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  1. It depends a lot on the bowling attack thats used. If india go with jadeja and ashwin and use pandya as 3rd seemer like they have been in the subcontinent then their is no way they will take 20 wickets. That might work in kingsmead but their isnt any test match being played their. But if they pick 4 pace bowlers and ashwin as the only seamer than they might have a chance.
  2. rohit was always a good t20 player unlike rahane. U can see why rohit got so many chances in odis because of his t20 hitting ability.
  3. Rahane has played in 82 more limited overs matches than rahul and has scored only one more century. Yet it was rahul that had to give up his main position as opener in odis and was forced into the middle order where he doesnt play even in domestic cricket if im not mistaken. But that isnt enough for gavaskar he thinks rahul should be dropped from the squad to accommodate Rahane. Just ridiculous.
  4. Swap dhawan ,kartik, nehra with krunal, pant and siraj/kaul. Also maybe iyer for manish or pant incase a back up opener is needed.
  5. Its bizzare that Shami only played 2 ODIs since the 2015 world cup. The guy took 90 plus wickets at an average of 24. I have no Idea why he hasn't been playing, the only reason I can think of is because his IPL record is poor. More questions need to be asked about this by the media.
  6. I agree. They need to play another seemer who can open the bowling so bumrah and bk can bowl more exclusivly at the death to fully utilise their talent. That will take this attack to the next level.
  7. Need a 3rd pacer imo. Umesh is unreliable and kohli never picks shami for some reason. They will be exposed on non turning pitches like what hapoenend in the ct. Need to give siraj or kaul a try who are performing in every domestic competition like bumrah was before he got picked in the squad
  8. Jadeja is the main reason india had issues with balance. He has been used as a specialist bowler since the emergence of pandya but that hasnt worked out well. Look at how much better india is playing since axar, and kuldeep have taken his spot. I was doubtful of axar at first but he rarely goes for runs even in the ipl.
  9. Surprised no is mentioning how much better Axar is bowling compared to jadeja. That to me is the main improvement since the CT trophy.
  10. Problem of plenty for Ind cricket

    Jadeja is not a specialist bowler in LO, his stats are terrible and not much better than yuvi in odis and probably one of the worst of all time in t20i.
  11. Problem of plenty for Ind cricket

    Jadhav and pandya being able to bowl is giving kohli the confidence of playing another all rounder. Even if shami replaced ashwin that would still mean 20 overs have to be made up of part timers which in my opinion would backfire more often than not against stronger batring line ups although it might have worked in that one particular game. In 2011 the only all rounders india had were yuvi and yusuf pathan, in ct that india won the only all rounder india had was jadeja, hence dhoni had to pick 4 specialist bowlers and only one all rounder but now having all these allrounder in the squad who are pretty good is giving kohli false confidence of only picking 3 specialist bowlers.
  12. Problem of plenty for Ind cricket

    I actually think its a bad problem to have. Since Pandya, Jadhav and jadeja as well as well as axar shown the ability to bowl as well as bat a bit the team is sitting out good bowlers like shami and the two yadavs and that already backfired twice against pakistan and sri lanka in the CT trophy. I would imagine a team like Australia would make india pay for only picking 3 specialist bowlers more often then not.
  13. All well and good but they should also take into considerations basic stats in the specific format. They play spinners averaging 50+ over the last two years and select batsman barely averaging over 30 with strike rates below 80. You have to also take in to consideration form, stats and skills along with fitness.
  14. Actually scratch that, at the moment I would pick Iyer ahead of Rahane and Pant. Pant can stay in the reserves incase Dhoni gets injured IMO.
  15. I would have gone with pant and k pandya over axar and rahane, but otherwise a great selection. Imo limited overs spin attack of chahal and kuldeep is a huge uprgade over ashwin and jadeja. Also dont think umesh is the best LO bowlers.

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