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  1. 2nd T20I : SA v IND | SSP, Centurion | Wed 9:30 PM IST

    Can we win without bumrah in LOI. Klaasen is a good find though. Lot of potential and such a great option to have when Dkock is out of form
  2. this is early so they can go for a replacement like Guptill who was strangely not bought
  3. The Mayank Agarwal Juggernaut

    With the state of our middle order he should definitely be looked at. It is not test cricket that you need to pick players from their position only.
  4. Raina is here .

    I think situation with Raina is less complicated. He plays a very specific role (play 30(15) type innings) and he has been quite good at it before. He will either do well or fail and get kicked out. There is no aura around him of holding the team together or other contributions like Dhoni or Yuvraj
  5. Raina is here .

    That's how you need to play on t20s. Better than dhoni for t 20
  6. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    They play with tapeball in Pakistan. Cover tennis ball with tape. It becomes heavy and it also moves I think
  7. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Vijay Pawale bowling He has played in Sharjah also Look at this guy Jalil Shaikh turning the tennis ball like anything. He could actually be a fast spinner for T20s
  8. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    This is my favorite thread on ICF. very soon ICF will be arguing whether VIjay Pawale is a trundler or not. He had Pintu Parcha in all sorts of trouble with short pitch balls. LOL he even asked if Pintu was ok after being hit by a Tennis ball
  9. Virat Kohli In last two years of ODI stats

    Wow this is just unbelievable. He is singlehandedly making this format relevant
  10. Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    Manju almost wet his pants when iyer took a catch of thakur
  11. Had there been green pitches....

    No one makes green pitches in Odis Complaining about pitches like some of the SA commentators is the most loser like thing ever
  12. So is thakur really number 3 or 4 ODI bowler in India
  13. behardien is good addition

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