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  1. Raina won't last long !!!

    That's how you need to play on t20s. Better than dhoni for t 20
  2. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    They play with tapeball in Pakistan. Cover tennis ball with tape. It becomes heavy and it also moves I think
  3. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Vijay Pawale bowling He has played in Sharjah also Look at this guy Jalil Shaikh turning the tennis ball like anything. He could actually be a fast spinner for T20s
  4. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    This is my favorite thread on ICF. very soon ICF will be arguing whether VIjay Pawale is a trundler or not. He had Pintu Parcha in all sorts of trouble with short pitch balls. LOL he even asked if Pintu was ok after being hit by a Tennis ball
  5. Virat Kohli In last two years of ODI stats

    Wow this is just unbelievable. He is singlehandedly making this format relevant
  6. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Manju almost wet his pants when iyer took a catch of thakur
  7. Had there been green pitches....

    No one makes green pitches in Odis Complaining about pitches like some of the SA commentators is the most loser like thing ever
  8. So is thakur really number 3 or 4 ODI bowler in India
  9. behardien is good addition
  10. This guys will be first guy to get a 100 only from edges
  11. Why would you want to middle the ball if you just get runs from edges
  12. OF course it is Eden Park. Should have known by the ridiculous amount of sixes. Why should bowlers even bother here.
  13. Looks like a run feast. everyone is hitting sixes for fun
  14. I wish Pandya would develops a yorker. Something he never bowls I think. Right now it is all about good length and back of length and varying pace. On two paced or fast pitches this will work great but on flat belters someone can just stay back and belt him around.

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