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  1. On 3/21/2018 at 5:45 PM, Easter_bunny said:

    Team of only 4 players  :facepalm:if u know what mean


    probably RR has worst playing 11 than rest 

    gl to RR fans:phehe:

    Smith Stokes and Butler.


    Who is the 4th...Rahane? Dhawal? Unadkat?

  2. Wow just wow...one of the greatest documentaries I have ever seen.


    Firstly I knew very little of Osho/Rajneesh before this.


    I saw couple of pictures of him here and there  growing up in India and always thought of him as just another run of the mill baba/spiritual guru like the millions we already have in India


    I obviously did hear a couple of snippets of his speeches via WhatsApp forwards etc especially the most famous one where he speaks about the word “fk”


    However, watching the documentary I was totally blown away by the fact how big his influence was in the USA and how big of a controversy/conflict it became there in the early 80’s....Infact even  reading articles online, no one seems to have heard of this incredible story that is shown via Netflix until now despite all the press it seemed to received back then.


    Also the best part of the documentary was it shows both sides, especially the conservative people in USA who were paranoid/apprehensive about him and it totally makes sense from

    their perspective as well. It doesn’t tell a story from one perspective.


    You just can’t pick sides here.


    Also incredible is how relevant this story is in the year 2018.


    This was just added on Netflix so I am assuming most of you might not have watched it ,so not going into spoilers.


    An absolute must watch....watch it and we can discuss...be prepared to have your mind blown.

  3. 19 hours ago, Cricketics said:

    Why after Gandhi?


    They could have kept the name after Dhoni actually who has roots from Uttarakhand, and can make one stand after Ekta Bhisht who is the first women cricketer from there.


    Screw these names of sporting arenas after politicians.


    I won’t mind a a cricket stadium as Bhagat Singh stadium though.




    For a change and this may come as a surprise,I might agree on this.


    I guess it is a case of anyone over Rajiv Gandhi :laugh: jokes apart same thing with Hyderabad as well...maybe after VVS Laxman instead of Rajiv Gandhi or even Jaisimha or Pataudi :facepalm:


  4. 1 minute ago, velu said:

    happy for shami .. 


    both my mind and heart supports mohammed shami even though he might have cheated his wife  ..

    am i anti-feminist ? :hmmm: 

    His wife just has a “b”vibe and gold digger vibe about her...her first video, kind of sympathized with her but then as it went along, we can see her for what she was.

  5. 36 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:

    Karthik dives farther than Saha. Just that sometimes he overdoes it. Unlike Parthiv Patel who won't go for it even if the ball is one foot away from him, KKD will go for it.  Dhoni is also not a great diver against fast bowling. He is a terrific keeper against spin. Saha is an average keeper against spin. Karthik of late I don't see any issues. But when he was a regular, he had severe concentration issues. To summarize Karthik can be better than Saha and also worse than Parthiv in the same match. That was his problem. If that problem is not there anymore I am okay with him keeping. It will give a tremendous option for Kohli. Also, top order will bat with a relaxed mind.

    Saha is very consistent and has no lapses...who cares if Karthik is more athletic...no doubt in terms of talent Karthik is a better bat but Saha right now has done nothing wrong to be dropped...it was a punishable offense when he got replaced by Pappu of all people even though he was technically “niggled”

  6. 41 minutes ago, vvvslaxman said:

    I am not saying he will be a sure shot success. All I am saying it can happen to anyone. He has played some clutch innings for his domestic team. This is not even that good a bowling attack. Pure nerves. Remember how Rohit Sharma was nervous in the CT final after 170 odd games. This is his first outing.  Rule him out after just one match is very very harsh. 

    I am one of those who always backed Shankar the batsman...I think his bowling is a value add maybe good enough for 3-4 overs or maybe 6-7 on a good day. I think Binny is a far better bowler than him to be honest.


    However I thought he has a lot of batting talent.


     I still think he deserves a few more games before making a decision on his career.


    as you said facing Fizz in your first match might have been a challenge and we can use the first international game excuse to give him the benefit out doubt . However he is a 27 year old guy and not a 18 year old which means the rope will be shorter than say a Sundar or even guys like Pant and Siraj if they ever get a 2nd look. The most worrisome part for me was a little lack of cricket acumen and awareness on his part, once he was not able to connect, he should have bunted and ran to give the other batsman the strike.He kept swinging across the line and the more he missed the more antsy he got.


    Look at how composed a Sundar or even a Bumrah was in their first game....Even someone like Pandya whom I still think should either own the spot of a batsman or a bowler soon before time runs out looked like he was not overawed and looked confident(in his case a tad overconfident).


    Guys like Pathan,Dhoni(in his 2nd game), Rohit in 2007-2008, Kohli,Raina, Bhuvi, Shami,Yuvi all looked like they had that awareness and belonged at this level from game 1.


    Dhawan was the only guy I can recollect who looked like deer in headlights in his first few games but came back strong.



  7. 17 hours ago, Muloghonto said:

    A viewpoint is supported by the merits/demerits of the logic behind it. Not who supports it or doesn't. As the saying goes 'even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes'. Ie, even crazy people sometimes have good ideas and sane, humane people have terrible ideas. 

    For eg, Hitler was a dog-lover. Cried like a baby when his dog died, was all about good treatment of dogs.


    You simply have failed to substantiate your viewpoint regarding failure of democracy in India, as it can be proven to be empirically false.

    Neither have you supplied any credibility behind the idea how making India a dictatorship will accelerate its economic growth.


    Also the first guy to ban smoking in public  areas I think when it was a social norm ...just remembered that...carry on

  8. Just now, velu said:


    so sad ..

    try to be biriyanitarain :phehe: 

    I went to India for a wedding recently.They had a chaat stall and Jalebi stall set up during  dinner on both wedding and reception day as part of the catering.....I just ate Pani puri,samosa chaat etc and jaalebi for 2 dinners straight and I can continue like that for the rest of my life if given a choice...so I am a chaat and jaalebiraltarian which is >>>>>>>>>>> any other “tarian”

  9. Just now, velu said:


    so you have not taken hyderabadi biriyani or hyderabadi kuska ? :p:


    I eat the egg biryani or veg biryani if I go to paradise etc (I know I know probably not the same before meat eaters attack me)....I am not hung up on Biryani so much to be honest.


    I personally prefer Pulao more than Biryani obviously veg.

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