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    WI, the dark horses for the World Cup

    Dark Horse means a team that is under the radar but can still win the entire tournament. Say someone like Australia who are not favorites but right about there. WI and even Bangladesh are teams that cannot be underestimated and can upset teams on their day but don't think they have it in them to make it all the way in this format of the WC where consistency is the key. They just don't have the temperament to be a little consistent. too many hacks and mercurial players.
  2. Kerala and Pondicherry were the most literate state/UT when I was growing up. Pretty sure they still are. anyways Kerala has communism which is a national party regardless of their minor presence overal. Karnataka developed mostly due to SM Krishna who was congress and now BJP. You think Tamil Nadu or Andhra's potential is fully utilized by TDP,DMK and AIADMK? It is not that cut and dry, people need to be refined enough to vote for the best available candidate. Most times in South people vote in blocks based on caste. It is understandable if it happens in Bihar and UP. Even they have sown anti-incumbency and brought BJP into power at times. Even during Emergency, the South voted for COngress. It was the North even in Gandhi family bastion that booted them out.
  3. No we shouldn't play them. We had a similar debate during CT as well and some people thought we should play them when most were against it.
  4. There are a few boot lockers and then there are some who suffer from vigilante syndrome. They think they are making a point to those idiots and defending India’s honor not realizing that the website is revenue based and Indian members help them regardless of showing jingoism. I have seen these guys get so addicted to being vigilantes that even they suck up to the admins when they think they are in trouble of getting locked out.
  5. Pakistani intellectuals are bigger bastards. The Pakistani common man and average joe seems more reasonable.
  6. Anyway back to the main topic, I know that you can’t hurry or rush things just to satisfy the masses and put soldiers lives at risk. However it’s a thin line. the hysteria dies down and everything is forgotten and it is back to business as usual.
  7. We have given refuge to Jews and Parsis. Did we have a problem. Didn’t they coexist? Various schools of thought like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism were born in this land and flourished. Was there ever a problem? Yes Islam and Christianity have wrecked havoc but that has got nothing to do with Hindus being secular. These are less of religions and political ideologies and political ideologies get caught up with corrupt politicians, that leads to disaster. It has nothing with Hindu culture or identity
  8. I partly disagree. more damage has been done to Hindus post partition and independence . We have been propagated pseudo history and sold a bill of goods about peace,ahimsa,secularism and other crap. Hindus have been the most resilient people since time immemorial. It comes back to looking at glass half-full or half- empty. You may look at East India company,Islamic invasions or go even further back to Buddhism vs Hinduism. There are even stories of Alexander and his men beheading Brahmins and other community leaders en route to try and conquer India. You might say Hindus invited this mess but at the same time we can say hindus survived these massacres too. We have never been told the brave stories of Indian resilience like the Assam queen who fought against the Mughals or the King in Kerala who fought against Portuguese. All we hear is stories of about invasions where we kept getting screwed. We have been told that we got freedom due to this stupid ahimsa ideology while forgetting the impact of the Azad Hind Fauj. It has been relegated to a footnote while it was a major player in hastening the British decision as well. Its our politicians who have tried to keep the Hindu meek and rub it in him that he is a coward. It is far from the truth.
  9. I know there is a lot of hate for Azhar for what he did and rightfully so but Azhar was the most unique and elegant and was exciting to watch on song. Pretty much a style that will never be duplicated. Also 3 other options missing here that I thought were very elegant are Saeed Anwar, Stephen Fleming (very underrated) and Sehwag. People overlook Sehwag because he played slam-bang but he had some of the beautiful drives and his use of feet against spinners was something else and also his straight hitting in the V. I never found Dravid elegant. More Workman like.
  10. Unfortunately yes. There is a lot of Anti-BJP sentiment in Andhra due to the special status fiasco. CBN was totally getting trampled for that. He handled that by going a total 180 by joining the Maha Gatbandhan with Congress who are not that popular themselves. Then there are also some idiots who will vote for PK and further split the vote. Right now unless something drastic happens Jagan is going to be CM. A known crook but has a strong voter base among his caste, region and minorities. Sad that the more literate part of India which is the south is stuck with guys like Stalin, Jagan, A make-shift govt and communism, pretty much pure scum which is not going anywhere while on the other hand the more illiterate and poor Hindi belt usually makes much more educated decisions and use the democracy better to try and change their lives only relatively speaking.
  11. Here is the thing. I get where you and @surajmal are coming from. Yes in a sensitive area like that may be they should be given special privileges and better equipment rather than treating them as if they are taking care of an average communal mob or riot. I only took exception to the fact of calling them idiots and underfed. They are not the army. Their role is to control situations rather than fighting . However exception should be made for the ones posted here and that is the failure of the center. Can’t blame the jawans.
  12. Kya hua bhai Om Puri ka bhoot chad gaya kya andar? Unless you are calling the CRPF jawan an idiot for joining the central force rather than the state force where even an average constable can build mansions, that is a dumb thing to say. Even your average Jawan unless on the front, the ones doing mundane job like patrolling or on sentry duty is given outdated weapons. Even cops in the usa have pretty outdated and low key guns compared to the average drug dealer on the streets. His job is not to fight out an outright war but to keep peace in order. I have seen CRPF deployed even to control Gnaesh Utsav's etc in communally sensitive areas and from what I have seen they do a damn good job at it and don't bend down like most state police. WTF do you mean by "underfed" lol, you seem to imagine CRPF as some kind of SWAT team or Navy seals. that is not their job and they do theit job best to their abilities. Yeah,no one can prepare themselves for a guy ready to get laid with 72 virgins. A guy with that kind of sex drive and desperation is usually unstoppable
  13. Have to repeal Article 370 now. This is the best chance. No more pellets and blinding. Cut off the fking head of the person who throws a Stone next time.
  14. Modi better do something big or else fk Indian democracy. Make Mayawati or Mamta the PM. Kashmir will be least of our problems hey atleast with Mayawati she will build a statue bigger than Sardar Patels and we might have our own version of Disneyland and global attraction where kids can come and watch the statue of the fat cartoon and get amused. Time for Namo to step up or else he will be worse than that brainless Pappu. Atleast you can sympathize with an illiterate and but everyone hates a braggard who is a coward to boot. Cmon Namo show the world what you are made of.
  15. I think the general consensus is India,Eng and Nzl are the favorites to reach semis. Lot of us are wary of how predictably unpredictable Pakistan is and are the perennial dark horse in every tournament. SA can spring a surprise and they have some good players and a gun bowling attack and seem to be getting on a lot of semi final lists solely on reputation. WI Srilanka,Bangladesh and even Afghanistan can stun any team on their day and we can’t call it an upset but in this new format they may not able to keep up sustained consistency. However Australia has gone down a little on reputation and seems to be under the radar due to recent performances. You cannot write them off completely. Guys like Khwaja,Head,Maxwell,Marsh bros and Stoinis may individually not look like a lot but when they play around Warner and Smith,they will look much more intimidating. Their only Achilles heel seems to be a proper spinner but Zampa is evolving well. They have over-experimented too much recently and hoped that something sticks by throwing every crap available. However their 15 man squad picks itself and it looks solid. they tend to raise their bar in world tourneys and I think they might spring a surprise this World Cup. I won’t be surprised if they win the whole thing.
  16. maniac


    Just checked.The director’s filmography also includes classics like The Temptation Between My Legs, Laptop,Saint Dracula 3D and What the F
  17. maniac


    The guy playing Rahul Gandhi got the body language spot on though but did they bring some fruitseller from UP on the streets of Mumbai randomly lol? This looks like some bad Porno parody. I was expecting some **** to go down
  18. maniac


  19. @Gollum ....Baba was a seer,a visionary. He might have had a higher global. Vision (don’t forget the vision) and might have come from a point of view that how Aussies are following the same pattern as the WI in the 90s of having a good core but not having enough support players coming through to take the team forward at an individual level and the panicky structure seeping into the ACB. That is why that man is what you call a “man of god”. Baba is the equivalent of Nostradamus. He is calling a dystopian and apocalyptic future while ignoring the beautiful spring day today while the birds are chirping outside ( a very miserable day weather wise here just an analogy ) However as a common, regular man who seeks instant gratification and enjoys the little things in life and believes in living in the moment , in a moment of weakness as a mere mortal I may have opened this thread. As I feel Australia are a strong enough contender this WC. Mind you ,Not 4 years from now, not 8 years from now. WI also reached the 96 semis and almost pulled off a finals berth as well during this downturn. I think you fell for the temptation of most mere mortals that includes securing an easy upvote from @Switchblade . We probably don’t venture into the same realms as dot baba. We all like to take a left or right approach instead of having a sedate,centralist bigger picture view like the seers of the yore like global.baba. That is absolutely fine. That is what is the beauty of humanity. As a fellow human I would say let us discuss the possibilities of the immediate future and the next few months as it is the only thing our little unenlightened minds can handle. As Baba would say leave the higher level stuff to me and answer to the fking point or GTFO and don’t forget the dot
  20. Wearing Burqa as a religious statement and empowerment is the biggest load of bull crap that can be ever told to you. Taliban and other radical groups force the women to wear these burqas against their own will. How many women have a freedom of choice there? Hence the burqa naturally becomes a symbol of opression. It is the biggest form of irony if someone chooses this tent as a symbol of liberation or some kind of a statement. Wearing a burqa as a statement is actually mocking those oppressed women
  21. Just saw Tumbbad. Wow! What a movie. Stunning. Just read that the budget was only 5 Crores and to think that they spend 100s of crores on some of the crappy and cheezy big budget Bollywood and South Indian movies
  22. maniac

    Your guilty pleasure Movies/Songs/Shows/Books etc

    Guilty pleasure movies Big fan of 90s Adam Sandler and Nic Cage movies. I have personally ensured atleast 15-20 people saw the movie Con Air :) . Spread the religion folks. Hindi ,love the Govinda- David Dhawan movies. Awesome time pass. Also @Mariyam agree Tridev is an all time favorite Love a few Telugu brainless masala movies as well. The ones that have dhinchak foottapping numbers and time pass comedy. Books Still love the old Tinkle comics. Quality has gone down a lot later on but some of the older Tinkle comics was pure classic. Love Archie comics too TV More picky here but recently binge watched a few episodes of Koffee with Karan on Hotstar looking for the Pandya-Rahul episode. Made me but still watched ; episodes straight
  23. maniac

    Biggest Match Winners in Tests

    @zen based on your criteria where would Ashwin or Jadeja stand the way we have been destroying teams at home? and no way Ashwin or Jadeja should be in the discussion of GOAT match winners
  24. maniac

    Biggest Match Winners in Tests

    Criteria is subjective. Let us take Australia for example. Everyone says Hayden,Ponting, Warne,McGrath but for me the difference maker was Gilchrist. He would take middling scores like 130/5 to 300+ in no time or 300/5 would be 500 in no time and the bowlers would wrap up the opposition. Every test that Sl won during their non minnow phase from 1996-2012 was due to Murali and every test then since Herath but the Victory quantity might not be as much as Bradman because he had to play against only 2-3 teams. In mid 90s no test playing was an outright minnow including Zimbabwe when even they had 2-3 match winners. South Africa who missed 3 decades where a top tier team.Toughest era for me. So you can’t pick black and white stats to call some one the greatest match winner.

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