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  1. Which team was embarrassed more- a team thrashed by Dhoni of all people or a team bowled out for 49 A lot at stake for the bitter rivals and last year finalists Super mini ground and the worlds flattest pitch will be in hosts favor though but as as the song goes go go go go go go go orange army
  2. i think passionate fans like you keep these franchises afloat despite pathetic performances every year
  3. It was an enquiry.... you have to ask questions when in doubt... he wasn't angry or rude
  4. He didn't show dissent...he just made a polite enquiry...Rohit is the last guy to be rude....every person in the dressing room talks about him fondly...only guy to be invited for every Indian players wedding including Dhoni of the nicest guys in pro sport...even yesterday he said good things about undakut despite losing
  5. Fight against injustice such collateral damage happens
  6. Love for Amla Bhai
  7. Our winning streak continues against RCB broa the only 2 games we lost were the Warner hostage crisis where he was forced to walk the right rope and that Chinnaswamy game last year where we got shell shocked to see a miniature ground so don't count
  8. Rohit Rayudu T.Suman Ashish reddy Ishant sharma Vihari Stokes Kohli Sammy Starc Chama Milind Venu Gopal Rao Mentor-VVS Laxman Coach-Tom Moody Owner-GMR make it happen next year
  9. Kohli is duryodhan,abdv is dusshashan and the rest of RCB is remaining kauravas just irrelevant
  10. Wait till the end for the best part
  11. Axar Patel was bowling right in the slot and then booked his slot for a pretty decent long rope #justsaying
  12. And Dravid strategies
  13. He is going green :hatsoff:
  14. Looks like gujrat Lions took the backlash against their weak bowling very seriously
  15. Goenka insulting Dhoni and catching his blatant back stabbing has probably sparked a little change but 7(11) which side is Dhoni on?
  16. Rohit is the baahubali...carrying the entire Mumbai team for mata nita
  17. On one leg
  18. Lol he is going to use that innings for ever....if Dhoni is Krishna sidhoni is karna remember he had only one weapon that he could use
  19. Rohit was abhimanyu... the deceitful wide was his chakravyuha
  20. Rahane looks like Dravid
  21. No where he sacrificed personal playing into form and calling himself finisher crap by promoting youngsters and giving them confidence to actually finish of the most selfless captain moves by an Indian captain in ages
  22. His Backfoot was towards leg was a controversial desicion nevertheless
  23. That's why stokes won a man of the match and bhuvi has match fluke innings lol. out of form rohit has 3 outstanding innings his IPL and Dhoni 1 and this is Rohit's worst IPL
  24. For people who saw it live it was a blatant wide