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  1. I was going to make the thread @beetle but chalo Np
  2. Let’s go Orange army @beetle @nikred @Sandeep99 @gattaca
  3. True non-regional biased fans @beetle ji and @Switchblade protesting for Rishabh Pant's outster
  4. That is my point. it wasn't many months back just the beginning of March. so just a month back. all it took for him to lose a spot was a couple of bad games against Aus and IPL. it is bad luck. Look I know he is not a reliable player. good decision to leave him out. However doesn't mask the fact that he was unlucky to lose form at the wrong time.
  5. I agree. regardless of the trolling and banter,his gameplay against quality fast bowling is suspect. However disqualifying him from the race was a fan perspective. He was given an extended run by the TM and limping his way he some how stayed afloat. Now he missed the bus. Indian fans can sure say good riddance but doesn't mean he shouldn't feel hard luck after losing out on what he thought was guaranteed a few days ago
  6. @beetle ji one hand you think Pant after doing jack in LOI format and hitting one handed hoicks is unlucky to miss out on a WC slot but Rayudu who just a few days ago was guaranteed to go to the WC but missed the bus at the last moment as well deserved Personally I think both didn't deserve to be there. but at the same time Rayudu is a lot more unlucky than Pant in missing out. what is so difficult to comprehend?
  7. Pant will play the same regardless.
  8. Yes it was foolish. See is Rayudu an undeserving hack in the first place is a different debate. 40 days back after the Nzl knock people begrudgingly accepted he would be part of the WC squad. Sure he might have ruined it himself. However from an individual perspective,why shouldn't he think of that as bad luck? I mean in a month his fortunes changed and that is definitely hard luck. what is so difficult to understand
  9. Handscombe is a good.steady player. Better than Stoinis
  10. Dude stitchflade did you even read my post before troll voting me
  11. What is wrong with what he said? Would a professional sportsman who gave all his life to the sport be celebrating on missing the pinnacle of that sport- the world cup after he was almost on the fringes of selection a couple of months back? You may like Rayudu or hate him or think he doesn't deserve a spot, it is hard luck for sure.
  12. In a 80/5 situation both Pant and DK at this point are not reliable But in a situation where 30-40 required in the last few overs I would say DK is a lot more reliable than Pant. Pant has done nothing to give that kind of an assurance that he can play smart cricket. Keeping both are equal. Pant has done himself no favors with those one handed hoicks and throwing away his wicket at crunch moments. Not that Karthik is setting the world on fire but he has been under the radar a little but this IPL. Pant should have gotten enough chances to establish himself by now so it didn't happen. too bad. But right now DK is a safer bet than Pant by all accounts.
  13. I will tell you the worst thing that can happen due to this Jadeja selection apart from his mediocre batting and bowling, He will somehow sneak in to the X1 here and there breaking the Kul-Cha Jodi breaking any momentum they might build up.
  14. Pretty much an expected squad,so no surprises or disappointments. Would have personally preferred Pant or a 4th seamer like Saini for Jadeja though but it is what it is. Hpow the fk does Jadeja keep becoming a front runner and get into the squad in these tournaments
  15. Preparation for Imad Wasim,Shakib and Maharaj Any ways agree 100% with your verdict
  16. Rule- 1 player from each of the 10 teams+ 1 extra player from any of the 10 teams. This is based on who you think will stand out from their respective teams Here is mine. Looks relatively weak in the bowling dept but obviously the challenge is to accommodate one potential standout player in this WC from each team in a X1. A.Markram (SA) T.Iqbal (Bang) V.Kohli (India) S.Hetmeyer (WI) J.Butler (Eng) G.Maxwell (Aus) T.Perera (SL) R.Khan (Afg) K.Yadav (Ind) T.Boult (Nzl) J.Khan (Pak)
  17. Pandya bros Bumrah Alzarri Joseph Chahal Rana R.Chahar Also helped resurrect careers of Malinga,Johnson and Mcleneghan
  18. maniac

    List of young players groomed by Rohit Sharma

    Steve Jobs doesn’t code Quincy Jones doesn’t sing
  19. I think the general consensus is India,Eng and Nzl are the favorites to reach semis. Lot of us are wary of how predictably unpredictable Pakistan is and are the perennial dark horse in every tournament. SA can spring a surprise and they have some good players and a gun bowling attack and seem to be getting on a lot of semi final lists solely on reputation. WI Srilanka,Bangladesh and even Afghanistan can stun any team on their day and we can’t call it an upset but in this new format they may not able to keep up sustained consistency. However Australia has gone down a little on reputation and seems to be under the radar due to recent performances. You cannot write them off completely. Guys like Khwaja,Head,Maxwell,Marsh bros and Stoinis may individually not look like a lot but when they play around Warner and Smith,they will look much more intimidating. Their only Achilles heel seems to be a proper spinner but Zampa is evolving well. They have over-experimented too much recently and hoped that something sticks by throwing every crap available. However their 15 man squad picks itself and it looks solid. they tend to raise their bar in world tourneys and I think they might spring a surprise this World Cup. I won’t be surprised if they win the whole thing.
  20. Sun Risers Hyderabad :hail: hail: Daley :hail: Ishu :hail: Pari :hail: Misraji :hail: Sammy :hail: Daan veer sur karn :hail: Rajan,reddy,vihari all other support bowlers :clap:
  21. Probably,the best player of Pace bowling...Too bad doesn't get conducive surfacs in S.C. The 2nd best player of the Pull/Hook after Ponting in recent times The 3rd best player of the Cut shot after Gilly/Viru in recent times. Hope he gets some phaaast pitches and makes a case for S.A :pray: He looks really comfy playing phaaaast bowling...mark my words,he is going to spring in some surprises :winky:
  22. Script has been leaked SRH doesn’t have huge power brokers at helm, just a bunch of put your head down and work hard type of honest blokes, so governing council will not let them advance....as it has been happening since time immemorial the hard working average joe working class man will be held down MI has been unfairly criticized for misusing power despite winning fair and square and being the most successful IPL team and captain ever, so Governing council might personally request real super bhabhi to hold back a bit - so MI might just go through the motions this year. KKR- Governing council will script them to miss qualifiers by a close margin..will make for an exciting story and SRK’s eunuch type antics in a close match might raise some TRP’s. DD- script or no script they are hopeless here are my IPL semi finalists RCB- Kohli’s captaincy is under the radar, so what better way to script a comeback from behind story...Governing council has a hard on for such stories usually. RR and CSK- after being banned for fixing, the fans have lost faith and have lost hope...so to reinvigorate interest these 2 teams will be scripted to move ahead. RR will be left at the altar and will get bashed badly in the semi finals. Punjab- as I said Governing council has a hard on for underdog stories, Punjab’s renaissance this year has been a surprising story, so watch out. Also Zinta’s dimples Piercing through cement like Botox might Again be good for TV. Punjab to crash out in a close game as well. Finals Huge hype for Guru vs Sishya type of scenario almost like WWE type buildup. Game with ups and downs....Dhoni will be 12 from 2 balls, will hit a 6 and then get caught by a whisker on the boundary next ball..Dhoni will be shocked...Kohli will be pumped up and then they both will hug and cry....passing of the torch moment. Kohli will praise Dhoni, Dhoni will say Kohli is the future leader, Governing council will be proud of a job well done. Sorry if you see typos or grammatical mistakes, I was copying confidential information and was scared I will be caught...so doing this all in a hurry.
  23. You guys are truly passionate fans

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