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  1. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Damn I did a mistake of hanging around lol...good job baiting me back for atleast a while. I guess you might have missed the point I made in my previous thread which got deleted because it hit a nerve.so you probably missed it. Let me give you the context because I don't want this to be lost on anyone reading this thread as the previous one was deleted. You have been around for a while on this forum so you know that a couple of posters have had their profiles and all their content deleted. So it is possible for starters. Now no one is compelled to do anything. It might have been done as a personal favor for them. Now I have already stated that there is obviously nothing much to strong arm anyone into doing things my way. However, The request was made to admins and not mods and that too as a friendly request. The response I got from one of them was very abrupt and some bot like statement about some random policy. Had that come from a real bot,I wouldn't have been offended to be honest lol. This is where I feel the personable touch of the original forum has been lost. It is not like I have made some offensive posts that is going to kill my future plans for political office if I ever consider that :). So even if my profile is not deleted it is no biggie. What was a friendly request,could have been handled in a friendlier way like it was in the past. Anyways I am not being a snowflake and getting all wound up due to one guy's rudeness. My intention was not even to create a thread. I have no more intention posting on this forum exactly for the reasons mentioned above. I know you like playing the devil's advocate and hey we all do that exactly that a lot of times because this is a place we tend to loosen up lot more than what we could do on the more popular social media platforms right? Now imagine this,you make an offensive statement and you want to be deleted and it is forever there on the internet,is that something you are ok with? This is not even a conglomerate,so any guy who is a mod and say he dislikes you can hold you accountable forever then? I am not saying that is a possibility because most of these guys are just volunteers and most of them are genuinely great guys, but also that is exactly the reason we tend to be more casual on here anyways. I think we need to have a right to erase within reason. Anyway glad you baited me,because rather have a post with a sensible counter argument than a post about Rohit/Ishant be the last one lol.
  2. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Anyways this is my last post on this forum. I hope the admins treat this as a genuine request and not some kind of an act or trolling.I have tried asking nicely. I will appreciate if you still consider deletion of my profile as someone who has contributed well over the years. If not I will leave you with this what has been kind of a open secret Hope Rohit Sharma never plays tests again and that mofo better pick up his game as he might be a walking disaster during the world cup,unless England provide these 400+ pitches. We need to find a replacement for this jackoff/free loader soon. Ishant after 10+years has evolved into a a good 3rd seamer. That is like the kid who gets 35% pass marks after repeating the same class 5 times....usually with those kids,the better alternative is for them to run a kirana or pan store than to hope they will excel in the field of academics some day. Finally Rayudu, glad that his comeback chances are nipped in the bud. unfortunately, he is replaced by Raina which is heart breaking. Hope Indian cricket corrects its problems soon or else we will go the WI way. I will obviously be curious enough to check and hit refresh on this thread for the next couple of hours but after that it is curtains. Goodbye and God Bless Maniac
  3. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Poll added
  4. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    I am not even naming and shaming the admin(just kidding) who is the jerk as it may piss him off and may result in my profile never being deleted :). All I ask is for deletion. Why can't this be done? don't say policy that word is getting me triggered,try coming up with a synonym lol. Just delete my profile
  5. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Forget about me but should we be well within our rights to have our content deleted on request? Think about it......you say something on this forum...you are stuck with it. sure you can't erase things you search on google or post on facebook/twitter and careers have been killed and governments toppled over that. However this is a forum where everyone for the most part have a friendly banter and chats,why can't we ask for our content to be deleted? As I said, what is the point if a place which some of us treat as a creative outlet and place to have fun becomes this policy bound corporate?
  6. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    You know the policy is one is responsible for their own posts but that applies to every walk of life. You are responsible for your actions or what you say but you tend to loosen up in a friendly setting. Now if I was comfortable,I wouldn't care because I don't think I have said anything controversial or I have no intention for running for office. I want to be deleted because I am not comfortable anymore. I thought I was among friends and my request would be honored but doesn't seem like that. I am apparently dealing with policies now. I thought of some of you guys as my "virtual" friends. So once again if you can't give a little flexibility to the request of a guy who is posting from a very long time,never been banned,followed the rules,Posted some good content. As I said I don't want to strong arm anyone(I can't obviously in this case) but all I am asking for is for some flexibility. Please don't give me bs abrubt answers. I humbly request deletion from the forum
  7. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    God,I made such an articulate case in the previous thread, just one well constructed post per day Admins/Mods.....As one of the most reputable(if the up down votes have any value) I humbly make this request. I can't strong arm you into anything. I am making a very friendly request. Please delete my profile
  8. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Why was my previous thread deleted....I want all my content to be deleted,not just the latest one :)
  9. Why did my previous thread get deleted lol. Looks like I hit a nerve,This is exactly what I am talking about
  10. maniac

    Site Feedback

    To the admins on this site, I have asked for my account and all of it's related content to be deleted....I sent a PM to all admins and didn't get a response. In case you missed it, Once again please delete my account and all of it's content.
  11. maniac

    What is your take on Dhoni's future?

    intellectual debate -37 year old "legend" with 3-4 immediate replacements vs a still 31 and the best opener in the world.Don't think it is a contest...anyway no baiting under new rules,let us stick to topic :)
  12. Thread opened under new ICF rules ur views :)
  13. maniac

    How old do I look?

    You look 23-25.....Damn people have already beaten me with the Rashid Khan references

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