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  1. Don't get me wrong,I like him.Hardworking cricketer who gives it his best shot...seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.....has a compact batting technique for SC conditions....decent spinner in domestics and will have a decent spell at the international level. But is he a long term solution? I definitely don't see the IT factor in he good enough to justify a spot on bowling or batting alone? Same question we ask for so many "allrounders"...can he make it into the team as a batsman alone? can he make it into the team as a bowler alone?
  2. ANything less than 400 and Kohli the chase machine will be switched on I think. We still have an outside chance.....need to get Smith early before anymore damage is done.
  3. This is a 2nd time a raging turner has hurt us...remember the WT20 game vs Newzealand? On the green top we got owned by a virtually unknown Srilankan team in the T20 series prior to the Asia cup. In England and Australia pitches were flat for the most part where we lost. There are obviously exceptions to the rule and we have had victories on such pitches too. Back in the 90's...a raging turner would mean we will destroy the opposition 10/10 times. On a Bouncy pitch/Green top we would lose 10/10 times On a Flat track -we would tie the game Pretty much uncomplicated. These days nothing is guaranteed...I mean Sodhi,Santer and that Srilankan dibbly dobby bowler ran through us before. 2 questions arise? are we really doctoring the pitches to let our spinners run havoc? What are the pitches this team can claim that they will pull of a victory 10/10 times.
  4. Rahul's injury will automatically bring in don't think there will be any hands on changes. So pretty much the same X1 if I had to bet...if it's a bouncy/green top which is very unlikely then Bhuvi for Jayant or if it is a flat pitch then toss up between Bhuvi and Jayant. No revolutionary changes expected
  5. At the expense of?
  6. Rahul can be excused here...I always say this with a lot of fear because people will be on my case and bring in Rohit for some bizzare reason but I have always said,Rahane is way way too inconsistent.....if he scored 1 100 and 1 50 on an overseas tour sure that is great,but he needs to cash in on easier surfaces and get consistency into his game. You will see Rahane score a mind blowing 100 on a minefield/green top and get out under 10 on the flattest of tracks...absolutely inconsistent. He has Rohit with an average of 80.00 in his last series and Nair with a 300 breathing down his neck.....I am not asking him to be dropped but he needs to bring in consistency soon.
  7. @Muloghonto RSS was the only organization that actually did service during the Chennai floods...not any of the other so called "secular" organizations. They were also active helping out refugee camps during partition and other such crisis. They are always in the forefront during any natural disaster,etc. There are a lot more "secular organizations" that deserve a ban and also RSS is not a religious establishment,it's ideology is nationalistic. Let us ban left parties first before we can even talk about RSS.
  8. Scary stuff....if we can find any I mean any little hope from this news is that American guy who tried to put himself in the way of harm amidst this madness.....humanity is still a little bit alive I guess RIP to the family of the Indian engineer and hope the other 2 recover soon with no other issues. This is scary...ICFr's in more volatile parts of USA...stay safe
  9. Exactly...sure he is a suitable replacement as an off spinner who can bowl,but for that he needs to turn the darn ball......He comes across as a bit of a darter to me and has no variations like carrom ball,Doosra etc etc. As a spinner these days you need mystery weapons...Jayant is a classic domestic bowler....Hope he proves me wrong though but so far not that sold despite the 100 and 50
  10. Damn.....mooh mein paani aa gaya
  11. Ok first let me clear up something I always believe in specialists...I have a strong dislike...hate even for bits and pieces cricketers. Is Jayant a better spinner than Mishra,Chawla,Kuldeep Yadav,Chahal,Rasool,Nadeem etc.-Based on what I have seen don't think so. Is he purely as a bat better than Nair,Rohit,Pant etc etc...don't think so either. I am sure Bhuvi or any other specialist bowler can take those 1/2 a wicket per test match and on a minefield will do no worse than Jayant with the bat. If Jayant improves his batting to be good enough to play in the top 5,sure I see a lot of upside for him but don't think so either. Test cricket is for specialists not for bits and pieces cricketers. It actually applies to Ashwin and Jadeja as well,even if they are scoring 50's every other game,as long as they don't pick up wickets they are useless.
  12. While I can understand people bringing up is the thing...Ishant is a fast bowler who can bowl at 140K's.....probably one among say 10....that doesn't justify a super long rope but it is what is....a rare breed. Jayant on the other hand is a spinner who can bat...I am sure there are 3-4 of those kind in every domestic team. Sure Jayant might have outshone them to get a chance but,it is pretty evident so far that he can't spin and is batting is not good enough to be in the top-5 which is a must for a batting allrounder. Why are people forgetting the main context of the thread?
  13. He is not good enough bat to last on minefields,bouncy pitches or green tops...sure he has decent technique on neutral on flat pitches. As a bowler he can't do much on minefields,how is he going to deliver as a back up main spinner in case of an injury to Ashwin/Jadeja on most tracks? You don't play all-rounders just for the heck of it.
  14. You didn't before Mishra in the do not troll with names.....waiting for @Cricketics in 3....2......1 Anyway on topic on a green pitch or on a minefield 4 main bowlers are enough to pick 20 wickets....but you need a longer batting line up to counter these pitches tailor made for bowlers. Jayant doesn't add a lot here
  15. I thought this was a thread about a yet another Pakistani batting collapse....oh well $hit happens I guess
  16. Can you contribute something sure have the ability to and I also made it more easier for you by not calling out on captain cool's mistakes.
  17. I wouldn't go that is more like a shock and setback....cmon I am not really in the minority here am I? when we expected to roll over Aussies for sub 150 scores on this pitch and win by an innings? Yes as the OP rightly suggests and yourself have agreed,just one of those biggie.....but trust me if we lose this test which at this point looks pretty certain,then the last thing you want is to even the plainfield by giving absolute pattas or green tracks.
  18. Few years back KP was the hottest free agent in cricket....Dale Steyn was one of the most effective bowlers in the IPL.....Irfan Pathan's all round ability always fetched him a top price.....But I guess their IPL careers are pretty much done at this point....similarly a few years back star Srilankan players like Sanga,Dilshan,Mahela always found a team but they were past their prime and never picked again. Then we had eventual retirees from the game like Hussey,Gilchrist,Symonds etc. or Indian icons who retired like SRT,Dravid,Sehwag etc. I am not talking about small time flash in the pans but big names whose IPL career will be done by next year Who will be the next set of marquee players My bet is on Gayle Mccullum Harbhajan Malinga Zak
  19. Sure that was buffering? Or was it highlights of bhuvi bowling his faster ones?
  20. Yes...there will be a couple of counter attacking knocks...Starc will take out those 30 odd runs in no we will score at 4:00 an over.....Lyon and O'keefe both will be expensive
  21. Aus 286-India 336/7 Umesh-4 jadeja-3 ashwin-60* pujara-125 Starc-3 hazelwood-1 runout-1 o keefe-2
  22. I have already agreed that rookie fast bowlers should be tried instead of Ishant/Umesh or whoever at home...because the workload is on spinners anyways...All I am saying I don't agree with the sentiment of totally dumping Ishant and he hasn't been that horrible as peopel are saying. obviously you cant expect him to have stats like Anderson,Broad or Steyn
  23. @Ankit_sharma03 will wait for ur answer
  24. Tell me this without bias...let us say if Shami is still injured and we have to play 3 seamers against SA,NZ,Aus,Eng in a critical test-teams that play fast bowling well....rank which combo will give you confidence Rank them please A.Umesh-Ishant-Bhuvi B.Umesh-Ishant-Rookie C.Umesh-Bhuvi-Rookie D.Ishant-Bhuvi-Rookie