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  1. Around the 26 second mark of the first video.
  2. Are u saying he doesnt have hyperextension?
  3. Looks like he has that aktar/bumrah hyperextension. Thats probably where he gets some of that extra bounce. Great procpect.
  4. Should Rest bk and bumrah in the LO games and have the Siraj Kaul and thakur compete for the 3rd seamer spot.
  5. Lokesh has a poor career strike rate in ipl but the last ipl season he played he had a strike rate of 147 which is similiar to his t20i strike rate. Kind of shocking he isnt in this playing 11 Given the fact that the top 7 is pretty average apart from kohli and maybe rohit.
  6. Tbh I was upset about it for like 2 minutes then forgot about it. India won this tournament last time and it probably will not even exist for very long. Not to mention had india won everyone would downplay it saying that india got lucky that they didnt have to play against difficult competition. The final in the t20 world cup vs sri lanka and even the semi final vs west indies are the painful memories as well as the 2007 world cup. This doesnt come close to those moments to me.
  7. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    I wonder after how well it went last match if they persist with Axar at number 7. If so you can see him Krunal fighting for that spot in the future. Axar is probably the more dependable bowler and Krunal is the better batsman.
  8. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    Averaging 36 at a strike rate of 150 plus should be enough to get into the t20 side at number 6. You dont need a t20 team or even a odi team stacked with batsman with high first class averages.
  9. If a team needs the number 9 to consistently contribute with the bat then they wont win many matches. The bottom four should always be picked purely based on how good they bowl. Only at number 6 and 7 should batting be taken into consideration. I think in the last two icc tournaments india lack of an extra specialist pace bowler was a major factor in getting knocked out. Jadeja was picked as a specialist bowler and he did very poorly in both matches. Im sure if bk was picked ahead of him in the t20 semi final and if yadav or shami played ahead of him in the ct india woupd a have done a lot better.
  10. Rohit averages 55 at a strike rate of 135 in the 4 world t20s previous to that though. plus he played a key role in winning 2007 world t20.
  11. I was going to say vijay, rahane, and dhawan but their ipl strike rates may not be good enough to say they have been good in ipl. They average around 30 at strike rates at around 120 which is too low a strike rate for someone with an average that high.
  12. Bhuvi Kumar exposed

    All bowler have off days, but BK and Bumrah are at a bigger disadvantage since they are the only players in the playing 11 that can bowl at the death and in the first 10 pp overs. So if they are going for runs they can't be temporarily taken out of the attack and replaced by a 3rd seamer. This is why I really hope Siraj gets a few games and has an instant impact the way bumrah did when he got his first international Call up.
  13. KL Rahul must play as opner in LOI

    Lokesh has 46 ball century in international cricket and is one of the few indian batsman to finish an IPL season with a strike rate of 145+ plus has already established himself as one of the best test openers in the world after playing less than 20 tests. IMO this type of talent deserves an extended run as an opener across 3 formats. I actually think Dhawan would be just as good in the middle order at number 4 because a bit like kohli he scores more runs through finding the gaps where as rohit and LK need to open because they like to go over the top.
  14. Iyer and Siraj called up for T20s

    Yeah that would be the best possible xi in terms of balance. 6 bowlers 7 batsman, 4 pacers and 2 spinners. Perfect for playing outside the subcontinent.
  15. Iyer and Siraj called up for T20s

    I think pandya is still more of a 5th bowling option since kohli doesnt trust him much with the new ball or at the death. Using two specialist spin bowlers isnt nessesary in fact it might hurt considering the next t20 world cup is in australia.and the next odi world cup is in england. I doubt siraj will play either in india but in the future india need a another bowler in the playing 11 that can bowl with the new ball and at the death apart from bk and bumrah.

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