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  1. Will still say much better bat than Dube. As if Dube is going to smash fast bowlers
  2. People tuning in just now. Jadeja is 5(2) because the first ball he tried to leave and got an edge. Not because he is trying to smash the bowling
  3. Gone. Hope this is the last time he bats for India. Enjoy the retirement home aka
  4. Jadhav got a bonus 3 extra run with his only shot against fast bowlers which is dab to 3rd man
  5. chief selector Siva super critical of Pant doesn’t look good. More than Pant being dropped it’s the comeback of the grandpa that’s a bigger concern
  6. Hrithik Roshan in a black face movie should have been called super racist
  7. Manju and Gavaskar are huge pollard fan boys. Wonder why :)
  8. Let him get through a couple of series without breaking down first.
  9. Can’t field can’t bowl can only Can play in certain situations. Useless player
  10. I want him to get out. Don’t care about winning this meaningless game or series anyways
  11. Joseph gets a wicket. Talented young man groomed by Chanakya
  12. Wi have such a pop gun attack. Even at their lowest, they always had decent bowlers but now they are at their worst. Joseph has potential though but still a long way to go
  13. Anything on Netflix or Amazon worth watching? I know they have multiple Korean movies on there but don’t want to watch any altu faltu Korean movie.
  14. They look like hardworking students especially the guy on the top right. The coaching centers that help you crack IIT or knock a few years off of your life
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