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  1. Its not the IPLs fault, I think the selectors don't know how to properly select players based on IPL perfromance. For example dhawan scores alot of runs in the IPL as does rahane at times but thats only because they bat at the top. Indias top order should already be set with rohit, lokesh, kohli, raina, and jadhav but they will still select rahane and/or dhawan ahead of lower order batsman like Krunal Pandya simply because they score more runs in the ipl but they ignore which spot in the batting order those runs comes from. Secondly Ashwin and Jadeja keep getting picked despite being terrible in the IPL. same situation with Yuvi getting picked. and I hate to keep saying this every other post but its not the IPLs fault Indian team is dumb enough to pick Jadeja as a specialist spin bowler. Look at the last 3 icc tournament matches Indias been knocked out from and take a look at how terrible jadejas numbers are, he is obviously a weak link in the limited overs squad and their are many options to boot him out but he keeps getting picked.
  2. I can see him surpassing dhoni success in t20s. I can see india winning atleast one t20 world cup if they stop picking yuvi, jadeja, dhawan and rahane.
  3. Pandya bros can bat at number 6 and 7 which would allow jadhav to bat up the order. Kartik, jadeja, rahane are all useless batting that low and it forces india to waste jadhav. He only bats basically when the match is already decided. India has a surplus of top order batsman and dearth lower order batsman which is something the pandya bros can fix instantly. Not sure what use rahane can being wehn india already have rohit dhawan kohli lokesh who bat in the top order.
  4. Its a wasted oppurtunity to build towards the world cup. Pandya, jadhav, bumrah are back bones of the lo squads and they only needed a few oportunities to prove themselves.instead of looking for other matchwinners the team gives chances to rahane, ashwin, jadeja and kartik who at their best can only be average lo players.
  5. The sad thing is we know that india have a team capable of reaching semis or better in icc tournaments even without playing well. Its only missing a few key players to start dominating and winning some of these trophies. But kohli and the selectors are wasting so many valuable matches giving chances to guys like rahane kartik and jadeja. Its a joke. Jadeja derailed so many campaigns and when they finnaly find an allrounder to replace him this brillant think tank play him as a specialist bowler while chahal is sitting at home. Its just makes no sense.
  6. Bowling is in the same category as raina, jadhav and yuvi. His bowling is good for a 5th bowler but they are playing him as as a bowling specialist ahead of yadav, shami, mishra, umesh and chahal which makes no sense. He even played in t20 cup ahead of BK which is total madness. It would be like playing stuart binny ahead of BK, bumrah or shami. Except atleast binny can be a usefull batsman compared to jadeja.
  7. Jadeja still being picked as a specialist bowler. Also criminal that jadhav is being watsted so low down the order. He should bat at number 4 and kartik and yuvi should be replaced with raina and and K Pandya in the squad Two guys that can bat lower down the order and dont need 10 overs to build enough confidence to go for boundries.
  8. Im surprised no one mentions jadeja. Look at how bad he has been for india in the last CT world t20 and odi world cup. To think that he's managed to stay in the playing XI up until recently as a bowling specialist is insane.
  9. The sad thing is kohli will never have to answer questions because the media is too afraid of bcci.
  10. No one knows for sure what happened but kumble wanting an input on the playing 11 has consistantly been sourced as a major reason between the rift. Examples like the pujara/rohit incident or kumble wanting kuldeep in test team have been given.
  11. From what i understand Selectors pick the squad and captain picks the playing 11. One of Kohlis problems with kumble was that he was giving input on team selection. But kohli seems to be doing the same thing saying that rahane should be selected in the world cup squad.
  12. Lol indian players need a coach like duncan fletcher. Just show up and collects his pay check. Any other type of coach will be destroyed publically.
  13. India will only play a little more than 30 odis between now and the world cup. And if you read what kohli is saying rahane will play even in the middle order ahead of prospects like Pant, krunal pandya shankar ect. So when he fails kohli will simply bring back or keep guys like jadeja yuvi dhoni in the team citing that their are no suitable replacments. And he'll keep rahane in the squad because of his expirence. Win win for kohli, lose lose for india. If only india had a coach that would be able to call out kohli on his stupid decisions.
  14. H Pandya has probably been one of Indias better batsman, and maybe the only one that can hit big from ball one. The only player that can't bowl or bat is jadeja. His lower batting is useless and his bowling numbers aren't much better than Yuvraj Singhs. I like kedar jhadav but the team doesn't really need a proper long innings specialist type batsman at number 6. Throughout the whole champions trophy He was only needed once and even then the match was practically over by the time he got into the middle. Its better to have a big hitter at that position.
  15. IMO both Pandya brother should be in the playing 11. this would be best option for team balance because you have 7 legit batsman and 6 bowlers(4 specialist and 2 solid back ups). this strategy of stacking the team with Batsman and a bunch of part time bowlers backfired twice in this champions trophy as India allowed two weak batting attacks score 320+.