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  1. CoverDrive

    Are South Indian Players Mental Midgets?

    This whole discussion is totally nonsense. I know this place is not serious and we like to joke around but name calling communities and regions is lowest form of discussion that we should avoid. There can be just no sensible talk on this topic and this will just go down regional abusing. Mods please delete this thread
  2. No rain but another delay due to wet outfield. How about covering the bleddy ground when it rains
  3. Here is hoping that that this tournament doesn't become a damp squid with more rains and top 4 really pulling far ahead. Right now it looks like Aus/NZ/Eng/Indian need 2 wins to seal their spots .Ban has a chance with 3 wins and WI/SA/Pak/SA need to win all 4. Very soon we will have contenders falling from these 4 and if top 4 continue winning against the lower teams then big gap will open up.
  4. CoverDrive

    How did Murugan hit so many sixes?

    We have to give credit to him. He has one of the fastest hands and very strong wrists. It is very interesting seeing his technique while hitting sixes. He sets a very low base and has a vicious swing and with any decent contact with the lower half of bat it sails away with today's bat. They seem to have practices hard at this. Even Moeen was hitting in a very similar way. You could say that it was a weak opposition but they have so many hitters that everyone just hits fearlessly. They have Root and Stokes as proper batsmen to anchor and weather tough periods and everyone around can be positive.
  5. This is literally another knockout match for SA and we know how they have done vs. NZ in the last two cups in them. ON paper itself this is a weaker team compared to NZ so chances are slim. I am personally really wishing for SA win otherwise the top 4 will leave a big gap vs. others and it will be lot less fun
  6. CoverDrive

    List of Excuses by the Awam

    Wasim bhai " Kam se Kam hum log paisa kha le haarte the tum to saale burger/pizza kha ke haar gaye"
  7. CoverDrive

    BD shines (WC19)

    Shakib is already a Bangla legend. What an innings at this stage. Bangladesh's rise has been slow and steady but it is not surprising. They have been creating a pool of players and newer guys coming in have contributed as well. In some ways they are the Anti-West Indies. They give their best and try to maximize the talent they have. Almost a NZ model of play and they have made thi stournament more interesting. Still it is going to be tough for them to qualify as they lost one point against SL due to rain.
  8. CoverDrive

    Ball of the tournament so far

    Some great wickets I remember from this tournament 1. Bhuvi to Smith and Stoinis 2. Chahal to Faf 3. Archer brute to Pooran 4. Kuldeep to Babar
  9. CoverDrive

    Shankar va karthik

    Problem is Karthik has shown horrible form recently so Shankar maybe picked though it is not like he is is some great form but atleast you have an additional bowling option
  10. finch targeting the fifth bowler. surprisingly even AUssies have Maxwell as fifth bowler
  11. This is a huge blow. Top3 are our biggest strength and they have been settled since last many years. This really disturbs the whole balance of the side.
  12. Really looking forward to this. West Indies winning puts them back on road after their slip up and they will have serious chance to qualify. SA are hurt and want to make a a statement

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