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  1. Soft spoken but when time comes can be a badass like all telugus
  2. maniac

    Countdown to Dhoni last ball 6

    Coming up in.....
  3. I am out of here before @Vilander @UnknownGenius @Garuda Storm this place with sambaar pellets
  4. Amla bhai and Kohli have done it from memory
  5. The horse I received for the yagna turned out to be a donkey
  6. Happy that a team I support won in the end
  7. Cmon Rayudu shows these idiots
  8. You guys are truly passionate fans
  9. maniac

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Shady dealings or whatever your team won and you deserve it because of how seriously you guys take it and the passion you display in the end the winner was
  10. Curd rice is good after a heavy drinking binge
  11. Streets to flow with coconut arrack and Sambaar all night long...gonna be a crazy party tonight appidi podu ippidi podu
  12. Advance congratulations to CSK fans....you guys are so passionate about this you deserve it I am out of here bye
  13. What about “talent”
  14. I will show Dhoni the way....if SRH wins this, I am retiring from ICF :bow:
  15. Kaul is a trundler....NEXT!!!!
  16. Bring Pandey in for Yusuf now please as a fielder
  17. If you go by owners....every team in IPL is unlikeable...hate worthy even
  18. This Kaul is always garbage....doesn’t deserve to be in the Indian team...hacks will make records against him

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