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  1. We all have played cricket at some level which made us fans-I mean right from underarm building cricket,gully cricket,school,college,club level etc etc. So what is your cricket profile? Let me start with mine- Bowling-wanted to be a phaaast bowler-realized didn't have it in me-so became a right arm darter(mirror image of Jadeja)-ball would spin or not spin randomly but I would dart the hell out of it. Batting-Slogger you can say Afridi type lappebaazi mixed with Rohit sharma's elegance when it came to using the long handle.Comfortable hitting through extra cover-wide off region.relatively Weak on leg side slogging. Fielding-Safe fielder-can hold on to the catch but not hurting myself diving....can stop the ball if it comes straight....always hated running. So what is yours? Mods feel free to move it to the chit chat section
  2. Lol WTF....looks like keyboard warrior is not just a fun forum nickname but you believe in it didnt you say Ramu Kaka,Sheila Aunty Pakistani spies are in every nukkad in India you majored in defense studies lol from some Pakistani university that explains
  3. Rahul will get a 100, fail in the next 2,get about 20-25 and injured in the next 7 So about 125 runs over 10 innings Rohit will get elegant and flashy 20-30 over consistently in 10 innings maybe an odd 1-2 failures sprinkled in As a wiseman said conservative investment will get you more returns
  4. Abbey dhakkan I didn't say mods are deleting...I was just joking about may be voulantarily having mods delete my posts which "may" sound like I didn't take women's cricket seriously.
  5. A Scotland vs Bermuda match might be more close and exciting but doesn't really make it better quality cricket than say a one sided Aus-Sa game. PSL right now is in the same league as Celebrity Cricket league in India-I did not watch it but I am sure there might have been some exciting games there I realize you want it so bad to have a league to have a franchise to believe in good for you but I can't see how with a straight face you can even say it's even close to IPL
  6. Damn...mods delete some of my comments on this thread...these comments might be something that might be the only thing that will haunt me if Ever decide to run for office in what has been a life with 0 blemishes. Having said that Starc has had a better career than Tait both being aggressive LF but looks like Tait won the battle of life
  7. AJ Healy isn't she Mitchell Starc's wife?
  8. Perry be honest her presence was not at all en eyesore if you know what I mean and her s/r was helping us too
  9. While the 1st link I found due to some googling...the asia bibi,Salman Taseer assasination was a international incident.... wonder how @KeyboardWarrior missed it...I guess being an analyst for the government of Pakistan helps
  11. This Vilani looks more manlier than the combination of Steve Smith and Adam Zampa's Y chromosomes
  12. Wonder whom you are referring to?
  13. Call me chauvinist or sexist (which I am not obviously) but I didn't give a fk about the WWC till today...would have just shrugged it off even if they lost in the first round or would have yelled out a minor yay had they won the tournament but after today's knock by Harmanpreet, will be absolutely gutted if they lose this. We need to win this!!!
  14. Do you agree with the blasphemy laws in Pak?
  15. PSL where amateur cricketers make a living Well how long before PSl is bankrupt and defunct it took 1 season to have almost 5-6 regular international team members banned in fixing
  16. Need 2 quick wickets to seal the deal...Aussies(don't know much about their women's cricket team obviously ) usually going by their men's team culture of never giving up till the end are dangerous
  17. The guy is a true patriot and a team man Rohit Sharma @ImRo45 · 1h That's brutal power by @ImHarmanpreet! Hope it turns out to be a match winning knock . Some serious hitting there. #WWC17 @BCCIWomen
  18. Test matches in Srilanka are pretty good these days...very result oriented...hell even a SL-Zim test was very exciting. So even though SL these days is a bordering minnow,and I expect us to win the series comfortably,I expect good test cricket. I think the days of Srilankan batsman getting 300s and likes of Samaraweera looking like Bradman are over and those dull boring draws-Nightmarish memories However who is thrilled about the 5ODI series that is to follow against a lackluster Srilankan team vs Indian team with 30+ Year old veterans on some sluggish pitches in meaningless JAMODIs ...sure will outshine the Ind-Wi series And a one off T20 who gives a fk
  19. This is what fearless cricket is all about...not lunging and trying to remain notouts. can we draft her in the men's side???
  20. Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma on Friday received a customised World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) championship belt from the Chief Operating Officer, Triple H, for lifting the 2017 India Premier League title for a record third time, beating first time finalists Rising Pune Supergiant. Just a day after Sharma lifted the title, Paul Michael Levesque, who goes by the ring name of Triple H and the Game, sent congratulatory tweets to the team saying that something special was headed their way: "Congratulations, @mipaltan. @WWE has something headed your way! @WWEIndia." For full article
  21. Learn to take it WTF you amuse me
  22. lol whatever seem to be "trying" too hard to be that "smart troll" anyways carry on,I'm done