we are 2 wickets down. Pandya is not a Ben Stokes and Pant is not a Jos Butler. Hope they evolve into one though
  8. maniac

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    Nothing about Pandya screams leader or captain material Actually the only youngster we are grooming for captaincy is Shreyas Iyer and he is not even in the squad.
  9. maniac

    Ian Smith commentary in final moments

    Manjrekar is a better commentator than Ganguly. Still remember in the Nidihaas trophy when Dk was taking a 2 of the last ball , he was yelling “Dont take a 2” because shankar would be on strike. Also in the Ind-Pak game he was subtle trolling Akram acting like a sub.that was epic if you know the art of trolling The guy is a natural troll. World commentary needs him. Better than suckups like Ganguly,Laxman or cringe like Sehwag,Bhajji
  10. maniac

    Moving forward - recommendations thread

    Why not Aussies love their version of “football” Americans love the “NFL” 2 sports no one gives a fk about outside their countries. We have a billion people. Make kabaddi the no.1 sport. Unfortunately most of the posers we have back home prefer English premier league and other bs soccer leagues that have nothing to do with India or NBA problem is they don’t even try to get inspired and play the game like most of us have tried to give cricket a shot. Doesnt matter how much you invest, sport needs audience. Make kabbaddi more entertaining
  11. Bairstow is not more aggressive than Rohit. He starts of the same way. May be marginally quicker but gets 100s not mega 100s like Rohit so kind of evens out
  12. There is this movie called the wrestler. I don’t know how many of you have seen it but it is about a washed up pro-wrestler. The philosophy of the movie is based on a poem about a clown who gets addicted to the audience applause and keeps looking for that one great performance because the audience applause can be a very addictive thing and the rush you get from it is a better high than most drugs or sex apparently. You see a lot of showbiz guys carry well after their prime. Dhoni is similar. He is addicted to that last ball finish and the praise he gets from it. I am not kidding here. He thinks he can manage 40 runs in the last 2 overs that is almost impossible in a IPL game leave alone in an international odi match. He might come through 2 out of 5 times in IPL but it is a 1 in a 100 shot in international games. I think he did it a couple of times and almost did it a few more times that he is addicted to it now. He does it even when it is not required. He gets high on the praise and reputation. I don’t think it is brand building or image. I genuinely think he is addicted to that rush.
  13. Forget idiots on twitter. Ashish Nehra and Ajay Jadeja said the same thing On cricbuzz. Atleast Nehra because he talks so much briefly said Dhoni should have attacked a bit earlier. The only guy who spoke his mind was Azharuddin because he doesn’t give a fk anymore as he is not getting anywhere near the cricketing inner circle again
  14. We can brag about how we got them into the finals :)
  15. I was speaking to a co-worker yesterday. She apparently quit watching cricket after Sachin. But watches IPL occasionally for Dhoni. She is not even from Chennai. Only other names she knows is Virat and Rohit. Similarly there are other Bong friends who totally quit watching cricket after Ganguly was sacked as a captain There are too many people like that in this country. Fans on ICF is not even a minority or a micro minority. I don’t even know the term for it.
  16. In fact you hear this “process” bs from Kohli in every press conference . Hell even I saw pant and Bumrah talk about it
  17. Yeah I saw one about his apparent corporate strategy theory of how to focus on process on the auspicious occasion of his birthday
  18. Need this ASAP. Make Rohit the LOI captain. MI has groomed youngsters with aggressive mindset like Pandya bros and Bumrah. Even had the guts to drop a veteran like Yuvraj for Kishan. Backed guys like Makarande. Remember gave Rayudu a shot too and help him make a mark when he was still relatively young. We need a total overhaul. This is how you chase a 220 type score. Not take it to the last ball and hit a 6
  19. maniac

    Where is our next superstar?

    Guys like Iyer, Pandey and even Rahul are more marketable. Young and good looking guys. I am sure if they keep getting opportunities on flat pattas they would make 100s too and become stars. However they kept giving that slots to uncles like Jadhav,DK and with a heavy heart I say Rayudu Clearly there is a pattern here. I think this same theory was floated by someone else
  20. Vvs Laxman thinks England’s unger elped tem
  21. I am ignorant. I thought fixing trigger movements helps you play agresshive cricket like it did for Root. Educate me
  22. Atherton looks like he is going to rip his suit and start streaking any moment
  23. He contributed in the wins for both the finalists. Knocked out Pak, even gave moments of hope to Wi,SA,Bang and Afghan .Legend
  24. Yes. Did that vs England too but still put them in the knockouts

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