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  1. Hopefully Dube the allrounder is at least good in his 4th skill- Waterboy
  2. I saw a recent interview where Dada was asked about the rumors of him joining the BJP. No definitive yes or No but the usual, I have too many responsibilities, first I need to run BCCI type of beating around the bush bs. By his answer clearly he is joining either the BJP or a rival party 100% in the next few months.
  3. Dhoni joining BJP Good pick for BJP + Dhoni retires, can’t be a bad news either ways. Also heard Dada might join BJP too
  4. This guy is a hack. obviously everyone knows that the entire civilization originated in present day Andhra/Telangana region. Pangea the super continent originally had one specific region that finally when it broke and drifted off became the current day Andhra/Telangana
  5. Won’t work in TN, if the only 2 tamil words he knows is vannakam and chennai
  6. Beautiful home dude. Merry xmas to you
  7. That Jesus was a jew. This one is a gujjew
  8. I caught Asuran on Amazon based on the reviews here. Maybe the dialogues got lost in translation as I was reading subtitles but it felt like a typical Masala revenge movie Performance by Dhanush was real good though
  9. I attended a Zakir Hussain concert here in the US. The guy is a showman. Real entertainer along with being a genius
  10. maniac

    Superhero films

    At this point it feels like you want her to be a tranny real bad
  11. I have a lot more credibility when it comes to analyzing cricket than you ever have. The problem is you are never flexible and are stubborn in your opinions. Pandya’s inning was entertaining but it wasn’t the greatest thing since slicebread like you keep making it out to be. Those kind of innings are dime a dozen where someone just came off for a brief moment but it didn’t threaten the result of the match any time. You probably started watching cricket from 2011 onwards and that too t20 and the odd odi but if you follow all formats of the game there are 1000s of such innings by mediocre cricketers. I gave Thakurs knock as an example of something that is a meaningful innings . Pandyas knock was not. Are you seriously displaying elementary math to disprove that . Seriously moronic
  12. Pressure situation, finished the job, played calculated shots and not pure slogs.
  13. Are you thick in the head? how am I not able to get through to you You can clearly tell if someone has a plan,calculation, method and goal of what they are trying to do or trying to achieve or simply winging it and seeing where it takes them. As I said Rahul Dravid in the same series stood up but not Sehwag. It’s different if he is having a bad form but when you get a 50 you need to cash in. That’s the point I am making
  14. Every player has skill. I don’t think on pure ability Kohli is not that different from say Manish Pandey. Temparament,confidence, pressure handling ability,reading situations is what sets great players apart from mediocre ones. The fact is those were no pressure situations. Shardul Thakurs 15 runs today are way better than Pandyas 70 odd. It was entertaining no doubt but there was no calculation,it was just him having fun as the game was over.
  15. Pandya was smacking Shadab and Fakhar Zaman. It was entertaining that’s about it. You seemed to be super impressed by that but I have seen way more cricket than you and I know what exactly standing up is or what useless swinging for the fences is. Kapil Dev’s 175 is called standing up. A fluke cameo is not. Courtney Browne and some other tailender standing up and winning the game against England in CT 2004 is called standing up. England tailenders playing 2 nervous sessions against SA to draw a test is standing up. Ajay Jadeja and Kumble in 1996 qf is standing up Today Jadeja’s knock is standing up as he got the job done, played smart cricket. Yasir Shah’s 100 in Australia was not standing up. Had he batted for 4days and helped Pak draw that would be standing up. Sehwag scored an entertaining 50 vs England in the disastrous 2011 tour. That was a bad knock in my opinion as he should have played on. Hope you see the distinction
  16. I don’t want to involve myself in the rest of your argument but I have seen you use this many times before. Do you even know what the meaning of standing up is? Many times we see in cricket for example in a test match where chasing 500 in the 4th innings team gets 100/8 and then the tailender comes swinging and gets a fluke 50. That is not called standing up. Standing up means finishing the game or help setting up a target. Pandya’s knock in the CT final has to be the most overrated hyped up knock ever. Pak felt they sealed the deal And took foot of the gas, Pandya knew game was done and kept swinging for the fences. It just clicked. Same with Jadeja’s semi final knock. Which was marginally better than Pandyas knock as it got us within striking distance.
  17. Hope this isn’t a one off, we can afford multi dimensional cricketers like Thakur, gives a lot of effort in the field as well
  18. Shardul is better than Jadeja,Dube,Dhoni,Jadhav,Krunal Pandya,Washington Sundar and even Bhuvaneshwar Kumar
  19. What a brain dead move to bowl a spinner. But that shot from Virat though
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