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  1. whatching the sky sports feed
  2. KP is commentating now...so looks like it's all over officially then
  3. Jai and Veeru in the middle
  4. He fell right into the trap......that was a perfect setup
  5. Dhawan looks very ordinary...this is the problem with him...he looks like a typical paki batsman...a million bucks when he is in flow but a total hack when he struggles
  6. good shot finish this paris's career
  7. Mitch Marsh is faster than these opening bowlers btw WTF is Dhawan doing
  8. Charminar >>>>> Eiffel Tower
  9. They are concerned first of a Rohit massacre...chill but yes we will get owned
  10. Has no impressive shape or swing either that Bhuvi had at the start of his career
  11. ThiS Paris would have made Dhoni proud...seems like a super trundler
  12. Nervous about Paris
  13. Wow Wow Wow...Rohit on fire Hazel Trundler put in place......gotta do better when you bowl to the xfactor
  14. So there goes the hopes of seeing hardik pandya....killed 2 birds with one stone.... Must be so embarrassing for rishi. also didn't he say that binny was the best seaming allrounder in India a few months back clearly his initial captaincy success was luck+ having a good team becoming clearer by the day..... So no more statements like MSD has lost it..... He never had it to begin with.
  15. David Bowie - RIP

    Rip..... The original glam rock singer who made appearances and stage shows as important as his music
  16. flamy's new musical project

    My post was not liked
  17. Only takeaway here is that dhoni has found his next favorite bowler
  18. Check the only Indian in this list again......cric buff you are like my PR agency lol great work again
  19. Dhoni's struggle as Twenty20 batsman

    Yeah like the one against England or the T20 WC final or like the game against Nzl.....so thats 3 T20I games which Dhoni contributed majorly to the loss
  20. Dhoni's struggle as Twenty20 batsman

    Let me state the obvious -The problem is T20 game started to become popular after 2007 WT20 by that time Dhoni the batsman had totally become a number games player......The problem started around the WI series in 2006-2007 where he was warned for playing an irresponsible shot in one of the tests....And this was during the time when we were playing both Dhoni and DK in the X1.....I am not a conspiracy theorist nor a psychologist but its clear that since then you would see Dhoni's average getting bloated and he clearly would look for the notouts to bloat his average. I am not saying that Dhoni would put India's winning chances in jeopardy by doing so,Not at all...... but let me put it this way-he wouldn't waste his wicket when there was an easy win at sight batting 2nd or would try to somehow remain unbeaten....not entirely wrong infact smart. I remember this exhibition T20 game that happened in India between India A and B squads which had Sehwag and Dhoni playing against each other....this was before the IPL,Before the T20 WC...Hell even before DHoni became a bonafide superstar....this was some time between the Pak series where he made an Impact at home and the Pak away series where he became a superstar.......Sehwag went the usual rate at knots before getting out for a quick fire 50 and the team put on a decent total...but Dhoni was brutal n the game chasing the target.....The hitting was surreal.....He was the Man of the match and he even said that he was a big fan of Sehwag but doesn't want to compete against him or something of that nature in the presentation.....That was probably the 2nd impact innings I had seen of his after the 100 against Pak in Vizag....this was before the knock against Srilanka etc. Dhoni did have the ability but then he became so focused on building his innings and playing for average in ODI's that it impacted his T20 game and he eventually just lost that devil may care carefree attitude that is needed in T20 at times. Dhoni never cared for captaincy in the beginning nor was he captain material but the role and the fame and money associated with him impacted his style of play which was that of a care-free entertainer in the beginning of his career and by that I don't mean a knucklehead like Afridi but he did become over selective and cautious....On a positive note it did make him a MVP in the ODI format and for his own sake prolonged his career. I think Dhoni is only 2nd to Kapil Dev in becoming one of Indian cricket's biggest MVP's and allrounders overall but he changed his gaming style which has made him into a piss poor T20 player despite having the carried over reputation from his earlier days.
  21. Nathu Singh - Rajasthan fast bowler

    wasn't he the guy who had an amazing debut few years back where he was producing banana swing? i thought he was very impressive in his debut video but thought he fell by the wayside since then..... Good to see him back in the scheme of things
  22. flamy's new musical project

    Vocalist sounds like a throat cancer survivor who became a Buddhist monk :dontknow: just kidding good effort
  23. Good op.... Also dhoni playing in t20s makes sense because he wants to sign off with the wt20 that too at home but why is he still playing odis..... Don't think he will play in 2019. anyways go India :cheer:
  24. Vvs laxman, philric , ankit Sharma,realist, adi etc etc are conspicuous by their absence in this thread

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