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  1. Surprise,Surprise.....2 Medals produced by a well organized and well run academy in 2 olympics...almost could have been 2 more with Srikanth and Kashyap last olympics. what more proof do we need? Every star cricketer from this generation or the generation before are a product from good to great coaches from those dusty maidans....MRF pace foundation has not yielded those golden results but still some credit needs to be given to Shekhar but that's about it. Now I know Sehwag and Pathan brothers are running an academy and then there is also Tenvic by Kumble and hope they will turn it around but the difference with GopiChand's academy is the hands-on coaching and care. Gopichand too doesn't run his academy for free or charity but I am sure the fees are affordable as all players who made it are from normal middle class backgrounds....The difference is his level of involvement in scouting talent and then grooming them. If Sehwag or Pathan bros are actually involved in the day to day talent scouting and grooming of the young players then I will appreciate them too. So far Gopichand has pulled it off and to him.
  2. Probably our biggest hope to win a medal this olympics. DOn't have hopes for a gold but still an outside chance at least here.
  3. RIO Olympics India Badminton watch

    You called it man...good stuff
  4. The way she has been absolutely destroying her opponents,my expectations are raised to Gold Medal...asking too much though I would have taken bronze till 2 hours back ....Silver works for me
  5. Sindhu...Legend This lady can beat anyone on her day...by beat can absolutely smash anyone on her day.....Be afraid Be very afraid Marin
  6. Beastly stuff.....Only Sindhu in her head can lose the final...on talent,power and ability alone anything less than gold is unacceptable
  7. Will we win a single medal this time ?

    We did not win a single medal in 1992 either...did it change anything? SInce then some individual brilliance has seen some odd medals but that's about it...nothing to do with the sports bodies or government.
  8. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Heard a rumor......Looks like Sindhu has a bronze confirmed even if she loses the semis...the player scheduled in the bronze playoffs is already out with an injury from what I hear....can someone confirm this?
  9. Sakshi Malik wins Bronze Medal

    Congrats sakshi....proud of you
  10. Rohit Sharma has only 1 job he was born to do,His attention is focused and undivided on his batting talent...so much so that has given up even his other god gifted talent of off-spin bowling.....that is called commitment No one was born to play cricket like Rohit....Even Sachin was a part-time politician and God Not like Dhoni who has multiple jobs and still sucks at all of them......Fired TTE, Honorary Colonel(not the real ones who do will give their life for their country),VP of India Cements()
  11. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Aditi finished at 7th rank in Golf..did she qualify for next round or is it over for her?
  12. Charity or Service is not mandatory,totally agree...it is up to the individual I am sure there is a Indian badminton federation too Well if they burnout on the sport it is totally understandable and their contribution as sportsmen while playing the game is not questioned here,infact the ones who achieved the a lot of success in this sport need to be appreciated for their dedication. However,we have agreed that the intention to provide service is purely the individual's discretion but how come no such examples come in mind when we mention cricketers.The closest I can think of is Dravid who rejected a cushy coaching gig and decided to focus on the junior levels. If it is a weightlifter or a track and field athlete from India well it can be excused.... but a cricketer? I mean should we be concerned that off all the cricketing heroes we have,there is not a single one out there apart from Dravid to some extent who do not care about giving back to the sport....Let us look at some of the big names in recent times Sachin-What does he even do these days? Kapil Dev-Hotelier and Hindi commentator S.Gavaskar-Commentator Ganguly-Administrator and occasional analyst Laxman-Commentator Srinath-Match referee Kumble-Coach of the senior team Rest of the popular names are all either administrators or commentators or Sidhu
  13. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Sakshi lost....ANother one bites the dust
  14. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

  15. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    And he will give Combiflam to Vinesh! This comment made me mad and crack up at the same time
  16. Close Misses in the olympics count for India

    This olympics is cursed.......It is not like we are getting crushed....missing medals by a whisker. I have my hopes really down on Sakshi and Sindhu now as I expect a heartbreak already
  17. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Wow heard her injury was pretty brutal ....Hope she recovers
  18. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    I am at work...is there a live update commentary somewhere or even a forum...Yeah looks like game over
  19. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    It says 5-0 is in favor of the opponent? Is it completed?
  20. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Looks like Vinesh vs Sun Yanan going on...It is QF...step closer to the medal But uphill task....Can she pull a Sindhu and trash the World No 2 in qf?
  21. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Vinesh's QF is going on?
  22. Akshay Kumar is not good enough an actor to incorporate subtle mannerisms....it's either a total caricature or nothing with him and I am glad they picked the right option.
  23. RIO 2016 - Official Thread

    Yeah...I believe the wrestling category with Yogeshwar, etc are on the last day

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