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  1. Yes I am drunk-5 beers and counting and no it has not impaired my judgement.....I have said this when I was sober and being drunk gets me pissed off as the guy has been ridiculed...hell even after lords test people didn't count him in their starting line up. The guy is good and time we accepted it....don't get fooled by averages toiling on flat pattas....hell despite the Faulkner assault he has a stellar ODI record. Yes will I pick Steyn or Johnson over Ishant ofcourse but do we have them???? Start backing this guy....everyone does but fans especially on ICF are averse to him....don't get why. Let us cheer for this guy as he has shown he has the cojones and needs to be taken seriosuly
  2. maniac

    Ben Stokes future ATG

    I am really impressed with this player. Already has 2 test 100's,5 wicket hauls at both ODI and Test level,some useful contributions and a tremendous fielder. Just like I jumped on the Steve Smith and Joe Root bandwagon way before it happened,I would like to call dibs on this prediction. I see tremendous potential and with UAE series coming up,I am sure there will be a few more big scores around the corner.bowling...... well I think he will do well to hold one end.
  3. maniac

    Ultimatum to Rohit Sharma

    There is just too much talent that is going waste and also we have invested too much in him in tests. Also he has not been given a consistent run...after coming out of the SL test series where he was our top run getter,he was dropped for the first 2 tests against S.A....he is being chopped and changed too often but yeah he needs to grab the chance he gets even though at times he gets the dubious decision :(. So here is the solution....Let him know he gets 7 tests on a trot or 14 innings which ever comes first....he gets to pick his position he wants to play in and then a final judgement will be made. This will give him the added confidence and will make him the world beater we always knew he would be...Look at LOI's, he is already the best in the world in those formats. What do you guys think
  4. Arjun "Jesus" Tendulkar..the son of god...what is the progress on him these days? The kid is a fast bowling allrounder a left arm seamer-so ticks 2 very important boxes On top of that he has the best coaching and facilities available He will make it into the team in the next 4-5 years for sure and obviously the stakeholders-His father,selectors etc don't want to be embarrassed if he is found out at international level-so he will be ensured to be ready. Really excited to see what the road lies ahead for him GO ARJUN
  5. Another not out and 49(42) this day and age with the kind of start we had is pathetic and I am pretty sure a lot of momentum was sucked in the process as well...This is out let lower order power hitter
  6. Kohli,Root and Williamson are a level below Kohli is ahead of Smith I’m T20s but still puts him in the immediate level below followed by Root and Williamson Overall smith has this contest....really really good!!!
  7. Englishmen have absolutely no clue how to deal with him....Kuldeep Yadav will absolutely kill it in international cricket. We need to use him as a mystery spinner when we tour abroad. He will be a trump card. I think he is good real good..turn,bounce,variation and great cricketing awareness. Hope we don't over expose him....He is going to win us a lot of games and I will bet right now he will win us an overseas test in Non-Asian conditions.
  8. Why did my previous thread get deleted lol. Looks like I hit a nerve,This is exactly what I am talking about
  9. maniac

    Sanju Movie trailer

    Movie Might glorify and whitewash this idiot...you may or may not have been a fan of Sanjay Dutt growing up but You have to appreciate Ranbir Kapoor...he has nailed every look...brilliant
  10. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Damn I did a mistake of hanging around lol...good job baiting me back for atleast a while. I guess you might have missed the point I made in my previous thread which got deleted because it hit a nerve.so you probably missed it. Let me give you the context because I don't want this to be lost on anyone reading this thread as the previous one was deleted. You have been around for a while on this forum so you know that a couple of posters have had their profiles and all their content deleted. So it is possible for starters. Now no one is compelled to do anything. It might have been done as a personal favor for them. Now I have already stated that there is obviously nothing much to strong arm anyone into doing things my way. However, The request was made to admins and not mods and that too as a friendly request. The response I got from one of them was very abrupt and some bot like statement about some random policy. Had that come from a real bot,I wouldn't have been offended to be honest lol. This is where I feel the personable touch of the original forum has been lost. It is not like I have made some offensive posts that is going to kill my future plans for political office if I ever consider that :). So even if my profile is not deleted it is no biggie. What was a friendly request,could have been handled in a friendlier way like it was in the past. Anyways I am not being a snowflake and getting all wound up due to one guy's rudeness. My intention was not even to create a thread. I have no more intention posting on this forum exactly for the reasons mentioned above. I know you like playing the devil's advocate and hey we all do that exactly that a lot of times because this is a place we tend to loosen up lot more than what we could do on the more popular social media platforms right? Now imagine this,you make an offensive statement and you want to be deleted and it is forever there on the internet,is that something you are ok with? This is not even a conglomerate,so any guy who is a mod and say he dislikes you can hold you accountable forever then? I am not saying that is a possibility because most of these guys are just volunteers and most of them are genuinely great guys, but also that is exactly the reason we tend to be more casual on here anyways. I think we need to have a right to erase within reason. Anyway glad you baited me,because rather have a post with a sensible counter argument than a post about Rohit/Ishant be the last one lol.
  11. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Anyways this is my last post on this forum. I hope the admins treat this as a genuine request and not some kind of an act or trolling.I have tried asking nicely. I will appreciate if you still consider deletion of my profile as someone who has contributed well over the years. If not I will leave you with this what has been kind of a open secret Hope Rohit Sharma never plays tests again and that mofo better pick up his game as he might be a walking disaster during the world cup,unless England provide these 400+ pitches. We need to find a replacement for this jackoff/free loader soon. Ishant after 10+years has evolved into a a good 3rd seamer. That is like the kid who gets 35% pass marks after repeating the same class 5 times....usually with those kids,the better alternative is for them to run a kirana or pan store than to hope they will excel in the field of academics some day. Finally Rayudu, glad that his comeback chances are nipped in the bud. unfortunately, he is replaced by Raina which is heart breaking. Hope Indian cricket corrects its problems soon or else we will go the WI way. I will obviously be curious enough to check and hit refresh on this thread for the next couple of hours but after that it is curtains. Goodbye and God Bless Maniac
  12. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Poll added
  13. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    I am not even naming and shaming the admin(just kidding) who is the jerk as it may piss him off and may result in my profile never being deleted :). All I ask is for deletion. Why can't this be done? don't say policy that word is getting me triggered,try coming up with a synonym lol. Just delete my profile
  14. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Forget about me but should we be well within our rights to have our content deleted on request? Think about it......you say something on this forum...you are stuck with it. sure you can't erase things you search on google or post on facebook/twitter and careers have been killed and governments toppled over that. However this is a forum where everyone for the most part have a friendly banter and chats,why can't we ask for our content to be deleted? As I said, what is the point if a place which some of us treat as a creative outlet and place to have fun becomes this policy bound corporate?
  15. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    You know the policy is one is responsible for their own posts but that applies to every walk of life. You are responsible for your actions or what you say but you tend to loosen up in a friendly setting. Now if I was comfortable,I wouldn't care because I don't think I have said anything controversial or I have no intention for running for office. I want to be deleted because I am not comfortable anymore. I thought I was among friends and my request would be honored but doesn't seem like that. I am apparently dealing with policies now. I thought of some of you guys as my "virtual" friends. So once again if you can't give a little flexibility to the request of a guy who is posting from a very long time,never been banned,followed the rules,Posted some good content. As I said I don't want to strong arm anyone(I can't obviously in this case) but all I am asking for is for some flexibility. Please don't give me bs abrubt answers. I humbly request deletion from the forum
  16. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    God,I made such an articulate case in the previous thread, just one well constructed post per day Admins/Mods.....As one of the most reputable(if the up down votes have any value) I humbly make this request. I can't strong arm you into anything. I am making a very friendly request. Please delete my profile
  17. maniac

    Right to have my content/Profile deleted

    Why was my previous thread deleted....I want all my content to be deleted,not just the latest one :)
  18. maniac

    Site Feedback

    To the admins on this site, I have asked for my account and all of it's related content to be deleted....I sent a PM to all admins and didn't get a response. In case you missed it, Once again please delete my account and all of it's content.
  19. http://m.cricbuzz.com/cricket-news/101146/mohammed-shami-offered-grade-b-contract-as-corruption-investigation-ends-india-cricket-team-bcci Great news Now stay the fk away from trouble till the WC....don’t think he has another WC in him anyways
  20. According to Indian/Buddhist/Jain Philosophy opening up these 7 Chakras leads to path of salvation and enlightenment. Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment sitting under a fig tree,but we can attain the same path following this legendary cricketer. As an already enlightened soul let me share with you and guide you on this journey as to how you can achieve Moksha as well. Chakra 1-Basic trust The most difficult Chakra. This starts opening up during the initial powerplays. While the common ignorant folk are criticizing you for slow batting(just like they threw stones at Mahavira back in the day),the goal here is to safely negotiate the new ball and ensure the the base(root) is stabilized. Chakra 2-Creativity Once the first chakra is stabilized,You find yourself moving up into your 2nd Chakra. This is when you come up with a lot of creativity to up your strike rate which obviously is the downside of stabilizing your first Chakra as critical as that is. Chakra 3-Wisdom Once the creativity opens up and you realize that you got a couple of lucky reprieves along the way,the wisdom chakra opens up. This is when you realize that today is your day and you are on the verge of something special. Chakra 4-Love healing Usually along this special journey there are a lot of roadblocks which may also result in a lot of heartbreaks among loved ones eg; Kohli runouts in Rohit specials etc. This is when the love healing chakra kicks in. Your talent mesmerizes those who felt a little let down initially.Once this chakra opens up it starts taking over their minds and they start loving you even more. This when they realize the depths of the skills you possess. They are hypnotized by your "Qi" also known in cricketing circles as "xfactor" and your "abilities to change sessions in a day". This is the Most important Chakra from a career perspective. Chakra 5-Communication Most mystics and prophets are misunderstood in their time by the common folk. It is once they are long gone,people realize what they meant and what they were trying to communicate. "come to India" ,"how many wickets did you take" may be ridiculed now but in 50 years they will be on T-Shirts everywhere and the swag with which they were delivered will blow your mind away. Chakra 6-Awareness This is the chakra were the awareness kicks in that every shot you play is coming off,the moment of the pitch seems non-existent,the pace feels 10 clicks slower and the opposition regardless of their stature seem like minnows. Opening up of this Chakra can lead to some incredible feats like 16 6's,fastest T20 100,man of the match WC Qf's, M.O.M CT Sf's,Highest individual score etc etc etc.No need to go on because at this point you guys get me as we have come a long way in this spiritual journey and you are ready for the final chakra. Chakra 7-Spirituality The Final Chakra. This is when you attain Moksha/niravana/enlightenment.You feel rightfully that you have achieved everything that is humanely possible. You may decide to leave your test slot for younger players and find yourself in a total state of bliss as an "eternal champion". If you feel enlightened and an eternal state of bliss in this guided tour through your chakras,please feel free to PM me as my foundation is currently accepting bitcoin payments. It is Tax deductible as it is a NPO :)
  21. Thread opened under new ICF rules ur views :)
  22. maniac

    What is your take on Dhoni's future?

    intellectual debate -37 year old "legend" with 3-4 immediate replacements vs a still 31 and the best opener in the world.Don't think it is a contest...anyway no baiting under new rules,let us stick to topic :)
  23. maniac

    How old do I look?

    You look 23-25.....Damn people have already beaten me with the Rashid Khan references

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