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  1. I think @ShoonyaSifar brings up a good point, ironically he picked South Africa as the place to say something racist against a black guy. Funny in a sad way.
  2. You or a select few might have a moral compass, as I said none of the idiocy got punished. Even Amir got a heroes welcome. I personally was ok with him returning after the ban because he did his time however the clamoring started day 1 after his ban. There are lot more issues. Pandya and Rahul are in trouble for saying some dumb stuff o some c grade show where as clear religious bias displayed went unchecked. That’s what I was addressing.
  3. That is you more hoping for your favorite teams balance than PCB taking a stance
  4. @cric_fan if an Indian player goes on a TV show says “in <any religion> zehnaiyat aisi hai” trust me he will never play cricket ever again. It was just passed as yet another day at the office in Pakistan. If any Indian cricketer says my religion is better than yours and you will go to hell trust me BCCI will send him to hell first.
  5. Do you see Indian players preach religion on the field or abuse other religions on TV shows and other crap or use racial slurs? Bhajji didn’t even say it and it became a huge controversy for something that sounded racial. This is worse.
  6. Most foreign people by now know the word “kaala” or “Kallu” as a slur used by desis for black People. In the US atleast in areas where there are a lot of desis nj,ca,Chicago etc most of them know it. Sure Haysman who travelled all over the world knows that something was not right with what Sarfaraz said
  7. These Pakistanis do they have any sensitivity training or anything? An active player says Hinduon ki Zehniyat Afridi lost track of his idiocy Shehzad saying Islam or else you will go to hell Now racial slurs Symbolic of their nation I guess
  8. Only in Pakistan is this Tothla captaincy material
  9. Rameez Raja difficult to translate that because it is a big long sentence???
  10. It’s not a knockout game they will be fine.
  11. Pakistan were gifted the 1st odi by their favorite Amla bhai
  12. I will pick Dhoni over Amla that’s how bad Amla is. Most useless LOI player.
  13. maniac

    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    Bhuvi is overrated in LOIs simpler
  14. maniac

    Best test batting inning of 2018

    There should be a category for best advice in test matches as well :)
  15. maniac

    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    If V all type in desi style txting than gulla is gng 2 b d mst articulate bot on dis frum
  16. Our back up pool of seamers are just not good enough at this point of time be it Siraj or Khaleel. Shankar got away with it yesterday but it is a joke if he plays as the full time 3rd seamer. We can’t play our top 2 LOI bowlers in the same X1 -Kulcha because it ruins the balance of the side. Dhoni’s keeping has been ordinary and in English conditions he might have even more problems. We chased a total of 231 in the 50th over on a relatively flat wicket. That too In a game where we lost only 3 wickets. This shows our outdated approach. This is not for Dhoni bashing purposes, none of the middle order batsmen are reliable even though DK and Jadhav both played match winning knocks. Shikhar Dhawan’s form. We are over reliant on top 3 and we can’t have one of them look out of sorts. Lack of fire power at the slog overs. Jadhav and DK can they sustain hitting from ball 1? Maybe DK but Jadhav too looks like someone who needs to settle down before he starts hitting. Lack of 5th and 6th bowler.
  17. maniac

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Sanjay Manjrekar makes a lot of good points. Sometimes he is too bleak for his own good but a lot of time he hits a lot of nerves with sensible points. Sorry @Gollum this is Manju the commie/ personality not the cricketer so thought relevant here
  18. maniac

    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    Good initiative though. I think ICF has always kept a right balance between fun and sensitivity right from the beginning especially the current group of mods/admins. I think you guys need to keep up your work rather than trying anything new. My only problem is with posters like this starpower or whatever that is purely spamming and is an eyesore to read. Rest all is fine.
  19. maniac

    Using 50 words or less in our posts

    Pandya Brothers are club level cricketers - 6 words
  20. maniac

    **ANNOUNCEMENT: Goals & Policy Changes for 2019**

    Fk @Malcolm Merlyn . Oops sorry thought this was the watched any new TV shows thread. Just watched Arrow I apologize “main Maniac ,Rohit Sharma ke stats ki saugandh khaa ke kehta hoon ki main apne kartavya ka palan (no more trolling) aatma shuddhi ke saat karunga aur ICF ke kone kone mein cricket acumen phailaunga”
  21. maniac

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    @Stradlater we can argue the semantics of the actual land mass area etc but the very fact that we have a chapter dedicated every Islamic invader but an empire which ruled a significant land mass of present day India is totally kept out. I dont know what the syllabus or ciricullum is now but every middle school kid knows who Tughlaq is or Qutubuddin Aibak is. What are the odds they knew who Krishna Deva Raya is or Hampi which was a significant trading city of medieval India? The Ahom dynasty of Assam defeated the Mughal empire in its peak. Do we even learn that? The Portuguese were defeated by a small obscure kingdom in Kerala. All we learn is the beating we took by Mughals and the foreign invaders. We learn that we won Azaadi due to ahimsa which did jack **** for us. British left us after world war 2 and also netajj’s azad hind fauj that gave an alternative to the soldier.

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