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  1. Another not out and 49(42) this day and age with the kind of start we had is pathetic and I am pretty sure a lot of momentum was sucked in the process as well...This is out let lower order power hitter
  2. Shoaib Akhtar appointed as Advisor to Chairman

    Abhi staaaaar banenge
  3. Twitter messages

    No but as she said she is a true cricket lover just like me
  4. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    That is what 2-3 world cups, good chance to overtake Sachin
  5. Personally want both to succeed.like them both Seen both and both are impressive and incredibly talented. For some reason Kishan comes across as someone who has a better temperament than Pant. On the other hand Pant seems like the guy who can take even the best attacks to task. Early on I thought Kishan was the better keeper and Pant the better batsman but Pant has improved his keeping and Kishan his batting. I hope we don’t see a Dhoni vs Karthik type scenario here were 2 incredible talents, one went on to achieve great success and the other still trying to establish himself after 12 years. Obviously we all want both to do well and kick out some deadwood but if you had to pick one who would it be? Love Pant but something tells me Ishan has the temperament which is half the battle won.
  6. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    @kira and @Cricketics after this 100
  7. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    I thought he bothered about Indian cricket
  8. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    No problem . Hitman is the clutch specialist...gets the runs at the right time...Dhawan is the setup specialist sets up series beautifully and Kohli is the new god....Bowlers are good but time to throw some deadwood out
  9. Sunny the way Rahane was batting and with the lulloos to follow he made the right call after our top 2 were out
  10. Countdown to Virat Kohli's 100th 100 !!!

    Kohli might organically get there but if Dhoni retires before his 10000 runs in Odis, I will regain all the respect for him as a selfless cricketer which his fans claim him to be especially after dialogues like no one is above country and we are all servants to the country and all that crap
  11. Keppler wessels and Holding will get drunk tonight and so is Ravi Shastri
  12. Party in @WC2011INDIA house if that happens
  13. Cough cough ...5th odi....cough cough....multiple world records
  14. We don’t have a reliable 3rd seamer, we have one of the worst middle orders in the world , our fielding is hit or miss, not a single reliable power hitter but still no.1 team in the world that just thrashed SA in SA, if that doesn’t make Kohli a one many army then don’t know what will. Infact we were the top 3 team in the world in the last 2-3 years even when we didn’t have reliable spinners.
  15. Right now he is a one man army man really
  16. Kohli is leagues above any player in both sides.The guy is a machine
  17. Enjoy sunny gavaskars commentary atleast we will not be watching every CSk game
  18. India South Africa series in South Africa is usually boring for the wrong reasons but I will take this...remember the days,India bats first and are 90/8 after 33 overs with Dravid doing a Zondo
  19. Can’t decide to hate or like Thakur yet...what was his jersey # by the way...that should speed up the decision making process
  20. Hey we tried to help them with Thakur but mofos lost 4 wickets to him
  21. I usually don’t won’t India to lose wickets when they bat but with Iyer,Rahane and Dhoni to follow, I really mean it with all my heart.
  22. I thought Dhoni didn’t play for numbers...he should be 9999* perfect tribute to his “selflessness”

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