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  1. ^ a middle order of Rayudu, Rahane and kartik. Not surprising we didn't win that Asia cup
  2. technically Their is no such thing as a nobel prize in economics. The awards full name is the Swedish National Bank's Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. The nobel foundation doesn't have any thing to do with it.
  3. these idiots dont understand what a finacial juggernaut the IPL is. SA players not playing wont even put a dent in IPLs revenue. Heck even if Indias star players dont play it wont effect it that much. Look at all of Indias international players that missed games this season due to injury. One star players leaves another will take his place. What it will due is convince SA players to consider early international retirement.
  4. I agree its obvious these boards are only acting like this because they know their will be no retaliation as long as coa is their.
  5. If Rohit and Dhawan perform then Pandey will also be competing with Lokesh for a spot in the middle order. And with the way kishan and pant are performing in domestic competitions he may be competing with them too unless Dhoni retires soon. He seems to be very unlucky in terms of timing.
  6. Ipl batting line ups are pretty good. Better than international teams on average i think. Theirs no weak batting line ups like Banladesh sri lanka or pakistan in the ipl. A bowler that has success in ipl will have succes in t20i imo. But that doesnt mean he should be in the international team nessecarily. Selectors did a good job picking Bumrah who is doing great in international cricket despite not having great ipl numbers.
  7. way too much pessimism here. Look at the bright side, this is basically the same team that is 12-1 in the last two ODI icc tournaments. In fact its a lot better with the additions of Bumrah, Jadhav and Pandya.
  8. The reason why Yuvi is back in is because for the last 4 years selectors have been wasting time playing guys like rahane, rayudu, kartik to play in the middle order, and unfortunatly raina has been inconsistant. Pandey and Jadhav have performed and are in the squad. Pant looks like he is the teams back up keeper and is only 19 so he will get his chances soon. I think before the next world cup he will play alot of t20is and Odis. The only really bad pick is rahane. Imo gambhir and even uthappa would be way better picks than him.
  9. The timing of this makes coa look corrupt. Why should the bcci name a squad now after the sponsers began expresing their concern? Why is the CoA concerned about the ICCs sponsers? Thats none of their business.
  10. Regarding the IPL expansion, if you really think about if the IPL were to expand to 6+ months the franchises will become very powerful and they might start calling the shots and that could shift the balance of power in India away from the state associations and the BCCI obviously wouldn't want that. I honestly don't understand why else the IPL hasn't expanded much in 10 years despite being such massive cash cow for BCCI.
  11. Not sure why people are being so hostile to a franchise based first class league, bcci is already spending alot of money on multiple first class tournaments that dont bring in any money. Even if a franchise based tournament doesnt break even it can still save bcci money by eliminating some of these other touranments.
  12. Then how is india playing 17 test matches per year? Is bcci losing money in playing these tests?
  13. I think theirs enough test fanatics that would watch a franchised based test league. 4 teams with all of indias best test players plus 4 international players could be very entertaining. I dont see how indians who can watch a test match between india and worthless teams like west indies or bangladesh would not watch a franchised test league featuring far better players. Its worth a shot atleast.
  14. I think India should decrease the number of bilaterals and work to make IPL bigger along with making IPL type First class and List A competitions. I would rather watch the 2 worst IPL team play a test match against each other than watch india play a test match against Bangladesh or west indies (ridiculous waste of time) Their is a lot of revenue potential for BCCI to make in domestic tournaments without even having to deal with icc and these pathetic boards that can only survive through big 3 handouts.
  15. The reason why he isnt consistant in Ipl might be because he has a career strike rate over 135. Most indian openers in the ipl have strike rates below 125. They just save their wickets and try and let the lower order batsman do the heavy lifting where as maybe Vohra tries to hit out more rather than waste to many delivieries.