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  1. Hey guys just checking in....have to run for a conf call....might be early if things go well in the meeting
  2. Ok meeting time...hope will come back in time to savor the victory
  3. Fixed or not.....will be embarrassed to lose a match captained by a 45 year old Watson with a 50 year old Gayle in it
  4. Kind of bummed about losing the toss...the optimist in me wanted to see a fair contest but guess that's the way it is going to be.
  5. i mean who won the toss is always assumed...everything else is captured in detail....including pretty faces in the crowd, Sean position of the ball etc etc...should the coin and where it landed be captured too? what do u guys think?
  6. Bump. RCB the best chasing team wins a toss and gets to bowl...surprise surprise
  7. Let us go for the kill...we smell blood...time for the lion to prey on the wounded deer cub
  8. IPL 2017 Hostage watch

    I see how this is going to pan out. RCB with all the "injuries" is going to be considered the "underdog"-This is called setting up a premise Kohli with a sling tied around his shoulder will be jumping in the background liek a chipmunk overloaded on Coffee-This is called building up the hero character RCB will reach the knockouts despite all adversity-This is called setting up for a brutal finale. Kohli will be back for the knockouts and deliver the "knockout punch" and stand tall-This is called a "happy ending"(both in cricketing terms and what it will result in for the poor ignorant RCB fan ) Script,Screenplay and Direction=Governing Council Producer=BCCI
  9. Can someone explain this about WICB?

    It's not about player A or B...Surely WICB is not the poorest board out there....If this was just another random bilateral series,sure WICB and the players can have their politics but a loss here may correct me if I am wrong result in WI playing the qualifier. Now in what way does it benefit the WICB or even the players for the matter of fact. I am pretty sure there are at times players from associates who are better than some of the random Aussie and Porteas players who get IPL contracts at times.if WI standing goes down further than that day may soon come as well....I mean isn't that just common sense. Also CPL is a success...does it anyway benefit WICB? Sure they can work something out with the 14-15 best players in their group of islands. forget IPL mercenaries...I think even the likes of Bravo jr who is neither a IPL star nor has been out of form is sitting out due to board disputes I think. i think lack of an actual patriotic incentive is a problem too . I mean don't think any other country be it Srilanka,Newzealand or even Bangladesh would let that happen. You can't blame the players as much...sure they have their issues but overall WICB needs a overhaul. Surprisingly even likes of Clive Lloyd couldn't run it efficiently to take them back to glory days.
  10. You mean the 264 knock
  11. The most heartening aspects of this home season

    1.Umesh Yadav has to be at the top of the list. I just hope...he isn't overworked in IPL and yes there will be the odd game where he will be taken to the cleaners,hope he is strong enough to not lose it and maintain all this momentum he gained when he is back in the international scene. 2.Also Jadeja-from a supporting act to the main role...great stuff. Also his batting has gotten better. 3.Saha-MSD Who? Saha is one of the best keepers we have ever had and already the 2nd best keeper bat.
  12. Some Random Questions...

    Yes should be Zak's last IPL.....watching him run on the field is embarrassing..can still out fox the batsmen though but shouldn't be playing if IPL promotes itself as a brand where the best athletes(cricketing POV) in the world participate. Doubt it because neither RPS nor Gujarat Lions have built a brand and have that following...Look how fans are still faithful and waiting for CSK and even RR.
  13. The Royal Challengers Bengaluru 2017 : Namma Thread

    Ah Found this thread......just ate chewing gum,was looking for a thrash can
  14. Hope are usual nice guy attitude that we are known for doesn't kick in....I mean SRH is the last time that wants to kick a guy when he is down....personally I like ruthlessness but these nice bunch of boys might do charity here with a handicapped team
  15. We should be cautious with such titles...I mean a benchmark like Rohit should be used cautiously...too much pressure on the youngster. Hope he gains confidence from this though
  16. Ishant Sharma roped in by Kings XI Punjab

    I am in...Panga na lo with my 4th fav team
  17. Shastri excellent point on pujara

    As much as I understand the sentiments of fans here about Pujara but isn't it a matter of simple economics? I mean is the revenue generated by IPL equal to the revenue generated from test cricket? Now just because we have personal dislike for likes of Pathan bros,Raina,Uthappa,Rayudu,Karthik etc for not cutting it in international cricket-is it fair if the franchises pay them peanuts even if they perform decently for them, just because test specialists don't make the same money? I mean this is a billion dollar revenue generating league we are talking about here. As much as that graphic above paints a bleak picture of "IPL Hacks" getting more money than someone like Pujara-horses for courses how is that unfair? Infact from the graphic above it looks like Pujara is making more than a decent salary for just playing in one format. Sure it is real cricket and more prestigious but basic HR 101-More revenues for the company=Better salary+bonus
  18. Huh? a bowling attack of Kuruvilla,Ganesh and Prasad w/Kumble vs No1 and No2 bowlers in the world Ash,Jaddu,Umesh,Bhuvi and Kuldeep ?
  19. Tendulkar being a poor captain is a myth. Can you compare Sachin's team to Kohli's team. Also Sachin had some close encounters where he could have won tests in SA and WI(90's WI). Yes Kohli is more hands on captain than Sachin but it is not like comparing a NO 1 bat with a tailender.
  20. I don't know which side you are on but this thread is comparing 2 individuals. Not a ridiculous comparison because the biggest star of the previous generation vs the biggest star of the current generation. So this thread is about individuals and hence the point raised about individuals. You are a good poster and I am not saying this about you but I see a lot of posters pulling down another player to make their point that doesn't have to be the case...why can't we have a fun discussion with all scenarios added to see who is better? I say as of now Sachin is better and Kohli will easily surpass him in ODI's by the time he finishes but in tests he has some catching up to do.
  21. In the spirit of April 1st....Doni single handedly won us the 2011 WC
  22. I personally think Sachin wasn't the worst captain he is made out to be....Indian cricket doesn't have the maturity it has today....We are truly lucky that we saw a generation of educated,passionate,patriotic and most importantly gentlemanly cricketers all at once in our generation.BCCI still has it's politics,greed and corruption but what sets them apart is that they have given the cricketing decisions to these legends for the most part while they deal with finance and political issues. Nothing wrong with it but Kohli is lucky to have some fantastic mentors around In Sachin's time that wasn't the case,as by my above post he had to deal with a lot of crap like politics/fixing from Azhar,Kapil Dev's lack of enthusiasm as a coach,Ajit Wadekar one of the shadiest cricketers of all time etc. That Noel David example above sums it up. In fact I give Sachin the credit for not being power hungry and being secure enough in his ability to move on from captaincy and BCCI the vision to let someone else handle the crap while the golden goose continues doing what it does best. Glad Sachin was kept away from all this crap
  23. ^Also anyone remember the Noel David pick for an injured Srinath...Sachin's famous reaction to that can be summarized with this smiley
  24. I agree.....also David Jhonson,Dodda Ganesh,Paras Mhambrey,Abey Kuruvilla,Debashish Mohanty,Harvinder Singh-a lot of "fast bowlers" were tired under Sachin-Now it is another story they turned out to be duds and became running jokes in the history of Indian cricket at least most of them . If we had ICF then I bet-there would be 10's of threads and 100's of posts for David Johnson and Dodda Ganesh who for some bizarre reason were considered express before they humiliated themselves. Now if Srinath was injured and Prasad who was pretty good early in his career was over bowled it wasn't Sachin's fault.
  25. Natarajan is supposed to be an Indian mustafizur khejroliya and Thampi are another exciting prospects not too stoked up on Nathu 3 guys I am looking forward to

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