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  1. Forget his cricketing ability, already showing his chanakyaness
  2. Exciting high scoring match today and also had the 6s and 4s. These are perfect pitches that compliment the modern day game
  3. For Pandya to win that match he would have had to play the greatest innings in the entire history of cricket. He had no batting left and while yes it was disappointing the way the innings ended, we knew that it was time that he would eventually fall short. One must be really delusional to think he could have won that game on his own that day. It was a hopeless situation and he was having some fun and yes it was brilliant to watch. Stokes knock came in a back to the wall situation where it was a tricky chase. All it needed was a mix of aggression and calculation. It was a fantastic knock. Are you serious comparing both the knocks and situations WTF.
  4. Because as I said even if we are 200/3 after 20 we cannot reach 350. We need Rohit or Kohli to bat through till over number 47-48. Dhawan’s role is to accelerate and most times he won’t survive till 35 overs anyways no matter how he scores.
  5. maniac

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    This would have been a thread I would expect from @Global.Baba not from sooda bhai. Anyway job well done
  6. From what I have seen he is good for cameos or just throw his bat around when there is no pressure. He cannot play a knock like this so far from what I have seen
  7. Yes one bail uprooted should be enough I think
  8. What is the song they keep playing in the stadium. Very catchy
  9. @zen thanks for playing. World Cup coming up, let’s pace it a little
  10. In how many matches. Are you also using statsguru like my fellow wolf
  11. Rayudu did ok. He is an average cricketer who at times is adequate. That is reality.People thinking he is a total useless bat is a perception. Difference between having a debate filled with intellectual cricketing acumen or debating with what is discussed among housewives over a kitty party and chai.
  12. Doesn’t matter.need to get the job done. Bowlers have failed to defend 350+ and batsmen have failed to chase 125+

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