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  1. The reason why he isnt consistant in Ipl might be because he has a career strike rate over 135. Most indian openers in the ipl have strike rates below 125. They just save their wickets and try and let the lower order batsman do the heavy lifting where as maybe Vohra tries to hit out more rather than waste to many delivieries.
  2. No he didn't, he only sucked if you ignore all the catches that were dropped when he was bowling. You are just saying he sucked because you are trying to justify how you were aggressively down voted every post that showed any type of praise of Umesh. Its fine your a big fan of BK (so am I) but don't bash the efforts of other Indian bowlers that have been performing in order to praise him. He doesn't need it.
  3. I think most the players being called ttf in this thread on average are doing better than the interntational "superstars."
  4. Imo that wasnt a pressure release smile. People tend to smile when they are nervous. I heard a basketball player in a documentary saying that when they see a player smiling they know that they are tight and feeling pressure. I think thats what that was. The kid is struggling to score while fighting for a place in the squad, do you guys really think he is smiling becuse he sees the funny part of dropping a catch in the series decider?
  5. Atleast rohit would would make 50s when india were in trouble. Heck even amit mishra would make some 50s down the order once in a while. This guy has done nothing after the triple or before. Not to mention his terrible fielding.
  6. I am no expert but i think maybe he only does well on seaming wickets because it forces batsman to play those wide deliveries he always bowls becaue they might seam into the right handed batsman. Otherwise on non seaming wickts batsman can just leave those deliveries alone without much thought. Even look at where he has picked up wickets its usually on pitches that offer seam movement.
  7. I read that for every registered business in india their are 127 unregistered ones that dont have to pay taxes or follow governement rules and regulations. Measure like this wont help that ratio at all and will only discourage businesses from registering. Imo if politicians were really concered about the well being of people they should make it easy for business to register and use that extra tax revenue to build schools hospitals ect.
  8. I went through some stats, outside of SA and Australia he has taken 180 at an average of 32. Thats actually not bad at all by our standards.
  9. Apart from the england series saha has kept considerably better than the opposition keepers he's been up against. Thats a good sign about how good he has been considering certain pitches are harder to keep wickets on than others.
  10. Imo if india used the 5 bowler strategy in durban playing ashwin and jadeja india could have won that test series. Their are certain grounds outside the subcontinent like the newlands and kingsmead where spinners have done a lot of damage. Harbajan nearly won a test series in SA for us after everyone wanted him to be dropped due to a string of bad performances on spinner friendly asian pitches. If the pitch looks like it will give any assistance to spinners india shouldnt hesitate to play ashwin and jaddu. And if it doesnt than you can simply swap jaddu for pandya and lose its balance.
  11. Good god. Imagine how many poor uneducated people will be pumping their kids with steroids if they ever become legal. Not to mention the amount of unsafe scams as well. Terrible idea.
  12. I think most other teams would be able to draw easily on this type of pitch.
  13. Its frustrating because i think most ranji teams can hold their own vs international teams in test matches on indian pitches. But despite all this depth we stuggle to find XIs that can do well consistantly over seas.
  14. No. Take the points hit with regards to ODIs and T20s (rating dont really matter much in their.) Maybe play a one off test match.
  15. True given the succes of IPL Bcci should also try a franchised based first class and list a league as well. Probably more money to be made their than through bilateral series. Plus dont have to deal with ICC politics.