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  1. Chinki is referred to a person who looks a certain way...how is that not racist?
  2. Dude Madarasi is not a racist term,it stems from lack of cultural awareness and Chinki is a blatant racist slur. Ghati is neither,its more like calling someone an ignorant villager. All 3 are different in nature. if you are trying to use “ghati” as a comeback for using Chinki or madaraasi then the joke is on you for being ignorant Telugu people being called “golt” is another one...it doesn’t even makes sense because it is just a play on words inverting the word “Telugu”...so while someone can refer to me as a golt to try and be a condescending the word itself has no significance...same goes for ghati.
  3. KamalHasan wants a union of South India

    True story My Sister was living in Punjab a few years back . My brother in law is in the army. They were looking after my Brother in law’s aunt who was a very old lady . She was born in a village in Andhra and apparently apart from a brief visit to Madras(as it was called pre-independence) in her child hood,she never left the village. So when she visited Punjab her first question was “Have a lot of Telugu people migrated to Punjab?” Because in her mind every Punjabi wore a turban and everyone who didn’t wear a turban belonged to Andhra. so unless you are an old person born in a remote village in pre-independence era,there is no valid excuse that can get a pass for having a North-South bias or this archaic “Aryan-Dravidian” theory in 2018. This goes for idiots like Kamal Hassan or any other idiot from the opposite side of the country who have similar beliefs and bias. I am let down by the fact that people in India don’t throw rotten eggs and tomoatoes at anyone who spouts such nonsense.
  4. That is true...only hope is he doesn’t go the Afridi route but even though we don’t have such an extreme case, we have our own 2 examples in Sehwag and Dhoni Sehwag was an attacking bat who had a proper defense...he would play proper % cricket,respect good bowling and take apart weaker bowlers and spinners whom he relished...later on he became so caught up in his image that he was trying to play tests like T20. Dhoni was one of the best hitters in the world leave alone India...probably the greatest hand eye coordination- hitting Yorkers for 6...also had a mature brain and knew how to construct an innings...all of a sudden couple of last over wins and he started believing his own hype of being a “finisher” and thinking he can hit last ball/over 6s every game and in process screwing up matches. Now Pandya is developing a reputation of being a must watch cricketer and you might be right that he may start believing his own hype and reputation...otherwise a ramp shot on day 5 ...I know I am parroting this but it is still unbelievable.
  5. The kind of $$$ BCCI throws around...anyone will be tempted to be a yes man and shut his mouth.
  6. You know my thoughts on TTfs and oldies returning. What is lacking in everyone in the team and in this case Pandya since the thread is about him is match awareness. You can be attacking and all that which is great but you have to play according to situation...even a hitter like AB played for a full day to draw a match. I have pointed out that some of the shots on a minefield on a 5th day were embarrassing...leave alone ramp shots and inside out shots even Ashwin who got out driving on the up was unacceptable. Being a Youngster is not an excuse to be an idiot...that is like pakistani excuse for Amir’s fixing. Plenty of youngsters who have shown maturity and awareness have gone on to be legends. Let us hope Pandya learns from this but he has played a substantial amount of games,such things usually are natural...let us hope for his and our sake he works on it, but he does look like someone who has too much juzbaa junoon(more than required) with loads of talent
  7. Yes but It is not as bad as calling someone the “n” word or the “p” word.....@vilander seems to think so that’s why he uses it too much
  8. In before @Cricketics Kohli-Moody 20XX
  9. Yes,because coach cannot perform on the field but where you need strong management is at times to disagree with the captain and have a different view on things. While someone like Chappell can be a problem with his dictatorial approach,so can a Shastri with his yes man approach.
  10. 2 wrongs don’t make a right...this thread is about Pandya...just because others are messing up doesn’t justify his shot either. It was a very dumb shot..yes people make mistakes but how many people attempt a ramp shots in tests leave alone on the 5th day. Why are your getting so defensive? stupidity is stupid regardless of who it is.
  11. Pakistan fast bowling factory

    I know what fast twitch muscle fiber is but it doesn't mean it is some kind of a gigantism kind of disease where your speed keeps increasing....Hassan for his size bowling 135-140 K is already due to that factor just like it was with Ajit Agarkar , but increasing speed overnight from 140 to 145 will take a lot of doing,you made it seem so easy using fast twitch fibre as some kind of a scientific proof of it lol. At best Hassan is a 140 k bowler which is no big deal these days. Even Bangladesh fast bowlers hit those speeds consistently on a good day. Hassan has a good seam position and if he keeps good line and length can be a good containing bowler,teams lose wickets to him because they tend to over-attack him . Now since he has a reputation let us see how he does....he was very ordinary with the new ball and also at the death whenever I saw him against big teams...don't give me Srilanka and WI as a benchmark.Also his test career hasn't started of that well has it? Look still taking 50 wickets in a quick time,is still a good achievement...He is decent but he is not a Malcolm Marshall V 2.0 like you guys seem to hype him.E
  12. It is still the best overseas bowling performance for the matter of fact best display of fastbowling performance I have seen by an Indian fast bowling unit ever...4 consecutive innings less than 350,how many times have you seen Indian fast bowling unit do that? Only complaint is they were a little late on figuring out the lengths to bowl and that blame goes to the coaches,but once they got it right,they looked better quality than the South African counterparts...Our batting has singlehandedly screwed us.

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