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Everything posted by maniac

  1. Kaul is a trundler....NEXT!!!!
  2. Bring Pandey in for Yusuf now please as a fielder
  3. If you go by owners....every team in IPL is unlikeable...hate worthy even
  4. This Kaul is always garbage....doesn’t deserve to be in the Indian team...hacks will make records against him
  5. Is there a telugu commentary too? Vvs Laxman speaks his Telugu like his English or Hindi...put him on the sign language telecast when available for commentary ...he is a good analyst though
  6. Too many hacks in our bowling line up Shakib can go either way
  7. Hope Brathwaite doesn’t *s us
  8. Tough phase for me...If Rayudu comes in
  9. Both are crap but Dhoni screws India Watson doesn’t
  10. 8 overs between Bhuvi and Rashid...rest 12
  11. Hooda and people want this mediocre piece of crap in internationals
  12. 5 overthrows...hostages released
  13. maniac

    I have a dream !!!

    Your dream has been scripted
  14. Only a selected few though guys like velu,vvvs,darkhorse,strike etc make this place fun
  15. These lungis have triggered me Yeah was below the belt. Bc hope we win....I will rip them a new one
  16. Gallons of sambaar with an tinge of coconut arrack consumed in the @Garuda @UnknownGenius Households right now....stay healthy guys...you’ve got this
  17. Game over...was never meant to be
  18. Lol I am always the same brah :) no hate
  19. I didn’t know @gambhirfan was a chamcha too time to make note to self

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