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  1. England deserves to win it. They have revolutionized LOI cricket. Who cares about some collapses on bowling minefields, they are a must watch team and deserve it.
  2. Dhoni fans need to thank Nzl for saving Thala for embarrassment. Atleast he will go out as the guy who made a 50 from a back to the wall situation and got us close (even though he was freeloading on Jadeja). If we face England in this redhot form and on the pitch they will have in finals, they would have scored 380+ and Thala’s lunges would have meant he would be a meme and a disgrace for eternity.
  3. I still think Shakib will get it. Subcontinent appeasement. Bangladesh is the 2nd biggest market in cricket now.
  4. Lol I don’t give a fk who wins this game or the World Cup. Are you retarded in your old age sir Geoff to miss the clear fact that I was just amusing myself?
  5. Will Jos butler shut shop if a wicket falls now?
  6. It’s only the pseudo csk fans or trolls. I have seen the genuine ones even here criticizing Thala. Dhoni fans in this day and age are brain dead idiots you find in every section of the society. It is like saying idiots are limited to only one region, it’s a universal problem
  7. Bairstow is like an inferior version of Rohit and Root an inferior version of Kohli. Good player that can turn it on when settled. Too bad we have Pandya instead of Stokes and Thala instead of Butler and Rahul instead of Roy and DK/Jadhav instead of Morgan
  8. They have their own Thala Butler to neutralize that start. Oh wait
  9. It will be hilarious if England lose 2-3 quick wickets now and end up losing on Duckworth Lewis
  10. Damn Jason Roy. Compare this to phattu Rahul
  11. Whatever happened to the challenger trophy India vs India a vs India B. Used to be very exciting back in the day
  12. Also Dhoni’s PR strikes. I mean so random that Lata Mangeshkar would take time out to ask Dhoni to stay back
  13. So? Do you think her voice is great in her later songs? She should have retired and sang that odd novelty bhajans but singing for young heroines later on the career didn’t do her legacy justice. I found her voice annoying. Just like Dhoni has been annoying the last few years with his antics
  14. Lata ji is herself a once great singer whose voice quality declined after she got old but still got opportunities based on her legacy and brand value. If you listen to her later songs her voice is annoying but it is just the name value . So similar to the MSD story. Also funny that MSD has a biopic before someone like Lata Mangeshkar
  15. Williamson and Smith are already ahead as clutch players and if Root somehow manages to make a mark in the WC final then he will slide further down . As a batsman still a gun player but a pathetic captain and a leader. As much as I have criticized Dhoni never seen him run like a clueless chicken even when Sachin,Laxman,Dravid etc were in the side. Still looked like he had things under control good or bad.
  16. Iyer has been ear marked as a future captain already and was unfairly dropped after SA series. I have a feeling he needs to be in the scheme of things. Manish Pandey is a bonafide hack. He is ok for flat pitches though. Rahul fooled everyone including me with his “tailunt” but I think he needs some time off. He still has potential though
  17. This is the same guy who used to dab to thirdman for a single in ball no. 49.5 on more than 1 occasion to get a useless notout the infamous Sachin 175 game, ct final, Wt20 2009 etc and many more pointless knocks in his resume are available. A guy who has played for 10 years as an allrounder has 2.5 good knocks? Really? Yeah so no regret not rating him. Good knock today but he is still a Mediocre LOI cricketer as it stands as of today. Enjoy this moment as a Jadeja fan I guess
  18. So what stopped Rahul? Also every team has pair of openers are they all hitting 200s or scoring 600+ runs?
  19. Still developing? Is this a training academy? Sorry man but Pandya right now is like an awesome yatch you can afford if you have a billion $s in your account, has value but not when you are living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe extreme analogy but you get the picture. International cricket needs finished goods who have a short learning curve to adapt. it took 3 years for him to improve his bowling but still having him means we need to sit out a very good seamer be it Shami or Bhuvi or a batsman. I am not going to say allrounders don’t exist but I do subscribe to the theory that specialist allrounder is another name for bits and pieces
  20. Also @vayuu1 not blaming Pant alone. Our team collectively doesn’t have one proper reliable bat. We had 3 years to groom Pant while it’s selectors fault he hasn’t grabbed his chances in LOIs with both hands either. In fact he did that in tests
  21. Funny thing is DK was dropped in the Aus series before the WC for Pant but somehow Pant got dropped and DK picked for the WC. Rayudu was dropped after 2-3 bad games when he looked certain to be part of the WC squad and then added to reserves in place of Shankar who came out of no where and then when Shankar was injured Pant who was dropped comes back in place of Shankar and not Rayudu who retires. One cluster* of a selection committee we have
  22. The way he was cheerleading throughout the game today he didn’t seem like someone who had any doubts. Very convinent to rip apart after the loss. Back young talents? I think you listen to Hindi commentary, you should have heard English commentary where he made your stomach churn cheerleading for Dhoni. As I said Manju is a better commentator than Ganguly. Calls it like it is.
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