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  1. There is a difference. Fiat premier pad mini car has a first gear and a manual rolls Royce has a first gear too
  2. Just batting with Rohit has given Shankar some aura and radiance Learning from the master
  3. Spinning pitch with ball keeping low, missing the punter from Guntur
  4. Lol, you want India to be AO for 140 in 20 overs? Stop arguing, grab a beverage and enjoy the magic of the maestro of our times
  5. Tuk Tuk....watch PSL for hacks etc. this is your vintage clutch put your head down, grind the opposition into dust and win strategy
  6. Rohit what a fighter This guy is definitely the most clutch of all time
  7. Looks like we will see more of him. Very elegant and clean striker of the ball. In many ways reminds me of our own Shankar and even Pandya with the straight hitting.
  8. First they ignore you- what Rohit lol, Ishant is a trundler Then they laugh at you- stop trolling, sharmas suck etc egc Then they fight you- Rohit is tuk tuk, Ishant is wayward etc etc Then you win- multiple 200s and T20I 100s and icc ko moms and test spear head of the no 1 later
  9. maniac

    Really humbling day for Pant

    We were also one state :) doesn’t matter, we don’t die, we just multiply :)
  10. maniac

    Cometh the hour cometh the man

    Once again, only guy who stands up and fights. might still lose but when **** gets real Who you gonna call ?
  11. maniac

    Really humbling day for Pant

    Rahul is the only guy Kohli has ever sacrificed his position for Talent 2.0 well he did play for : in his formative years
  12. maniac

    US elite college entrance exam scandal

    Didn’t Rahul Baba go to Harvard? Briefly though Also I think entire Trump family went to UPenn. Donor quota maybe. The way it it works is they have to maintain consistent grades but obviously they have “people” doing their home work and projects for them
  13. Rayudu dropped and Ro is not our LOI captain. Vihari has not got a consistent run and Pant debuted over Bharat. Siraj didn’t get enough chances Bandaru Ayappa got Less in IPL than wheat he deserved MSK what a fair selector
  14. This is the most difficult WC to predict because there is no easy path to knockouts for big teams like previous WC’s. Every big team plays another big team. On their day even Bang,WI and SL can beat the big boys and we can’t call that an upset. Apart from Afghanistan who also are capable of surprising big boys, you just can’t predict. There is no dominant team like Aus or Wi like before.
  15. Firstly bias exists everywhere. Not just among Indians. However if you have to break it down by region Tamilians,Bengalis and Mallus take the cake. I Infact mean that as a compliment because these guys show no bias even across religion, I mean a mallu/tamil/Bengali guy will absolutely get along with all religions/ castes as long as they speak the same language. Telugu people have caste bias, they can kill and suck for caste feeling and sure might go out of their way to favor someone from their own caste, but won’t have the same level of bias as the above mentioned across all caste and religion I would have put Gujjus in the above category but I recently learnt that they have this kind of Baroda vs Ahmedabad rivalry( not sure how true). Also I have seen Gujju Muslims and Hindu Gujjus not mixing as much even though they speak the same language compared to other regions. Anyways this is just stereotypes formed from personal observation.
  16. England getting hammered by WI so far Aus getting hammered and are constantly trying to build their right combo SA getting smashed by Srilanka in tests and getting run close by Pakistan Nzl getting hammered by India India won both in Australia unconvincingly and in Nzl convincingly but there are some cracks visible still but winning has been masking these problems. Hope the wake up call is not delivered in the WC.
  17. maniac

    Really humbling day for Pant

    Dhoni is the best when it comes to stumping but I have seen him drop catches and fumble straight forward takes recently. Usually that one good stumping that he does in a game which is usually thanks to brilliant bowling by Kuldeep and Chahal over shadows all his other flaws. I think we are over magnifying Pant’s missed chance. Yes Dhoni is way ahead of Pant keeping to spinners but Pant’s batting and fearless approach puts him above MSD.
  18. maniac

    Match Ka Mujrim tracker

    Bhuvi was bowling length balls and dumb knuckle balls when the ball was wet.
  19. maniac

    Really humbling day for Pant

    Dhoni is better than him in stumping that’s about it.
  20. Calling Mommy and maybe Grandma Ambati to cook some delicious authentic Andhra cuisine
  21. I was enjoying his lazy elegance. Have a thing for it
  22. So he scored 90 of 2 balls In my time I have associated Ro with some miracles but even I couldn’t come up with that
  23. Another not out and 49(42) this day and age with the kind of start we had is pathetic and I am pretty sure a lot of momentum was sucked in the process as well...This is out let lower order power hitter

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