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  1. Ishant hasn’t lost a step since his injury. Looks in good rhythm.
  2. And what calculations did you use to come up with 70+ ? . That seems too specific
  3. 8 more to go. Seems just like yesterday I started the Team Riss thread.
  4. Indian fast bowlers are usually better at home than overseas because in india they know they have to be disciplined but once they see green pitches they lose their mind. Hope they keep it together.
  5. Is Ajaz Patel allrounder? Why did they pick a spinner just for the heck of it, Williamson would have been enough and they could have played Henry.
  6. Karun Nair. Who gets dropped after 3 games after they scored a frickin 300?. In fact they are not even including him in the reserves
  7. Our tailenders are so brainless. Fine they had no other option but to slog but atleast use some common sense, pick your spots
  8. Hope Bumrah’s tinder profile doesn’t claim “batsmanship”
  9. This jamieson whiskey definitely looks faster than what his speeds say
  10. Never thought I would say this but I a actually look forward to watch Indian bowling more than the batting. Even though this game Shaw and Pant add some flair
  11. Overrated too. Yes he was great but for most bollywood folk acting begins and ends with yuchup kumar. Just like every legend ended up becoming a caricature later. Amitabh has done more diverse roles and experiments in his last innings that there is not even a comparison.
  12. saw this yesterday. Brilliant. Usually not a big fan of Sadhguru’s answers . Love what he does for yoga and other initiatives of the isha foundation but usually always felt that most of his answers are ghooma phira ke very vague. This time he hit the bulls eye
  13. It will be epic trolling if India lets Pakistanis play in the IPl, CAA might have to be expedited based on the mass exodus.
  14. The problem is not that. Few Muslims have greatly contributed to the development of our country post independence. The problem is the government policies of appeasement etc and fake pseudo secularism. Take Muslims in the USA for example, few of the newer immigrants might be creating problems but the ones born and brought up here for the most part don’t make a hue and cry about things and go about their lives. In India and England and from what I hear these days in Canada it is the local populace that create the nuisance and this is mostly due to the government appeasement policies and turning a blind eye to a growing extremism menace.
  15. Would you say it proudly in a public forum though and then even if you say that would the audience and host clap and cheer on prime time tv in any other country ?
  16. There is a Sindhi colony in most places like o said in Mumbai and Hyderabad, 2 places in India I am familiar with. I will he really surprised if our central govt did take the measures to rehabilitate them. I mean it’s obvious that they have made it on their own business acumen and work ethic but I will be really surprised if Congress govt. took steps to help them out
  17. Look they are some of the most industrious and smart business minded folk. no doubt about that.However I highly doubt the Indian govt took concrete steps to settle them in. They seem more like Jewish people who built their own destiny by controlling Trade ,Banking and Media. Maybe not at that level but to some extent. Anyway what I find is they are right up there when it comes to communities who have lost the most due to partition, however they don’t seem to have the same amount of animosity and the constant remembering of history that say the Jewish people have.
  18. During the partition, Bengal and Punjab were divided on communal lines. The Kashmiri Pandits getting displaced gets significant attention, maybe not as much as it should but it still gets talked about. How about the Hindu Sindhis though? Their entire region went to Pakistan. Wouldn’t they be the most displaced group in India? There is obviously USA (Ulhasnagar Sindhi association) and areas like Sindhi colony in Hyderabad but I believe and feel free to correct me this wasn’t any rehabilitative step by the govt. more like a group of Sindhi businessmen settling down in that area. However surprisingly most Sindhis I have seen be it in the media like Hirani and other Bollywood types or the ones who are my friends seem to be super liberal in their political views and very secular. Now look secular has become a bad word, there is nothing wrong in being secular but I am talking about being secular in the pseudo kind of way. Shouldn’t they be a little more bitter about what happened to their community?
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