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    Indore !!!

    Love indoor especially in this freezing ass weather
  2. Not the same. Earning a cool 100k on the side sounds like a good deal, Earning even 500k provided PSL can even afford that which puts his image, personal business interests and relationships with BCCI etc at risk doesn’t really seem worth it for someone like Yuvi who doesn’t really need the money desperately.
  3. maniac

    Superhero films

    Not every superhero movie has to have a superhero who has a dark past, is brooding half the time and walking in slow motion and the entire movie seems like it is shot in dark and chilly conditions. It was a clean, fun entertaining movie for kids and families. Nothing wrong with that.
  4. Just because he was cleared once Doesnt means he cant chuck again. It’s not like ICC goes full sharia on him and cuts his fking arm off for cheating. You like that don’t you
  5. Looks like you tried to throw it at the window after another MSD special. A for effort though
  6. Looks like @Real McCoy didn’t get any gifts from Santa uncle. Probably forgot that only good kids get gifts
  7. Pretty much Allow everyone but obviously guys like Rohit,Kohli,Dhoni,Bumrah won’t go for the money because it is chump change for them. Guys like Pandya bros or Jadeja might benefit but their franchises won’t let them due to whole Protecting the brand value gimmick. Now that leaves us with the other franchises Not named CSk or Mi which are a lot more lenient, so these players are free to go. Playing a franchise league is not compulsory. Some Aussie and English players have skipped IPL in the past on their own. However if BCCI allows and there is free will, I don’t see any harm for younger players going to BBl. infact they will only benefit more. Obviously provided BBl’s interest in these players. Someone like Pant is already popular in Aus and he doesn’t play the big 2 franchises.
  8. @sandeep before going all Bharat sipahi on us, have you seen an official source for the NRC apart from all the fancy flow charts and tweets by online trolls?
  9. I have seen some Bong Muslim ladies put Sindoor and even participate in Durga Puja. I personally know some West Bengal muslim folk whom I had no idea were Muslim, till they said they were muslim till one day I found out they were doing roza. However I think there is a lot of unemployment,poverty and most importantly population among the Muslim Bengalis East or West, which makes them an easy target for radicalization.
  10. Good. what do you think will happen if an Indian student on a visa, says something anti-trump or participates in a protest? Any way in pure German pehlideit fursutz mein Niklzty lodzky
  11. Nidhihaas final was epic. playing on loop in the @Khota and @vvvslaxman households
  12. The birth of the Nagin dance. Will be remembered forever
  13. Wt20 2016 Final was amazing too, remember the name? Bishop commentary was awesome and so was Lloyd’s most disgusting matches ind vs England was it at oval where Dhoni got booed? ind vs England in WC again MSD
  14. People also said the same when Sachin retired, Kolkata gets full crowds after Dada retirement, Dhoni hardly plays but we still get full crowds, old stars fade out new stars will rise, circle of life.
  15. England and WI did not have any chinks in their armor when they were on top for that era, so they would run through the opposition in every game. India on the other hand have quiet a few like middle order, lower middle order, 5th bowler etc. One bad day and we are screwed and that's what has happened. We are more like SA of 90's and 2000's, best team on paper but can easily be caught on an off day. Even though the SA team of that era was way more stronger than this Indian team except in the spin department.
  16. usually they say bowlers peak between 28-30 and batsmen between 30-35 but it works opposite with our fast bowlers. Apart from Kapil who went down hill in his late 20's, Zak,Srinath and even someone like Nehra became way more reliable bowlers in their early 30's. Even Umesh, Ishant look leagues better than what they were in their mid 20's
  17. True even the option that looks the simplest like firing a nobody like the fielding coach Sridhar seems impossible
  18. On the flip side that is an average bowling line up. pretty sure 3/5 names will be in every game. That means 3 genuine bowlers to accommodate them. playing home games in chinnasaamy won't require a great batting line up because the ground and pitch neutralizes conditions for everyone. That is why RCB struggle.
  19. Emphasize on real 3d cricketers at the ground level and not the bits and pieces ones like Dube,Shankar,Jadhav etc. Jury out on Sundar England and Aus have encouraged such players over the years. Obviously there will be the odd Mitch Marsh who I think is very talented bat but for example Travis head and Labuchamapgne can make it to the side as batsmen and can be handy with the ball, Starc and Cummins can hold their own with the bat. England have 3 proper Keeper-bats and many more in the pipeline, Joe Root can bowl,Archer and Woakes can bat. Stokes is probably the first genuine non bits-pieces allrounder since Kallis. We are so starved on such cricketers that we are super excited at Thakur's innings or the news that Iyer is starting to bowl. Improve fielding. Our catching has gone to the dogs. Fire the fielding coach. Induct Promising players and Player rotation play players with xfactor at least in meaningless series vs SL,WI and Bangla Increase IPL franchises I understand too much dilution spoils the quality but there are too many good players still not picked that you can make 2 more great squads with just the unsold players. Down the line Have a 2 tier system with IPL with Top 6 automatically qualify and the bottom 2 along with maybe 4-6 other franchises play off season for 2 remaining slots. Screw meaningless bilateral, off season IPL FTW. Improve ground infrastructure Despite all the money, some stadiums still seem to have the 1950's-60's style seating. Invest in grounds, great facilities means more people will watch the game or at least come to the stadiums to have a good time. This is not for BCCI or player's PR because they will obviously want the media in their pocket but Media needs to be more accountable and ask tough questions rather than sucking up to the big stars. Scouting from remote areas 2 of our greatest cricketers Kapil Dev and MSD have come from regions where cricketing infrastructure or the board is not too strong, hire scouts to pick talent.
  20. Happy waala birthday @FischerTal and @Gollum
  21. Rohit 100 vs pak Perera’s knock in SA Ben Stokes knocks in Ashes and WC final Rayudus 90 odd vs Nzl
  22. Also just because the leadership at the Centre is stable doesn't mean you have competent leaders at the state level and vice-versa for the congress where just because you have a doofus family at the forefront doesn't mean the leaders at the state level are idiots. Let us not forget that there are some really capable and competent folk who still work for the congress and other Non-BJP Parties. If they lose UP or Gujarat then it should be case for panic.
  23. Not guaranteed Dada will join BJP. There was a strong rumor about BJP approaching him and the way he answered the question, it was very gooma fira ke. Don't be surprised if he ends up joining Mamta didi either. I remember in 2003-2004 A lot of celebrities I thought supported BJP suddenly joined congress for eg; Govinda, Shekhar Suman etc. Siddhu and Shatrughan jumped ship. Never say never.
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