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  1. Guha’s Poignant piece on Kohli

    Shame he was never in a position of power to implement reforms that would do something about these problems.
  2. Easy temporary fix is to not pick Dhawan and Parthiv patel. Even if lokesh is injured then Rohit should be picked ahead of Dhawan TBH if Pant is as good as people say he is behind the stumps I see no reason why Patel is in the squad ahead of him. Heck I am sure their are plenty of Wicket keepers that are better behind the stumps than Patel. It just seems like a lazy selection.
  3. It wasnt a choice because kohli has been adament that india play 5 bowlers. Again, if kohli picked 6 batsman and india still collapsed nobody would think pandya would have made a difference and kohli would recive no critism compared to what he is getting now. Same with Bk. how come no one came out with pitchforks after he was dropped after winning man of the series in England. Why are these experts only complaining now?
  4. This is a myth that Indians are cricket mad. look at the stadiums during international test matches in India. Compare attendance for domestic competitions in India to the brazilian premiere football competition. Ranji trophy matches are so poorly attended that people drive through the grounds looking for a shortcut. If Indians supported their ranji trophy team with a quarter of the passion they support team India then yes India would dominate but they don't. The only time Indians show passion for domestic cricket is During the IPL and if people like Guha were in charge it wouldn't exist.
  5. The flip side to this is that if Kohli picked rahane in both tests ahead of Pandya India could have lost by even bigger margins and no one would complain about Kohli picking an extra specialist batsman. Plus Ishant took 5/84, based on this logic can't you also say that if Ishant Played the first test the result may have been different? But no one is Bashing Kohli for not playing Ishant in the first test. I agree that Kohli made a dumb mistake in picking dhawan and rohit but a lot of this stuff is just pilling on. Even with BK we all know that since Dhoni the team specifically only plays him when their is considerable grass on the pitch. Its not like this policy started under kohli. Same with India sucking overseas, it started since 2011.
  6. Coaches have a big impact on batsman. Look at how well gambhir sehwag and co did under gary kirsten and how much credit he got.
  7. The only problem is he keeps trying to fit rohit in the playing 11. vijay, lokesh, pujara, rahane, and dhawan all have had to sit out in favour of rohit, plus rahane and kohli have had to play out of position to accomadate rohit. No other batsman gets this type of special treatment. I dont like dhawan getting picked but he has atleast performed against teams not named Sri lanka or west indies. Plus lokesh and vijay keep getting injured so their is a reason he keeps getting picked.
  8. How to coach a #1 team

    Its partly due to the fact that people from the BCCI were leaking stories (probably false) to the media making kumble out to being a power hungry dictator type coach. A lot of people in this forum were anti kumble as well. Kohli had support from the bcci but not the coa, and many media outlets are probably in pocket of BCCI. its why no cricket commentators have leveled any type of critism at the BCCI.
  9. Bcci needs to step and give the captain less power. Imo selectors Should pick the squad, coach picks the playing 11 and captains only worry about on field tactics. Next step is to pick competent coaches and selectors who can be held accountable. Chappels main problem was he wanted too much power, but in respons to that its gone the opposite way and the coach is just their to make the captain feel good.
  10. Ishant should never play for india again

    Tbf when other bowlers like shami arnt bowling well the captain simply bowls him less, when ishant doesnt bowl well the captain still looks to get 15+ overs a day out of him. He can be used as a workhorse type bowler which is why is average is higher than it should be, and shami cant be used as a workhorse which is why his average is lower than it should be. Imo bumrah and Bk (batting plus new ball skills) should play every match and yadav, shami, and ishant should compete for the third spot.
  11. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Lol and people think patel is some kind of bradman type player that can make up for a poor showing behind the stumps. Even genuinly good batsman that is below average behind the stumps isnt worth it.
  12. Bedi might not get alot of recpect here but when he said that Gavaskar wanted power in Indian cricket without any accountability he was spot on. I am pretty Convinced that his article blasting LKs inclusion in the ODI squad played a role in him getting dropped, but no one in the media can question Gavaskar because of he is only a commentator.
  13. He went kind of personal saying Pandya and rahul were selected in ODIs over rahane for their hairstyle and tatoos. It was a very cringeworthy article.
  14. At this point Cricinfo might as well hire a monkey to pick 11 random names out of hat to write the 11 probable indian players portion of their preview. That has much of a chance of correctly predicting the 11 as any expert.
  15. The coaching staff sucks but stuff like this happens. i rember when india won a test match in SA on a green mamba the commentators said that the SA bowlers wasted the conditions by trying to bounce out india.

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