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  1. I see what you did there Please refer to Match vs Pak,SA :)
  2. Has it? secondly have you heard the term constructive criticism? I don’t know if you ever heard these pakistani ex players but they tend to get personal in their criticism and it comes across as bitter than looking like they care
  3. Some players have gone all their careers without scoring a single 100 outside the SC. Hint hint Sachin used to bat low down the order and unselfishly score quick runs for the team and once he started opening records tumbled.
  4. Yes he can. New Odi rules have made super easy to score 100s for top 3. No disrespect to Kohli, he is cut above his peers in ODIs but even guys like Babar Azam have stellar records in ODIs in these days
  5. Losing to the Nz team of 2019 is not the same as getting hammered by that 2003 Aussie team. Also one would imagine in the T20 gen to have a much more dynamic lower order but it has gone reverse. Even the bowling attack of 2003 looks like it can match our current bowling
  6. Obviously considering that the 2003 team is still at the same age and form they showed that year. Also under the following 4 scenarios In SENA in SC Under old rules Under new rules Here is my 2003 X1. I am picking this X1 Based on the team that played Pak in the 2003 wc game Sachin Sehwag Ganguly Kaif Dravid Yuvi Mongia Kumble Srinath Nehra Zak 12th Man : Bhajji Current Odi team based on players tried till 2019 WC Rohit Dhawan Kohli Iyer/Pant/Rayudu/Shankar/DK/Pandey (pick anyone doesn’t matter? ) MSD Jadhav Pandya Bhuvi Kuldeep Chahal Bhuvi Bumrah 12th and 13th men: Jadeja and Shami This thread is inspired partly inspired by the other thread comparing the 2 test teams and also by a nightmare I had recently what if in the 2003 game we had the current day lower order after Sachin’s blitz. Dravid,Kaif and Yuvraj’s knock in that game was worth its weight in gold in a tricky situation. Imagine likes of Pandya/Jadhav and co vs 2 w’s and Shoaib. Pak would have fancied their chances. No glorifying the past here. We have had starts like 280/2 in 38 overs and ended up with 340 and other sub par scores. I think the 2003 team would kick ass against this team in every scenario.
  7. Can’t single out Rahane. Our slip catching sucks. Kohli is worse. Rohit is alright. Our slip fielding has gone to the dogs over the last few years. Unbelievable the fielding coach has been getting a free ride for years now. Picked even over likes of Jonty Rhodes. I was really impressed with Prithvi Shaw’s slip fielding in the u-19 Wc
  8. Attributed Translated to the Mumbai batsmen in this century- Sunny,Sachin, Rahane, Shaw :)
  9. There is nothing called DRS skills bhai. Dhoni has fked up many times but when ever he got the odd one right there was a PR storm of how he is the best DRS guy ever to compensate for his poor on field performance
  10. They are 2 peas in the same Pod. As I have said before even Ganguly did some good things for Indian cricket as a captain but he is not a revolutionary by any means. The only guys who can override these guys are the big corporate bosses or politicians like Srini Mama ,Thakur , Pawar etc. rest all especially the cricketers toe the same line.
  11. It’s a double edged sword with ex-pakistani players. They don’t have a filter to what they say which makes it very entertaining but at the same time very irresponsible too.
  12. Zak the test bowler maybe a little over rated because he had a very short peak. had a bad start and an average end but for 2-3 years at his peak he was right up there with the best. However Zak the Odi bowler is very underrated. He was the most reliable bowler at the death and the start of our innings. From 2007-2011 he was our best Odi bowler, probably the best in the world in that period. Dont go by stats because those were the days when 300- 350 started becoming the norm
  13. That’s very harsh. He started of as a young sensation, had a world of potential. Had some great performances early on but was grossly mismanaged. He started to change his action without anyone monitoring etc. Even in our 2011 drubbings, he was the only Indian bowler to pick up a fifer in England ( did PK pick one up too? )and in Australia where everyone sucked, he was our fastest bowler. In fact the fastest bowler on both sides iirc on average speed. He was the man of the series prior to that in WI and did a decent job as the 3rd seamer along with Zak and Sree In SA in 2010. From 2014 he has been our most consistent fast bowler before Shami’s second coming and Bumrah’s debut. As I have said right from the start, he has been underrated. He did fall off on the side a bit and has comeback strong but the world class talent was always there.
  14. Actually Trivia time for those interested : The term Banana republic originated because back in the day Bananas were considered to be a super exotic fruit in America and Europe. Obviously Bananas were native to tropical climates like the Carribean and some South American countries. Banana was such a popular and profitable export that The American and European businessmen started to fund the governments, payoff regimes, organize coups etc to get trade benefits and other kickbacks. So basically Banana trade and plantations were owned by the colonial masters and corporates. In modern times Iraq and Pakistan are good examples of these. India is not exactly a banana republic we are bunch or confused,casteist, regionalist kaum (while the other 2 are the norm everywhere in the world in terms of that tribal mentality of human beings we are one of the most confused nation out there)
  15. maniac

    thalaivi teaser

    All the advanced cultures do that. Ronald Regan was the president of the USA, so is another famous reality star Donald Trump :) Jokes apart I think in terms of actors turned politicians Jayalalita was the best, she was a super smart lady, articulate, well read and a master politician. I think if any actor/politician deserves a biopic it’s here. A very intriguing story here . However it’s going to be a typical Bollywood masala film clearly
  16. maniac

    thalaivi teaser

    Why do they have we will rock you song as the back ground music
  17. Please look at the thread of the actual game on ICF, you have no clue the hate I endured for team RISS on here
  18. Right now they are so excited about “teenager” Naseem Shah that their wounds are not totally opened up :)
  19. You said the same thing about Dube Anyway hope this kid does well and comes up through the ranks than being rushed based on one or two cameos or freak knocks
  20. Your coolness factor just went up a notch my friend. Wasn’t a lot to begin with but damn
  21. backed him even when his average was 38:00. Believed in him :) and people say I jinx
  22. Warner can actually pull off a Pranav Dhanwade if he applies himself. Aussies just need 2 sessions on a 5th day pitch anyways. Pak bowling attack looking like
  23. Creating “NGO’s” to fund BJP like some of our padosi NRI’s?
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