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  1. if gaddaffi stadium is renamed the Danish ul Sami stadium after Sammy converts....it will still be an upgrade for Pakistan’s PR.
  2. Should have gone with Joe Root. Klassen is too much hit or miss
  3. OP what makes you the most reliable source to answer all things about Australia? What are your credentials? because so far it seems all you have posted is some unreliable bs? If I get curious enough, I am sure Google can be my friend. The only thing fascinating about Australia is it’s wildlife pretty much that too if you are a wildlife enthusiast and then obviously their cricketing culture resonates with me being a hardcore cricket fan....apart from that neither does Australia have a rich culture,tradition or an ancient history like most if not all Asian,European or African countries nor they have played an integral part like the USA to shape the modern history as we know it. There is nothing here that makes me say that wow!!! I am so fascinated to learn about Australia of all places lol As I said why don’t you post something interesting about Australia and maybe we can discuss but till then WTF is the point of this thread lol....Quora or even dare I say Yahoo answers are a “more reliable source”(quotes intentional) to find answers about Australia than here.
  4. To be “ fair” fair skin obsession is there even in USA.... not just from a racial perspective but you see even African American celebrities getting a bit lighter once they get fame...not just to the Michael Jackson extreme but their skin tone gets a bit lighter.
  5. Telugu movie Rangasthalam- went with low expectations but was pleasantly surprised...pretty good.
  6. When you go to an amusement park they say get on the scariest roller coaster first, so you conquer the fear and enjoy rest of your stay similarly what I heard is when you go to prison you punch the biggest guy in jail. so based on these scientifically proven theories, start of with something that is most embarrassing, like digging your nose,scratching your balls and then whatever you say will only be upwards from there on.
  7. maniac

    Epic one liners !!!

    That has pretty much been ICF’s plea to Shastri and Kohli
  8. Great for Pakistan...looks like a super lalloo WI side led by Jason of all people but hey bright side if they lose it will be to someone named Mohammed Win Win
  9. maniac

    Asansol Riots

    Yogi 2019 but looks like Amit Shah has definitely slowed his momentum on purpose. Also fire Jaitley and Swaraj.
  10. maniac

    Epic one liners !!!

    @velu @The Dark Horse @Vilander @vvvslaxman@Forever Indian Now give me my upvote
  11. maniac

    Asansol Riots

    No one generalizes an entire population but what was so great about Bengal is if we read in our history how many great individuals be it religious/spiritual or social reformers or political leaders they produced frequently. However since independence obsession with communism in West Bengal and politicians like Manata and lesser said the better about Bangladesh. Not a single leader of note, in fact very relevant to our forum the biggest game changer they produced since indipendence is Sourav Ganguly pretty much.
  12. Doesn’t look like it....it shows this guy’s biography clearly...to be honest he has a intriguing story...he started of as an MI6 agent and then became a double agent but doesn’t matter...no matter what the personal reason is, no excuse whatsoever to do the things he did
  13. maniac

    Asansol Riots

    From Raja Ram Mohan Roy,Swami Vivekananda,Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, Chittaranjan Das, Subjash Chandra Bose to The people who run the Present day West Bengal and the great nation of Bangladesh...congratulations this is probably the fastest degradation of one of the greatest cultures this country has ever seen....Lal salam to all the Bengali comrades @Muloghonto @Malcolm Merlyn @Austin 3:!6
  14. Yay let us celebrate a guy and show humane side of a bastard who by the way is not even an Indian gone astray but a Pakistani who was involved in some form in the biggest acts of arson in the 90s starting from Delhi kidnapping,murder of Daniel Pearl,Air India Hijacking etc etc etc. Isn’t this the same actor who played the lawyer who fought for the terrorists indicted under TADA...what the fk is wrong with Bollywood. I will be gutted if this movie makes any kind of money in India
  15. WTF are you blabbering? Firstly Australia was as bad as apartheid South Africa in the 70s 80s... you are probably a Pakistani who has immigrated there recently and also a tampering case, so genetically you might lose some subjectivity. Anyway coming back to present times.... Harbhajan was “alleged” for using a racist slur which he clarified and he was acquitted. How is that the same to getting caught with your pants down like in this case lol.
  16. Reddy bros.???? Subbarami reddy has never been convicted or even accused (legally) of any scams
  17. It is called Kaala Namak....don’t know what the English name for that is.
  18. Best news ever...we are at our best when the chips are down...remember defending subpar scores or chasing colossal totals...cornered panthers ...bring it on!!!
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