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  1. Overrated too. Yes he was great but for most bollywood folk acting begins and ends with yuchup kumar. Just like every legend ended up becoming a caricature later. Amitabh has done more diverse roles and experiments in his last innings that there is not even a comparison.
  2. saw this yesterday. Brilliant. Usually not a big fan of Sadhguru’s answers . Love what he does for yoga and other initiatives of the isha foundation but usually always felt that most of his answers are ghooma phira ke very vague. This time he hit the bulls eye
  3. It will be epic trolling if India lets Pakistanis play in the IPl, CAA might have to be expedited based on the mass exodus.
  4. The problem is not that. Few Muslims have greatly contributed to the development of our country post independence. The problem is the government policies of appeasement etc and fake pseudo secularism. Take Muslims in the USA for example, few of the newer immigrants might be creating problems but the ones born and brought up here for the most part don’t make a hue and cry about things and go about their lives. In India and England and from what I hear these days in Canada it is the local populace that create the nuisance and this is mostly due to the government appeasement policies and turning a blind eye to a growing extremism menace.
  5. Would you say it proudly in a public forum though and then even if you say that would the audience and host clap and cheer on prime time tv in any other country ?
  6. There is a Sindhi colony in most places like o said in Mumbai and Hyderabad, 2 places in India I am familiar with. I will he really surprised if our central govt did take the measures to rehabilitate them. I mean it’s obvious that they have made it on their own business acumen and work ethic but I will be really surprised if Congress govt. took steps to help them out
  7. Look they are some of the most industrious and smart business minded folk. no doubt about that.However I highly doubt the Indian govt took concrete steps to settle them in. They seem more like Jewish people who built their own destiny by controlling Trade ,Banking and Media. Maybe not at that level but to some extent. Anyway what I find is they are right up there when it comes to communities who have lost the most due to partition, however they don’t seem to have the same amount of animosity and the constant remembering of history that say the Jewish people have.
  8. During the partition, Bengal and Punjab were divided on communal lines. The Kashmiri Pandits getting displaced gets significant attention, maybe not as much as it should but it still gets talked about. How about the Hindu Sindhis though? Their entire region went to Pakistan. Wouldn’t they be the most displaced group in India? There is obviously USA (Ulhasnagar Sindhi association) and areas like Sindhi colony in Hyderabad but I believe and feel free to correct me this wasn’t any rehabilitative step by the govt. more like a group of Sindhi businessmen settling down in that area. However surprisingly most Sindhis I have seen be it in the media like Hirani and other Bollywood types or the ones who are my friends seem to be super liberal in their political views and very secular. Now look secular has become a bad word, there is nothing wrong in being secular but I am talking about being secular in the pseudo kind of way. Shouldn’t they be a little more bitter about what happened to their community?
  9. maniac

    Odi 2019 X1

    Williamson is the captain of the year and Kohli is Kohli so only Babar seems dispensable
  10. maniac

    Odi 2019 X1

    Forgot about him yes he should be in but let’s keep him out for now due to the ban
  11. maniac

    Odi 2019 X1

    I couldn’t find a spinner of 2019 Dont think Rashid Khan or Tahir had a great 2019. Kuldeep had a poor 2019 till the hattrick So Chahal by default @velu @Stan AF
  12. maniac

    Odi 2019 X1

    OdIs Rohit Sharma David Warner Virat Kohli Kane Williamson (c) Babar Azam Ben Stokes Jos Butler M.Starc J.Bumrah Y.Chahal T. Boult
  13. I agree Aus win was special but not enough to overshadow the WC disappointment. Wc loss hurts because it was there for the taking. Obviously: high of the year- Aus win Low of the year: wc loss
  14. Also we need to determine under what rules these games would be played. Apart from tests where the rules have stood the test of time apart from a few minor upgrades, ODis will not be very easy to measure. take example of Dhoni- his biggest success came under the older rules where he could rotate the strike with fielders on the boundary in the middle overs, get his eye in and then smash it around but once the captains were forced to brining attacking fields in the middle overs he struggled to rotate strike. At the same time these new rules helped some other players as well. Effectiveness of the spinners due to the new ball rule and reverse swing for the most part have been made redundant. Mark Waugh has 18 Odi 100s,Lara has 19 where as Babar Azam has already 11 Odi 100s and Shai hope already has 8.
  15. India won the test series in England in early 80s but it was the wc win that changed the course of not just Indian cricket but world cricket. We won in England and WI in 2007 and for the first time in history won a test in SA but once again it was a WT20 that changed the face of cricket. Look I am not one of those sour puss who is going to water down the achievement of the Aus series win that it didn’t have their best batsmen because I know weaker Aus teams have dominated stronger teams at home. The high of the Aus series is directly equal to the low of the WC loss, you can’t use it as a measure to mask other failures.
  16. Are you sure it’s a white/christian guilt thing. I mean xmas and new year are lumped together as the holidays and not seen as a stand-alone holiday anymore Thanksgiving is still celebrated and the history of Thanksgiving is way more repulsive and gory than any other holiday in the world.
  17. It included brilliant innings such as the notout vs England in wc
  18. Both were the results of advice :)
  19. maniac

    Indore !!!

    For someone reason Americans or westerners in general seem to hate rasgullas. Not speaking about the not so popular bot @Rasgulla Anyways for some reason the texture and the spongy nature weirds them out. Also another Indian item that we love and they seem to hate is the pan, the meetha pan not the more narcotic Baba Zarda Kashmiri type In fact pan was mentioned as one of the most disgusting things people eat in some radio show I heard once.
  20. maniac

    Indore !!!

    Speaking of Bengali sweets used to love Sondesh. It used to be by fav sweet ever and this coming from me who has a sweet tooth and loves pretty much any sweet, chocolate, icecream there is. Now the keyword here is “used to” Few years back my dad had to travel to Kolkata for his office work so I told him to bring me back sondesh. since the return from his trip coincided with my birthday, he brought me this huge packet of what was apparently a very expensive brand of Sondesh (bongs here can help me out with the brandname or type ) which apparently stays fresh only for 2 days max. He asked me to distribute it to my friends but I was like screw that. Firstly it was expensive and secondly it is Sondesh all to myself. So I finished the first sondesh than 2 more, the fricking thing was so filling, skipped lunch then had 2 more for dinner and skipped dinner. By next day I was already sick of eating Sondesh So decided to finally distribute it to my friends but it might have already been spoiling or it could have just been my body stopped accepting any more Sondesh. Couldn’t risk giving spoilt food to people so stuffed in a couple of more Sondesh and then flushed the rest down the toilet and lied to my parents I finished the whole packet. Thats a true story that can go into a moral science text book for greed and gluttony
  21. maniac

    Indore !!!

    When it comes to street food only 1 champion
  22. Bhai I know you are anti Modi but He can still apply legally if he wants to you know that right? CAA has nothing to do with it
  23. maniac

    Site Feedback

    @velu Is this true comrade?
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