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  1. Should we now play Pakistan in a bilateral contest

    No....when was this ever about rankings etc....now people pointing at Bollywood scum and other sporting bodies which play against Pak,the focus should be on them to make them stop rather than BCCI...one of the rare instances that BCCI has got it a 100% right
  2. Need for stabilizers in the T20 game !!!

    Good point...stabilizers are an outdated concept and so is Dhoni
  3. Dhoni needs to follow Nehra

    Yes we had a weird paper for 50%moral science combined with 50% GK(general knowledge) the marks wouldn't count towards your overall aggregate but if you failed this paper you wouldn't be eligible for a rank
  4. Dhoni needs to follow Nehra

    Also Nehraji got 36% in yoyo test..just pass...Dhoni was the class topper with 98% on skill levels at this age they both failed but that was like Moral science,no one cared
  5. Shankar looks ready...get him in
  6. He clearly gets a high protein diet,just has issues converting protein into muscle
  7. Thank you Nehraji...Even though I am dead against giving a player a farewell match just for the heck of it,if it takes out one veteran out of the selection committee's radar,I am all up for it. On Nehraji though,served us very well,had a good career but I still think he under achieved but overall based on our fast bowling history,will go down as a very good one.
  8. Look at this idiot jeez......you just agreed with pretty much all my points of being over reliant on Top 3,not having confidence in Pandey and Dhoni,not being sold on Jadhav early on... Now if you go back and read my posts,I also said for what it's worth,Jadhav might look like a hack but as long as he is on the crease runs come in at a decent rate. The point is none of the 3 guys including the current version of Dhoni can be relied to pull us out of a hole and get us to a winning target when the chips are down. Sure when top 3 get dismissed cheaply 8/10 times,the opposition has it easy but I cannot see India being 60/3 and posting say a 300 or even a 280 with this middle order because neither Pandey nor Jadhav have shown any ability to build an innings especially when they have to fend for themselves. You seem to take a dig at me even when you agree with me most times lol
  9. T20's it is obvious our line up has problems but I will also include ODI's For starters Both Pandey's innings and Jadhav's innings came in a chase. Pandey's innings in Australia was good but it came in a game were the top order already knocked off half the runs at a very quick runrate. His next 2 best scores are against Zimbabwe and in a game vs Srilanka where both Rohit and Kohli got 100's and even with that start he got a 50 from 42 balls and if I remember correctly he was ctiticized for that innings. Yes sample size is still small for Pandey but there is nothing that tells us that if our top order misfires,there is no coming back from it,when Pandey walks in at 4 or 5 Jadhav as I said for now is fine for what it's worth.... @rahulrulezz you keep missing this point,I said Jadhav deserves to be in the scheme of things for now as he hasn't done badly...His part time bowling has surprisingly been an asset.....however, his fitness standards are very poor based on his running between the wickets and his fiedling is terrible.Do you agree? As far as his batting goes,the innings vs England came in a chase as well,where Kohli guided him but still credit where due he has done well but again in a big pressure situation in a chase or if a top order collapse batting first,I am sorry to say but Jadhav gives me no confidence whatsoever. Neither Pandey or Jadhav will make you hopeful when they walk in situations like 50/3 etc. 9 out of 10 times. Sample size for both are pretty less.However, they have always failed in testing situations from what little opportunities they got. I have no confidence in them whatsoever on tough and challenging pitches.... before people try to bring in Rohit Sharma just because they have no legit argument,sure as an opener playing swing is the most difficult thing in cricket and Rohit does not have all the attributes to counter it I have said that before just like 99% of the openers playing LOI cricket today.since,I got that out of the way let us focus back on the topic on hand.
  10. I have no confidence in either Pandey or Jadhav carrying the innings....Sure top 3 collapses happen in cricket but have no confidence in 4 and 5....well Dhoni is done as we can see but he can hold one end up I will give him that but that's not what a no.6 in LOI cricket is for.
  11. No more recycled items please :)....but when I think about it I might go with another unpopular opinion...Maybe Rahane .....I don't know...just kidding....but what I am saying is our middle order is uber-fragile. As long as one of the top 3 have a great day we will be fine but one bad day like today and there seems to be no coming back from it.
  12. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Yeah your country names their missiles after Ghazini and Ghori and you have a problem with me generalizing lol
  13. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    Based on how this selection committee has been working..The problem is with a spot opening up for Dhoni Will result in the recall of one of the following-Yuvraj,Gambhir,Raina,Uthappa or Parthiv Patel saying that we need to fill the void of experience with experience....we have Karthik and Nehra in our squad in 2017 ffs. Then the Dhoni fans can rub it in saying see we told ya and we might ponder may be Dhoni wasn't that bad This selection Committee sucks
  14. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Anyway @KeyboardWarrior My original question was why do you guys revere people who were known to be blood thirsty people who infact by all accounts left a bloody trail especially in what is 100% modern day Pakistan and maybe 40% of modern day India max..and you started about Akbar and Razia Begum etc.
  15. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Pakistani,Arabs are a pretty big market hence the pandering. Even a flop Bollywood movie will be seen in Pak
  16. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    Kapil Dev was dropped in 1994 because his performances were down hill It is 23 years since and we have not had anyone replace him.(Pandya has a long way to go before he can be spoken in the same vein as Kapil. We are excited only about the potential still) but Indian cricket moved on and on its way unearthed some ATGs and match winners. I don't get this fear that what if we drop Dhoni??? There is no alternative etc. pure bs
  17. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Exactly..I had no idea about it.you lot are the target audience for crap like that and that's what most of my posts are alluding to Congratulations and Thanks for proving my point
  18. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Well Muslim invaders rape and pillage is pretty well documented...now not every Muslim person in subcontinent can claim to be a descendant can they? I don't think I have heard stories of Buddhists,Sikhs and Hindus raping and converting by sword..if there is a chapter in Pak textbooks really curious can you post an excerpt...would be really amusing.
  19. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    I have no idea about her...pretty insignificant...Probably a footnote somewhere in history class that I have no clue about because the focus like every Indian kid was on Math and Science.Is she a big deal in Pak?
  20. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    This shortcut Bollywood takes doesn't make any sense to me by casting Pakistani actors,having Sufi songs or glorifying Arabic invaders etc just to make a quick buck. 2 of the highest grossing Indian films of all time Dangal and Baahubali 2 had absolutely no pandering whatsoever and people still lapped it up. Really disgusting thrash
  21. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Whatever happened in history is history....I am more upset with Bollywood idiots glorifying either these Barbaric rulers or likes of Dawood and co to make a quick buck.
  22. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    To me too...Akbar was a tyrant as well but he did have a couple of redeeming qualities like abolishing Jizya tax etc...so pretty much we had to make someone a poster boy for the dark ages. Goes to show how much of a tyrants the rest were.
  23. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    Bollywood is thrash ....Glorifying these idiots... will we see Hollywood ever make a love story about Hitler and his mistress? only in India especially Bollywood we glorify these tyrants.,,don't get the obsession with Akbar etc. Atleast Pakistani have the Zia Ul Haq revisionist history and Stockholm syndrome excuse...what is ours.
  24. Padmavati trailer- Wahhhhhhhhh

    No he is not. What was the point of your counter question?
  25. Even if Saha gets out to 0 in every single game,I will still have him as the keeper over Pappu....it wasn never the bowling nor the batting which more often than not set up games for us,it was always the keeping+ fielding that let us down.in such pitches keeping becomes that much more critical. Having said that Pappu is not a bad option to have as a pure back up bat on those tough pitches.I rate him over Nair

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