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  1. So does your Prime minister’s. Isn’t he known as U-turn Khan. Anyway sure Akram was a fixer but then again pretty much every Pakistani player if the 90s has been accused of that. Why single him out because you didn’t like his statement or cry Kaanspiracy because he said something pro-India?
  2. maniac

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    I guess the punishment might have been 50 lashes or some part of the body being chopped off somewhere in Bradford. Can sympathize with them.
  3. Williamson is definitely the man of the tournament. What a captain. This guy constantly leads a middling SRH team to knockouts regularly and now with New Zealand. Something about him. Great player and leader inspirational and well deserved
  4. Might come as a surprise but I don’t think CT win was a fluke. Pakistan played well on that day and India played poor cricket. However the way your(Pakistani) renewed cricket history begins and ends with the CT final, I think most Pakistanis think it was a fluke. Also why do you guys take the easy way out that someone was bought or is corrupt whenever he doesn’t agree with your thought process or something is fixed when it doesn’t go your way. Are Pakistanis bought that easily?
  5. maniac

    Moeen and Adil avoid haram

    The “so called funny hat” doesn’t cause inconvenience or impose on others, create nuisance or is incompatible with any culture in the world. These guys were running as if they planted a bomb and are escaping. They could stand on the sidelines if they wanted. No one is forcing the champagne down their throat. There are plenty of Hindu/Christian players who don’t drink alcohol but they don’t create such scenes or show their religion.
  6. Make OP watch Rahane’s greatest knock videos on loop for one week
  7. And India crushed the team and gave them an ass whoooing to remember and beat Aus and WI which beat Pak too, so what’s your point?
  8. No people will remember this game forever and by default Nzl because they technically never lost on the field
  9. maniac

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Thala was getting praised for holding one end up for Jaddu, why can’t Stokes get praise for doing the job way better
  10. maniac

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Lol in that series everybody scored tons. Cmon man you want to downplay it? Still what so many SENA batsman failed to do it in the past on great pitches
  11. maniac

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Stokes has his weakness against spin but he is good tough english batting all-rounder. Has a test 100 in subcontinent vs Ash-Jaddu
  12. maniac

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Ben Stokes has already been a man of the tournament in IPL,hit a 200 in SA etc 2 years back. We are still talking about Pandya’s potential 3-4 years since his debut and playing in all formats
  13. maniac

    Ben Stokes future ATG

    Hope that puts an end to the panauti bs on what is going to be my last day on ICF for a while
  14. maniac

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    That’s because Pandya is neither a batsman or a bowler. So what about Woakes? Would you pick Pandya over him?
  15. maniac

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Add Neesham too. He thinks like he is the only true patriot and sports fan. Uses words like trundlers etc for guys like Henry and thinks Bhuvi is this amazing bowler when even Henry is twice the bowler that Boobi Kumar is

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