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  1. Not sarcasm or jinxing or anything but he is pretty good. Early on I thought he was a typical selfish Pakistani batsman. usually with Pakistan it is either the selfish tuk tuks or the brainless hacks and nothing in between. However this guy looks quality. Credit where due.
  2. My ansel aalso saame PM Sarfaraz speaking In the Un convention in 2049
  3. maniac

    We must throw the match against England

    I want India to qualify and then lose to England to help them qualify just to see the meltdown from padosis. I will be cheerleading every Dhoni lunge and Jadhav Dab to third man that day
  4. Pak winning today is good. They will be smacked in semis anyways. Pak losing in semis, Indian fans are happy, Pak reaching semis the players won’t face the same backlash unless they lose to India of course and then Micky Arthur can go back to his family safe- . Pak fans will be alright given their initial chances. Win win for everyone
  5. The only reason most of want Pak to lose is because the meltdown of their experts is worth it's weight in gold and is incredible entertainment. Otherwise Ind-Pak game is more exciting than say a Ind-Bang semi final
  6. Professor lost some brain cells from that short ball
  7. Good knock by Grandhomme today but he is as bits and pieces as they come
  8. So does Bumrah. I don't see anyone with those Brett Lee SHoaib Donald kind of run ups these days who bowl 145+
  9. No need to experiment. Need to confirm qualification first. India is still in the yellow zone
  10. Who cares about I pee yull. The man has given talent to world cricket to make it exciting. Also btw long term growth. DD reaches a knockouts and is looking stronger every year. He singlehandedly made DD a must watch team. Csk is consistent but are so boring. Would you rather be like that
  11. They said the same about Malik. So they have 2 Dhoni’s Malik and Hafeez. That’s not exactly a compliment these days
  12. If they meet Bangladeshs in semis. Bangladeshs will win. India-Bang finals bring it on
  13. That’s a big insult to @Switchblade
  14. maniac

    Apologize to Pakistan team and their fans

    He is not a Pakistani, he is a North Korean bot. Remember Pak doesn’t believe in technology. Only in ummah ke chummas
  15. I like Imam. Hardworking talented cricketer who scores consistent runs but still gets hate. Sound familiar
  16. Respect to Akram though. Not turning down advice from Boult
  17. maniac

    Pak to win WC 2019

    Need to wake up @Global.Baba from his deep meditation
  18. You see but you don’t process or use brains that is the problem
  19. Bumrah plays in a team of champion bowlers were wickets are evenly distributed
  20. My favorite player from Pak imam ul haq will make unc proud today
  21. maniac

    Favorite summer drinks, desserts

    Maaza or frooti. Ice cold Maaza or frooti in hot summer is just amazing :)
  22. Another not out and 49(42) this day and age with the kind of start we had is pathetic and I am pretty sure a lot of momentum was sucked in the process as well...This is out let lower order power hitter

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