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  1. You mean someone who is the top scorer in the wc?
  2. How can someone be the 5th bowler and the no.7 batsman. Stokes is a no.5 and the 5th-6th bowler. That defines bits and pieces. “Tried” but failed which means he cannot play a long innings.
  3. Lol no, he goes gaga because he is winning there and has a good team.
  4. I think the popular media doesn’t show tweets of the actual fans who are disappointed, some fake Dhoni PR bots. Surprisingly cheerleaders like cskbuzz and sportstak have said India looked one dimensional and kind of criticized Dhoni.
  5. Any feedback on “cameo bat- 5th bowler” Pandya?
  6. Almost pulled off in the sense chasing a subpar total and failing . Can you imagine had Nzl got 300? Also define middle order? Our 7 and 8 had a partnership and it was unexpected from Jadeja and Dhoni as usual played a pointless knock in the end.
  7. Also I keep hearing this that Dhoni of 2019 is not Dhoni of 2011. WTF is that supposed to mean.if he has declined he has no spot in the team. Not just on ICF but even by TV experts I keep hearing this
  8. Not like keto diet vegan Kohli and chick magnets with 6 packs Rahul and Pandya made a difference or even the old man who apparently wins every 100m race in training. These guys are bits and pieces at best. Sad that this the best we got.
  9. Lol how is that the same thing? We won in Australia- reality You said had you qualified you would beat India- wet dream Farak smajhte ho dhakkan?
  10. He already is as a captain. Losing is acceptable but even in RCB Nehra was running like a headless chicken and shouting instructions in the final over where he was just standing clueless. Now his cluelessness is not acceptable
  11. Pandya needs to up his game. His fans praise his bowling as he is a professional 5th bowler and a professional cameo bat. That’s actuallya definition of bits and pieces
  12. So would Zimbabwe but they didn’t qualify either so next time your team tours Zimbabwe you guys can decide who would potentially beat India. Also don’t forget your other padosis who might really kick your ass as they might get rid of Gulbadan without whom they were rolling you over
  13. Same Ganguly was going gaga over Pant,Pandya and even Shankar. Last few minutes of his commentary today when Dhoni was batting was
  14. Apart from our top 3- including KL Rahul ( different debate on this) we have DK a keeper-bat who has been batting at 7 or as a floater without ever put in a position to play to build an innings- not an excuse, that is the case because he is not a full batsman. Jadhav in the same category. Bats at 7. Not good enough to bat up the order or to accelerate but supposedly a batting allrounder Pant- excuses have started for him ala Dhoni, he is young, he is a keeper bat etc etc Pandya- a “specialist allrounder” only good for cameos Dhoni- A guy who is fit for one role that is “stabilizing an innings” even then not good enough to bat at 5/3 Jadeja- blasphemy to criticize him today but there is no guarantee he will play an innings like this again in his next 20 matches Vijay Shankar- he is an “allrounder”? Bhuvi- “supposedly” a bowling allrounder No wonder it is game over once we are 2 wickets down. Pandya is not a Ben Stokes and Pant is not a Jos Butler. Hope they evolve into one though
  15. I really hope that is sarcasm
  16. Had nothing to do with the rain. In fact rain gave us a fair shot. Had we lost in a t20 type game yesterday it would have been somewhat better but we had this game wrapped up in a silver platter. As you rightly said a guy who fields at deep fine leg and let’s someone else do the job doesn’t deserve it.
  17. 2003 we lost to the greatest team of our generation. It was disappointing but when you think about it, inevitable. 2007 obviously nothing comes close to that shock. 2019 we had the cup for the taking, we got a weak team in semis and final would be either against a team that is not mentally strong or a team that we beat in the early stages. This has to be right up there with 1987 as a golden chance missed.
  18. True our test team is more exciting to watch than our odi team infact reverse order our T20 team is the most boring of all. We have guys like Zak etc playing T10 so truly truly in reverse
  19. Minus Rohit's FCA from his total tally, you might get 175 :)
  20. No we need him to start building a team before handing off to a youngster after 2023 wc. Kohli has shown to be incompetent working with youngsters. I like that we are grooming a young guy like Iyer for captaincy like Aus does. He should be ready soon as well.
  21. welcome back man. you came back on a day there has been a mass quitting on ICF :)
  22. in 2015 we lost to rampaging aussies, this was an upset because we took it for granted we are in the finals.
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