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  1. Virat,Jadhav-part of a disastrous RCB campaign. Looked totally out of touch. Rohit- coming back from an injury ,struggled against spin, was never the fluent self he was in earlier editions...below par performance with the bat Yuvraj- 2 good innings followed by total duds...never looked reliable out there. Dhoni-see above... Dhawan-probably the only frontline Indian batsman who can say had a good IPL. But still at best was a good 2nd fiddle to Warner and in case of Warner's early dismissal never looked like he will step up and take it over. Karthik-good IPL but have seen it all before at the international arena Rahane- poor IPL...never seems comfortable in LOIs these days. Pandya- couple of cameos but if we are to rely on him to bat in every single game than god help us. IPL may not be a total benchmark but still every single name in our squad looked lack luster in's only IPL they were taking it easy excuse doesn't cut it...I mean what does it tell about you as a professional when you treat the highest money you ever make in that profession as a vacation...don't think that's a valid excuse. on the other side the good thing is that our fast bowling looks to be in good form Bumrah,Bhuvi have had excellent IPLs and Shami and Yadav have had decent ones. but anyway the point I am trying to make is our top order looks under cooked,seems to lack in confidence and doesn't have the aura that a Indian one day batting line up traditionally has.
  2. Last time I checked he gave 8 runs in 2 balls out of 11. He got 2 wickets with half he bowled 1 good ball? MSD and Yuvi are not a part of my fantasy team in 2017 if you have been following my posts but they are there because of no other alternative....just because they are washed up playing pandya is not an option to strengthen batting is what it is...rather have a stronger bowling
  3. You really think that Bangladesh game was because of his talent or one of the greatest choke jobs of all time?
  4. This is my team Rohit Dhawan Virat Yuvi MSD Jadhav Jadeja Ashwin Bhuvi Shami Bumrah adding Pandya weakens the bowling line up more than it strengthens it. Bhuvi is a must in England and also add to his form with the ball...the other 2 pacers pick themselves pandya can come in for Jadeja/Ash in one of the games or in place of one of the pacers if we already qualified
  5. Allrounder has to be good in one department and no fielding doesn't count.
  6. Throwing around stats can be done to prove any player is greater than any player...not comparing Pandya to either Bhuvi nor Ashwin nor Jadeja. just asking what he brings purely as a player right now. forget player a b or you think Pandya is a reliable bat at a 80/5 situation? Or do you think he has proven himself to come off every time during slog overs? Do you think pandya can save anything <15 runs in the last over? Yes he he is a brilliant fielder but still not reliable or responsible enough in other areas can't go with him in crucial games yet till he earns it period. i will be honest I like what Pandya brings in terms of his natural abilites but do I trust and have faith in him-absolutely NOT
  7. The problem is selectors do try giving someone else a go like Pandey,Jadhav etc but when they fail or get injured they don't move ahead they again go back to players they have already tried
  8. From what I saw in IPL and I know it's not a benchmark ...pant even though he is a dasher didn't look comfortable in the slog overs when he had to hit from ball 1 but looked a million bucks in the top 3 again surprisingly trying to attack from ball 1.
  9. Can Krunal Pandya be tried as a middle order bat who can bowl? Has shown great temperament in tough situations with the bat.
  10. Sad that our middle order options have to be Karthik or Raina
  11. If that was a benchmark so did Pant and he clearly has a lot more upside than Karthik. to be fair Uthappa deserved more of a shot as he has got comparatively less opportunities than Karthik.but neither uthappa nor Karthik should be picked any more as we have some exciting emerging talent out there.
  12. Karthik is the greatest con man in Indian the hell this guy convinces selectors for one more shot is beyond me and that too a batsman when there is enough talent pool out there...if he was a fast bowler atleast that would have had some logic but how does he keep coming back
  13. Pandya has done nothing to deserve a spot in crucial games...right now at best he can be played in dead rubbers and bilaterals till he gets confident enough to start firing in either batting/bowling. There is a good chance he will leave us a 10 man team...good striker,can bowl 140k doesn't automatically translate to great performer
  14. This present Bangladesh team at best is as good as or maybe a a notch above or below the Zimbabwe team of the 90's when they had 2 world class talent (Streak and A.Flower)and a bunch of good-decent players who competed against the best...Ran the good sides close,Won the odd big game and were dangerous at their best but didn't win a lot ....They were still the weakest side. This Bangladesh side is similar.
  15. Education counts for jack's mostly the upbringing that matters. For eg e.g. I am assuming most of us are atleast half decent human beings and that is because our parents kept emphasizing the rights and wrongs now I am not saying they followed everything to a tee like "don't be selfish" "don't lie" etc etc but they ensured their kids had good values ....once we evolved obviously we learnt that it is not all black and white like our parents taught us but we had some amount of ethics or atleast could differentiate between right or wrong even if we were doing the wrong thing. now imagine a kid who gets ingrained in his head things like it's ok to kill people from other religions or it's ok to rape woman in a war or something of that nature- this is not against any religion just generalizing like I did above...tell me what that kids mental state will be even if he is a phd in something. Just look at the way some so called "journalists" and "professors" talk on Pakistani channels. There was a guy who is some popular comedian on one of their india pak cricket shows say that we have ruled over them for 1000 years in an unrelated setting on national tv and it was just spontaneous. No one even were shocked. Look at the kind of reactions an owaisi or someone from VHP get in India or in most countries. its all about upbringing nothing to do with education
  16. Well not the first time Bhajji has whined in recent times but for a change ,first time I agree a 100% with him. if past reputation is the benchmark then why not our 3rd highest wicket taker of all time? and if IPL is the benchmark then why not Bhajji? Why should Dhoni get the free ride? He is a 100% correct about hypocrisy but I would have respected him a lot more had he said why not young blood instead of has beens instead of making it about himself .
  17. Fire this Sridhar guy first.. get Shane Bond/Heath Streak as bowling coach, get a decent fielding coach, Kumble can be retained or let go doesnt matter....actually none of it that Sridhar guy and then bring back Fletcher for all I care. Bangar is the only guy worthy of being retained IMHO
  18. Hmmm interesting ....hey if you see a red dot light pointed on your MSD shirt from far away that's not me
  19. Moral science is a joke in school... even at work ethics training that is mandatory in most corporates, no one gives a fk.... u just skip ahead of the slideshow,take the test and get the fk out of it
  20. The idiot will only blow himself up, the educated radical will learn how to make that bomb.... double edged sword
  21. Top half include- Ind,Aus,Eng and SA players I can think of Shakib Matthews Andre Russell(once he is back) any one else?
  22. I thought sheesha is tobacco? I wonder Why was the newsreader saying it's banned in Punjab(pak)? Is tobacco banned in Pak?