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  1. Anti MSD because MSD sucks these days and is over the hill for atleast 5 years running now and maybe more in T20s...should retire....isn’t that obvious? Now coming to Sachin everyone felt he should retire around 2011-2012 after the WC and was duly criticized for that 1 year. He overstayed for what only 15 months? But since that is done most cricket lovers and 99% of Indians adore what he did for us and this game. sure when Dhoni retires we will celebrate how good he was from 2005 to 2011
  2. You are trying to reason with him??? Sure I am laughing at you right now for trying and probably so is rasgulla
  3. Sachin gave us hope and was the light during the dark days of match fixing in 2000...now with all the chamchagiri,mafia stuff and shady deals happening we pray that another Tendulkar shows us the way time to coronate Arjun
  4. This Garuda guy seems to be an upgraded version of rasgulla bot.... seems to comprehend him
  5. Thanks ..a great performance for “India” by one of the greatest sons of mother India” does cheer Mumbai fans because it’s all about the nation we will say it with pride #bharat mata ki jai #Sachin! Sachin! #god of cricket
  6. In 5 years time most of these team members would be in a retirement community so it will count as elder abuse to accuse them of anything ... as ankit babaji once said respect your cricketing elders and cheer for them even if they are over the hill and fking your team from the inside
  7. maniac

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    This current CSK line up would have been a world beater circa 2011-2012....However they have taken everyone by surprise winning with a over the hill team....Dhoni is good at hitting Yorkers atleast these days when it is at the stumps, he no longer has neither the reflexes or the reach to hit Yorkers bowled a little wide of off stump. This has nothing to do with Dhoni’s amazing skill here, sure he did come off in a couple of games but for most of the tourney he was hit or miss. Raina and Bhajji are washed up....Jadeja just like Dhoni was hit or miss too and that too as a bowler...it is a joke to call him An allrounder anymore...Bravo the same. Thakur is bang average. Chahar is ok at the top . Lungi is pretty good. Rayudu seems to be in the form of his life. Watson just like Gayle a few years back still shows he has it in him still to be a big time name in league cricket even though international career is done. However what worked in CSk’s favor is that one of the players stepped up in every game even though overall individually they have been mediocre for example Faf in the qualifiers. Now that is why people are not giving CSK enough due nor going Gaga over the captaincy because games were won due to individual brilliance and not due to some great captaincy or an outstanding team. Coming to SRH apart from Warner who was not playing and Williamson who is a superstar of cricket but obviously not T20 cricket, this is a team that thrives on discipline and just pure hard work and consistency....nothing flashy about it. I wouldn’t over analyze here...just that it was Watson’s day one day and Faf’s the other day pretty much. Congrats on the win...obviously can’t nitpick too much as at the end who has the silverware gets the bragging rights.
  8. maniac

    This hurts as bad as the CT final

    See even technology is manipulated to take IPL seriously....sure outdated but you guys get my point
  9. maniac

    This hurts as bad as the CT final

    Also @Gollum I visited Boston the other day and in front of the stadium they had a statue of a Ice Hockey player(not even a global sport) who hit a crucial goal in some random NHL game. pretty sure fans not living in US/Canada even know what that is ,unless next gen of posers have started following NHL in India now like they do with ‘phootbaal’and even NBA. Cricket and international cricket is a Colonial game ....IPL is purely an Indian product....if you make the argument that it still is derived from cricket then sure cricket probably was derived from gilli danda too...we can keep going back in time to trace its origins.So yes don’t give a * about international cricket anymore leave alone boring fking test cricket....so nothing wrong in being passionate about the IPL...Infact I am proud that people take IPL so seriously, it is about time we start believing in the validity and credibility of a swadeshi product especially when it has international competition. So yeah I take this pajama league seriously just like all my CSk brethren who get personal with their attacks and probably would kill for Dhoni their thailava or Laloo who is still throwing up from the CSK Victory yesterday...taking IPL seriously is equal to nation building and we are all are the architects Random Rambling Rant of the day
  10. maniac

    This hurts as bad as the CT final

    Everything goes in IPL forum
  11. Yeah but they were not good enough to reach the finals to begin with...anyways we know CSK was destined to win this
  12. maniac

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    Dhoni not batting up the order,Sandeep and Kaul’s Pies,Dhawan’s batting,Rashid Khan looking off color...something was definitely off
  13. maniac

    Dedication to my dear ICF ers

    Absolutely Dhoni singlehandedly won the IPL with his amazing ????
  14. @Khota please do the honors and provide the recipe every game with this team is a nail biter....whatta team...pulls of miracles Most entertaining IPL team
  15. Soft spoken but when time comes can be a badass like all telugus
  16. maniac

    Countdown to Dhoni last ball 6

    Coming up in.....
  17. I am out of here before @Vilander @UnknownGenius @Garuda Storm this place with sambaar pellets
  18. Amla bhai and Kohli have done it from memory
  19. The horse I received for the yagna turned out to be a donkey
  20. Happy that a team I support won in the end
  21. Cmon Rayudu shows these idiots

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