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  1. That's funny. Pakistanis and Bangladeshi fans said the same thing about Nzl and now Indian fans but they are in the finals and one good day might win the cup
  2. Rohit looked like he wanted it bad. was in the balcony cheering every run. all his hard work wasted
  3. Waiting for the WC finals to be over. time to focus on bigger and better goals. obviously wasted too much time to not know what they are but will figure it out on the 14th.
  4. You made it so far man. I work with a couple of bongs who quit cricket after Ganguly's retirement You guys are genuine sports lovers and we need more of guys like you, @asterix @express bowling and many other great bong fans here. I am sure @Audiophile has cancelled willow subscription again :giggle:
  5. maniac


    That's because we know where you are going with it. obviously everyone called out Virat as an idiot for doing that but obviously you can't think behind the ummah and jummah. I think you live in US unless unca trump has shipped your butt back to whatever shithole you are from. jeez you guys can't think beyond religion, can you?
  6. Bhai. The guy sitting outside always looks better. Never seen Pujara in a LOI game ever and Rahane is as much as a choker as the rest. agree on Jadhav,DK etc but we need to move forward not backward
  7. I will neither confirm nor deny. but as I said genuine retirement. will play leagues ( occasional IPL appearence)) but done with intl. cricket
  8. Dhoni and Pujara in the modern odi game. may be we should go the opposite of England and fill our LOI's with test specialists
  9. I am done after the WC finals. BTW me and I am retiring from ICF after the final Disclaimer: I am not sage. mujhe samajh ke use gaali nahin dena or vice-versa :)
  10. maniac


    True. Aug 14th ke baad shayad Pakistan us din phir se azaad hua. world-history me yaad rahega woh din
  11. maniac


    Thought belief in Karma is haram because Karma is a kaafir concept. Hope you are not booked under blasphemy
  12. Have a feeling Dhawan will be done too soon.He had 1-2 good innings in the last 2-3 years but never say never.
  13. Already have Pant and Hardik, need more such cricketers. Indian ODI side is boring
  14. Indian cricket has become laborious and boring. we need a total overhaul or else odi game is going to die in India
  15. Biggest takeaway here . People still read newspaper?
  16. Now with this result the only game that mattered was the Pak win. Shankar delivered there so all sins forgiven. Yes DK is useless as he has been throughout his career.
  17. Skip dessert. Kohli press conference going on right now
  18. No I am fan who wants to see the team win and feel helpless when I see all this bs happening in front of me. Our selectors had the balls to drop Kapil in 1994, 2 years before the wc. Gavaskar retires on his own even though could have hung around till the next round of overseas tours. Dhoni is in neither category, hence the pain
  19. So now Kohli is calling the shots? We all know he is the same guy who fields at deep mid wicket infact was fielding at fine leg today
  20. Not His fault? Hiding at 7 and then playing a selfish knock. Obviously in every loss there will be 3-4 players who had a bad game. Guess the common pattern
  21. Those 30 bad matches included 2 WC’s and a few WT20s
  22. That’s better than watching VVS sing doni calisa with “h” silent
  23. Bro we are fans of Indian cricket but most importantly cricket. Atleast stick around till WC finals. Feel the burnout as well. Planning to take a loooong sabbatical after the Wc. Applies to all my “alleged” ids as well
  24. 2007 SF piggy backed on Yuvi's knock. 2011 on Gambhir's knock. biggest freeloader ever and as the thread says leech
  25. Why the sympathies. He got it to a point of RR going over 15 rpo especially when the guy at the other end got more than a run a ball 50. He should have trusted his partner who is supposedly a bowling allrounder to give him back the strike instead of risking a 2 against one of the best fielders in the world. No sympathies. Brainless cricket and a selfish innings reflective of the 2nd half of his career.
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