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  1. IPL or not, Chris Gayle is box office,a true superstar of cricket. A guy who has 100s in all formats of the game, a test 300, a odi 200, and tons of runs is already in one of the greats of the game category. Now just like every great cricketer Gayle is on the way down for some years. He has been a failure in the IPL the last couple of years and I believe he flopped in PSL as well and I am pretty sure that is where this thread is coming from. Chris Gayle doesn’t work for food stamps like some of the foreign players in other leagues. He comes with a heavy price tag and obviously if he is on his last legs it doesn’t make sense for other leagues that are run on a shoe string budget to afford him. On the flip side in the IPL, he was bought as an afterthought based on his previous few performances and with his star status his base price was a steal. Now if you are letting opinions of some idiot Pakistanis online of all people get to you than the joke is on you and if you are a Pakistani then unfortunately the joke is on you too. Either ways just don’t let these menial things affect you and just enjoy the carnival of cricket that is IPL.. that would be enough to rub it in others faces.
  2. Not really....show me how many Indians were all Praises for Sehwag during his cringeworthy tweets during WT20 and CT. Rashid Latif and now this idiot who is soon going to be a nobody take it to such a level that Sehwag seems like a sauve and intellectual guy.
  3. Samson used to be fearless and smack 140+ short pitch bowling when he was young,looks like playing domestic cricket against trundlers all these years,flaws have crept up in his technique and reflexes...this is what happens when you wait too long to pull trigger on a player...He has been doing well but looks a different batsman.
  4. Yeah I am sure there is much better talent out there waiting to get a shot then Dhawal,Chahar,Vinay etc etc. Dare I say Thakur,Unadkut for what it's worth are ok for IPL just like Kaul even though doesnt deserve Indian team
  5. Ok Trundler+Trundler I will tell you right now Kaul from SRH is ok for IPL but never should be 100 feet within Indian team
  6. Stupid knuckle balls,I want to see full in swinging yorkers
  7. Chahar and Thakut play every game while as Thampi,Nagarkoti etc hardly get games
  8. Should Rahane be out or not? What do the fans/non-fans think
  9. When Pakistan especially Pakistani integrity becomes a benchmark,that is a huge problem.
  10. Ok Rahane hitting out this match is not good signs and so was DK's bangladesh finals knock or Dhoni's knock of 70 odd.......These once in a bluemoon knocks will prolong their careers,we are the one's that are going to be fked.
  11. WICB is corrupt and inefficient,but I seriously doubt the integrity of some of these players...by that I don't mean fixing. Even at times they are compensated to play for the country,they don't seem to even try...case in point world cup qualifiers was so humiliating for what once was a great team,If I was a WI player,yes in such a scenario,I would consider playing for free
  12. This Klassen is overrated....Hack no.1 ......1 good innings and he is a star....should have gone with Root
  13. ??? They reached the IPL final in 2016....sweet memories

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