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  1. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    Sanga was a beast towards the end of his career which probably clouds my judgement and he also retired at his peak....he could have easily amassed a few more runs...given how Aussie and even South African pitches behave these days could have gotten that average up....where as we remember Dravid's golden run in England 2011 but a for year or so before that he was clearly on the down. maybe on a minefield or a green mamba Dravid hands down but on a relatively good even paced track or a patta no one can cash it in like Sanga that's why I give him the edge
  2. Prithvi Shaw

    Very promising....I usually don't demonize IPL like some of the posters on here but I really hope for his sake he doesn't play the IPL for a year or even 2....I want him to even play test cricket before he gets a lucrative IPL contract. Yes he has the right to make big IPL $$$ but I see in his case there is a huge downside if he gets a taste of it first.
  3. Hafeez gets caught chucking again

    In other news the youngest man in the world was born in Mexico....oh wait China.....oh wait India....oh wait India again....................
  4. Arjun Tendulkar selected in Mumbai U-19 squad

    This I don't agree with...even though I kind of admire Arjun putting in the hard yards even though he doesn't really need to, these net sessions could be used for local domestic or university players. I remember watching a net session once....Sachin was practicing and the local university bowlers(who looked like decent bowlers) where bowling at him...he pretty much lofted and smashed every ball straight like it was lollipop bowling even though it was evident that the university bowlers where giving it their all and the ball was coming at a decent pace....on the other hand Javagal Srinath would take 2 or 3 steps and roll his arm over and Sachin would just play a compact defensive shot. Biggest takeaway from this anyway was Sir Aggy's batting practice ..the guy had proper technique and balance almost text book-esque
  5. Dravid v Sanga - who was better test batsman?

    Sangakkara marginally ahead
  6. Junaid Khan is a chucker and a flash in the pan...so not important...Yes however praising Amir the fixer is embarrassing ...I agree with you on that...glad we are on the same page
  7. Of course Amir,Karach Halwa,Biscuits from Karachi bakery then there would definitely be a pattern wouldn't it? Anyway it's just a marketing ploy...praise from Kohli means a lot more across the border than the other way round from Amir I guess
  8. You can be stressful that's all I can say
  9. No one rates Anderson.....But for sure yes he is more accomplished than Amir and he has had a lot of success against Kohli .you missed the context of the post I guess
  10. Sachin absolutely destroyed Warne in the 98 tour...it was a total ass whooping. Had Kohli said this about Jimmy Anderson who totally owned him It would make sense given that Anderson is really one of the best of this generation even though there could be some debate about it....Amir really?
  11. Agree but if Kohli has to pick a bowler who got a better of him than why not Anderson??? This Amir thing is definitely a marketing ploy
  12. Amir is no where close to being the best of this era but again he did well against India which is the benchmark in Pak-explains long careers of Kamran Akmal,Shoaib Malik,Afridi etc etc
  13. Embarrassing....need to throw up.....does Kohli even know that this guy is a convicted felon? If any of us had a friend like Amir,pretty sure our moms would by now say "don't be friends with such people...burey sangat me mat pado" or even ground us till we get better friends
  14. Exactly my point. Nair has been out due to his issues against pace.that is more technical...but when he had the opportunity to cash in he made frickin 300 against a top side in his what 2nd game? That itself takes grit and temperament. These players look flashy because we see them mostly in IPL where they have to bat like that..So are we saying that none of these batsmen have ever scored on a minefield or grassy track in domestics? If that is the case I agree with OP there is a problem...or else there is no tangible measurement for grit. Reading Dravid's statement in the quoted part and then comparing to what OP says is contradicting...Dravid called Hardik a player adapting to conditions and who in recent times has more exciting strokeplay than Hardik? And as you said Pandey and Jadhav throwing it away in positions where they can cash in is more of a problem and at the same time coming in at 250/3 in 35 th over and getting a 50(45) balls is also a problem....adaptability would be a better word here
  15. Also I have seen a certain section of ICF always mocking the failures of new comer or a youngster and suggesting there are no alternatives to the oldies...now @sandeep I don't know if you fall in that category or not but nitpicking on youngsters without having seen anything bugs me.
  16. Again your question doesn't make any sense-how can they have stellar domestic records if they do not care enough about being gritty? Sure IPL $$$ has made some players clearly take the easy option of just focusing on IPL and skipping everything else-That has more to do with laziness than grit as far as the batsmen you have mentioned I haven't seen anything that suggests that. Once again for your benefit-having a good career domestic record shows grit and IPL is the last place where you need to show grit isn't that obvious? Now Dravid as a coach might have some issues with the overlapping of techniques while adapting from one format to other and he might have noticed something but nothing as a follower of the game gives me that opinion yet as I have not seen any of the players you mentioned in that setting. Have you?
  17. What I got from your post You said the current lot lack grit- they have stellar domestic records just like the previous era and have more adaptability across all formats-which is a upgrade You were clamoring for the next Sunil Gavaskar and Rahul Dravid when there is no place for them in the modern era may be a 2006 Rahul Dravid but that's about it. Then you brought in IPL hacks into the debate-which the players you mentioned atleast are clearly not may be apart from Sarfaraz a case can be made. Sachin Tendulkar type player comes once in a generation but then Sachin was a flashy cricketer when he started as well,so were most ATG batsmen so that is a good start rather than a concern which is what I addressed I have never explained the dame thing written in the same language 3 times before-congratulations !!!!
  18. Is there anything I misinterpreted...all those points have been debunked
  19. Thinking like this is why we keep recycling Nehra,Karthik,Yuvraj etc and keep persisting with Dhoni.
  20. What Garbage!!! What is the basis for this gibberish? Let us see None of the guys you mentioned bar Karun Nair have played international test cricket and infact the guy got a 300 in one of the matches.There was nothing flashy about how he got out in the remainder games. It was a certain weakness against pace that got exploited and hopefully he will improve on it. The rest like Iyer,Samson,Pant the place most of us have seen them for the most part is IPL which last time I checked is hit and miss cricket. Now if you are basing this on their domestic performances,don't most of these guys have stellar domestic records? which you only get due to "consistency" ....you don't get consistency if you don't have the temperament...and all the guys can score at a much faster rate shows the clear improvement over previous era. Sachin evolved to become a consistent run machine after a couple of years of experience and before that he did play a lot of flashy innings. Gavaskar was a flashy cricketer who for the sake of the team became a super defensive batsman...he did have a arsenal of shots as well but that won't work in 2017. Rahul Dravid another name you bring up upped his scoring rate in all forms of the games as he evolved and adjusted to the needs of the modern game which makes him a great.A Rahul David of the 90s is the last thing you need in this day and age. This thread reminds me of something a man from old city Hyderabad once said -dehleez pe thook dena which in English translates to premature ejaculation
  21. Yeah when you spout stupidity like equating stone pelting incident to religious extremism and militancy and other such boneheaded statements what do you expect? Can you point me to the conspiracy theories? and as far as tounge in cheek humor goes isn't that the best way to respond to idiotic statements? making sense with your posts would be a start if you want "intellectual debates" even though I wonder what level of intellect that would need.
  22. Yeah provide me with presidential level security,I would love to visit Pak just like the brave srilankans or the PSL players.
  23. Well all black people are thugs is also a horrible racial stereotype but doesn't mean that you will walk without a worry in the world in South Chicago at midnight
  24. The scenario where you have to provide presidential level security and bringing life to a standstill for an exhibition game like the recent world x1 tour or for a PSL game played by a bunch of nobodies is not something to be proud of....in fact it is a very sad reflection of the safety in Pakistan.

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