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  1. Indian State Elections 2018

    Have a feeling it is kind of a conspiracy by Amit Shah...big Modi fan but don’t trust Shah even though he has done a commendable job so far. Feel this is done to put Yogi in his place and halt is momentum a little...Yogi is growing in stature by day even exceeding Modis popularity in some quarters. I think @Singh bling has posted something similar already...kind of agree
  2. Not going to insult Unadkut...Hope he brings every variation he can...we need him...we can go back to hating him after that anyways
  3. Bangladesh create history.

    In other news @Austin 3:!6 has gone on a fast,animal sacricifce spree, filling hundis across all places of worship, feeding cows and pretty much every religious thing you can think of to appease the gods for an Indian victory
  4. Even in the 90s we got a few solid reliable overs here and there from Kumble,Srinath or even Agarkar. In the 80s it was Kapil Dev This bowling attack is ridiculous.
  5. First time I will say this....bring Unadkut in the side for the final...our chances will increase
  6. He won’t I assure you
  7. All Rohit has to do is activate beast mode against these minnows <insert wwf champ Rohit pic>
  8. Whatta bunch of buffoons all of them
  9. Pakistan Super League - Season 3

    Can PCB hire @KeyboardWarrior he has made PSL look somewhat relevant lol...doing a better job than them Mushfiqur Rahim and his Nagin dance has totally made PSL even more irrelevant
  10. Ee Sala Cup Namde : The Official 2018 RCB thread

    Got butt kicked twice by Hyderabad how can we forget As good as the 11-0 streak
  11. Bangladesh create history.

    God now I have to be invested in this stupid final of this mediocre tournament. Losing to Bangladesh will be an embarrassment and winning won’t mean much and just business as usual.
  12. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    Teams like UAE don’t deserve a odi status ....also from what I know and someone can correct me If I am wrong but Arab countries don’t grant citizenship to people even if they are born there. I know UK is similar but they have other “paths to citizenship” However UAE might be a little different as you can only be a citizen based on ethinicity or having the Arab blood so teams like UAE just make up numbers with expats.
  13. Nepal has secured ODI status!!!

    When do we play them?
  14. Vijay Shankar: I want to be a genuine allrounder

    Can you name the MI players in the current Nidihaas Trophy squad or players with any kind of affiliation with “Mumbai”
  15. Be it Sachin fans vs haters Dhoni fans vs anti Dhoni fans be it Rohit Sharma critics vs fans or Kohli fans vs critics or phaaast bowling fans etc etc
  16. Mods can move it to chit chat if they want
  17. What kind of vegetarian are you ?

    Right now No.2 I eat egg. Started as 1 and 3 as a kid Then became 2 Then in school it was no.7. No one “forced” me though but I was definitely tempted to try.So by default covers no.5 as well Then in college was no.6 Then one day just randomly decided to become 1 again Now eventually settled at 2 So never been 4... 8 if you are an Indian is pretty much goes without saying.
  18. Washington Sundar is the find of this pointless tournament...very impressive young man. However I always felt it was between him and Krunal Pandya for that spin bowling all rounder slot. Both Sundar and K.Pandya impressed in the IPL 2017. However for now it is safe to say that Sundar has moved up the pecking order. Obviously Sundar seems the better bowler but I like K.Pandya’s batting skills...From what I have seen the better bat But the questions I have is why has K.Pandya fallen below the pecking order? Is there an opportunity/slot for both? Are they comparable in terms of skill levels? Will Pandya sr fit in the scheme of things right now? Ashwin and Jadeja don’t think it is 100% curtains for them yet with them being star players in the IPL they will get plenty of opportunities to be back in the scheme of things what do you guys think?
  19. The guy looks the real deal whenever I saw him with the bat...hope he translates it on the big stage. Good luck for his debut.
  20. Washington Sundar vs Krunal Pandya

    Yes has proved to be a good bowler and that too against 2 teams atleast where the stereotype is they play spin well being from the subcontinent...might do well against the white boys and WI hacks as well. Havent seen his batting at any level but seen Krunal bat and bowl...I think Sundar is ahead as the bowler but is he a better bat than Krunal?
  21. Yes should have tried the bench a lot more. Pant is unfortunately out for now,Rahul should have never been dropped,DK is in for his keeping but looks like the team management rates him highly as a batsman too . Pandey has done well so won’t be dropped. Rohit and Dhawan pick themselves However even Sundar and Shankar who have got opportunities in the team have not gotten chance to showcase their batting skills but credit where due have grabbed their opportunities with the ball in what is a weak bowling attack overall so where does Hooda fit in?
  22. no wonder Dravid was rejecting all the extra money BCCI was giving him...huge returns ke chakkar me Anyways jokes apart first rule of financial investment not thought in any B school...common sense....when a scheme is too good to be true,question it.
  23. ICF T-shirts

  24. Rohit Sharma - Berserk mode ON !!!

    Who is denying Raina’s knock today....I am replying to the claim that the middleorder would knock the opposition into submission on this pitch. spade a spade 31(30) was a bit too cautious,however our approach has always been that one of the top 3 bat through and none of our middle order have shown the firepower. What is the tangible proof that if Rohit had got out at 20(10) we would score 200+ we might have still ended up at a similar score. Every knock there is a thin line between being a good knock and a bad knock and based on the result his knock was good...good to expect a 100(40) balls every game but this was a good knock

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