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  1. PVNR followed by Vajpayee rule was what put India on the map. However I do not see any significant changes in terms of policy from 2009-2019. Only thing is we can be proud of a middle class Indian from a backward caste rising through the ranks to become one of the most powerful men in the world against an educated bureaucrat taking orders from a Italian housewife and her incompetent son. Apart from a self-respect boost, not much has changed in terms of economy,infrastructure or foreign policy. Everyone knows by now where my alliances lie, however for me Modi rule is a letdown. May be I raised the bar of expectations too high. As far as opposition being a nuisance that’s the whole point Modi was supposed to be a man who rules with an iron fist and raise above all that red tape and bureaucratic crap.
  2. Everything about him is fake and forced including the laugh and those sidhuisms. Ironically made money with it. A proper definition of a modern day politician I guess. Those Sidhuisms were funny probably for at best a month and then once the novelty wore off they got on everyone’s nerves and became annoying
  3. A big hypocrite. At least with Salman Khan and SRK they are transparent enough to know what we are dealing with.
  4. Ironically, The most BJP like rule in India’s history was under Congress during PVN government. Liberalization policies, some movement in the Ram Mandir mess (with the actual demolition of the masjid), the implementation of the strict and stringent TADA act. Since then it didn’t really matter, it was just another day regardless of who it was in power. That’s why Modi was a letdown. Maybe the implementation failure and the backlash from it of the whole demonetization made him a lot more conservative.
  5. 3 days since the fallout was removal of MFN status- why was this there all these days? Removal of security cover to some separatists- Unless a few who follow the geo politics of this region most wondered why these snakes even had a security cover to begin with. refusal to broadcast of PSL- who is watching this crap or advertising it? Pulling out from PSL production- again why was it in place to begin with? Cricbuzz not reporting PSL games( independent decision and admirable from a cricket website) a couple of terrorists getting killed- again given the casualties on the Indian side, was it a pre-planned strike based on intelligence? Not to forget we lost another officer between this. Pak artists banned- weren’t they already banned? Siddhu losing the prestigious Kapil Sharma show Now I have said before that India should not make hasty decisions on emotion and put our soldiers at risk. However sure some more drastic measures could have been taken like alterations to the Indus water treaty or article 370 but all I see are election speeches and political alliances. I will be patient enough but there is always a limit to that. We are still discussing Phulvama but since then we lost 4 more soldiers. Something’s gotta give. Already we are seeing the focus being shifted to atrocities on Kashmiris, people justifying why an “innocent kid” became a terrorist. I mean what the hell.
  6. On an unrelated note I always keep reading his name as 11(eleven) like the kid from stranger things
  7. maniac

    The swashbuckling openers

    How many 200's or will reduce the bar 175+ scores?
  8. It's funny that most guys repairing their image try to cozy up to Pakistan and they end up giving them civilian honors. Soon Nishan-e-Pakistan might be in a league filled with it's own "the who's who of douchebag world leaders"
  9. Are you basing this of the lines parroted by most "secular and liberal" film media or are you totally blown away by Yunus Khan's performances in comparison to all the other actors from various Indian film industry who are not even in the same league? He may not exactly be a bloodthirsty dictator but I put him there in a more subdued "ass-hole" category
  10. Previous award winners include great humanitarians like Fidel Castro,Abdullah Gul(President of Turkey) and Dilip Kumar. I thought they gave one to Gadaffi as well but he got the honor of getting a cricket stadium named after him. Well fate worked out in a strange way. The rebels played T20 with him before putting him out of his misery,
  11. So Mumbai attacks happened, there was outrage and then things went back to business as usual. URI and Pathankot happened and there was outrage and then things went back to normal,so what changed significantly now? what happened to this so called moral and ethical standing then? Shabana and Javed protested by cancelling their Karachi trip now,so was everything hunky-dory before that they were going for these mushairas and literary fests? These Bollywood people and the Indian film industry in general live in their own bubble. They do not even understand the significance of such decisions or the reasoning behind it. Karan Johar released an emotional statement as to why he will not hire Pakistani actors when he faced backlash in 2016. I saw this bastard giving a interview somewhere where he spoke about that decision in such a way that it sounded as if he had no other option. Don't think these mofos realize the significance and the reasoning behind it. Pakistan embassy is shown as if it is a Fortune 100's best place to work.Apparently Sanjay Dutt took up arms after he got threats from Hindu extremists. This Hirani bastard has got away with underlying messages in the guise of light entertainment and yet he is hailed as Bollywood's most sought after director. There is plenty of such crap going on. These guys are just riding the trend which is what these people do. A love story becomes a blockbuster, 100's of love story themed movies will follow, A horror flick or an action movie becomes a hit,100's of the same themed movies will flood the box office to cash in on the trend. This display of standing up for the jawaans is no different from that.
  12. https://www.news18.com/news/world/at-least-9-killed-11-injured-in-suicide-attack-on-pakistan-army-report-2039513.html
  13. Looks like there was a suicide bombing in Balochistan-Quetta on Pak soldiers too.
  14. I am talking about history curriculum atleast from my time. I have not read a government issued history text book after my 10th standard which was in 1996-1997. So 2 things here ,unless you are a BA/MA history student or if the curriculum has changed massively since my time to include topics about Vijay Nagar empire and other aforementioned battles that we(Hindus) actually won against Portuguese and Mughals and not just battles which we lost ,my critique was on the Indian history taught in schools and not on Rajputs. You come across as a history buff and probably know more about Rajput History and in no way it is a measuring contest. You seem to totally miss my point. My critique was not on Rajputs but what Indian history focuses on. Rajputs had valor and we are proud of Prithvi Raj and Rana Pratap and Bappa Rawal the mainstream heroes. Absolutely! At the same time most stories surrounding Rajputs have a tragic end and are about going out in a blaze of glory. or there are Stories of deception with Rajputs at the receiving end or Political alliance or working with the Mughals. I keep harping on Mughals and Rajputs because atleast in my time guys like Qutubuddin Aibak and Tughlaq and other douchebags got more chapter time and the focus was mostly on Mughals and British Empire. The Hindu Kingdom resistance was usually Rajputs and may be to a smaller extent the Marathas mainly Sivaji Maharaj. As I said earlier most stories told of Hindu Kings going in a blaze of glory rather than coming up on the winning side. Rajputs were also portrayed as Secular. Maybe things have changed so massively in the last 20 years and kids have a much more refined and balanced education on Indian history. That’s a good thing.
  15. maniac

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Saw a documentary on Netflix about it. It was in the early days of Netflix when we were not exposed to such hard hitting documentaries on a regular basis. It was so Depressing and disgusting. I Just couldn’t stomach it. Kept getting nightmares for 2 days.
  16. maniac

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    New found respect for cskbuzz. Will cheerlead along with them for Dhoni henceforth as a token of appreciation.
  17. I am not talking about the famous games but just random cricket games that are etched in your memory. The one that comes to mind was a match between SA and WI from a odi series in 1998. SA had a middling score and WI made a quick start opening with Chanderpaul and some other hack. All of a sudden Kallis,Kluesner,Pollock etc started bowling short pitch and hitting WI players on the grill,body and helmet and WI who looked like they will win all of a sudden folded meekly. It was painful and fun to watch at the same time. The other one was a odi match between India and Nzl in the mid 90s in Mumbai. I remember this one well because the next day my dad had given me passes to see an exhibition double wicket contest in the same ground. This tournament had Sachin,Azhar,Kambli etc. anyways, I remember this odi match the previous day as well because Kambli absolutely took apart Simon Doull with some breath taking drives and India chased down a small total real quick. I remember that exhibition game that followed as well. The star wasn’t Sachin or Azhar or Carl Hooper(who played in it) or Kambli but Gagan Khoda who hit some mighty 6s. Some of them so hard that it thudded into the cement block above the members stand where the members name was etched on it. One 6 was hit so hard that the dust flew off of the cement block. One of the most powerful 6s I have seen. The other one probably not so obscure game was when Chetan Sharma was promoted as a pinch hitter and ended up getting a 100 against England I guess. First time I saw such a innovative move. I believe Srikkanth was the captain. Also I remember Gilchrist’s 1st or 2nd game in the titan cup. Before this game I had seen Gilchrist in 1995 in the Hong Kong 6s tournament. The guy was the absolute standout star of this tournament. Those days there was no bias like “oh” this is T6 or some random pointless tournament. It was just exciting and refreshing to see this kind of hitting. Anyways, I was really excited to see him bat in internationals but I remember this game more for Alan Donald’s lethal spell. He got 2 in 2, just missed the hat trick with a Jaffa and got a wicket the next ball. Had 3 in 4. Was a lethal spell from an ATG at his peak.Absolutely dismantled Australia. Another one that comes to mind was from the India-England odi series 1993. Siddhu got a brilliant 100 and had a partnership with Kumble to get India over the line. I remember watching the last few overs live after I just came back from school. There are many such games but what are your random cricketing memories? Try avoiding the famous matches that everyone knows.
  18. @Stradlater I think there is a disconnect somewhere. Let us save this for another day regarding the political and historical perspectives. Right now we all need to be on the same page.
  19. Seriously? You want to take that route? Firstly I think you are misinterpreting what I am saying. In our history the focus has been too much on Mughals. Rajput kings and to some extent Marathas (who I still don’t think get enough credit either) are shown as the torchbearers of Hinduism. In fact Rajputs are shown as beacons of secularism due to the political alliances. So for every Rana Pratap we have a Mann Singh which is inevitable. There are plenty of tales of valor that broke the back of Muglas and Islamic rule.
  20. Double edged sword with scum like Sheila Rashid. They will spew venom but if action is taken it will look bad too. Need such voices to show the world that India has a freedom speech etc. and there is acceptance for such crap. However the best way to deal with scum like this is the way Teesta Seetalvad was handled. Make them totally irrelevant by showing their hypocrisy and bursting their bubble. Pretty Sure this Sheila has a lot of skeletons in her closet.
  21. maniac

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Brit Pakistani are the biggest scum. This bs that overseas Pakistani is a oh cho cheery Bollywood loving desi needs to stop. In US and maybe in Canada they don’t have such a big voice. Even here I have seen 2nd gen kids wearing Hijabs and growing beards gradually. These guys are poison. I have interacted with a few professionally and they seem like nice blokes but that is no different from a prejudiced white guy just getting along for the sake of corporate diversity rules. These Guys have been brainwashed for so long that, it can’t be undone in a few years. Pakistanis are going to be Pakistanis and won’t have a rational thought. It is no different from South Korea not knowing what to do with North Korean refugees who have been rendered useless due to years of mind fk and putting them in reality shows for their own amusement.
  22. Also the reasoning in the past was international pressure from US,Russia etc. This time US,Israel etc have said India have the right to self defense. No more need for this diplomatic bs. Time to show our might. Also Shouldn’t worry about collateral damage. Enough of these anti India rhetoric . Need stricter anti-sedition laws.
  23. For every great warrior like Rana Pratap, they also had Kings,noblemen etc gave away their daughters,sisters etc to the Mughals to maintain their rule. Maybe the Mughals did not bother them or interfere so much. Our history tends to focus too much on Rajput kings etc but Marathas, Vijay Nagar empire and even kingdoms in Assam and North east showed a lot more resistance. I am not putting down the valor of the Rajputs by the way, just saying that probably since they were a lot more vulnerable geographically, every act of valor is also neutralized by acts of giving in.
  24. I am going to tread this very carefully The sovereignty of Kashmir should have been decided in 1947. Biggest avoidable *fest that we brought it on ourselves because a Mofo wanted his illegitimate brother to be a world leader. I think unfortunately we are at a stage now where The only solution is an extreme one either ways which means either one of the side needs to back off. Will the radicalized brainwashed religious fanatic back off- answer is self explanatory Now here is the problem is if India takes the high road- Just when India is getting it self respect back that was battered and humiliated for the last 700-800 years will this be a good thing for our self-respect? Is it easy to put that aside? Even if we put our ego aside and go with it- will that solve the problem, we will just end up with another full-fledged,radical, useless and incompetent neighbor that only knows how to create nuisance and unrest and does not have any know-how of trade,technology, diplomacy or basics that any normal nation knows. This has become a big cluster *. There are no middle ground solutions to this problem. The only way this will get resolved is if some big **** goes down due to such a radical step that will have repercussions for centuries to come. Period !!!
  25. maniac

    PSL 2019 Telecast banned in India

    Who the fk is watching this crap anyways? Too many jobless people. Look at the pictures of the crowds, hardly a handful of people.

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