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  1. maniac

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    This idiot Dhoni is just a side show attraction. It took Kohli to stabilize and Karthik to take off the pressure. In the WC he had Gambhir to stabilize and Kohli to take the edge off. All he is left is with antics as if he is bowling for the spin bowlers. Anyway decent knock yesterday but 100% sure it is a flash in the pan. He will let us down when it matters mark my words.
  2. maniac

    Resurgence of MSD???

    Flash in the pan innings unless the OP is trying to jinx.
  3. Here is my Top 10 Rhodes Ponting Jadeja Symonds Kaif Gibbs(despite the famous drop catch) Yuvraj Ab dev Azhar Chris Harris
  4. maniac

    Resurgence of MSD???

  5. maniac

    Dhoni uses the Word CH***ye......Rare moments

    Dispecable human being
  6. Why do these fkers complain when they tour India, it’s 41 degrees there
  7. Tried Ethihad. It was a little better than Air India. My parents flew through Qatar and said the service was good. I have never tried it personally
  8. This emirates airlines ad is a little too much however they are the best airlines I have ever travelled in
  9. This Handscombe has the most WTF stance of all times and it is not even easy on the eyes
  10. Harsha Bhogle tries too hard to say Khwaja In an Arabic style. Pure cringe
  11. Agreed. One is over confident the other looks like he just robbed a bank or something
  12. Gilchrist is going the Mark Waugh way. Another cricketer I used to love as a kid now sounds like an idiot on commentary. In his case with his Dhoni puja

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