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  1. Omg I thought this super V was a one time joke and not an actual series
  2. Listening to Kohli’s press conferences and interviews are so bland.
  3. Rupa Gurunath president of TNCA. from mama to akka now @velu @Real McCoy @Stan AF @vvvslaxman
  4. Pollard is a good captain. Looks like learning from the best helper him
  5. I was just about to praise Chahar lol but still best bowler from our side today
  6. Yes it says this video is not available in your region probably blocked by the content provider
  7. To be fair he didn’t choke. He came in a very difficult situation. Did the hard work and then was out to an outstanding catch. You can say bad luck but yes overall he has a history of choking. However I thought in his most recent run he did well in the opportunities he got as a cameo specialist.
  8. When is this Ravi Shastri bwc episode happening? Or has it already streamed? Will be a blockbuster
  9. Manish Pandey is going to get a loooong run once siva becomes the selector. He seems to be a big fan of his fielding
  10. I think the word Allrounder is thrown around very generously on this forum. I don’t think his batting is any better
  11. @Austin 3:!6 I am sure you know what’s going to be the response but here you go anyway for the benefit of new members
  12. Wait till IPL when BCCI President starts mentoring Delhi Daredevils :)
  13. That is such a vague quality. I am sure you can say the same about any mediocre player. I am not a fan of Pandya either but atleast he has performed in IPL and made a mark there. Domestic performances have to be taken with a pinch of salt especially for allrounders. Jadeja has 3 300s, Rishi Dhawan was supposedly a top allrounder.
  14. Hetmeyer got the elevation not the distance - India’s chief selector
  15. Bump. So sad to see this guy play for India in this day and age when are the most powerful cricket team in the world in all aspects
  16. Not dead alive and not “functioning” @velu
  17. Our coach is a teenager at heart. Does it count? By the way correct me if Iam wrong but you are from Pak right? Misbah fits the bill so you are ok with him?
  18. I know what they were, Pointless waste of time that had no impact on the final outcome. No disrespect to the freedom fighters who genuinely wanted to take part with the true belief in their hearts. unfortunately it wasn't enough. The whole azaadi bina khadg bina dhaal is a bunch of bs that has been fed to us. By the way did Nehru or Gandhi ever go to Kaalapani jail?
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