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  1. Saha at his best can score a ugly but resilient 20....DK a beautiful 30 and Parthiv an attractive 40. Now for those additional 20 odd runs and some aesthetically pleasing viewing,the downside is these 2 will single-handedly revive careers and by that I mean careers of opposition batsmen. Cook will be praying right now to have one of these 2 as the keeper for the England series lol
  2. Our greatest ever keeper bat in tests is injured While a freeloader is celebrated for a fluky IPL victory where he had all of maybe 1% contribution at best,our unsung hero who has won us crucial games and is injured ahead of a big series is being largely ignored Too many fans with a lack of cricketing acumen
  3. Cricbuzz is a "chennai centric" website.....Harsha doesn't seem to have too many employment options these days. I will leave the rest for you guys to figure out.
  4. Douglas Marillier of Zimbabwe owned us and Australia with a couple of freak innings, Kamran Akmal played a blinder against us in that Irfan Pathan hattrick match, remember Peter North(I think it is Peter) owning Pakistan with his left arm spin,There was this player for Canada who hit the fastest WC 100 against WI in 2003.....This CSK win was just like a coming together of multiple freak occurrences where good teams like SRH,MI etc etc were caught off guard.A rare fluky occurence I wouldn't read too much into it
  5. CSK winning the IPL is like a run of the mill result like Srilanka winning the WT20 in 2014. They just found themselves in some convinient situations and they had these freak flash in the pan performances by one of the players when the whole team flopped. Neither did they have inspiring captaincy.It was a disaster at that front and they seemed to have been bailed out by these above mentioned freak occurrences. It is just one of those random occurences ...still a mediocre team though.
  6. maniac

    Deepak Chahar is a must for India in 2019 world cup

    No trundlers please
  7. Mad respect..... now the beast will be unleashed fully in LOIS and this is the guy who has done pretty much everything in those formats.
  8. Does he really have to marry them? From the pic it looks like they all get along just fine, if you get my drift :)
  9. Let me answer that for you.... I am definitely rattled that there is an “online opinion poll” conducted somewhere on the internet to determine if my “online persona is cool or not” WTF you seem to reach new levels with every post I concede
  10. Agitated lol....this is called clutching at straws...”other guy” lmfao...yeah I am a desi living in the US.congrats on figuring that out . I have seen you quote this movie multiple times before too trying to engage me on that and I brushed it aside.... never thought someone can be capable of character profile based on a random username and avatar on an online forum....you break new barriers of stupidity every time you post Anyways you seem to be hung up on what’s cool and what’s not,that is a big sign of lack of self esteem lol....I don’t like to indulge in personal attacks but just pointing out the obvious .Anyways as far as Hardik goes he might be a mediocre cricketer according to some or a supremely gifted cricketer but a guy who plays cricket at the highest level or IPL for the matter of fact is cool in my book...hell pretty much every one on this forum will jump at the opportunity to get a selfie with the much maligned Vinay Kumar if they get that opportunity because definetely a guy who debuts at Perth has done a lot more than you and me so that makes him cool too...so what the fk are you blabbering about. Are you one of those gay fashion stylists during Oscar red carpet who determine what is cool and what is not and gossip and judge people? clearly everything points towards that
  11. maniac

    SIXes of the tournament

    Yep....2nd most elegant 6 hitter in India right now
  12. Sometimes you are choo chweet but I felt the same way about those little hamsters...but apparently those assoles bite too
  13. Dude WTF....yeah I get it....you have seen the movie idiocracy ...you seem to be obsessed with it....you figured out some pop culture references good for you lol. You remind me of that Russell Peters joke were the Indian guy at Times Square looks at other Indians and says WTF he is here too? You probably are offended that I get the pop culture reference too that you thought only you had figured out....that’s why you keep harping on it...I have tried to brush it aside before too lol. anyways since you tried to figure me out let me try too...let’s see... whatever 0 fks given
  14. It’s all in good fun from my end still
  15. Well for a start you read through my entire post. I use bots for autocorrect,dictionary and spell checks so you seem to be functioning. Now just like bots you seem to have missed the essence of my post and just done your “robotic” function No more use for you...now shoo
  16. That seems like a comeback by a 4yr old... looks like that is your age in “computer/software terms” no intrest to indulge...now shoo
  17. 50 bucks says you don’t know what irony means but that is a discussion for another day. Anyways you seem to have serious comprehension issues. I already said Sachin prolonged his career unnecessarily for the 100th 100. However after the WC he did not play in the Odis in both WI and in England. He didn’t even participate in the test series against a lower tier WI side immediately after the WC. At that point it was understood that he will not play Odis any longer...he didn’t have to specially announce it....just like guys like Sachin,Rahul etc didn’t need to say that they will not play T20Is. However the plans changed after the debacle in England and yes he did get desperate enough to play Odis in Aus and in Asia cup to get the stupid 100th 100.he deserves criticism for that..which part of that aren’t you understanding? and speaking about SA in SA that was the original retirement plan but it was hastened due to a poor series against England in India when Sachin played his farewell series it was Sachin’s retirement from cricket in general and not considered like retirement from tests and that is his stature. Smaller tier players usually announce that they will focus on tests or LOIs...Sachin doesn’t need that. You need to read what I wrote again...another 50 bucks says you will still have comprehension issues lol
  18. Ok ...I thought you put the fun banter aside for a second and wanted to have a subjective discussion...looks like I fell for the troll...damn it is tough to deal with these bots especially the more sophisticated ones these day
  19. Agreed on 2 points hero worship is a problem and Sachin hung on for the 100 100s maybe due to media pressure or his own selfishness is subjective. Sachin should have retired from ODIs after 2011 WC without a doubt but it was obvious he was a must for the overseas tours of Eng and Aus that followed. Had he got the 100th 100 in England he would have retired by then or atleast in Australia where he was really respected. He did not play the Odis in England or even the entire series against WI after WC because the goal was test cricket ..guys like Raina,Kohli,Rohit,Rahane,Dhawan,Mukund,Vijayall got a shot to make a mark. It makes a beautiful story to say SRT should have retired entirely after 2011 WC but the plan was to retire from tests after SA 2013. Just that his own form and that stupid 100 100th put a dent in those plans.
  20. Ever since Dhoni has become captain it is run like a govt office in Jharkand and Bihar....casteism,favoritism,corruption. undone all the work done by the Fab5+ Kumble+ Srinath +Gambhir etc back to the 70s and 60s
  21. Real super bhabhi already has the IPL trophy for the next 5 years in her closet...she just felt generous to give it away to CSK
  22. Proud of @velu has learnt the right buttons to press
  23. Abba dabba jabba lol
  24. Anti MSD because MSD sucks these days and is over the hill for atleast 5 years running now and maybe more in T20s...should retire....isn’t that obvious? Now coming to Sachin everyone felt he should retire around 2011-2012 after the WC and was duly criticized for that 1 year. He overstayed for what only 15 months? But since that is done most cricket lovers and 99% of Indians adore what he did for us and this game. sure when Dhoni retires we will celebrate how good he was from 2005 to 2011
  25. You are trying to reason with him??? Sure I am laughing at you right now for trying and probably so is rasgulla

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