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  1. maniac

    Grievances thread

  2. maniac

    How old do I look?

    You look 23-25.....Damn people have already beaten me with the Rashid Khan references
  3. maniac

    Grievances thread

    cmon...a forum that welcomes gibberish from a bot like @Rasgulla is either the most benevolent place. Let us all get along
  4. maniac

    Grievances thread

    If that is what offended you so badly,let me tell you the real world is one cruel place lol
  5. maniac

    Grievances thread

    word of the day
  6. maniac

    Grievances thread

    My grievance is with any snowflake that gets offended and posts a grievance( did I just do that )
  7. Skeptics stay away....only those seeking higher level of consciousness and bliss are welcome :)
  8. Just like “come to India” my thread had been misunderstood...In another era these would have been scriptures...My job is to show the light and path to enlightenment.
  9. maniac

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Happiest takeaway from this thread
  10. maniac

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    @velu please do the needful....when in doubt just reboot @Rasgulla
  11. maniac

    Jinnah did more harm than good for Muslims..

    Jinnah,Nehru,Mountbatten were all culprits in the partition of India They all were equally responsible for one of the largest human migration and probably the biggest acts of communal violence( on either side )in the history of mankind Now technically that gets Jinnah only part of the blame However apparently the Pakistanis and obviously Indians want to give/take all the credit as Jinnah the architect for the partition Do the Pakistanis admit that he gets the blame for all the violence and mass human displacement as well? You can’t have it both ways. Anyway my personal opinion Is all 3 are equally to blame.
  12. maniac

    Dhoni : a polarizing persona.

    Been a while
  13. Kaunse Mechanic shed mein kaam karta hai bhai?
  14. This guy looks like a way way less intelligent version of Cho Ramaswamy @velu @vvvslaxman.
  15. but Amitabh vs Modi who would win? In some remote places in India,people still think Kalam is our president...He is one of the most popular Indians of this century...may be he is not as celebrated in TN going by the way you are constructing your argument by just pigeon holing Kalam as just a great scientist. I did not bring in Ramanujan for a reason so the Bhabha argument doesn;t count...these guys were great but Kalam is way more popular at a ground level then these names whether that is fair or not is an argument for another day.
  16. Agreed...Even Velu is just having fun
  17. A nuclear scientist? lol we are talking about the father of the Indian nuclear program and a former president of India.....one of the greatest Indians ever....even Gandhi and Nehru get criticized but you won't see a single bad thing said about Kalam. Vishy Anand is one of the greatest sports persons from India ever period. These are not some nobodies like you make it seem.
  18. Serious question,Is there any significant monument or landmark named after Anand or Kalam?
  19. While people go crazy for Dhoni and Rajanikanth, no one gives a fk about Vishy Anand or Kalam who are the 2 actual tamilians who deserve to be hero worshipped
  20. maniac

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    Yep Hardik Kallis,Ravindra Sobers and MS Gilchrist ...sure lol
  21. maniac

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    Anyway my answer to the question Not Good Enough....Next!!!!
  22. maniac

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    I am a proud fan..can you say the same atleast my excuses are not “respect your elders”
  23. maniac

    What happened to This Ravindra Jadeja the Batsman

    Ankit Sharma is to Dhoni what VVvs is to CSK

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