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  1. I didn’t know @gambhirfan was a chamcha too time to make note to self
  2. Dada please support CSK
  3. Only not good for Dhoni’s fingers but overall yes
  4. Not enough score!!! Game over
  5. No jinxing it’s all scripted
  6. He is measuring it in terms of ICF....virtual reality for some you see
  7. Lol chuski fans are getting ansty....time for errand boy mama to run some errands for the dmk office
  8. Damn...is it you or the extra pepper in the sambaar talking
  9. This script came from some high sources so guaranteed
  10. Ok will tell you how the script will go 1.SRH will get bowled for a moderate score 2.CSK will start of strong and look to finish it off fast 3.SRH will fight back and give themselves a chance to maintain the bowling powerhouse tag 4.Just when it looks like SRH is winning,Dhoni will win it for them and everyone will cry and go Gaga over him and the tributes will flow. 5.CRINGE!!!
  11. Today is the day Khilji-Kafur will winover Padmavati Maran
  12. Something about this match... has an ominous feel to it... doesn’t feel right
  13. Indian cricket used to be once a glorious institution, well respected and admired... today it’s a mafia thanks to Dhoni
  14. maniac

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    Yep... just hand it over
  15. One step at a time bro... you are jumping way tooo ahead
  16. That’s his talent... 10+ years on the forum and people still can’t figure it out
  17. Abba dabba jabba never gets old.... chooooo cute

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