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  1. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    He passed the yo yo test where you have to lunge back and forth like a yo yo in flying colors
  2. Same domestics where Jadeja has 3 300s? The guy doesn't look Comfortable playing anything over 135ks and is showing weakness against wrist spin but having said that he has a ability to get runs at a good sr as long as he is at the crease which makes him an asset in T20s and maybe lower down the order in ODIs also given that his bowling success has been kind of a mind* too. but also he has poor fitness with stamina,running between the wickets and fielding....I don't see him as a long term option...for now he is fine for what it's worth
  3. I will take Rahane over Dhawan in T20s solely based on their IPL exploits...that is only if someone puts a gun to my head to pick one. Bring in Rahul
  4. I am actually starting to believe it now..with Karthik and other thrash picked over Pant and Rahul
  5. Whatta horrible shot by Jadhav super hack and an embarrassing but still ok for T20
  6. Hardik Pandya just oozes superstar
  7. Ok batsmen suspect against moving ball is a hot topic fair enough but name me 5 batsmen among the current lot in world cricket who are good against it? what about playing spin in subcontinent? Not a dig at Dhoni one of the best players of spin...but when your intent is to lunge and tuk tuk you will make a fool of yourself or end up with innings where people need to make excuses as to why it was good
  8. Yes...T20 is a game for hacks...look at WI team...they can't last 50 overs in a odi game leave alone a 5 day test but they have 2 Wt20s and their players are one of the highest paid in the leagues around the world.
  9. Why is Dhawan being picked over Rahul in T20s when Rahul has a much better record
  10. Axcellent Fightback by Pakistan

    I like it when a plan comes together
  11. He played a fantastic knock in newzealand in one of the greenest pitches...it is not the lack of ability but great to see intent. That is what I like in players...Jadhav is the poorest Indian batsman I have seen in ages but he has won me over with intent ...I hate players who play for themselves and show no intent
  12. Yeah because over no.7 is same as over no.1 he got 8(3) if you don't count the ball he was out on. he got out trying to force the pace and has reinvented his style...if he wants to go out for notouts he can play the entire 20 and get a 50*(60)
  13. Warner is a very good captain...looks so much more involved
  14. 100 all out trying to get to 200 is better than 120 trying to improve average is better anyways...what is the point of 120 in a t20 game anyways
  15. Jadhav is a terrible a super hack but one thing as long as he survives he will make runs at a good sr...ideal for T20 for what it's worth
  16. most exciting batsman in the world at the crease
  17. Someone is hiding I see...no sl lollipops means no promotion
  18. No thanks...Jadhav is a super hack will get out any ball but as long as he stays he will get runs at a good sr more important than lunges and tuk tuks
  19. With the population we have, and add to that the financial resources available and the amount of players who play competitive cricket we should have had atleast 3 X1s ready that can beat any international side easily. Unfortunately take Kohli out of the equation in 2/3 formats and we are not even confident enough to say we will crush or beat any top 5 side especially overseas. we still have people on here saying that there is no alternative to a 37 year old wicket keeper who is 5-6 years past his prime. people said Ash and Jadeja were the best and no one even come close to them in terms of spin bowling potential and if they suck in LOI format or have off days then we have to just suck up and deal with it but when we tried out of necessity we have found 2 more world class spinners. so yeah ICF is not way too off by wanting to have a 60 man squad.
  20. Yeah never understood why the likes of Henriques and Christian get such big contracts. Smith,Warner,Starc,Finch and Maxwell(in T20s) are probably the only ones who deserve it... rest are no better than your current lot of Bangladeshi or Srilankan cricketers
  21. Can't compare....Irfan at his peak was your main pace bowler who had batting ability Pandya is the guy who is your 5th bowler a genuine one at that and a batsman who can turn the game around lower down the order
  22. Whatta boring game

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