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  1. Rahul will get all the rest he wants during world cup anyway.
  2. Nice he put this effort but fitness does not happen with one big push like this. It is an on going process for years. I AM hoping Shami is going to continue on this new found focus on fitness. I feel with him it is a mental focus issue. He got distracted with fame and all the stupidity in his personal life led to his downfall.
  3. CoverDrive

    New kit for team India

    World's easiest job is Indian cricket team jersey designer. you copy paste previous one and make some random changes to it. I liked when world cups had their own separate design.
  4. CoverDrive

    2nd T20. Ind vs Aus at B'luru

    hopefully this is the end of Sid Kaul experiment. Guy just bowls up and down straight balls and seems to get many lucky wickets. I will have ishant sharma ahead of him. Why not try someone like Thampi or Avesh if you want to try new guys
  5. Test match was not the greatest or one of the best. It was a decent match but Perera's performance was really one of the best in terms of what he was able to achieve.
  6. CoverDrive

    Rest of India vs Vidarbha

    Vihari really showing his class
  7. There is something weird about his technique which I am not getting sense of. His elbows are all sticking out weirdly and his shots do not seem to have the right shape. This is unlike Pandya who is also hitter but has a simpler and straightforward approach which probably helps him get more power. Again have not seen shankar much but he definitely needs some work.
  8. Umesh showing domestic teams what it is to face serious heat.
  9. Pant and hooda taking us to victory after Ishan and Pandya the other day
  10. Pujara did what most other cricketers would do. Both his desire to win and the crowd passion here shows that Ranji is being passionately contested and that is a good thing. Focus should be on poor umpiring and lack of DRS in these games. All of us would have agreed with Pujara if this happened vs. Australia. You can respect a player for walking but not walking is not cheating. It is what everyone does to get their team to win.
  11. CoverDrive

    Will Shubman Gill get a debut atleast in T20 series?

    Gill is definitely playing in the next match from Kohi's comments
  12. Shami slowly becoming indispensible
  13. Steyn replacing Olivier. Another budhau taking place of a deserving talented youngster. Babar Azam is going to teach him a lesson
  14. They got in Bawne in place of Pandya which is another format messup our selectors seem to do regularly. They also sent Axar over Shardul who hit well last time

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