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  1. In one of the interviews he talked about how he generally times well in the long runs in the team. Seems to have endurance and shows in his long spells.
  2. He will be missed. A good bowler for India and helped us win the 2011 world cup after good showing in 2003. Lucky he got opportunity to retire in front of his home crowd and smart timely decision.
  3. This is a shameful incident and this is not a first in Guwahati. There should be strict action against this by BCCI. Someone could have got hurt badly
  4. It'll Be Johnson 2.0 In Ashes-Warns Mitchell Starc

    Starc over his career will be better than Johnson easily but Johnson had a phenomenal peak in THAT series. HE was just dangerous and made that series so watchable. I am not sure Starc will be able to reach that levels. Starc has tendency to go off boil. Aussie unit overall though seems more steadier. Cummins Hazlewood and Lyon make for a dependable attack and if Starc can show up bowling accurately and fast they have advantage.
  5. Will Mohammad Amir be dropped in 2nd test?

    thats what they did.
  6. Will Mohammad Amir be dropped in 2nd test?

    Hasan Ali will be dropped then I guess who is in as the third seamer. They will back Amir I feel.
  7. Kamlesh singh nagarkoti bowling video on england tour

    enjoyed this video. Good action decent pace and bounce with movement.
  8. Ranji Trophy 2017/18

    Who are our picks for the top runscorers and wicket takers for the first round of matches My picks Runs - Shaw Wickets - Nadeem
  9. Ben Stokes arrested

    more on this http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/20823300/ben-stokes-arrested-bristol-incident apparently he got into a fight with someone
  10. Ben Stokes arrested

    http://www.cricket.com.au/news/alex-hales-ben-stokes-england-odi-series-west-indies-the-oval-allrounder-ashes/2017-09-26 IPL money gone to his head
  11. Pandya & Pathan: The Tale of Two All-rounders

    That is my feeling about this article. You just hear about one incident and relate it to some random present player and make a story about it. This may have been correct but article makes a really poor case of it. Also attributing this to Pathan's fall from grace is some ridiculous causation. Pathan was a good talent and everyone recognized it and he was given more than enough chances to prove it. He just could not sustain his promise simple as that. Also ridiculous to state that in a team sport where players are likely to make fun of each other (juniors likely to face it more) this has now suddenly stopped. Who is to say that Kuldeep yadav does not get ribbed by Kohli or someone else now. I remember Dhawan getting super angry at Rahul who was an extra for not bringing a glove or something in time. OVerall just a very average bit of reporting just randomly making up narrative around minor facts.
  12. Eng vs WI : Sep 19-29,2017 : 5 ODI in England

    Wapas is Sir John?
  13. Your playing 11 changes for ODI-4 at B'lore

    Wrist spinners should continue to play. Bangalore has been kind of spin friendly after the rework so they maybe effective. Shami can be used to rest one of the pacers
  14. Hardik Pandya, the complete cricketer.

    He really takes full use of opportunities given to him. Best thing is that he understands his game and does not bat mindlessly.
  15. On paper and talentwise you could argue that those in 90s team were not that bad compared to present guys. But mentally they really had a losing mentality. Sachin was one who would stand up on big occasions. Things started changing with likes of Yuvraj and later Dhoni and with Kohli we are really as good as the best in terms of temperament. It is actually in skills now we fall short sometimes when playing in alien conditions etc.

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