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  1. What pisses you off?

    Hmmm interesting topic... for my thoughts on this please read the thread http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/55206-desi-posers/
  2. Ishant to lead Delhi in upcoming Ranji season

    The guy has pretty good acumen...yeah he may fail to execute his plans always but good news is he has "plans" and hope he has wonderful team mates to execute the plans for him. Capt.Ishu
  3. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    Also why the fk are we still booking Pakistani actors and actresses...Bollywood is thrash
  4. Pakistanis up in arms over Mahira Khan photo.

    It was snapped in a private moment...not like they posted the pic on social media for their fans...now that becomes a debate about paparazzi and intrusion of privacy...we can keep digging stuff up to find what is wrong but anyway on topic....pretty sure if this was an Indian actress too,there would have been similar reactions as well. only thing that is scary is pakistanis might go a step ahead and find some law to chop of her fingers and lips for smoking in public or giver her 25 lashes on the back for wearing a backless dress...now that is a possibility
  5. Interest rate in FD

    Abbey dhakkan....do you like playing the devils advocate just for the heck of it. anyways I find this guy's post pure gibberish and garbage...Sure few people feel that way about my posts too :) but atleast they hate on it after reading it and then their brain processes it and then the hate comes out. this guy's posts are pure eye cancer...they don't add value...they are garbage...they are not even proper sentences. congratulations you are siding with what is probably a bot created by some hacker or a troll who is just spamming...I can't even call you a devils advocate now because advocates are supposed to be smart...you just got played by a bottroll
  6. Interest rate in FD

    The guy is clearly a troll or a bot or a hybrid bottroll.
  7. Interest rate in FD

    Arrey bhai simple Sentence construction basic forum etiquette kabse ho gaya. how does age factor in unless he is a senile old man living in a facility...then my sympathies with him but still won't change the fact that the posts are an eyesore.
  8. Interest rate in FD

    Well there is a difference between being coherent and spewing gibberish...no one is being a grammar police but atleast one needs to try articulating it in a coherent tone if I say rohit sharma iz legend odi batsman-you can still comprehend it even though you may not be able to digest it but if every post of mine is like ROhits iz legeeeeen bATTtteama and scores 200 on this auspicious GOLD dabloon 09/11 rips it can be an eye sore
  9. Interest rate in FD

    How about this I work in a bank...even though I can't give you any monetary value....I will upvote every post of yours as long as you do spell check and grammar check before you post...I mean grammar check is secondary...that will get you a Thanks...spell check an upvote...how about this special offer, I will give you Upvote for the proper use of caps lock well and a combination of any 2 of the above will get you a Thanks. This Is my best offer
  10. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Vs Srilanka reached final
  11. Turning point !!!

    ^ to compensate for that...celebrating Dhoni's innings today
  12. Turning point !!!

    I am so upset...I bet with myself when I opened this thread that the first post will contain a pic of Dhoni but it was the 2nd post
  13. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    CT 2006, WC 1987, WC finals 1996
  14. Bollywood's most impactful films

    Never seen it but when I was younger I remember Bandit queen as being one of the most controversial film ever made(for that time) Kamasutra but I guess that was a Hollywood production...actually saw that one but never knew what the hype was about(maybe because we discovered the internet by then)
  15. Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    To be fair didn't have enough time or "space" to add more items...glad you took time to go through it though...much appreciated
  16. Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    True.. you hit a nerve....let me take a swig at my afternoon cocktail of Vodka with cranberry juice and drown my sorrows. anyways this prediction "I" made will be a sure shot winner trust "me"
  17. Kuldeep Yadav Fan Club - A Match Winner

    I have predicted this before...forget these pointless bilateral games...this guy will win us the an overseas test...book mark this...might happen in South Africa
  18. Identify four players for middle order

    You mean certain weakness against spin on a dry track or against short pitch when the Speed is anything over 130ks or weakness on green tracks or against genuine pace or in foreign conditions. yeah apart from that he is all set
  19. Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fan Club

    Most improved bowler...a rare breed of Indian bowler who phase 1-started of well,phase 2-had a little downward spiral but phase 3-bounced back stronger. usually it stops at phase 2 with the spiral being very steep
  20. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Still 3 matches to go..couldn't we wait to laugh at them if they get brown washed or lose 4-1 or something? yeah pathetic streak though
  21. Identify four players for middle order

    Batting Dhoni at 6-7 in the modern LOI game is a crime and offense. Either he bats at 4 or max 5 or we change our strategy of stacking our 1-5/1-6 with some crazy big hitters so that if they all fail Dhoni can come in and "consolidate" ODI cricket is already a dying format and the only best part about it is the slog overs and you want to kill that by batting Dhoni at 6-7
  22. And the reason for this trivia is.....
  23. Let's all laugh at AUS's ODI performance outside AUS

    Aren't you a little too early?
  24. You don't have to tread a sensitive line by automatically comparing malpractices or social evils in other religions before criticizing Islam. How many real life devadasis or women who committed sati do we know or have met in our daily day to day life...where as I have met a tailor who was a Muslim guy with atleast minimum 2 wives...one of them clearly much younger than him. I have not seen animal sacrifice or bali live ever however almost every year I saw a goat having its throat slit and laid to bleed to death. If i go to temple it is either on a weekend or if I really have to go due to some religious or cultural commitment,it's on my own dime and time off...I don't skip important meetings or company time or money to get in my "prayers" there are more extreme examples or comparisons but since I haven't faced them or seen them I will skip it. not pointing towards you but it is a pet peeve of mine when before pointing out the absolutely visible flaws in a religion which consists of either delusional fanatics or "apologist liberals" which currently is fking up the society one brings in events that existed consistently in ither religions from 200-300+ Years ago like crusades,untouchability etc to even the playing field. rant over
  25. Kuldeep is the man of the match for me....sealed the game when it still looked like 50-50,took a hattrick, 3 wickets ties with Bhuvi,Richardson,NCN. Bhuvi is a close 2nd followed by Kohli

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