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  1. That is a wrong analogy...I am sure a Monday night American football game has more eyeballs than say an Olympic event but that doesn’t necessarily translate the former having more prestige. It has nothing to do with licking the white man’s boots or being the trendy thing to do. For eg, FIFA WC where India doesn’t even qualify for the qualifiers becomes the most watched sporting event in India during its telecast because simple..the intensity with which the teams try to showcase their skills and the prestige attached to it. Both the prestige and intensity factors are co dependent on each other obviously. Ashes may not have any connection to us from a history and tradition perspective but obviously it means so much to these Eng/Aus players that careers are planned or made or broken around this event which makes this extremely intense and that definetely makes it appealing to me as a viewer. Now sure argument can be made that there is so much at stake for India when we tour South Africa...sure as an indian fan I will be more invested in that than the ongoing meaningless India-Srilanka series or even the Ashes but just as a stand alone event Ashes is definetely something that will always have that special place for a cricket fan regardless of nationality. I guess apart from an India-Pak match there is no such specific legacy attached to an event specifically featuring India. I guess even these can be watered down by playing in every other cool cool cup and kit ply cup every other month like it has happens in the past. I used to think Ind-Aus series was pretty intense but even that has been watered down a bit.
  2. What is the average breeding to blowing up ratio among them?
  3. I am not sure....India’s equivalent of the Ashes is probably a series against Pakistan....However, despite that for every odd Chennai Test type thrillers the rest are usually dull and boring. Ind-Pak limited overs series usually produces high quality games but then again a LOI series doesn’t have the same prestige as the Ashes. To be honest the Border Gavaskar Trophy used to be excellent but in recent times it has been watered down either by over playing each other or just too many one sided contests depending on the home turf.
  4. I have had a new found appreciation for Srini Mama since this idiot took over...I am sure I am not in the minority here.
  5. Looks like they absolutely hammered Pakistan in the U19 finals today. They seem to have some raw upcoming talent,lot of passion and a decent pool of cricketers to be really competitive at the highest level. Also they are producing players now who seem to be getting exposure due to franchise cricket. I don’t think they are good enough to start winning in Test cricket but definitely think they will be a force in LOI cricket especially T20s.
  6. Ishant,Bhuvi,Bumrah to support Shami and Yadav. Pandya is right now a bowling allrounder at the test level...his batting has showed a lot of promose but don’t know if he has the technique on South African pitches to be considered a batting allrounder...but he makes the squad so that is our 6th pacer.
  7. South Africa is a place to play a specialist player...sure one might think he will not do worse than a specialist batsman like Rohit but the thinking should be that if you play a batsman he will win games with the bat and the same applies to a bowler with the ball. Not about Rohit here but in SA we need a 6+1+4 combo because on a spicy pitch 4 bowlers will do the job but on a flat “South African” pitch we need a stronger batting line up....dare I say Saha has been impressive but I have no faith in him to score tons of runs in South Africa against their bowling.
  8. It doesn’t take Yo-yo tests to determine Yuvi is done. I can empathize that he is no longer the athlete he once was after his recovery from cancer but in he was not good enough to perform any more. He shouldn’t have played after 2012. We did try to move forward in 2015 when we had a relatively young team but we seemed to have regressed since.
  9. This would be stupid though. Pretty sure we will get a good surface with true bounce...not exactly flat but something for strokeplay and something for seamers in South Africa....Are we visiting Newzealand? I don’t think we get these pitches in even England anymore. Just play to the strengths instead of these manufactured conditions
  10. Has to be Bumrah...the guy is one of the top bowlers in the world in 2 formats of the game...How can you ignore that? He has Pace-Check, Has brains-check and Has the skills. Dont want to see a fresh face in the test format as next in line till Bumrah gets his deserved shot first....Should have been given a go as a replacement to Bhuvi in the ongoing series to see how he does in tests.
  11. Chamara Silva's outrageous shot

    The shot you play when you can’t hold nature’s call anymore
  12. Which platform are you playing it on? PC or consoles
  13. Dbc 15 is pretty good... have played 17 at a cousins house...both were really good than the old crappy cricket games they used to make. If this is better than sure will give it a shot .
  14. She is wearing a green low cut ...is that a symbolism of how Pak invites Aus to “you know what” them every time
  15. They cannot chuck or tamper the ball or come up with creative ways to cheat...look at one of the highest ranked allrounders/spinners from Pak currently- He has been banned for chucking for the 3rd time ^ You cannot even imagine to try and make this ***** up ...it is real though
  16. After the last match regardless of how the game ended I am concerned about our bowling...our spinners have always been toothless overseas and give no confidence and our seam bowlers seem to either look like a million bucks one second and total paupers the next. There is no consistency...usually by the time they figure it out and get into the zone damage might be done.
  17. Pakistan as a country has no accomplishments in any arena since their inception. The only value they have in the world is being geographically located in a very strategic location, but they fumbled even that by being a nuisance value. They named their premier cricket stadium after a frickin barbaric dictator,who doesnt even belong to their country to begin with .That tells you a lot doesn’t it? Forget accomplishments of Pakistanis which are obviously none they celebrate little victories like Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali or Cat Stevens the musician converted etc etc which has nothing to do with Pak as personal victories. Now imagine this -Cricket is one arena where they have been competitive and have managed to put together a very good team and produced world class players. If the above mentioned items like Gaddafi and Muhammad Ali are considered as huge victories in Pakistan ,then can you imagine how it must feel to defeat your arch rival/enemy in a hugely popular sport. Now dont get me wrong, Yes Pakistan is our arch rival in cricket and it does mean a lot to me as a fan to beat Pakistan just like every passionate fan out there of any sport feels about beating an arch rival but... For Pakistanis it becomes much more than a stupid sporting rivalry...it becomes legend.,part of folklore and myths are born...I mean they released frickin stamps after winning a tournament that was going to be scrapped just because they beat India in the final...If this was Bangladesh that did that I can understand but I am sure Pakistan has had bigger accomplishments in cricket for sure ,but clearly tells you a peek into their pshyce.
  18. ^BTW That was directed towards Mallu communists....I love Mallus in general
  19. Looks like Mallu commies Have invented a new style of genocide...instead of gas chambers they use twitter and FB and totally cleanse out the opposition
  20. Can this be an article please? I don’t want the stupid login rule to apply here..This article has potential to bring in some new posters to the forum
  21. Not really....Siraj made a disastrous debut but every one sympathized with him as he was a young rookie from a humble background who was overawed by the occasion. People were a little skeptical about Nair even after a 300 but again every one thinks that no matter how your technique looks, a player who scored a 300 at a test level deserves an extended run... no one thinks otherwise. Same with Pant and Iyer,people want extended chances to be given. where are you getting this from?
  22. Playing 11 for Test 2

    That was not my choice...that was a realistic pick
  23. 12 year old Rashid Arman Khan

    Afghanistan legspinner who played for SRH
  24. I have not seen Vijay Shankar bowl but I have seen him bad and boy he is good ...Seems to have a lazy elegance about his batting and can hit big....sold!!!

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